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Completely Gratuitous

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson

afpx_fpx122008rp_rpattinson.jpg aafpx_fpx122008rp_rpattinso.jpg

Another shot of R-Patz and his new 'do!

Robert Pattinson shows off his sexy, short cut as he jams his car with some large packing boxes.

Making a move???

Come on over!

[Image via Finalpixx.]

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435 comments to “Completely Gratuitous”

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  1. 101

    It looks like he cut it himself with a pair of clippers.

  2. DALE says – reply to this


    Who cares?! This dude is over-rated big time.

  3. K10 says – reply to this


    still amazing.. still beautiful!

    although i must say pictures do him no justice.. more gorgeous in person..


  4. 104

    WOW…Rob is beautiful….Thank you thank you you made my day
    Hope he goes home for Christmans with his family and takes a little break away from crazy town
    ….sigh…Happy Holidays Perez

  5. 105

    he looks sooo hot like thiss,

  6. 106

    sexy! i love his "dirty" look . God Bless all these hot Britains!

  7. 107

    fuck i cant find a link for this pic anyone have it without the wriitng?

  8. 108

    his amazing locks of brown hair are gone but oh well he is still hot as hell
    who am i to judge
    but good god he is a sex pot

  9. 109

    This boy needs a hard FIST up his asshole until he bleeds!

  10. lje says – reply to this


    Well, Robert finally decided that we should live together…

  11. 111

    i feel bad for him lol he cant even put stuff in his car with out poparotzi taking shots of him
    even though they are incrediably hot shots….
    he is by far the sexiest man alive

  12. 112

    gahh i want him now!!

  13. 113

    i cant resist a guy with hot sunglasses, and the stuble
    I LOVE YOU rpatz AND perez hilton!!!!

  14. 114

    he looks so hot !!!!!

    i like it better this way

  15. 115

    Woo hoo-that's a thick, healthy hairline underneath all the magical forest of follicles. Good to know! I swear he resembles Haley "I see dead people" Joel Osment though now, if Haley looked like he actually had functioning genitals and was really fuckable.

  16. cboy says – reply to this


    who is he?
    Anyways Ciara and Enrique new music coming out next month and Ciara and Jeezy hawt best of Ciara coming out next month also! 09 will be Ciara's Year!
    She is back!

  17. 117

    ps: YES-get the hell out of LA-I've lived here all my life, and it can turn otherwise sane people into grade A douches, especially with the whole celebrity worship culture here. Go back to London, LA will suck all the heat out of you, booi!

  18. 118

    Re: Shant!=0 – why?? you wanna pull your micro-noodle while looking at it?

  19. 119


  20. 120

    Re: BritneyBarnes – it's Britons you fucktard

  21. 121

    Man he is hot - sad he lost his fro, but I'm loving the new do!

  22. 122

    He's beautiful…the new do is fantastic. (SIGH)…

  23. 123

    but he is always alone, it saddens me.. seriously I can free my schedule for him!

  24. Leah says – reply to this


    Why the obsession with him??? He's FUG.

  25. bobi says – reply to this


    hawt! love it either way.

  26. 126

    Re: LCBitch – um no for my site you retard

  27. 127


  28. 128

    he's looking so hot!
    Aww and he's using the same shirt as the day before… totally him.

  29. 129

    i thought he was hot before, but wow! look at him now

  30. epic says – reply to this


    hmm, a while ago it seemed as if you don't like him, perez, but i get it: you're trying to ruin very man for the normal people and to turn everything gay GAY GAY. you are truly an asshole.
    there is a world you will never see - the real world, you know?!

  31. 131

    OMG…stop it…He is so hot that is hurts…

  32. pony says – reply to this


    he's not alone. Nikki Reed was there…Perez just cropped her out. I doubt he is aone often…there are lots of young girls who don't mind hanging out with a flabby skinny smelly hairy guy who was in the worst movie of the year!

  33. 133


  34. MP says – reply to this


    A person's hair hasn't been talked about this much since Britney Spears shaved her head. I hope the boxes didn't fall out of the car on the ride home. Rob should move to NYC. Less paparazzi and New Yorker's don't care who you are, he'd barely get a second glance while walking down the street.

  35. 135

    I want to see some of it grow back just a little bit longer. But, still he is beautiful.

  36. 136

    astonishingly hot!!!! i love him with all my hearttt!!!

    he leaves me speechlesss…. this is perfection! thank u nperez for posting thisss!!!!!! completeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely gratuitioussssssssss!!!!!
    :D :D :D

  37. 137

    Hair…No hair…the man is still gorgeous, in that freaky johnny depp way. def not typical Hollywood, so refreshing.

  38. 138

    i really don't get why the teenyboppers are all over this guy… he's pasty as fuck! no wonder he's in a vampire movie ugh .. and don't even get me started on that face .. move on up ladies come on! time to grow up.

  39. 139

    ME LIKEY!!!

  40. 140

    he looks good either way i think he cut it though because he doesnt want people to notice him anymore (good choice because i didnt notice him)

  41. 141

    :O:O:O HOTTIE! see that everybody? thats my husband.

  42. 142

    i'd tap that

  43. 143

    fuck mee

  44. 144

    OH MY FUCKING GODDD. i cannot believe he did that!
    HE STILL LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING BABE- i'd still screw him [;

  45. 145

    Yeah he can move into my vagina too!

  46. 146

    Long hair, short hair, bald. I don't care. I'll take him anyway!

  47. 147

    DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 148

    Thank god he chopped that mop off, He looks so SEXY now. KA POW

  49. 149

    i wish i was those boxes. he can move me anytime.

  50. 150

    still hottt… now he's just sayin' : "in ur face, all u fuckin' haterz who don't have a life…" hihihihiiiiiiiiiii

  51. 151

    NOW his hair cut looks better =]
    in that other photo, he looks like a bum.
    but this picture makes him look hoooooot!

  52. 152

    Come on Perez, stop acting so shocked about Paris getting robbed. You know it was a publicity stunt.

  53. 153

    He is so NOT HOT…. his nose is all jacked up

  54. 154

    omg so hot still! i loved his dirty hair but that thing was getting nasty so glad he cut his hair. it proves he is more than just his hair. man i want a piece of that.

  55. 155


  56. 156

    Re: orchidgirl – Hi Orchid!!

  57. 157

    EFF OFF to all the mountain trolls who think he's ugly. wish you were as good looking as his ass crack

  58. 158

    mmm… come to mama!

  59. 159

    i like this new 'do better than the old one
    but he's sexy anyways so…

  60. 160

    So I wasn't totally sure if i was liking it when you posted about it last night, but these photo definitely have me convinced that no matter what he does……..he's always going to be godlike.

  61. 161

    he is sooo..hot!! but i do miss the messy look!!

  62. 162

    He looks great!! He kinda reminds me of a younger gerard butler..but i wonder, if they are filming the next twilight movie in march, will it be long enough for the part?

  63. 163

    hey if you guys want to see some more pics of R-patz short hair here you go!


  64. 164

    much better looking than hsm boy.

  65. 165

    he looks like jake gyllenhaal??

  66. 166

    noone can wear ray bans quite so well

  67. 167

    now he doesnt look like a hobo anymore!

  68. 168

    love the ray bans!

  69. 169


  70. 170

    Hot, hot, hot—without his dirty, unwashed hair he's a true hottie now! YUMMY. :-)

  71. 171


  72. 172

    he looks like damien fahey from trl,

  73. 173

    i love the new hair sexier than ever!

  74. 174

    I'm obsessed!

  75. 175

    ughh! so freakin sexy, hahaa. i can't get enough!

  76. 176


  77. 177

    he looks so different!

  78. 178

    Obviously he looks hot, but I liked his old hair.
    I love dirty men.

  79. 179

    Didnt like him before but hes hot now!

  80. 180

    pleaseeeee lol ♥

  81. 181

    omg that is hot.

  82. 182

    OMIGOD HE'S SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. 183

    he's always yummy

  84. 184

    good looking

  85. 185

    he still is soooooo hawt!!!!! omg ahhh

  86. 186

    he is gorgeous!

  87. i says – reply to this


    hey you taylor lautner fans. HE IS SHARK BOY. NOT JACOB BLACK.

  88. 188

    I am completely gratuitous. Love him.

  89. Watty says – reply to this


    He is just moving that hot little butt of his up in the world! I'd be moving out of a small place too, if I just struck gold with a franchise….

    He is hot with long hair and short…..

  90. 190

    WOW !
    can this man do anything wrong ?
    seriously !

    jeeze, still gorgeous (:

  91. 191

    Sex on a stick! He's embedded in my brain forever!!!

  92. 192

    Re: ShootingStar – hahah i actually said that to my friend the other day..its so true.im gunna miss his hair for sure but this is equally as sexxy.but how is he gunna run is hands through his hair when he gets nervous or anything?

  93. 193

    Nice. I need to move to London.

  94. 194

    who cares about this guy anyway? the twilight movie sucked and he's not hott. and PS freaky-fan-girls: he's not actually Edward Cullen. Just thought i'd let ya'll in on that.

  95. 195

    Boooooooooooring! What's up, Mario? Get unplugged and post some articles, or at least a naked pic of your boyfriend! :-)

  96. 196

    can i please have him?

  97. 197

    Re: Jealous_Much? – agreed

  98. 198

    Re: Mayday Parade – I LOVE MAYDAY PARADE!! My name has been "Listen to Mayday Parade" for like 6 months now I am trying to promote them cause everyone deserves to listen to awesome music!!

  99. 199

    Rob looks HOT! The close-up of him with the sunglasses is my favourite! I definitely agree "Zexy"!

  100. 200

    ehh. it can go either way for me. its definatly cleaner and i dont rlly blame him, he was getting known for his hair not acting talent. hes still hott i just think it looks better the other way.

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