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You Read It Here First!

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We can't stand free-loaders or gold-diggers.

And Guy Ritchie is about the biggest of them all!

Wasn't he supposedly gonna divorce Madonna and not ask for a penny? Especially considering he has his own fortune!

But that's not the case.

And as you read it here FIRST, we told you back in November that Guy "Gold Digger" Ritchie would be walking away with $70 million of Madonna's hard earned money. Our impeccable sources confirmed to us the news weeks ago.

And, now, Madonna's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, is confirming the news publicly.

Rosenberg told The Associated Press today that Madge has settled with Ritchie for "at least 50 million pounds", which converts to about $76 million or more.

The figure includes the values of the couple's Ashcombe home in western England.

Rosenberg adds that while the financial part of the settlement has been agreed upon, the child custody arrangements have yet to be finalized.

She says, "I'd assume it's one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce settlement."

A rep for sleazeball Ritchie declined to comment.

Though he's probably laughing all the way to the bank with money that isn't his.

Maybe Ritchie and Heather Mills should hook up? They seem like they'd be great together.

[Image via WENN.]

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231 comments to “You Read It Here First!”

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  1. 101

    You suck Perez!!!

  2. 102

    She screwed him over and he had to deal with her crap for all those years. He should have gotten TWICE that amount. Perez, you are a hypocrite. And Madonna is scary beyond all reason. Please stop posting her photo. It gives me nightmares.

  3. 103

    R u kidding me!!!!!! She should have paid more!!! She is the biggest twat in the world!!!!!!

  4. 104

    She prances around town with another guy like a whore, breaks up her family and he's the BAD GUY??? WOW!You are way off base Perez.

  5. 105


  6. 106

    GOOOOLDDIGGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 107

    I'm sorry Perez but, Guy Ritchie is no where near to Heather Mills

  8. 108

    Re: bradeyboy – Yeaaaah Well Said :)

  9. 109

    76 million sounds about right for someone who was stuck with that grizzled-granny for 8 years. where you, one of the lowest forms of life, get the nerve to call anyone a gold digger i don't know.

  10. 110

    HOLD ON, Perez!! He is NOT a gold-digger!!! He had about $35million US CASH going into the marriage - EIGHT years ago. HE bought that countryside estate for a pretty low sum, and now that is worth an estimated $30mil, which is assumed within the figure being thrown out. His original $35m has increased some, too - even if you count just normal 3% a year for inflation - add the current value of his original net worth to the value of the estate, and you get EXACTLY what he is walking away with. Nothing more. NOTHING more. Quit being a Madonna drone. Guy Ritchie is a good guy that Madonna and her dunce publicist are trying to villify to deflect the fact the fact that she destroyed a family for a meathead baseball player. And, you're helping. GROSS. TRULY DESPICABLE! TEAM GUY all the way, as every decent, humane person should be!!!

  11. 111

    It sounds as it he's trying to get money off of the principal that Madonna is a fuckin crazy bitch.

  12. 112

    If she wanted to keep all her money she should have had a prenup, the same for McCartney!! He's been married to her for quite a while and deserves to have the martial assetts divided fairly. We all know you love Madonna, but really she cheated on him and I'm sure she wasn't the easiest person to live with!!! She would drive me crazy in a week.

  13. 113

    Guy's a fucking bastard :)

  14. 114

    Is all good if she really is as bad as they say walking away with 76 million is nothing if he had to put up with her attitude and crap…at least he is not bad mouthing her well I guess!!??

  15. 115

    Perez, you are a fucking moron. First of all, the divorce settlement included marital assets. I'll explain it to you because clearly you aren't smart enough to do so… marital assets means that they are earnings or assets that come DURING the marriage and belong to both partners. So that means that it includes the earnings from the movies HE made while they were married as well as the Ashcombe house which AS YOU POSTED ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE EARLIER TODAY Madonna doesn't like. The only sleezeball around here is you not Guy Richie.

  16. 116

    seriously!?!? You should call yourself hypocrite hilton. She is a homewrecker! She is banging other guys while she is still married, but guy is the bad one in all of this? You are a moron, and you never report anything first.

  17. 117

    post my comments perez

  18. 118

    I suppose it would be OK if it was the other way round then, Perez?? And considering, it's probably because of her that the marriage ended anyway (that whores aldulterous ways), He deserves to take what he can get.
    It's not like they were only married a couple of months anyway. Give Guy a break.

  19. 119

    I don't care if you're a man or woman but as the saying goes: "If you're gonna play, you have to pay". Madonna was screwing around behind her hubby's back so hell yeah she should pay out. If the roles were reversed and Guy was cheating on Madge, everyone would be screaming for his blood.

  20. 120

    He deserves every penny…and then some….
    I hope he got to keep the dildo/safety cone collection…..

  21. 121

    Oh and one other thing, Perez, you douchebag… Madonna committed adultery during their marriage so Guy COULD have taken all of her shit if he had wanted to, but clearly he behaved in a more civilized manner than both you and that wanne-be pop tart aged lipsyncher he was married to.

  22. 122

    Re: LaDiva is unleashed… – LOVE your new avi

  23. 123

    Re: bradeyboy – will you marry me?

  24. 124

    no offense…… but if married and divorced madonna, i'd take her to the cleaners, too.

    it's all about the benjamins!!

  25. 125

    YOU ARE ALL FUCKING IDIOTS. In England, people who make as much as Guy and Madonna do not to pre-nups because they do not hold in English court from a British legal standpoint.

    The payout has a lot to do with assets, and Madonna WANTED guy to have their country house. You are all assuming that they hate each other and Madonna doesn't want him to have this. That's not the case, this divorce is about as standard as you can get. Guys is not really being a gold digger, and Madonna is not being selfish either. Perez, why don't you read up on your British law. Fucker.

  26. 126

    I think he deserves the money, just for putting up with her skanky butt! Karma is a Biatch though, I'm sure she'll get hers sooner or later…

  27. 127

    Neither Madonna nor Guy cheated (yes he is seeing someone). All you bitches need to realize they were over with each other a long time ago. Neither has 'cheated', legal marraige does not mean you are a 'couple', it's just a fucking document. IDIOTS!

  28. 128

    perez i'm tired of you bashing guy ritchie!!!! just b/c you got a boner for madonna doesn't mean she deserves to end a marriage and not pay anything!!!! i'm sure this woman was not easy to live with and love for so long and every cent he gets is well deserved!!!

  29. 129

    I think he deserves every dime. She is such a narcissist, and I bet she is extremely hard to live with. And she was screwing A-Rod to booth. You go guy, milk her for every cent! She has it, she can give you some for all the crap you had to put up with!!

  30. 130

    He put up with A LOT of shit from that ego-maniac. She cheated and made him put her shitty ass in a film. She hexed his career!!!!! I hope he gets even more and that his film does well.

  31. 131

    Who cares? Madonna's seems like a bitch of the highest order and I'm sure he deserves every penny of that whore's $545 millions.

  32. 132

    perez, you say you can't stand free loaders, yet you make moeny by bitching and trying to ruin other people's careers. You have no talent

  33. 133

    She needs to pay him for the torture of having to look at her ass for as long as he did. Egads she should have pay him MORE!

  34. 134

    Strange coincidence! As I was reading this post I was listening to AOL radio and M.I.A.s' song Paper Planes was repeating the chorus section where it goes *…and take your money* How fitting.

  35. 135

    ha! isn't it weird you won't post my comments when i mention how u rip everything off from the d list .. its not a secret. u steal mk's blog and u just make the posts not as funny .. i mean ur ghost writer does … ur such a fat sad pathetic man. keep fighting for gay marriage sweetie, when was the last time anyone has seen you on a date?

  36. 136

    He earned every penny putting up with that gap toothed, fake accent, botox faced, has been. Hope she catches a nice STD. She's always been a pig. She will forever be a PIG.
    Maybe now he can produce some worthy films. I have some respect for him now, hopefully he walked away with both balls too.

  37. 137

    Who says HE asked? Maybe, just maybe, in a crazy world - you know, the settlement is in assets… like the homes? The pub? Maybe he didn't ask, maybe she said take X houses and here's a few million to make sure my kids stay safe. Doesn't sound all that illogical to me. And didn't mean he asked for a penny.

  38. 138


  39. 139

    Re: DoctorPS – Careful!! That much thought is beyond Perez and his crappy typo writers.

  40. 140

    Call it compensation for having to put up with her for so long!

  41. repus says – reply to this


    i think that what the judge felt she owed him for the money he lost putting her in that movie. or is that the reward for helping get MADonna the hell out of the UK

  42. 142

    I'd sue her for a shit load of money too. That bitch had to be hell to live with!

  43. 143

    He deserves the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck you and all u madonna lovers!!! p.s GUY IS HOT!!!

  44. 144

    um…he was married to her. she chose not to get a pre-nup. he had to endure quite a lot that other people might not be able to. He is deserving of what he gets and he's not being obnoxious and spiteful about it.

    Get a grip Perez. You are completely losing it. So pathetic…

  45. 145

    Perez, I love Madonna but your doing her dirty work for her here. She has come out of this divorce looking bad and is throwing mud at her children's father to score PR points! The last I knew, splitting your marital assets was the norm. The london pad (which is 3 put together) is probably a large part of that settlement.
    Besides, seeing as she was having an affair he could of took her to the cleaners!!!

  46. 146

    You're wrong about this one, Perez. I work in the courts and deal with hundreds of divorce settlements. He actually could have taken her for a LOT more and insisted on her continued support for years to come. Each spouse is legally entitled to a life style that is equal to the one they shared as a couple. If he walks away with 75 million and no spousal support, that's the equivalent of a scorned wife taking the car and a small chunk of cash and never asking for anything in return. This is not gold digging or unfair. It's not even CLOSE to half of her fortune, which he could have sued her for legally. He's actually letting her off the hook.

  47. 147

    Oh, and PS: I'm a HUGE Madonna lover. She would never have agreed so easily to this settlement outside of court if she didn't know it was a good deal for her.

  48. 148

    He is nothing like nasty heather mills. AND madge cheated on him! he deserves every dime.

  49. 149

    When you get married, you become one team…not two individuals. It's only fair to split your things if things don't last. The whole reason these kind of divorce laws were created was to protect both parties. One person can't walk away with everything.

    Think for a second. Just because she earned more money doesn't mean he didn't contribute by making her life easier (and when you get married, you agree to this). There is usually a strong spouse behind every successful person. Just take Meg Whitman, eBay's last CEO, for example. She had a stay at home husband…as do most CEOs for fortune 500 companies. Don't you think that these spouses deserve half if things go bad? Luckily, it doesn't matter what you think…the law protects them.

    To quote a wise John Mayer song, "If it doesn't work out, I'll give her half of my stuff"

  50. JCPR says – reply to this


    I already knew it.. and ur not the first to say it Perez! don't get too excited cuz i saw it on despierta america on univision.. fatso

  51. 151

    If Madonna was stupid enough to marry without a prenup, than more power to Guy. It's kind of surprising that she would actually be that dumb, but love makes people do foolish things sometimes.

  52. 152

    he deserves every penny for dipping i in her dry crusty prune hole

  53. 153

    Sucked in to her. Madonna is a dirty old slag and Guy should have asked for more. Now Guy can marry a younger woman instead of Grannydonna.

  54. 154

    Sorry, Perez, but I read this on SkyNews first.

  55. tinny says – reply to this


    Considering what a diva and how controlling Madonna is, I think it is great that Guy got some money for his troubles being with her for so long! It's not like it's gonna hurt her wallet!

  56. 156

    Ritchie does NOT have a fortune of his own, the guy is pennyless. That's why he married Madonna in the first place. Yes he is a golddigger, now he will have some money to go out with young girls and do drugs to his heart's content.

  57. 157

    I think he and Denise Richards should hook up!!! Just sayin!!!

  58. 158

    YOUR NOT EXCLUSIVE PEREZ Hope A-Rod was worth that 76 million. DUMBASS WHORE!

  59. 159

    Re: Sistersandme – BULLSHIT THE ONLY REASON SHE HAD TO PAY THIS IS BECAUSE SHE CHEATED ON HIM AND IS A HOME WRECKING WHORE! You think she would have paid that otherwise? I think not…

  60. 160

    guy totally deserved more for having to deal with her! There's a reason why Lourdes want to spend more time with her father instead of being with her mother!

  61. 161

    Re: Marber – Hallalujah!

  62. 162

    Re: Kateedid – Has anyone else noticed their posts being edited down and such?

  63. 163

    And I can't stand whores, and Madonna is about the biggest of them all.

  64. 164

    Perez, shut up. You have no idea what went on in that marriage. She's not even officially divorced and she's cavorting around with A Rod all over the place. Plus, in order to be a gold gigger, you first have to have no money. Guy Ritchie had money in the first place. From what I read, the Brits are glad to be rid of her.

  65. 165

    Perez is now editing posts! When did this start? He has some flunkie editing post to fit what he wants written? WTF?

  66. 166


  67. 167

    Re: mama of 2 – Why do you insult Perez yet you're on his website-? Don't be a fucktard.

  68. 168

    youre stupid mario. he had to deal w that crazy old thing for years. hes entitled to her money

  69. 169

    Re: LaDiva is unleashed… – That's pretty f'd up. The way you think is pretty stupid, Madonna didn'y do anything wrong by not signing a pre-nup. It's obvious she married for love. The way it SHOULD be. Don't blame her for this. He's just a greedy piece of shit

  70. AMO says – reply to this


    What's your point? We've been knowin' about this.

  71. 171

    Well, he prob didn't have much say–in England the courts decide what you get..and usually at least split 1/2–that's NORMAL…Madonna got a good deal..I'm sure could spill the beans on alot of info on her, and now he won't…and she's worth much more..she should have gotten a pre-nup or married in the states..that wasn't very smart. Madonna could have been caught cheating (with A-Rod most likely the case) and had to pay him that because of her infidelities…all is not what it always seems..so who knows

  72. 172

    to bad he didn't get it all. he should get his son too!! you know she's a crazy mother!!!!!!!!!! he seems down to earth compared to her nasty ass!! TEAM GUY!!!

  73. 173

    UMM she commited adultery on him so he deserves the money. slut bag.

  74. Scorn says – reply to this


    Stop feigning horror Mario. It was hazard pay, he earned it.

  75. 175

    Good, fuck that stank ho

  76. 176

    No offense but aren't you a form of a free loader yourself?? You make a living by blogging about celebrity's personal lives. And when you go to any kind f event don't tell me you don't take the free shit they give you "celebrities" for showing up. Come on… I mean I know I'd take it… people who live in glass houses……….

  77. 177

    Way to go man. You are a true Tom Lykis graduate. It's funny how the pigs squeal whn they get their little hides trimmed. I love it man, you are a credit to your sex, bleeding that ho is no crime, it's just karma.

  78. 178

    madonna is the queen.but they still friends.thta money its because madonna sold their houses and she is giving guys money.thats it.they will spend the xtmas together

  79. 179

    CHEERS .

  80. 180

    I would ask for that much money too if I had to live like she forced him too… eating only rice cakes, watching no T.V., converting to Kabbalah, etc. Call me Guy!! We will have a huge party with lots of sugar, carbs, and alcohol!!!

  81. 181


  82. 182

    madonna is the best and fuck the rest

  83. 183


  84. 184

    Madonna is a slab of dried up slunk meat. She married Guy Ritchie so she could pretend to be a lady of the manor. It's too bad he didn't get even more of her money in the divorce settlement. She sucked up and ruined eight years of his life. He deserves the settlement. She's a fake and a talentless, dried up skank. I wish Perez would find another hag to worship. I *really* loathe Madonna. Icky-fucking-poo. Whew, I enjoyed that rant.

  85. 185

    Posted by: ellespace

    Why should she have to give him money! I quite like him, and think that he is quite a gent, but i really can't see why Madonna after she has worked her pants off for the last 20 years, should have to give him so much money,it's enough to put anyone with money and sense off getting married for life.


  86. 186

    TEAM GUY!!! Like the property is worth anything in this economy. PLEASE!!!! He is leaving with about what he brought with him. AND HE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN HALF OF ALL MARITAL PROPERTY!

  87. 187

    the whore deserves to pay that much, she knew herself well enough to know that when she gets bored (as she does) she was moving on to the next naive idiot. the sad part is lourdes is watching all of this, and now she went and adopted a child acting as though she was going to be a family woman instead of an attention seeking media whore. isn't she like 50? time to grow up. 70 mil. sounds about right.

  88. 188

    Mario you are so hypocritical!

    If a woman had been cheated on after all those years of marriage by her control freak, icey husband, you wouldn't say she was a golddigger.

    Guy should get his. If Madonna wasn't such a crazy control freak whore, they would probably still be together.

  89. 189

    awwwww perez get over it sweetheart, he deserves it and u know it, so get ur brown tongue outta madge's arse and congratulate the man!!! :)

  90. 190

    that's the price she has to pay for being a HOMEWRECKING WHORE

  91. 191


  92. 192

    He deserves every penny for her ruining his name with "Swept Away" - Swept Ass-way is more like it!. Madonna can suck it.

  93. 193

    You go Guy, it's not like Madonna will be on welfare anytime soon, Get your head out of her ass Perez, she isn't half of what she used to be

  94. 194

    The pain and suffering poor Guy must have endured being married to tyrannical Granny Tranny is worth every cent! you go Guy, you deserve it! LMAO!!! Go Team Ritchie!

  95. 195

    Re: Anti-britney – no sweetheart everybody in the UK is seeing her for the true cunt that she is! ain't nobody loving her!

  96. 196

    Re: onlyme – No it's not pretty fucked up. This was her 2nd marriage, so she should have known anything can happen. Therefore I will reiterate what I said in saying that she deserves this. PPl get married with the best intentions, it doesn't always come out as you want it, which is why especially as a celebrity, you should have gotten a prenup. She fucked up…. whatever.

  97. 197

    Re: onlyme – Blame her stupidity for that one….

  98. 198

    Right-on Dude!

  99. 199

    I wish you'd get off the poor guy's case. The house is an asset acquired during the marriage and as such, half his. She took other real estate they purchased together as compensation. Smart thing to do in this economy rather than sell it and split the money. Secondly, Madonna's lawyers included a gag order in the divorce settlement. There has to be "consideration" in order for it to be valid, and the consideration has to be commensurate with the value of the order. In other words, she has to ballpark what he could earn with a "tell all" and pay him that for the gag order to be valid.

  100. 200

    Oh please, Perez! Guy deserves that money for putting up with her ugly ass these past years. I'm sure the only reason you like her is because she looks manly.

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