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Twilight Cast Upheaval! Who's In? And Who's OUT?????

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There seems to be a lot of talk and UNCERTAINTY surrounding the new Twilight sequel, New Moon.

So much so that new director Chris Weitz and even author Stephenie Meyer had to release statements explaining the situation.

But what about the reports that the studio, Summit, doesn't want to re-hire "baby-faced" Taylor Lautner as Jacob. Apparently, they don't think he has what it takes to play the werewolf love interest/lead in New Moon.

The statements released didn't confirm his return.

That was NOT an oversight!

Now, reports are that the 26 year-old actor Michael Copon, from Scorpion King 2 (above, bottom), is one of the several actors director Weitz is considering to play the new and larger Jacob Black role.

A rep for Copon said they are making all efforts to land this gig. Even Copon is taking to self-advertisement by changing his Facebook status to messages such as "Michael Copon in a Twilight Zone!" and "Michael Copon is the older Jacob Black!" His rep confirmed that the Facebook is indeed Copon's.

Hey, whatever it takes to be noticed!

Even Summit confirmed that omitting Launter from the release wasn't an error. A rep said, "The casting decision in regards to the character Jacob Black has yet to be made."


Additionally, 27-year-old Prince Caspian star Ben Barnes is also campaigning for a role. He's said to be actiively trying to get the role of Aro, "a mind-reading vampire whose "New Moon" encounter with Edward and Bella helps shape their destiny together." And, coincidentally enough, Barnes has the same manager as Copon and Twilight star Cam Gigandet.

We smell a big paycheck coming in for their manager!

But even when a lead for Jacob has been cast, director Weitz is only left with about 12 weeks until filming starts.

There you have it Twilight fans!

What do U think?

Would Michael Copon be a good choice for the role of Jacob?

Would you be happy with Barnes in New Moon????

So much to discuss!!!

[Images via WENN.]

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734 comments to “Twilight Cast Upheaval! Who's In? And Who's OUT?????”

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  1. 701

    Chris has to pick Steven Strait!!!! He is so much hotter than Michael Copon!! There are a ton of fan sites with him shown as Jacob. Check out Steven Strait in The Covenant and you will see he is a perfect match…but he is 22, tall, muscular and extremely HOT!! Not that Taylor isn't good looking but; well he is just to young to be seen as a sex symbol. Sorry Taylor fans ;(

  2. 702



  3. 703

    That guy is a little too young to play Aro.
    But wtf, they wanna replace Jacob.
    He, and the chick who played Alice,
    were the only ones in the whole movie
    with some actual talent. Plus, he's pretty hot.
    anywho, yeah, that guy doesn't really look
    jacob-ey enough. Taylor's way better, just
    chop off that disgusting wigg. They have to
    anyways, in the book the hair goes when
    he turns into a werewolff.

  4. 704

    well… I'm sad about Taylor. I love him. I don't know about this Michael Copon guy, he looks pretty nice but I'll miss Tay. As for Ben Barnes, I VOTE YES!

  5. 705

    you know what, i think that if they change taylor, no one should watch the movie

    even though people are dying to see it
    it wouldn't be the same without him *tear

  6. 706

    I don't think keeping Taylor Launter would work. Perhaps starting him out in New Moon but once he takes his growing spurt and changes to look like a 25 year old, wouldn't work with him baby face. Once I saw he was hired for Twilight, I wondered, how are they gonna make him look buff and like 25 year old that is well over 6 feet. In this case, I think recasting is a must.

  7. 707

    Re: Future of Hollywood – You are so RIGHT!!!! Steven Strait all the way!!!!

  8. 708

    Steven Strait PLEASE!!! We need someone on the same level as Edward. Granted, no one and I mean no one could be as sexy as Rob, but please, he needs some competition!!!!!!!!!!!!! STEVEN STRAIT SHOULD BE JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 709

    no no no no no no! they can't fire taylor! are they out of their minds!?! gosh, michael copon dosn't even look like an ”idian”. copon isn't even cute! gosh if they fire taylor i for one will not go see new moon.

    but i really like barnes, he would do an amazing job, i think.

  10. 710

    Umm it will quite intresting to se Ben Barnes portray "Aro" yet as for Michael Copon to play older/ masculine "Jacob" would be okay yet I think Taylor Lautner did a fair portrayal on "Twilight" uhhh will have to see what time brings!!!!

  11. 711

    taylor lautner should stay as jacob.
    hes like so perfect for that role.
    yeah hes a little baby face.
    but eventually he'll grow.!
    hahahahha.but yeah.

    and the prince caspian guy would be a good aro. :) and hes also really vutee! :)

  12. 712

    Taylor Lautner should stay! He's the hottest guy in the movie besides the guy who plays Emmet! I don't like this Copon guy as Jacob anyway. He sounds pretty obnoxious to me.

  13. 713

    One word>>>Steven Straight nuff said ;-)

  14. 714

    I don't give a shit who plays whom in New Moon…just as long as they get the shit straight! Twilight was a fricken let down to me…they left so much out, and the dialogue was all screwed up when it came to who said it in the book, and who said it in the movie. I just hope the new director isn't a jackass like the first one. but i do hope they keep the original jacob….copon sucks and i dont really know about the other guy too much

  15. 715

    Oh nooo I really hope Ben didnt get a part on New Moon, secuel of Twilight.
    I dislike the books of Stephanie Mayer because all history is way corny. though I heard Aro is a evil and wise vampire , its sound interesting and uncheesy character, so If Ben gets Aro role, I ll watch this movie.

  16. 716

    This is ridiculous. I can't judge this guy who would replace Jacob, but everyone at Summit Entertainment are idiots. Shouldn't they have thought: "Hey, if this film does amazingly, in the long run, is this guy suitable for Jacob?"
    They should think about these things, instead of the casting him, and then firing him for their own mistake.
    I personally love Ben Barnes from Narnia, so I would love for him to be apart of New Moon.
    I don't really know the guy supposedly replacing Taylor, but whoever would replace him, I wouldn't like him.
    Just for the simple fact that Taylor started off as Jacob, and no one can replace him or BE Jacob, Taylor will always be Jacob.
    Good job Summit Entertainment!
    For your poor judgment and idiotic choices. To try to get the cash and hurry up the movie, you picked a guy you don't even want for the movies.

  17. 717

    are they seriously considering fucking PRINCE CASPIAN for Jacob?
    are you KIDDING ME?!
    and this Copon guy is such an arrogant screwball (didnt he play a cheerleader in a movie?)

    Leave Taylor, or myself and MANY others are not going to see this movie.

  18. 718

    I like them both. copton will be a way better jacob than lauter…and as for barnes i like him for aro…they would both add more eye candy to the movie.

  19. 719

    I think they should replace him with Steven Strait. wow he is a dream boat and a better actor then Michael. however if they dont use him i think they should stick with Taylor, I like him better then this Michael guy. Whatever you think of Taylor, the truth is that Jacob is a different character in new moon. he looks different, acts different, and well, he's much taller. Taylor is cute but he looks like a baby and in the book they say that he starts to look more like a 25 year old. STEVEN STRAIT ALL THE WAY!

  20. 720

    Re: jmduckee – I think they should replace him with Steven Strait. wow he is a dream boat and a better actor then Michael. however if they dont use him i think they should stick with Taylor, I like him better then this Michael guy. Whatever you think of Taylor, the truth is that jacob is a different person in new moon. he looks different, acts different, and well, he's much taller. Taylor is cute but he looks like a baby and in the book they say that he starts to look more like a 26 year old. STEVEN STRAIT ALL THE WAY!

  21. 721

    im absolutely agree that the both of them should be casting in new moon!

  22. 722

    I WANT TAYLOR LAUTNER!!! The other guy is all tatooed and old looking Jacob is young and innocent..well untill Eclipse..

  23. 723

    I'm seriously the largest anti-jacob fan out there,
    but Micheal Corpon would be amazingggggggggggg :D

  24. 724

    i looooooooovvvvveee taylor as jacob sure michaell is hot but he can't act nd taylor is cute!!!

  25. 725

    YESS TO BEN as ARO!!!
    Ben is the sexiets man alive next to Rob Pattinson and this will help all the sexyyness of Twilight (:

    Michael on the other hand is hot but a series of movies when they change the actors who play a character always end up shit. They should keep Taylor and maybe use this guy as when Jake turns to wolf. Just dont REJECT TAYLOR! He is JACOB BLACK

  26. 726

    they knew jacob had a big part in new moon, it was almost certain there would be a sequel, why did they cast him if they didnt think he could do it?

  27. 727

    I love TAYLOR for the role they already casted him for it !!!!!! i like him for the role. don't get me wrong i love michael copon but i had once i found out that taylor was jacob it like clicked with me that he would be perfect for the role which he is. lol i really hope taylor keeps is role in the movie why can't they just put michael copon as sam the head pack leader for the next book geesus merfee lol it could be so easily solved

  28. 728

    TAYYLORRR pleasee!

  29. 729

    Copon… no… He looks even less Native American than Taylor… if that's possible. Jacob is suppose to be Native America! Not half-filipino or Hawaiian!
    As to Ben Barnes… I love Ben Barnes, I think he's really talented, but I would be interested to see how they're going to deal with his looks. Ben is beautiful, to say the least, Aro is over 3000 years old, and described as having translucent white skin.

    All and all I would love to see Ben in Twilight, and if they're going to change the actor who played Jacob then they need to get a Native American!

  30. 730

    ben barnes - fine by me.
    michael copon - HELL to the NO! why does taylor have to fight to keep his own role? taylor is 16 and yet he is so much more mature than michael who is 10 years older than him. taylor ftw!!

  31. 731


  32. 732

    i think taylor should still play jacob!!..
    it'll hella ruin the vibe if he doesnt lol even though he's not going to be as big and brawny as stephanie discribes him in the book..

    goooo taylorrr!
    even though im team edward ;)

  33. 733

    Awwwww, i hate both of them, their face make me feel sick (_._!)

  34. 734

    Barner has such a shit face

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