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More Twilight Dramz!

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Time to get hustling on the Twilight sequel, New Moon.

Part two of the franchise remains un-helmed since Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke's departure, but with a tentative release date set for November 20th, 2009, whoever ends up coming onto the project would have to be in Vancouver by December 15th to prepare for a mid-March production start date.

The mad rush to feed off of Twilight's franchise potential may only exacerbate some of the problems that have already arisen for New Moon.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the fledgling Summit studio does not want to re-hire "baby-faced" Taylor Lautner as Jacob. They don't think he has what it takes to play the werewolf love interest/lead in New Moon.

And, in a desperate attempt to keep the role, Lautner's agent has reached out to the special effects people who did Brad Pitt's new Benjamin Button film to see what wizardry they could do to bulk up Taylor.

Another obstacle is finding Native American actors to portray Jacob's werewolf clan, which was difficult in the first film. Lautner himself is not completely Native American.

With only a slightly increased budget of $50 million and breakout lead actors to pay more, shoots in Italy, and shiny new special effects, Summit is going to have to cut corners somewhere.

Rumor has it that Summit has approached Golden Compass' Chris Weitz to direct.

Inside sources say that Hardwicke would have loved to direct the Twilight sequel, if given the license to take her time to make it better than the first, but "it ­became clear that Summit didn’t have those same priorities."

It all sounds like Summit is setting up its Twilight franchise for a sloppy sequel in order to cash in as quickly as possible on its box-office-busting success.

Despite all the dramz, brutal production timeline, and potential for total crap filmmaking, Summit shouldn't have a problem nailing a director soon because, as an insider put it, "We are in a recession. It’s a hit franchise. Whoever steps into it is guaranteed a $100 million gross. Everyone wants this movie."

An executive at another studio added, "You’d have to have a very high standard for art, hate the movie business, and hate ­money to walk off this sequel."

So is Hardwicke an idiot or just trying to avoid an embarrassing cinematic failure?

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418 comments to “More Twilight Dramz!”

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  1. 301

    oh myyy… if summit screws this up they will piss off so many girls…myself including!

  2. 302

    NOOOOO!!!! Taylor was the only thing I was looking forward to in the next film!! I'm not on the Rob Pattinson bandwagon, but Taylor Lautner is mega hot, and if they don't cast him as Jacob I'm BOYCOTTING!

  3. 303

    You're a fucking loser if you actually give a shit. It's a shitty book, a shitty movie, so it doesn't matter.


  4. 304

    It wouldn't take extraordinary effects to make Taylor bigger for this movie. Kristen is so tiny, he just needs to look huge next to her for most of the movie. There's little interaction between Jacob and many of the other characters.

  5. 305

    Sorry, he's too LITTLE!!!! He was perfect for Twilight, but there is NO WAY he can be "big" jacob. I picture someone who looks like Jose Canseco. (Not a suggestion btw)
    Sorry, but that's the breaks!
    Summit is rushing and there is no way this movie will work. 1. it's my least fave b/c of lack of edward. 2. sequels ALWAYS suck and the hype won't be there.

  6. 306

    dang…… i love these books… i hope they don't ruin them. Taylor would be fine as Jacob I think.

  7. 307

    Re: junipur – \
    meh but it's a sequel that everyone knows is coming, not like some random unneeded one like shrek 3.

    I swear to God I won't see new moon unless taylor is in it.


  8. 308

    Re: LilMzSunShine – I agree 100% with you!! Jacob is supposed to be sweet and loveable like warm sunshine, and Taylor totally nails that part of Jacob because he is unquestionably adorable. I really enjoyed his brief time on screen as Jacob because I BELIEVED him! How can they say he can't pull off playing Jacob?? He WAS Jacob in Twilight!!

  9. mday says – reply to this


    Dear Summit,
    The reason that Twilight, the movie, was a success was because it was a great book, well written and not rused. Same with the entire series. The reason the movie was a HUGE success was because you had people seeing it multiple times becaue they got it. It wasn't perfect, but it was nice and simple and it had a low budget so most of us fans forgave Catherine and everyone involved becaue it wasn't expected to be this huge indie hit, but it was, and the reason we pour our money and our time into seeing the movie over and over is in hopes to get enough money to you all to make a better New Moon. Catherine wanted that. She wanted time and to have a better script because that's what Twilight lacked. You're doing everything wrong. I know Taylor isn't the ideal Jacob but he's there and I can't imagine anyone else. I don't care if he doesn't look 6'7" or 4'2"…it's too late. Please, for the love of the fans and the people who will make New Moon a success. I'll be seeing it either way, but if it's not done right I'll see it once and then suggest that anyone I would have gotten to see it to wait for it to hit blockbuster because it's not worth it.

  10. 310

    who cares…it's just bilight

  11. 311

    they're going to ruin this movie by rushing it. the first one could have been much better, but luckily RPatz and his hottness kept it semi-interesting. They can't fire Taylor after already introducing him as Jacob! He'll be fine, if the movie's so rushed it's not his acting I'm worried about. Unfortunately RPatz will hardley be in this movie if it follows the book, so this kid better step up his acting & his hottness! I mean, he was sharkboy after all, so give the kid a break

  12. 312

    I think that summit should sit back and not think about profits for one seconds. yes the econony sucks but just think. i am a HUGE twilight fan. ive read all the book. i even have a twilight tattoo for gods sake. and dont get me wrong i loved the twilight movie but summit would get so much more money if they let hardwicke come back on. Hardicke knows twilight, she knows stephenie meyer and she knows the character. all in all, harwicke knows whats best for new moon. They left out so much stuff in the first movie and I think that if summit gave her more time and let her come on, she could make new moon the biggest thing since sliced bread. or harry potter. whichever you prefer.

  13. 313

    Wow, perez commenters are some of the most retarded people on the interwebs. But seriously, casting this guy was a huge mistake in the first place. If the studio had any idea on what they are doing (which they clearly don't), they might have considered actually reading the second novel and quickly realized that Jacob gets quite big, and there was no way this actor would be able to pull it off. The second movie will be a disaster and might tank the series.

    And I agree with the opinion that Kristen Stewart is a horrible, talentless actress.

  14. 314

    I thought Taylor was a perfect Jacob. He is babyfaced yes, but who wants to watch unattractive people on screen?! He's a cute kid.

  15. 315

    I'm not a huge fan of Taylor or really any of the cast. It's the story that sucked me in.

    That being said, after seeing the cast and going back to re-read the books most of them I can now picture as that person. To me, I see Kristin as Bella, Taylor as Jacob, the only person I still have my own idea of is Edward. I like Robert but since I read the book before I knew who was playing the parts I had someone else in mind and he was the one that is still so hard to picture in some of the parts of the book.

    If Summit wants the huge success they are hoping to get they need to keep the same characters. On another forum someone suggested Steven Strait, from The Covenant, to be Jacob but sadly, that's who I had as Edward in my mind, I know it's not how Stephanie described him, but that's who I pictured.

    Bottom line, if they are worried about Taylor looking 25 as is written in the books, it can be done. Same thing with people saying he is too short or really anything else. Don't change Jacob if you want success. The reason the Harry Potter books and movies were so successful is for that reason. If they had replaced any of the MAIN characters in the movie, they would have destroyed it.

  16. 316

    I'm not a Twilight fan, but this disgusts even me. This seems to be the mindset of all Execs these days, Hollywood or otherwise. "Let's get paid, fuck the rest." I would think by now SOMEONE would get the fucking message…Americans are tired of filling everyone else pocketbooks…you want to manufacture shit, sell shit, and then treat me like shit after I buy your in OVERPRICED shitty shit! Enough is enough….Viva La Revolucion!

  17. 317

    Re: twilight boricua – Michael Copon is good but I still think Jacob should be played by a Native American (such as Noah Watts). Of course, Edward isnt being played by an actual vampire so I guess anything goes….lol….

  18. 318

    This is so disappointing! They are going to rush the movie and it will be bad!!! I think Hardwicke is right in wanting to take her time and make the most of it. As for Taylor… eh, he was alright, but I don't think he's exactly right for Jacob either. They need someone super annoying to play Jacob because that's how his character was in the book………..

  19. 319

    Nothing against Taylor but I really dont see him as Jacob once he starts to change. Jacob is a HUGE character and Taylor is just too young (and small) to pull it off.

  20. 320

    Nooooooooooooooooooo!! You must keep the original Taylor!

  21. 321

    STEVEN STRAIT is the perfect Jacob!! Taylor is too young it just wont work and if they try to male him look older and bigger with makeup its gonna look sooooo bad!!

  22. 322

    When I first saw Taylor I was wondering why they chose him for Jacob. He's like the same height as Kristen Stewart, and just generally tiny. How are they going to make him tower above everyone else when he becomes a werewolf? I hope they don't fire him because in my mind, he is Jacob now. I also hope they don't rush production and make New Moon suck! But as long as Robert Pattinson is in it, tickets will sell.

  23. 323

    Does anyone else think this looks like Jessica Alba! COME ON PEREZ!

  24. 324


  25. 325

    does everyone have their head up their asses?? yea hes like 15 …. SO IS JACOB!.. some advice for taylor… start gulping ur protein shakes and get with the weights fast!

  26. 326

    Taylor uses a wig sweetheart. He naturally has short spikey hair. Any interview with him pre-twilight talks about his wig.

  27. 327

    if they want GOOD native american/First Nations actors they need to check out the Canadian talents. We have outstanding First Nations actors here!!

  28. 328

    I always that that Steven Strait should play Jacob Black….but that's just me..

  29. 329

    Gee, welcome to Hollywood! They did this with the one and only BEST vampire authors to ever exist, Anne Rice. David Geffen so beautifully made Interview with the Vampire, in which Anne wrote the screenplay for. But, when time was running out on the licenses for her other film rights, in which she sold those to different studios, they not only skipped the Vampire Lestat, but made Queen of the Damned so fast, that it was a piece of shit, killing off so many characters that would be so important in later books/films. It basically wasn't the book, it was what Warner Bros. wanted it to be..and it failed. I hate when shit like this happens to good books…they make one good film out of the series, and the rest are so bad. Sad

  30. 330

    lol…Jose Canseco, omg so funny

  31. 331

    Dear Summit,
    Do NOT fire Lautner.

  32. 332

    They cannot fire him!!! He was my favorite part about that movie. I thought they cast a great kid for Jacob! The movie studio needs to get a bigger budget and stick to the book as much as possible! They are going to screw up this franchise by using a new kid for Jacob! Use your special effects like they do for all the superhero movies and take a little time on this movie! We (Twilight fans) can wait a little bit if the quality of this next movie needs time to be amazing! I LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER! His personality is perfect for Jacob Black

  33. 333

    Re: BBBoricua – that's not his real hair, it's a wig…

  34. 334

    At this point, who cares if Taylor is not 7' tall?! He embodies the aura and very character of Jacob Black. I was skeptical at first, when he was cast as Jacob. But after watching the movie several times, I was more and more convinced that they did the right thing by casting him. Taylor was able to show that he's capable of being ferocious (his glare at the prom was spectacular). I'd rather see an actor who truly is Jacob inside and stands at 5'9", rather than a giant actor who doesn't "get" Jacob at all (and to find someone that tall and that ulky AND look Native American is another challenge that's almost impossible). Taylor is the right choice. The height thing isn't important. I mean, when we first saw arm and chest hair on Edward, many protested, but in the end it sisn't even matter because Rob WAS Edward. In the same way, Taylor IS Jacob. Recating him would be a huge mistake.

  35. 335

    Re: kctjohnson – Not "ulky" - I meant "bulky" *LMAO*

  36. 336

    Are you fucking seriousss? Jesus Christ. If you can fire Taylor, fire Kristen. Taylor did ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong, with the little screen time he had. And he looks PERFECT for the role.

    But seriously pleaseeeeeeee fire Kristen Stewart. She had 23 times the amount of screen time as Taylor and did a million times worse. She could NOT play the emotional Bella at all and she will be terrible in the next 2 (or 3) films. I'm not the only one to say this. I haven't seen ONE complaint about Taylor. I've even seen more complaints about Robert and MUCH more complaints about Kristen.

  37. 337

    they're going to freakin ruin this movie!!! i loved twilight with catherine hardwicke as the director and taylor lautner as 'Jacob'. Changing either one of them will cost Summit…BIG TIME! I'd rather wait 2 years and watch a well-made movie than 10 months for a crap one.

  38. 338

    I hope they won't fire him. He's adorable. They should fire the screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg. She destroyed what was in the book. And left ALL THE GOOD PARTS!

  39. 339

    I SEE A DRAMTIC FALL FOR SUMMIT ON THE MOST POWERFUL IN HOLLYWOOD LIST !!! THis text book on how to fuck up a franchise….. Maybe summit should watch the You-Tube video on the reception this NO NAME kid got at Comic Con…. Pissing of the tween dollars is high inadvisable !!!

  40. 340

    I cannot believe they are even considering firing Taylor Lautner. He is an amazing jacob. The first film was a massive flop, and the second film will be even worse if they change actors now. Summit entertainment need to sort themseves out.

  41. 341

    and as far as his ablity to "grow" into manhood. I think nature will take care of that in the next year and lets face it if they can give Nic Cage hair and abs in Ghostrider I am betting they can give this kid some height and girth !! For not a whole lot of FX money

  42. 342


  43. 343

    well…unless they can make taylor lautner grow to 6'7” then they might need to get a new guy, just as cute though because taylor is REALLLLLLLLLY cute!
    but jacob black in the book is REALLY TALL and MUSCULAR. which taylor is niether. but jacob also transforms throughout the whole book so maybe they could use him for a bit, and maybe even use computer generator to make him taller. idk.

  44. 344


    and of course more rob!!!
    dont fuck the sequel summit!

  45. 345

    As long as "Edward Cullen" remains the same….who cares!!!!

  46. 346


    omg. i can actually say i am excited about the next movie now.

    wonderful :) just wonderful :) that seriously made my day :)

  47. 347

    omg no they cannot get rid of taylor
    he i soooooo hot
    and i already got close 2 him
    and that part about them tryin 2 make the movie fast is really bad
    they r goin 2 eff it up

  48. 348

    Please fucking fire him. He was the worst part of the movie,

  49. 349

    for all you people who dont thik he is good for the part of jacob because it says jake is a man you are wrong!
    in the FOURTH BOOK it clearly states that jacob did not look any older than 27,and Bella thought that that was a streach
    summit! get you head out of you ass and give new moon to another studio!

  50. 350

    Re: BBBoricua – ….its a wig lol….

  51. 351

    come on! HAVE YOU SEEN TAYLOR W/O A SHIRT ON?? how much muscular can you get? PLUS he's not short to be 16 and he is turning 17 in the begining of the year….i really liked him and he DOES have charisma…did you see him at comic con??? he was the most comfortable AND he always interacts with fans(not like effing KStew who's always making faces at fans like we're trying to kill her!) that's why most fans love him..don't get me wrong i love Rob with my heart! but i like taylor too….he is young but give him some credit. They knew he was supposed to grow for new moon….if they wanted someone more mature…then why did they casted him in the first place? Steven Strait would have been a choice..but now it would be like changing everything..poor taylor…i hope everything works out right!

  52. 352

    i hope new moon sucks, so twilight fans can shut the fuck up.

  53. 353

    I agree with BBBoricua, he's cute but they should've made his hair a little better not all ugly looking. Anyway, WTF? with letting him go? Seriously, he's not suppose to come off as agressive, yet…he starts to transform as in "grow up" that's the whole idea why he wasn't really looked into in "Twilight". In the next book he'll be changing, you know acting weird and stuff. I'm pretty sure his outlook can be changed with some make up or whatever it is they use, it really shouldn't be a reason to replace him. Besides that fans are going to loose interest and be like WTF?

  54. 354

    50 million is dissapointing considering how well twilight has done. Also i really don't care if they get a new jacob, i mean i like taylor but his few lines in twilight didn't exactly impress me.
    And its cool that New Moon could come out as soon as next november but i would rather wait two years and get a freaking awsome movie than have to wait one year and get a half-ass job.

  55. 355

    They can't change the characters now! It would be weird to have a new Jacob. I wish Catherine was doing NM :(

  56. 356

    if they fire him then atleast 1/4 of the audience isn't going to show…

  57. 357

    Summit is gonna make an even bigger mess of New Moon! Taylor is a little young looking for the new role, but come on how many times haven't they cast someone who doesn't fit the role. I like Taylor…I say Summit backs off!!

  58. 358

    if they change ONE of the main cast characters, everyone is going to be pissed. any of the cullens, jacob, even the forks high friends… they have to stay the same. new moon will ultimately FAIL if something like this changes.

  59. 359

    no! why?! not saying i'm a huge taylor fan but the movie wouldn't be the same without him, and summit seriously needs to take this seriously and take their time to make it a great movie instead of throwing stuff together in a rush, i don't mind waiting longer for a quality movie.

  60. 360

    First off. That is a wig people… Not his real hair. Second off, I'm pretty sure they're not going to fire him because I think he already has a contract. Also, if they could make the midget in Lord of the Rings look 3ft tall when the actor was 6 ft. I don't see why they can't make Taylor look taller. Taylor is already bulky. so he just has to gain some weight and bulk more up, won't be too hard. He can look mean, and he can woop some ass. Summit is making a huge mistake if they fire him

  61. 361

    This guy has a big pig nose.

  62. 362

    Taylor is not what the transformed Jacob looks like at all.. at least in my head. Did anyone read the transformation part of New Moon?? He is lie over 6 feet tall, and completely muscular. Taylor looks like a freshman in high school… I like the guy that some of the other people (I believe StephMeyer is included in this group) wanted to play Jacob, because he would make a better mature Jacob. Also I think Catherine Hardwicke should do New Moon and Summit slow the *** down and make a good movie. It's going to kind of suck anyway because Edward won't be in it as much, so let's not make it suck in other aspects.

  63. 363

    AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhNO GET RID OF TAYLOR L. HE A HOTTIE

  64. 364

    Has anybody seen Rehab at the Hardrock? Well I think the head of the security team would be a good Jacob. He's got the look, great hair, and he's hot.

  65. 365

    If Zey Take him away…I will be pissed!!!!!THEY CANNOT DO THAT!!!!WE WANTED TO see him take ze wig off!!KEEP taylor!!

  66. 366

    We all know what they are gonna do. They are looking for a way to cash in on this phenomenon. So… what are they gonna do? Probably gonna hire JOE JONAS to play Jacob Black. Now THAT'LL bring some fan girls & most importantly MONEY. Those idiots at Summit are digging their own grave. They should slow down, fire THE MAN (i.e. Kristen Stewart. The zombie druggie woman with about as much emotion as a box of cereal), and do things right.

  67. 367

    Hardwicke is just trying to make sure the movie is as good as it can be. I think that they should be more worried about getting the movie to be good rather than rushing it to get money.
    After all, if the movie's crap no-one will pay to see it, so its a waste anyhow. And don't fire Taylor Lautner!! He's a great Jacob and I think he can be menacing enough. He already looked mean at the end of the first movie Twilight, and it would be weird to change actors.

  68. 368

    NOOOOO!!!!! (btw that is a wig )
    i love taylor
    he is hot and fabulous
    and his teeth are so WHITE!
    they are really gonna fuck up this movie
    Twilight was better in my head than it was in real life
    and since they wanna change everything NOW
    when theyre gonna begin on such a complicated book…..and explicit
    -a very angry devoted fan

  69. 369



    they better keep him!

  70. 370

    they need to replace him with MICHAEL COPON (he played Felix on One Tree Hill) –they look exactly alike and Michael can definately pull off the hotter, taller, edward's-competition Jacob.












  71. 371

    they need to replace him with Michael Copon!! they look like they could be the same person, expect Copon's hotter, older, and can pull off the role of Jacob.


    check out his pic - you'll agree I assure u.

  72. 372

    Ok. so first, Catherine isnt gonna direct it because she doesnt want it to be rushed (automatic ooops on summits part). Second, Taylor HAS to be Jacob. Yes, he is a werewolf but in New Moon Bella talks about how swwet he looks. Yea for like two weeks he looks mean, not scary, just mean. I personally think they are just gonna screw it up if they take him out. I mean Rob Pattinson isnt gonna be in ot hardly at all so they need a "familiar" face you could say…just my opinion though

  73. 373

    he might not look like the jacob described in the book but he is trying hard apparently to work out and get this role. hes only 16, he can grow taller within the next 6 months. they can't pull him out now? are you kidding me? he is already in twilight for god sakes, i'd be very pissed off if they did. i'm surprised they even care that taylor doesnt look like jacob, seems to me all they care about is money and not caring what the movie is going to be like, firing catherine was a bad mistake, seemed to me she cared for the book and movie ALOT. so firing her was a bad mistake when all she was doing was trying to make it better then twilight with a higher budget. summit needs to stop being so quick about everything and wanting money so fast. seems to me they're getting a little greedy trying to get new moon out as fast as possible and eclipse right after… taylor better be jacob and that so called director better not fuck it up or he will have millions of young teenage girls on his ass.. including me. pressure has arrived bitches.

  74. 374

    wow why they fire him he's hotter then robert and Bella can't act….

  75. 375

    i won't watch it if taylor isn't in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 376

    I can only image how Taylor feel. Again like I said earlier it is all about money and with a such lead for 2nd film is going to weigh heavily on the actor that has to carry the film through what and who Jacob Black. If Catherine had directed Taylor in a different light, that might make a huge difference when prepraing Taylor for NM. Kids..blame Catherine, not Summitt with the decision to cast Taylor in first place.

  77. 377

    honestly if they could do benjamin button, they can FOR SURE do twilighttt
    fans are going to BRAWL and boycott the damn movie if hes not in it =/
    fer REALSS

  78. 378

    Please do not let them make any more films with the current technical crew. Twilight the book was butchered to make twilight the film. The script for the film was laughable, the whole film was terrible. If Summit are going to continue with this franchise, please take the time to do it properly. Twilight the film was a disgrace on all levels, the editing, the dialogue, the plot. It is unbelievable that these people can take a book that has all the elements within it to make a great film and instead make a cheesy tween piece of shit (sorry I do not know how else to describe it). I took my 10 and 12 year old to see this film, we had all read the books and loved them, but what a let down the film was. The best thing about seeing the Twilight film was seeing the Harry Potter trailer before it. My children hold no interest in seeing the future films nor buying the dvds. If summit cannot raise the budget to make "New Moon" a great film, then do not make it. Summit has ruined twilight for so many fans by producing this load of crap, before sacking the actors, try and get the right crew together to make this film.

  79. 379

    hmmmm…Taylor was good as the young Jacob but I think the Jacob in New Moon has be more manly…funnily enuff, I was imagining Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal as Jacob while I was reading the book…i won't go as far as saying he should play the role in the movie though

  80. 380

    OMG don't fire Taylor he's sooo hot. And he has a super nice smile.

  81. 381

    changing actors that play a certain character is a sure way to piss off your audience! keep the original guy! they don't want to make it shittier than it's already probably going to be since they're trying to force it to happen so fast..don't they know good things take time? they should have let the original director take their time

  82. 382

    Come on You guys! Jacob is younger than Bella; but during his transformation he grows….please don't mess up a wonderfully simplistic story…I'm over 40 and I want this to be something that captures the innocence of a first time love…you remember that feeling don't you?! It doesn't matter how young or old you are…you will always remember…

  83. 383

    They better keep Taylor Lautner! He's perfect for Jacob! Everytime time I read the books I imagined HIM as Jacob, anyone else will only ruin the movie for me!
    But it's true, if they make this movie in a hurry and with a low budget, they're gonna mess it up! Errrr!

  84. 384


  85. 385

    NO! They can't fire him, he was one of the few good parts of the movie!! This film is going to shit, its too rushed and the budget is still too small! Summit was the worst company to do these films, hopefully a bigger studio will pick up this movie and fix the mess its already in.

  86. 386

    wow.great.now im all excited for new mooon to come out.and they havnt even started filming it yet.hhahah
    i cant wait for twilight to come out on dvd.
    i have seen it 8 times.
    5 times on the first weekend:)

  87. 387

    i don't think that there's any thing wrong with taylor being jacob. let him be jacob black. they r really gonna screw this up if they fire him. again, plss don't get rid of taylor

  88. 388

    Re: Amour7287 – I agree!!!

  89. 389

    please recast he was miscast originally lol.

  90. 390

    Eek, this does not look good… Twilight isn't out until next week in the UK, so I can't much comment on Lautner's acting abilities, but computer trickery tends to cost A LOT, especially when it's used in several scenes, so I'm not sure Summit will go for that.

    As for timing, Summit really need to take their time on this one - no one wants a crappy sequel!

  91. 391

    Noo, Taylor Lautner needs to stay in the movie!

  92. 392

    Du moment qu'il gardent robert pattinson, tout va bien !
    Ah et puis j'aimerai vraiment qu'il virent Kristen, elle est fade et ne joue pas bien son rôle !
    de toute façon, je crois qu'ils vont complètement ruiner la suite !
    je le sens mal !

  93. 393

    They cannot fire him. He's perfect for Jacob's part!!
    He's a smile to die for, really!!!

  94. 394

    Jacob's supposed to be young. Uggh so stupid, this next movie is gonna suck big time.

  95. 395

    hes fug anyway, jacob should be zxc

  96. 396

    First of all I can't stand big nose Taylor in Twilight, or may be they should've given him more movie time. But damn, if they rush this New Moon is going to be freaking RETARDED!

    If they don't take the time to create a good screen play this time, art directions, character developments then NO ONE will like this movie. Money, that's all they care about, Stephanie Meyers should be spitting fire at them. Watch, there will not be a third, this one will suck to all high heaven.

    Fucking Idiots.

  97. 397

    they can't fire jacob!!!!!!!! i love him!!!!!!!

  98. 398

    i love taylor!! Its really too bad hes not bigger, but im sure they can work on that. I think theyre making a big mistake by not taking their time. Harry Potter takes a while between each movie and everyone still goes to see it and it still always does well. For their sake i hope New Moon is just as good or better than twlight was!!

  99. 399

    they better not fire him!!!!!he is AWESOME!!!!

  100. 400

    if they don't keep taylor , teenaged girls are gonna be pissed !
    if they screw new moon up.. people are going to like become maniacs.

    he's great as jacob and summit is going to screw this up .

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