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Completely Gratuitous

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson

afpx_fpx122008rp_rpattinson.jpg aafpx_fpx122008rp_rpattinso.jpg

Another shot of R-Patz and his new 'do!

Robert Pattinson shows off his sexy, short cut as he jams his car with some large packing boxes.

Making a move???

Come on over!

[Image via Finalpixx.]

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435 comments to “Completely Gratuitous”

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  1. 201

    homeboy looks a million times better and older without that hair
    I'm lovin it.

  2. Magan says – reply to this


    THe new do is all right but now he doesn't stand out anymore. He blends in with the crowd. It's gonna take awhile to get used to the short hair.

  3. 203

    I'd let him jam my box anyday….

  4. 204

    God he's so fucking hot

  5. Annew says – reply to this


    HOLY SHIT he is so fine.
    I like his hair more and more every minute

  6. 206

    Also, I'm pretty sure I recognize that shirt from his G4 interview months back on Edward.

  7. 207


  8. 208

    Oh fuck!
    Can this man get even more sexier?!
    the things i would do that man…..

  9. 209


  10. 210

    i tried so hard to leave this comment sheesh!!!
    he is looking fine fine FINE! and im sure the hair will be back just in time for the filming of new moon so not to worry…

    he is finger- licking- good FINE!*slurp.. slurp*

  11. 211

    He probably cut his hair for the movie hes filming before New Moon, Parts Per Billion. He can't look like Edward in everything. And seriously, no matter what he does to his hair, hes gorgeous. Don't worry twi-hards, he has until march to grow it out. It wasn't all that long in Twilight anyway. But either look are definitely HOT.

  12. 212

    i think we need to leave him alone. it would be pissing me off if people were screaming at me all the god damn time. i so get him. i know i'll be famous soon, and i don't want that to happen to me.

  13. 213

    I didnt think he was the cutest in Twilight, but with his new haircut, he is def. a hottieeee. and the little bit of scruff, is pretty hot too. ;)

  14. 214


  15. 215

    i miss the sex hair, but this is growing on me :)

  16. 216

    It's amazing. He still looks just as gorgeous, maybe even more so. I absolutely adore him. ♥

  17. 217

    I see he upgraded from his 89 BMW… unless hi 89 BMW is in mint condition.. which is not what he made it sound like on Ellen!

  18. 218

    I thought it was Spencer Pratt at first.

    Who cares about this douche?

  19. 219

    maybe he cut for shooting the new film with Dennis Hopper"parts per billion"?
    still looks good…HOT

  20. 220

    God I wish he would move into my neighborhood.

  21. 221

    i think i just had a heart attack.
    im going insane over him. this stupid regular celebrity. im going insane.
    i think im crazy. he's the hottest person ever. omgfuckkk
    so hotttttt

  22. 222

    Ugh! Perez, quit wasting space talking about this guy every five seconds! He's so ugly and uninteresting! He like a younger and way less attractive version of Matthew Perry

  23. 223

    GOD HES HOT . D=

  24. 224

    damnnn boyyyy

    he just gets finerrr!!!!!!

  25. 225

    he's still sexy! I actually like his "sex" hair. I so wanted to run my fingers all up in his hair….but I'm okay with his new haircut. He's still gorgeous.

    aww Robert! SO SEXY! :D

  26. 226

    mmmm gorgeous :)
    why hasnt anyone snapped that up yet?!?!
    if only i was 7 years older…

  27. 227

    Re: MR PAPI – love your comment teen taylor all the way

  28. 228

    i loveeeeee him

  29. 229

    he can move with me lmao perez if you get him we can share

  30. 230

    He looks like he's 12 now. lol But still handsome as can be. At least Jackson Rathbone has all his hair still, I like longer hair that's messy.

  31. 231

    Same thing I said yesterday when you posted the same shit!!!!
    He's hideous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And all of you know he's GAY!!!! He's a Queen……………..Sorry Ladies!

  32. 232

    he look super sexyyyyyyyyyy

  33. 233

    it looks soooo good!

  34. 234

    hotttttttttttt :D

  35. 235

    he looks so damn hot with this new hair….
    thanks perez for this post!

  36. 236

    OMG I thought that was Gerard Butler!!!!!! I had no idea it was R-Pattz!!!!

  37. 237

    yehh now hes hot

  38. 238

    Why is Nikki Reed always inconspicuously in the middle of any paps and Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson. I realize she's good friends with them both(maybe more with Robert even), but the girl has this tendency to take over in pap situations and put hereself in the middle of things since KS and RP seems less prone to self promotion.

  39. 239

    man. he's leaves me breathless. I love his hair both ways but he's looking damn fine up close with this short do.

  40. 240

    I'm sorry - but there are 240!!!!!! comments because some twat got a haircut???? Fucking slow news day or what?????

  41. 241

    it looks nice and all i just miss the sex hair! ugh gonna have to wait till march i'll be back by then lol

  42. 242

    not my cup of tea

  43. 243

    I zoomed in … why do his shades read "Gay Ban"? :-(
    And Mario, I guess you do have a team, can't anybody of them post articles? I even went to british gossip sites, get unplugged and make your fans happy! B-})

  44. 244


  45. 245

    Re: Listen To Mayday Parade!
    he wasn't alone when they took these pics…he was with Nik Reed (Rosalie in Twilight)

  46. 246

    Thank you…
    Thank you…
    One more because I'm greedy…
    Thank you.

  47. 247

    I'll de himm when everr!!!
    OMG he looks awsome!

  48. 248

    I have never wanted to be a box…until today

  49. 249

    omg! how did I not recognize him!!!
    AHHHHHHHhhh he's soooooo beautiful

  50. 250

    A little part of me misses the greasy mess but… dayum!
    Come back to London sweetie ;) lol x

  51. 251

    god damn sexxy

  52. 252


  53. 253

    he looks a little "top gunny"

  54. 254

    FINALLY!!!!!!! he was completely hideous with that disgusting greasy mop on his head but now he actually looks like he's had a shower!!!

    i still think he's kinda-sorta ugly… i had a huge crush on him in hp but he wasn't as custy back then… LOL

  55. 255

    Oh my he is dripping in hotness!

  56. 256

    he looks fuckable now. especially with that stubble. much more manly than before.

  57. 257

    DAMN BOY!! He looks good!

  58. 258

    Hottest guy EVER!!!!!!!!! and hez not even my type!!

  59. 259

    He looks sooo good. I didn't think it was possible for him to get even more gorgeous. When it grows out like an inch more he'll be so fine it will hurt to look at him!

  60. 260

    I love love love love love his new hair.
    Now that I see him with the short hair I relize that I didn't like his long hair.
    This is a trillion times better!

  61. 261

    he is so fucking hot!!
    rob marry me please!?

  62. 262


  63. 263

    Wow…he is so much hotter with the cut! Love it!

  64. 264

    Ok. NOW He looks like Edward… nice transformation;)

  65. 265

    He is soo hott! Like words can't decribe his hottness. Thank you for the pictures!

  66. 266

    OMG! Did his hair grow back already!?

  67. moon says – reply to this


    he looks completely different;
    muy bueno.

  68. 268

    Re: Laury – I agree COMPLETELY

  69. lil says – reply to this


    Hot as ever! Give him any hair cut and I assure you, he'll be hot as ever! I didn't recognize him at first, just thought, who's the hunky dude? And screamed my lungs out when I saw the close up!

  70. 270

    okay now that he's cut his dirty nasty hair and has some shades covering his wonky eyes
    i'll join the bandwagon, he's hot!

  71. 271

    he looks so much better with short hair, he might even pass for a young brad pitt in this picture

  72. 272

    Re: BBBoricua – *scoff* uhmmm…no

  73. 273

    He's so freakin Hawt! im loving the short hair!

  74. 274


  75. 275


  76. 276

    OMG! this made my day :D i freakin love rob!

  77. 277

    Love him, so sad to see the hair gone. the dirrrty look was so hott.

  78. 278


  79. 279

    i loveeeeeeeeee it!

  80. 280

    ugh were is he moving i dig da hair

  81. 281

    me and Rpatz have the same sunglasses, go us! :)

  82. 282

    He's so fucking hott! Damn it. I didn't want to give in. But wow. He's really good looking. I want him NOW. Robert, fuck. me. now. Please.


  83. 283

    I must say that his new hair cut looks goregous on him even with the sex hair he did had both these looks great on him.I wonder if he will grow his hair for the next twilight movie?But over all two-thumbs up! :)

  84. 284

    Thank God. He no longer looks like one of those guys hanging out in front of the YMCA Men's shelter. Huge improvement.

  85. 285

    The new hair cut makes him adorable.
    I love that I can see his eyes….
    But they're now covered by those sunglasses.
    He can pull anything off though. =D

  86. 286



  87. 287

    He is so sexy! Merry Christmas Perez and thanks for being obsessed with rpatz the more pics you post the more I can worship!!

  88. 288

    3 letters: omg! :) wonderful

  89. 289


  90. 290

    well damnnnnnnnnnnnn

  91. 291

    i miss his messy hair:((( hes still gorgeous

  92. 292

    The new haircut is hawt!! He looks so grown and sexxii!! However, this is not an edward look!!

  93. 293

    He is SEXY!!! Where is he moving?!?

  94. 294

    can he get any hotter?

  95. QMYQQ says – reply to this


    just so so

  96. 296

    Thanks, Perez, for appreciating how gorgeous Rob is!

  97. 297

    Perez!!! Please stop!!! I am sooo sick of him!! I liked him at first, but you are "overexposing" him. Now I can't stand him!!

  98. 298

    OMG!! cute, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, hot, handsome, pretty…
    ….. PERFECT!! ♥ ♥

  99. 299

    holyyy shit!! 10000X better

  100. 300

    aaahhhy papi a new Audi and a haircut…very Hawt… tomorrow a new wardrobe…LOL

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