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Completely Gratuitous

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson

afpx_fpx122008rp_rpattinson.jpg aafpx_fpx122008rp_rpattinso.jpg

Another shot of R-Patz and his new 'do!

Robert Pattinson shows off his sexy, short cut as he jams his car with some large packing boxes.

Making a move???

Come on over!

[Image via Finalpixx.]

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435 comments to “Completely Gratuitous”

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  1. 301

    hes still like freakishly hot tho

  2. 302

    CUTE! You know I thought how he would look with short hair and couldn't see him with it but wow, he looks sharply CUTE! =)

  3. 303

    Am I the only one who sees three front teeth?

    He is hot though.

  4. 304

    i LOOOVE the new do. it makes him look much cleaner..lol but i liked the long hair too. hell i like whatever his hair looks like :)

  5. 305

    Actually I take what I said back earlier…he looks soo Average. I mean he still has some sex appeal but with that hair cut…He killed it for me. Nikki Reed bugs the hell out of me for some reason.

  6. 306

    he looks like any dude with hair and sunglasses! fuckn get over it perez! he even said he has no idea what people see in him. LET IT GO HE'S HUMAN AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT HIS SHIT STINKS TOO. HELLO REALITY.

  7. 307

    sexayyyy. i like it. :]

  8. 308

    rob pattinson=forever

  9. 309


  10. 310

    yeaa come on over to my houseee :)
    i think he looks adorableeeeee

  11. 311

    wow….i didn't think he was even cute before, but now he's fucking hot!!!

  12. 312


  13. 313

    That's a real man, one who can look soooo SEXY and so adorable at the same time! My GOD he's hott! So, Yeah, I'm lovin' the haircut!

  14. 314

    Love Him!!
    He is F***in HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

  15. 315

    I can see his "fangs"

    he should just Bite Me! LOVE IT!!

  16. 316

    I don't know if it's just me, but with the haircut, he kinda has a Gerard Butler thing going on…yummm..

  17. 317

    He looks yummy.. I wanna taste his Blood. LMAO He looks good wither way.. But luving this new Look!!!

  18. 318

    he's so hot!!!!!!!!

  19. 319

    dude!robert pattinson is so HOT!regardless if he cuts his hair.he's still that dreamy,hot,grungy,emo looking fuckable person that everyone wants to get with.hahaha.

    point blank.

  20. 320

    i love it!!!!!! yes ill miss the sex hair…but he looks much cleaner…i'd still tap that!

  21. 321

    still as sexy as ever
    BUT girls he is not gonna have that longer edward hair for new moon because they start filming in two weeks

  22. 322

    well 322 posts about RPattz's hair (ok 323)…must be really something :D
    he sure grows on us folks :)
    I have to admit he's growing on me really big…could have never ever imagined him as "my Edward Cullen" but…can't imagine the Twilight universe without him now…he surely shines this kid :D
    Way to go Rob…next thread…"Rob buys an ice cream" - 500 comments :D hmmm wonder what flavor he likes :P

  23. 323

    could he get any hotter?

  24. 324

    LOVE THE HAIR! Also… he kinda looks like Ryan Gosling in the farther away picture. Anyone else see it???

  25. 325

    great just what he wanted…more horny teenagers after him

  26. 326

    You are the hottest man alive….

  27. 327

    like the new hair…much better!!

  28. 328

    Just sayin…

    When this dude was Cedric Diggory no one gave a crap. And he looks exactly like cd as edward cullen without the robe.

    Ever since he played Edward Cullen - the guy could get a sex change and people would still be trying to rape him.

    I'm still not seeing how the whole ' oh my God he's so hot" scenario…
    not that perfection matters a whole lot to me. But I'm just wondering what the hype is over him.

    There are hundreds of guys at uni I see like that everyday - who have the exact same style…. what's the big deal?

  29. 329

    hottness……yummy :D he's hotter everytime I see his pic :D

  30. 330

    he is hot even with a cow in his head so whatever :)

  31. 331

    I hated his scruffy look with long hair before, but the scruff looks better now. It's all about balance. Anyway, I like his short hair as much as the long but I think his previous hair was more unique. Now the hair & facial hair reminds me of Damien Fahey from TRL on MTV. I'm not saying I don't like it, but it lacks originality. Oh well, it's his hair and if it makes him happy, then that's good. Hell, he could show up with blue hair and probably still be gorgeous. It will grow back by the time they start filming anyway.

  32. 332

    Now i find him attractive.

  33. 333

    He's really sexy!!!

    But.. in this photo, is alike with Jensen Ackles '_'


  34. 334

    all i can say

  35. 335



  36. 336

    Hello jason patric with the sunglasses. Lostboys anyone?

  37. 337

    He lost even the last remaining piece of originality he had… Now he even looks as annoying as he acts!
    What was he thinking when cutting his hair? Did he though he'll look "cooler" this way?? Oh, I guess I should've expected that. Since he always acted so arrogant and annoying, like those guys from the blocks… it was only natural for him to start doing stupid things…
    Why did they choose him to play Cedric in Harry Potter??? He ddidn't deserve it!

    Oh, wait, I figured out why, I watched an interview where he said he rarely washes his hair, so probably he cut it to get rid of the "work" of washing it all the time, or… another possibility is that his co-workers made him cut it… :D

  38. 338

    freaking sexy!!

  39. Tinne says – reply to this


    I just love the new haircut!

  40. 340

    guys, why is he with nikki reed?
    robert, im lovin your new hair! thanks perez!

  41. 341

    i think it gives so much more to the hottness factor…seriously

  42. 342

    With the glasses on, he looks hot and also looks like that cute Dean from Supernatual. Where's the LettyBaby at?

  43. 343

    I LOVE ITTTTTTTT!!!!! He looks more mature and, definitely, HOTTER!!! ♥♥♥♥

  44. 344

    i like it. but ot as much as the old dirty long hair. it was more brittish.

  45. 345

    Oh, that's yummy, makes his jawline look even more amazing… i'd like a bite of that!

  46. 346

    I didn't think it was possible for him to get hotter, but DAMN that man is FINE!!
    I still want to run my fingers through his hair……..

  47. 347

    i think he looks hot no matter what…i am enjoying the new haircut though. i'm sure it will be longer (more edward-ish) by the time they start filming in march though.

  48. 348

    Woha, he looks DAMM HOT!!!

  49. 349

    HOTTIE !!!!

    Even better than before! i love RPATZ

  50. 350

    damn owww owww.
    I love Robert!

  51. 351

    I honestly don't understand it! He lookes like he got hit in the face witha shovel! Maybe I'll get it cuz it took me a year in a half to get the efron thing

  52. 352

    Yay! I'm so glad he finally cut his hair. He is amazingly handsome!

  53. 353

    sexy as can beeee!!!

  54. 354

    wow I didn't think he could get any hotter but I guess I was wrong. I love the new cut he looks like such a grown man with it. The things I would do to him LOL. I loved him since harry potter.

  55. 355

    Wow!!!! He's insanely hot either way. It will take some getting used to cause I loved his filthy scruff, but this just looks clean and sexy. I approve. =)

  56. 356

    cuttin his hair made him semxy as shit

  57. Rimsy says – reply to this


    Damn!!! He looks so sexy! I loved his bed head, but now he looks even hotter!

  58. 358

    He's super cute either way. Don't worry. It's hair and it will have to be back for New Moon. I applaud Rob for not letting people define him by his hair!

  59. 359

    *swoon* my goodness he looks yummy

  60. 360

    Drew will be on that in a red hot minute.

  61. 361

    Dayum hes hot….wooo pack him in a box and send it to me!

  62. 362

    Lord have mercy!

  63. 363

    G O R G E O U S

  64. 364

    ok, i must admit that i was very angry when you posted a few days ago that he got a haircut, but OMG! he looks so hot here!

  65. 365

    He is so freaking HOT!!! Again, why can't we clone him?? His clones would get beneficial multiple workouts…daily and fed very well! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!!

  66. 366

    i will always LOVE him– even if he goes bald!! what a BABE!! OMG!

  67. 367

    Robert Pattinson is making that face because_______________

  68. 368

    oh my…

  69. 369

    omg omg omg omg omg
    just when I thought he couldnt look any better…

  70. 370

    Hello Hottie! Love the hair long, love the hair short :)

  71. 371

    o my lord. he's just fabulous with that new hair cut. new & old still gorgeous

  72. 372

    better than before!
    now when he doesnt wash it for weeks it wont matter!!!!!!!!

  73. 373

    he's so UGGGLLLYY ! ! ! !

  74. 374

    its okk i thought his messy hair worked for him…now he looks like the justin timberlake …i still love him tho ….hope he stays single i dont like seeing him with nikki reed shes seems like she wants him cause hes the it thing right now shes a whore………love you perezz ; )

  75. 375

    ohh my goodness!
    he looks amazing with his hair short!
    i love it.

  76. 376

    I luvs it, it looks soo much better!

  77. 377

    I loved his hair longer but the man can not look bad so short is OK too. Scruffy beard… SOO hot!

  78. 378

    uhmmmm how is he ganna be edward with that hair?!?! arent they filming soon… i know edward doest have a HUGE role in the next one, but still he cant wear a wig…

  79. 379

    This guy is not even remotely hot. Why all the fuss?

  80. 380

    i KNOW this is going to sound totally weird/complete 'fangirl'ishh,
    but when i first saw him with his new haircut, i literally
    put my hand to my chest and gasped with my mouth hanging open.
    i think my heart stopped for a bit too. i couldnt belieeeeve he
    just chopped it all off! doesnt the movie start shooting soon? you
    would think that they wouldnt LET him even touch his hair.

    but i must say it's growing on me. he looks more polished
    and attractive nonetheless (:

  81. 381

    OME!!! Rob look so damn H-O-T!!! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson for such a B-E-A-utiful person!

  82. 382

    LOVE THE HAIR, LOVE THE 5 OCLOCK SHADOW, LOVE THE NON WAXED CHEST, sporting a decidely non-jailbait look……. really just want to run my tongue along that scapula !!! Is he moving out of Venice ??? Damn I was narrowing down the location from the pictures

  83. 383

    Re: !holler – Pricipal photography not to start they say for 3 months, but like construction that means 4-6 so I am guessing he got the hair cut under the wire for it to grow in in time for the shoot schedule

  84. 384

    I love him!! HE is so HOTT!!

  85. 385

    alrightt. the hair is HOT im not gonna lie .. but

    THIS ISN'T ROB!!!!!!!!!! his hair was his THING

  86. 386

    sex hair!!!

    hell yes!!!

    love robert!!!!

  87. 387


  88. 388

    i miss his beautiful hair :( (((

  89. 389

    ohmyjake! he looks so different. anyway, he sn't sexy for me. :P

  90. 390

    those fangs of his can bite me ANYTIME..ANYWHERE ;o

  91. 391

    oh my!! he is soo hawt……
    with or without the fckin hair!!

  92. 392

    he looks beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuul. OMG i didnt think he cld get any more gorgeous.

  93. 393

    Re: the last star
    i would.
    the population is 200.
    and he wouldnt be able to walk down the street.
    he would be to busy with me ;]

  94. 394

    damn, Rob is the sexiest!

  95. 395

    Re: Seranya – Wtf get a grip, dude. It's HIS bloody hair, he can do whatever he bloody hell wants!!
    I wonder if his hair will really grow back in time for the shoot? Hmmm.
    Anyway, he's so GORGEOUS!!

    To me, i think his hair looked THE BEST in Twilight when it was all sexy and styled :D But he looks great with either long or short hair.
    Gosh, what a gorgeous, handsome creature :D

  96. 396

    poor boy needs to get out of LA entirely before he is forever jaded.
    the hair is a welcome change though, the monster on top of his head was just becoming a bit ridiculous to be honest. :P

  97. 397

    i never cared about him much or saw the movie for that matter and wow i'd hump him with that hair cut in the back of that convertable top down please

  98. 398

    LOVE HIM!!!

  99. 399

    He is THE hotness.

  100. 400

    damn Rpattz is lookin fine mmm mmm mmm

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