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Is Demi A Cutter???

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agettyimages_83147292.jpg aagettyimages_83147292.jpg

Uh oh!

Is up-and-coming Disney star Demi Lovato self-harming????

The Internets exploded with speculation after the marks on her wrist were just discovered in this photo - from Miley Cyrus' 16th birthday bash.

This picture is not photoshopped.

We'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt, though.

Maybe her cat scratched her? Or Miley did it!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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148 comments to “Is Demi A Cutter???”

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  1. 101

    Hmm,i used to be a cutter (no emo), i used to do it on my thighs though so it wouldn't be too obvious,if she really felt the need she should of done it on her thighs as well to avoid all this "speculation" - unless of course she wanted people to see (not attention seeking) but just a part of her wants to get help

  2. 102

    She is tooo laaalaaalaaa happy to be a cutter. I think the dog did it!

  3. 103

    it couldve been an accident.
    but someone should still look into this properly cause thats sad.

  4. 104

    That looks like an old stamp from a getting into a bar. Maybe she's just dirty and doesn't like to bathe.

  5. 105

    LOL LOL LOL! Perez's precious innocent Demi is already a fuck up! Cutting herself is worst the being a slut! LOL! Perez jinks them… watch next week Selena Gomez will announce she's 7 weeks pregnant!

  6. 106

    I hope shes ok, but….. there's always a reason for someone to cut themselves

  7. ??? says – reply to this


    The cat scratching thing is a load of B.S. and is the oldest excuse in the book. I knew it was unnatural for someone to be that happy all the time! I wish this weren't true but that looks pretty real to me. Sad

  8. 108

    I'm sorry, I'm a huge fan of Demi's, and they do look too deep to be scratches. They looks purpleish. It's sad to think she could be doing this :/ But then again, why would she like, show them to the world? People need to back off of her, she is so sweet, and I think she's still perfect. I would like to think her cat scratched her, but come to think of it, I didn't think she had pets. I really hope she's not cutting. I'll support her throughwhatever she does though. She's a great girl. Much better than Slutty Cyrus. Stay strong Dem.

  9. 109

    Re: NellyBelly – I agree, I look differently at her also, but you know what, I just wish the best for her. And hopefully it isn't cuts.

  10. 110

    Cutters hide their scratches with sweaters, she probaby got it from her dog, or a photoshoot. She was photographed with a dog an a baby lamb.

  11. 111


  12. 112

    HA! If this is confirmed you KNOW Perez will jump right off that bandwagon in a heartbeat. FINALLY some dirt on these girls.

    But of course, there are going to be the people who say "this is so common and so many poor souls deal with this". Yeah yeah, if it were Miley, you'd be saying "that selfish bitch is cutting even though she makes millions of dollars blah blah blah…" Yay for hypocrites!

    But no, it's pretty obvious that she's a cutter. I have tons of cat scratches (from over a decade to a month old) ALL over my arms and legs and they look nothing like that.

  13. 113

    it's kind of weird because cutters don't show off their scarves, cuz a good friend of mine did it too. Maybe it's not what it looks like or maybe is it just a publicity stunt?
    I hope the girl isn't cutting herself, I love Demi!

  14. 114

    i sure hope she is

  15. 115

    the scratches are from the person that tried to get her to not wear that dress!

  16. 116

    it's so annoying when people say, OH YOU'RE SICK PEREZ FOR POSTING THIS. well then get off the site; honestly, he puts this information out there because it's what people like to read- we're INTERESTED.

  17. 117

    hmm…curious to know it that's real. What wonderful role models the youth of today have.

  18. Rieco says – reply to this


    but if this was miley cyrus you would be like
    ”slutty cyrus is cutting herself? she has little kids to look up to her!”
    but oh no, demis cat just did it, mhm right
    everyone always thought she was emo
    watch out mommys and daddys your kiddos are gonna start cutting soon, because they actually look up to this piece of shit wannabe demi hoevato.

  19. 119


  20. Rieco says – reply to this


    btw I have had 5 kittens at a time, and sometimes they would scratch when they we're playing and trust me THAT IS NOT WHAT A CAT SCRATCH LOOKS LIKE PEOPLE, get it through your fucking heads, you know she put a razor blade to her fucking wrist and cut herself, this girl is pathetic, she probably knew her 15 minutes we're gonna end and was like ”hmmmm i'm gonna cut myself to get more attention” stupid whore.

  21. 121

    this is pretty low. even if she does cut it isnt anyones business. dont start spreading things as serious as cutting about a person, when you dont even know if its true!

  22. 122

    ok we dont know if thoes are recent or not, or if they are actually cuts from cutting ot not. and if they are which i hope to god arent she could have done them be4 she got big.
    team demi & selena!!!

  23. 123

    Poor little rich girl,can't handle fame get out of the game.

  24. 124

    Re: amylynn – Well then it is your duty as a parent to teach your children/make them understand what this ( or any) situation is about if they question it - is it not? Or maybe just turn off the tv if you disapprove? Just a thought.

    Cutter or not - Everyone one has issues. Physical. Emotional. Whatever. No one is perfect. I like this site and gossip as much as the next person, but I take it with a grain of salt, - but it is just ignorant to completely judge a person and assume she's taking cues from Angie Jolie , or she does it because she's emo.

    I also think that it's hypocritical for 99% of commenters to bash people in the spotlight - I understand its apart of their career, being "out there", but jeez - look in the mirror sometimes. Did you have the "perfect childhood"? Are you 105 and 5'9? Do you never have a "bad day?"… Do you wake up looking like the most beautiful girl/boy in the world 24/7?

    Didn't think so.
    Grow up people.
    And have a nice day. :)

  25. 125

    dEMO lovato .

    -___- bwaha being emo is soo much better than dating a 20 yr old.
    Like WTF Perez?

  26. 126

    Oh brother, I doubt she is a cutter, don't bring this girl down by believing everything u read or starting rumors.

  27. 127

    Re: kayaolivia – Agreed. Demi's a nice girl, those can't possibly be blade cuts! And what's so funny about cutters anyways??? They're people with serious problems! They could be thinking suicide for all we know! Leave the poor girl alone, she's never done anything to have people tease her, unlike the Disney Slut! She's just a really talented singer and actress!


  28. 128

    They aren't cuts… Demi isn't stupid enough to do that
    She knows that everyone would find out
    And if she did, she wouldn't wear a dress with short sleeves and show her wrist

  29. 129

    Wow I can't believe how insensitive people are! This is not about Team Miley & Mandy (seriously get a fucking life) and it's not about EMOS (wat the fuck, EVERYBODY is EMOTIONAL!) If this girl is, shut the fuck up and stop intruding… All you Perez junkies need to grow up. Read a book, jump off a bridge with live sharks or just simply disappear.

  30. 130

    LMAO! Miley did it! That would be hilarious if it were true. Stupid little shit jokes like that makes me like you a tiny bit more Perez.

  31. 131

    UNFUC*KING CALLED FOR. If Demi is a cutter that does not mean she is a bad person. YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. What fuc*king simpletons post on this site. "attention whore" "bad influence"? If your child is going to cut themselves because someone on t.v. does then the fault lies on YOU. STOP trying to make t.v. stars, and musicians your child's role model. They have enough to deal with. What unintelligent people you are. Perez, your readers are TERRIBLE humans. I hope you are as disgusted as I am.

    If she cuts, there is a reason. It takes a lot more to cut yourself than attention….try putting a razor to your arm and pushing down. I bet you could not do it.

  32. 132

    ugh. i was really rooting for her too. i still am, but the whole miley thing, who ive never really been a fan of, but like i feel like these girls are always just thrown into the limelight just because they're disney stars and apparently their not legit enough. but she seemed like she'd rise above it all, unlike 'slutty cyrus' hah. i hope that this isnt true, but if it is, i hope she gets the right help from the right people. who knows though? can you trust anything or anyone in hollywood?

  33. lei says – reply to this


    not that it's ANY of our business, but those are definitely cuts. To the person who said "she'd cover them up", not true. Either she forgot, which is quite possible, or she's crying out for help. I used to cut and I never wore anything covering my wrists until I had gotten help and became embarrassed of them.

    And for sure they are not bracelets. No way in hell. I'm looking at my own wrist/arm and although they've been healed for about 2 years now, there's still a cut that looks just like the ones on her wrist, just a bit more faded.

    they aren't bruises either, they are individual cutting marks. and bruising happens when marks are healing.

    regardless, it's sad that this shit is out in the open and i hope she gets the help she needs. It's a bad, bad habit to have.

  34. 134

    demi is cuckoo@ so is perez fatass fag! miley rules!

  35. 135

    she was probably a cutter back when they bullied her. thus leaving scars? well one thing is 4sure, we will never realy know.

  36. 136

    That isn't how you kill yourself… What an idiot. You cut LONG WAYS down your arm. Not across the arm. This bitch is just begging for attention. If she wasn't she would have known to put makeup to cover it up but she didn't, WHY? Cuz she's an attention whore.

  37. 137

    well even though i hate her, i think she needs to get some help if she is cutting. PEOPLE IT ISNT COOOL TO CUT!

  38. 138

    i know its been established she's not a cutter…

    but honestly, why would you even think that those are cut marks,
    she's making LOADS of money… if she was a cutter, she'd be
    able to afford some damn good cover up for that nonsense.

  39. 139

    & btw, i totally love demi & dont think she's a cutter. just putting that out there.

  40. 140


  41. 141

    No, she does not cut, she had on some gummy bracelets prior to the bash and she had them on for quite some time, and they got smaller on her,and made those marks. :]

  42. 142

    Pfft. If this bitch is cutting herself, it's probably for attention.

    "Woe is me, I'm so rich and famous… boo hoo."

  43. 143

    oh no!

    i love demi xD

  44. 144

    Re: baby c – miley, mandy, demi and selena and any other disney star are automatically lame and stupid and unoriginal. oh and by the way, miley is a stupid ho just like her friend mandy.

  45. 145

    i dnt give a damn if shes a cutter i still love and support her 110%
    plus (i think slutty cyrus did it!)

  46. 146

    So what?
    She cutts her seld?
    is it such a big deal, that a disney pop sensation cuts?
    7 out of 10 teen age girls cut them selfs.
    what does being a disney channel star make a differance?
    I cut myself, you don't see me all over every mag. && Internet gossip site.

  47. 147

    Re: chyeahmishelle – i agree completly.
    but "SluttyCyrus"? This is why shit like this happens.
    I used to cut myself, because of dumb ass girls like this.
    i used to be called a slut daily, && i don't even sleep around.
    something is probably causing her to do this.

  48. 148


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