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Madonna Won't Be Pleased

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Madonna's ex - Lola's babydaddy - is speaking out, and the Queen of Pop must be royally peeved!

There's nothing more annoying and desperate than an Ex speaking out about your love life.

HELLO!magazine has interviewed Carlos Leon about Madge's recent split, and they probably paid him for his thoughts!

The 42 year-old "actor" says, "It is a bad situation for both Guy and Madonna and I send them a lot of love and all the children involved. I think it is too early to say if the divorce will make things better or worse for the family."

Pretty innocuous so far.

But then Carlos goes on to say what a great guy Ritchie is. Yea, so great that he took $70 million from Madge's hard earned money, despite being rich himself!

Leon said, Guy "is the gent. He always treats me with respect. Of the film work of the two, I like Ritchie better. He is incredibly talented as a director and producer and he inspires me."


Then he goes on to speak about his daughter, which we doubt Madge or Lourdes wants this idiot talking about their private lives.

Leon says of Lourdes, "I speak to her every day. She is very talented, she gets that from her mum. She has had advantages I never had. But it is up to her to take it to a new level in singing or acting."

So does this mean Lourdes is interested in following in her mom's footsteps?


We think Madonna is gonna have an interesting talk with Leon about this.

This'll likely be the last time he speaks publicly!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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