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Twilight Cast Upheaval! Who's In? And Who's OUT?????

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There seems to be a lot of talk and UNCERTAINTY surrounding the new Twilight sequel, New Moon.

So much so that new director Chris Weitz and even author Stephenie Meyer had to release statements explaining the situation.

But what about the reports that the studio, Summit, doesn't want to re-hire "baby-faced" Taylor Lautner as Jacob. Apparently, they don't think he has what it takes to play the werewolf love interest/lead in New Moon.

The statements released didn't confirm his return.

That was NOT an oversight!

Now, reports are that the 26 year-old actor Michael Copon, from Scorpion King 2 (above, bottom), is one of the several actors director Weitz is considering to play the new and larger Jacob Black role.

A rep for Copon said they are making all efforts to land this gig. Even Copon is taking to self-advertisement by changing his Facebook status to messages such as "Michael Copon in a Twilight Zone!" and "Michael Copon is the older Jacob Black!" His rep confirmed that the Facebook is indeed Copon's.

Hey, whatever it takes to be noticed!

Even Summit confirmed that omitting Launter from the release wasn't an error. A rep said, "The casting decision in regards to the character Jacob Black has yet to be made."


Additionally, 27-year-old Prince Caspian star Ben Barnes is also campaigning for a role. He's said to be actiively trying to get the role of Aro, "a mind-reading vampire whose "New Moon" encounter with Edward and Bella helps shape their destiny together." And, coincidentally enough, Barnes has the same manager as Copon and Twilight star Cam Gigandet.

We smell a big paycheck coming in for their manager!

But even when a lead for Jacob has been cast, director Weitz is only left with about 12 weeks until filming starts.

There you have it Twilight fans!

What do U think?

Would Michael Copon be a good choice for the role of Jacob?

Would you be happy with Barnes in New Moon????

So much to discuss!!!

[Images via WENN.]

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734 comments to “Twilight Cast Upheaval! Who's In? And Who's OUT?????”

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  1. 401

    TAYLOR all the way!
    i adore jacob-bay-face

  2. 402

    Nathaniel Arcand should be cast as Jacob. He's older and looks awesome with long hair, as Jacob should.

  3. 403

    I always pictured Aro to be a lot older, but Ben Barnes in hot so I dont mind, and theyre gonna have to change Taylor eventually unless he hits a massive growth spurt in the next year to two

  4. 404

    twilight? what the fuck is twilight?

  5. 405

    taylor should stay as jacob - he has that amazing jacob smile. for some reason i always imagined aro as an old man

  6. 406

    LOVE Ben Barnes for Aro, but as cute as Michael Copon is, please keep Taylor!!!! Ugh. Damn Summit!

  7. 407

    I am sorry but I am so pissed off by this news. I hate when they change characters in a series… they should have never hired Taylor if they didnt see him continuing on in the films. Plus he did a fine job and I can see him as Jacob… I cant see Michael Copon doing the role justice AT ALL.
    Is Summit retarded or do they want to upset fans and run the series into the ground? Please some explain it for me?

    And Ben Barnes are Aryo? Are you shitting me? I was so annoyed by him in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and he is far to young to carry the role of Aryo who is suppose to be a wise character. I hope that Summit makes some good decisions soon and decided to keep Taylor and not go with Ben for that role.

  8. 408


  9. 409

    wakey wakey fatty…
    new post for a new day.

  10. 410

  11. 411

  12. 412

    Happy with both decisions! Aro looks to be a perfect fit IMHO. Jacob looks better too. I agree that the other one was to baby faced. I just hope this one is better than the first. Am I the only one that thought it stunk? I mean there were moments of good acting but the rest…p.u. They need consistency…..

  13. 413

    I think it would be ok with taylor or Barnes…
    but i dont see why they would cast taylor in the first movie if they didnt think he would be able to play a bigger part in the second…..
    Sounds like a big ol mess…..kinda like paula abdul

  14. 414

    get off tmz and re-post their posts please.

  15. 415

    Re: LettyB Can Be Imitated Not Duplicated – heyy
    missed ya yesterday!

  16. 416

    Re: LettyB Can Be Imitated Not Duplicated – Shit fukin yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!morning letty and haters. Did I say that I was in luv♥with the Stackhouse…fukin hotttttt shit….letty, you have to see TruBlood. So different from anything else.

  17. 417

    I think it's sad to replace him, but I don't think he can do the role justice because he isn't buff enough!!!!!!

  18. 418

    comments are fucked up as usual.

  19. 419

    Re: LettyB Can Be Imitated Not Duplicated – Hey letty. what happened yesterday. everyone was asking for u. alice thought u was kidnapped or something. lol

  20. 420

    Taylor is Jacob! The only thing those losers have that he doesn't is height! Let him wear some boots with heels!

  21. 421

    I think that Barnes would be a great Aro, so good choice on that one. But c'mon you cant just take Taylor Lautner out! He's the perfect Jacob and Copon looks way too old to be playing a 16 yr old. Yeah Jacob grows rapidly but he's still 16 and needs that baby face and Taylor has that. HORRIBLE CHOICE ON COPON!

  22. 422

    I say keep Taylor. ( although the top guy looks like what I pictured when i was reading)I already have taylors face in my head. WHY did they sign him on knowing the second movie was going to be all about him if they thought he couldn't play the part???????? I knew it was going to be a big hit….They are ruining it for me.

  23. 423

    And WHO CARES!

  24. 424
  25. Uker says – reply to this


    Ben Barnes is gay, I know this for a fact because he went on a date with my someone I know.

  26. 426

    Re: mama of 2Re: LaDiva is unleashed…Re: SheriMoonZombie – HEY LADIES! MISSED YOU TOO!

  27. 427

    YES! Put Michael Copon in! He's hot!!!! That guy from the 1st movie needs to go…I thought he was totally wrong for the part and he irritated me.

  28. 428

    Re: LettyB Can Be Imitated Not Duplicated – It was boring without you so I left.hehehehehe luv♥the babyfukard.

  29. 429

    Re: mama of 2 – Hey mama, I was just about to say goodmorning to u too. u beat me to the punch…

  30. 430

    ABSOLUTELY YES FOR BEN BARNES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. 431

    Hell, I think Ben Barnes would be a much better Edward than Rob (he's annoying!)

  32. 432

    I dont care who they pick to plat Aro.

    There is no one that can play Jacob better than Taylor.
    They need to keep him!

  33. 433

    Hmmm….As much as I don't give a rat's arse who plays Jacob, I am sure the choice to replace him would tick a lot of 14 year olds off and that is who Summit has to keep happy. As for Ben Barnes, I don't know. I pictured Aro being a little older, not that some make-up and lighting wouldn't fix that. I think that, in the end all of us Twihards need to stop moaning-we're going to see it no matter who is in it and who directs it.

  34. 434

    Re: Lulustre – so whos fault is that? if the first line says "NEW MOON" don't you think its bound to dish some dets? cmon…really?

  35. 435


  36. 436

    It doesn't really matter to me because the movie SUCKED! If you have read the books you would prob agree. I was so dissapointed with the movie! The books are soooo good and I was hoping the movie would be just as good but it wasn't.

  37. 437

    If they replace Jacob a lot of people will be upset. I understand that Jacob has to be bigger but with special effects they can do that. I don't like any of these other guys. Do you think this is just a marketing ploy and that there was no intent on ever changing Jacob just trying to get fans riled up?

  38. 438

    copon looks enough like lautner. in the story…as most of you know. Jacob SHOOTS UP like to 6 some feet or whatev. and gets really muscley . Copon fits that unfortunately. i would RATHER see STEVEN STRAIT be Jacob. but…..thats hollywood.

  39. 439

    TAYLOR IS TOOO SMAAAALLL! Sorry, but it just won't work. Anyone but him!
    And if they try and cgi some height or add lifts, it'll never work!
    He changes so much in the book, I can't believe people would actually want Taylor to stay.

  40. Fia says – reply to this


    Yes to Ben Barnes as Aro (brilliant, bloody brilliant!) and YES to Copon. I blogged about Copon being a good choice on the Lexicon three months ago. YES YES YES. Do it Summit, DO IT!!!

  41. 441

    They both suck
    Plus Michael Copon is not NATIVE. He looks Filipino.
    And Ben Barnes is too young looking to be aro

  42. Fia says – reply to this


    Sure, people will be upset but you can't please everyone and this Fan Base better suck it up and deal with it!

  43. 443

    i thought Aro was old but i guess the top guy would be okay. I think the guy who want to be Jacob is good though. I like them.

  44. 444

    KEEP TAYLOR HE CAN DO IT! GIVE THE BOY A CHANCE. Taylor and kristen already have chemistry so leave him onnn!

  45. 445


  46. 446

    i thought all of the acting in the first movie what horrible. get some new people on this thing, they ruined the first one!

  47. 447

    taylor taylor that sucks that there ousting him like that i want taylor to play Jacob its called a gym

  48. 448

    The top guy is too young to play Aro

  49. 449

    Michael Copon is too old to play jacob.
    he (jacob) suppose to be 16 in the movie,so how should an actor of 26 years play an 16 year old boy?
    hello?! jacob is 16,he needs (!) to looke still a bit childish

  50. 450

    taylor IS jacob black! hes the perfect jacob! so hes small, big woop!
    if they thought taylor wasnt going to be a good warewolf, they shouldnt've put him in Twilight!!!!

  51. 451

    I would like to see Ben Barnes as Jacob xdd

  52. 452

    I thought they should have cast Copon as Jacob all along!

  53. 453

    Ben Barnes as Aro seems strange unless they're taking some creative license with that character.

    Copon as Jacob is whack though I mean what the hell that guy can't act!

  54. 454

    ben barnes-perfect.
    copon-no thanks.
    i really hope they dont ruin this movie.hes terrible,just stick with taylor im not a huge fan of him either but at least he can act a little bit.new moon is my fav and i dont want them to screw this up :(

  55. 455

    Ben Barnes, hells yes. Michael Capon, NO. he looks MEXICAN, NOT INDIAN?? Taylor Launtner LOOKS more like he could transform into a werewolf too! I hate it when movies start changing cast members!!!!!!!

  56. 456

    OoooOh I LOOOOOVe the idea of Nathaniel Arcand though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. 457

    ugh noooo they can't let Taylor go! he fits the role so well- who cares if he has a baby face? he's adorable :]

  58. 458

    I saw scorpion king 2…now it's not the best movie ever, but now that it is brought up…HE IS PERFECT TO PLAY JACOB. He IS Jacob.

  59. 459

    KEEP TAYLOR!!! Barnes isn't old enough to play ARO!!!! If they screw this movie up, I'm going to be pissed!!!!!!!! The books are so wonderful, I don't want to be fisapointed by the casting!

  60. 460

    leave taylor in… let them work their magin on him!

  61. 461

    Okay, so I like the idea of Ben Barnes playing Aro. I can see that, and I think he'd be good at it. However, what I don't like at all is Jacob being replaced!

    Yes, I know he's "young" looking, but Taylor Lautner was cast in the role for Twilight, and they should have anticipated a sequel when they cast him. I'm sorry, but Summit is run by a bunch of idiots, and if they replace him they are gonna have hell to pay, I'm sure of it

  62. 462

    this is ridiculous! Taylor is always going to be Jacob. I wont watch new moon if they do take taylor out. BULLSHIT!

  63. 463

    ben bares is way to young for Aro. WAY to young.

    michael copon would be a good jacob. i think taylor will look like him when he gets older so it would be god.

  64. 464

    Oh my. They're going to end up seriously fucking this up aren't they?

    I'm all for Ben Barnes playing Aro. That would be pretty awesome.

    But I seriously do not think they should replace Taylor with Michael Copon. What the hell?!
    I think they should just keep Taylor Lautner. *headdesk*

    I swear if they screw up the movie, I might cry.

  65. 465

    Michael is a way hotter Jacob Black! As for Ben, they're going to have to make him a little creepy looking for Aro. It's so exciting! I really hope they do a good job with the movie!!!

  66. 466

    NO WAY!!! That is awful! That role belongs to Taylor….. he's adorable! I would be so sad if they gave him the boot. That's just bull! Jacob is a main character and he has already been cast… that would be like if in Harry Potter they decided to recast Hermione for the second movie… it's just STUPID!

  67. jg5 says – reply to this


    i like these two. they look like adults and not children which makes me feel a little less creepy and in turn a little less sorry for my life… i wish they would replace kristen stewart or maybe give her some acting lessons… why does she let her mouth hang open like she's waiting to catch a fly? she really irritates me…

  68. 468

    Barnes okay for Aro.
    NO WAY for Copon!
    KEEP TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chris Weitz, I hope you read this.
    Many fans will be disappointed.

  69. 469

    Perez, a comment to the person who gave you the spoiler props. Get with it. You should have read the books BEFORE the movie!
    Second, as much as I think the first Jacob is a dollie, I was wondering how the director was going to pull of the softer looking Jacob in the second movie. I do think they are going to need a harder looking Jacob to pull off the role.
    Third: as much as I was looking forward to the first movie, I do think there is some room for improvement as far as the directing. I am crossing my fingers that this new director can pull it off for the better!

  70. 470

    Too bad for Taylor cuz he did a great job promoting the movie considering that he is just a secondary character in twilight. he really did great, but it really breaks my heart to see that he is booted out for the next sequel. well, it'll probably leads to that conclusion.
    I love Jacob's char in the Books. The way I feel when bella and jacob's friendship end is what I'm feeling now. I'm very depressed and sad for him. Do him some justice he did great! TAYLOR IS JACOB. period!

  71. 471

    HELL to the NOOOO! I think the cast are perfect as they are. Ben Barnes would definitely make a good Aro. However, I can't see Copon being Jacob! Lautner IS Jacob! And that's the way it's gonna stay!

  72. ste says – reply to this


    no one cud ever done it better than TAYLOR!!!
    N ive seen that michael wdever guy in this bring it on in it to win it or movie..
    hes LAME!!! HES SO LAME!!!! n HES SO UGLY!!!
    bt im okay with the other guy..

  73. 473

    Barnes is definitely good for the role of Aro …
    I totally agree with getting rid of Taylor Lautner … like seriously … he's way too babyISH to play the older role of Jacob … yeah Taylor was perfect for the role of Jacob in Twilight … sweet & caring … but Michael Copon is perfect for the role of Jacob in NEW MOON … he can definitely pull off Jacob's arrogance …

  74. 474

    i always pictured Steven Straight in the role. if this 26 year old Michael is being considered i don't see why Steven can't be.

    i feel really sad that they cast Taylor in the first and now that things blew up they are taking him out. That aint Correct!

  75. 475

    JACOB IS SUPPOSED TO BE 6 FOOT 7 INCHES PEOPLE!!!!! And look 26 years old. Developed and filled out like a grown man. Not a nickelodeon tv star.

  76. 476

    Taylor is perfect! boooo. But Ben Barnes as Aro…. hot!!!!!

  77. 477

    i want them to keep taylor, but ben YESS!! he would be prefect!!

  78. 478

    i really love Taylor as Jacob……a different actor playing Jacob seems wrong….i dont like it.

  79. 479

    I think both of them would be awesome.

  80. 480

    Ben Barnes would be great! I thought he would have played an awesome Edward! But he can totally be Aro!!! Copon…SUCKS!!! STEVEN STRAIT is JACOB BLACK!!!! He is the perfect Jacob! Perez, can you help us get Steven Strait? Loves you

  81. 481

    On how many more websites do we have to scream STEVEN STRAIT AS JACOB, for Summit to get our message ?
    And Ben Barnes, perfect for Aro. At least they can get that character correct.

  82. 482

    Michael Copon is a horrible actor and is behaving very unprofessionally. I think it will be awful if he gets the role of Jacob. Seriously, anybody but him.

    Ben Barnes is very attractive. I'd love to have him in the film, but Aro isn't supposed to be hot. Aro is supposed to be old with papery skin and a little creepy. Casting Ben would be a clear departure from the books. I'm not sure if that would be a good or bad thing.

  83. 483

    Do you have any idea how awkward it would be to re-cast? Everyone sees Taylor as Jacob. If this random ass guy comes in and suddenly says HE'S Jacob…wtf? Jacob decided to get plastic surgery or something? Honestly, Summit.
    Keep Taylor Lautner. You'll lose a lot of viewers if you don't.

  84. 484

    NO!!!! Can't they just digitally enhance Taylor's body? It's been done to Brad Pitt. His face was digitally placed on three actors in his new movie.

  85. 485

    no! this makes me sad :(

    Michael Copon sure has the body for Jacob, but he isn't the face of jacob.
    i still want Taylor. :(

  86. 486

    Um. . . Michael Copon is no kind of NATIVE! Jacob Black is completely Quilliute! Not - white - English looking guy! It has to be Taylor Lautner. . he at least lokos native, and I'm sure he could meet with a trainer to bulk him up! Who it REALLY should be, though, is the actor from Smoke Signals and that Clint Eastwood movie. . . ADAM BEACH! THat is who Jacob is!!!!! Why haven't the staff thought of that?!?

  87. 487

    Well this will surely be a quality film. Only a first draft script, less than 12 weeks of pre-production and a release date of Nov. 2009!?! What a greedy, stingy upstart studio Summit is.

  88. 488

    Who cares if Copon is hot!!!!!! He doesnt even have any Native American in him, not even a little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This new director is an idiot if they are considering this Copon guy. As for Barnes, he's cute, he can be in the movie :)

  89. 489

    do you hear this summit? Team Taylor ALL the way

  90. 490

    Please!! Did anyone ACTUALLY visualize Tobey Maguire as Spiderman? There is time for Taylor to buff up if that's the problem, plus you've already established him as the role. Michael Coupon is shit! He ruined the season of OTH he was on in my opinion. Ben Barnes, fine if they have to use him (the author was obsessed with him afterall for a bit) but absolutely keep Taylor on. It's pretty dumb to change at this point and I think if they want the sequel to do well it's already had a set-back with change in directors let's not make it worse!

  91. 491


  92. 492

    I think having Michael Copon play jacob is a good idea. Yes Taylor Lautner did a good job in Twilight. To explain the change of cast they should say that Taylor played the young version of jacob and now Michael is playing the older jacob. In New Moon he is supposed to look like he is 25 because being a werewolve changed him and i got to say Taylor Lautner does not look that age. As for Ben Barnes I didnt even think of him to play Aro. They should get somebody a little old looking….but thats my opinion.

  93. 493

    Keep Taylor!!

  94. 494


    why would they do such a thing??
    Taylor Lautner is the perfect Jacob!!!!!!!!! /CRY /WHINE /SCREAM


  95. 495

    saying that taylor lautner is too babyfaced to be jacob is bullshit, hes supposed to be real young looking in twilight. in new moon, the next time bella sees him hes really fucking jacked up and his hair is longer. i think they'd all see he wouldnt be so babyfaced with a body that jacob is supposed to have

  96. 496

    Re: shellbelle

    adam beach is like 35…. are you serious

  97. 497

    its kinda fucked up they wont keep Taylor so many girls already picture his face when they think of Jacob , its going to piss of a lot of girls

    its really is like trying to replace Edward!! there is a team jacob out there people!!

    we all know they can do it but SUMMIT IS A CHEAP AsS COMPANY THEY SHOULD OF NEVER GOT THE RIGHTS FOR TWILIGHT i wish stephanie would of held out and waiting until a better company came along…. summit still refuses to give them a higher budget….
    who gives a fuck who is directing the movie , it the budget is low no matter who is directing it , the movie is going to be fucked up!

    taylor can be made to look like he is taller and older. with special effects it can be done ,

    i hope this new actors are ready for the hell coming their way! i can already see at the girls going mad lol

    well whatever, i hope stephanie makes sure this film isnt as crappy as the first.

  98. 498

    summit is making a big mistake.

    they fucked up with catherine hardwicke.
    and they fucked up the fuckin script, cuz it left ALOT out..
    now theyre fucking with jacob? taylor is the perfect jake.

    way to fuck up a great book series, guys! super!

  99. 499

    oh my gooooooood

    jacob looks young in the books he keeps his innocent baby face !
    he just gets freaking taller and leaner

    it cant be that hard to make him look older.





  100. 500

    Re: LettyB Can Be Imitated Not Duplicated – its called New Moon

    Twilight was the First book and movie of the series


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