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saMAN Ronson's "Big Scare"

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All is not well in the house of LezLo and her Man!

Life & Style magazine is reporting that Lindsay's girlfriend, saMAN Ronson is suffering from "exhaustion" and "stress."

Oh, yeah, she's also got "depression" and hasn't been eating enough, says the mag.

Uh huh!

Well, on the not eating front, we could believe them!

Friends of Ronson tell the mag that they received "frantic phone" calls on Saturday night that the DJ was suffering from exhaustion and stress.

"She was calling around. She knew she had done something wrong," the friend tells Life & Style.

Things got so bad that….

Early Sunday morning, doctors were immediately called to the house, according to the mag.

"She's been suffering from depression and from lack of food and sleep," a source tells Life & Style LezLo has been helping her through this as she has been through it herself two years ago."

Friends, family and Lindsay are by saMAN's side.

A rep for Lohan did not want to comment.

[Image via WENN.]

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97 comments to “saMAN Ronson's "Big Scare"”

  1. 1

    UH OH!!!!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    take 2 beef curtains, you'll feel better lil dyke bitch

  4. 4

    yaa. well not to sound vain,
    but i could care less about this
    anorexic bitch.


  5. 5

    Exhaustion? Depression? Stress? Geez it must be tough being both a DJ and a lesbian - poor thing. In between spinning tunes and munching rug the poor dear is just shear tuckered out . . . puleeeez
    Good morning and happy holidays to the Pretty Posse and please all drive carefully these holidays because cars are not the only thing that can be recalled by it's maker. (o:

  6. 6

    who cares?

  7. 7

    stay off the coke, stay in some nights watch some telly, stop drinking for a while, eat lots of nice xmas food, get some early nights, do some exercise. right as rain

  8. kgid says – reply to this


    well poor lelo, too bad no one gives a shit about her anymore :(

  9. 9

    wtf is this "exhaustion" all these celebrities seem to be coming down with?? i'm pretty sure it's not in the medical books lol .. it's code for too much coke/alcohol/partying … pretty much just an epic hangover. get over it.

  10. 10

    Its called the backside of cocaine…

  11. yup says – reply to this


    Hey Sam,
    You have no idea what stress is. Take your hardly working, just back from vacationed ass, to someone who gives a shit. You think you got it so bad? Take a look around bitch and start counting your blessings.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Bihan looks relaxed, I bet she had Calum Best's Salami so she had enough to eat. But SaMan should eat more of that "sushi"! :-D
    One week of work and she collapses? Holy Moses.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    if she'd quit trying to look so much like a boy, she could be a cute little pixie girl lipstick lesbie…wtf is her problem…..she's depressed b/c she looks so wrong

  16. VGirl says – reply to this


    My god lindsay can do so much better….in many levels

  17. 17

    ianundercover.com says Lilo has been bangin an older dude. Poor Sam.

  18. 18

    Re: yup – You are exactly right. I never want to read another thing about these two losers.

  19. 19

    Don't her and Lindsay eat out all the time.

  20. 20

    i'm sorry but forgive my lack of sympathy. try being exhausted and depressed and working a job you hate for little money in a bad economy while trying to pay bills. OR try it as a single mother. there are alot of those out there. maybe she's just bored without enough to do.

  21. 21

    I like these 2 together… and they could give a shit less about your lame negative comments…

    get a life

  22. 22

    Does anyone seriously care about these two???????????? Perez they are trash why post about them?

  23. 23

    I feel bad for her. Depression is a serious thing, so I hope she's doing okay.

  24. 24

    Funny how the working class, for example ..farmers movers and soldiers never succumb to this strange disease that brings down so many celebrities…and in this instance a female black Sharpie…sad….

  25. 25


  26. 26

    Working all night at the clubs as a DJ, probably forgets to eat because her system is fucked up from the all nighters. She also is seen during the day when she really should be sleeping.

    This is happening to a frined of mine (only he's working two jobs, one of which is an overnight job) and he's getting really sick from it. I"m really not surprised.

  27. 27

    It's called too much drugs!

  28. 28

    You get that from eating red hairpie.

  29. 29

    "Doctors were immediately called to the house…" Are you kidding me?

  30. 30

    Eat, Sam, eat…..

  31. aj says – reply to this


    these two will coke out before Wino. Light weights.

  32. DALE says – reply to this


    I don't believe in "sources" which usually means an excuse to make up sensationalized stories to sell magazines.

  33. 33

    Re: harrybalsac – Two accurate diagnoses in a row! Are you studying to be Dr. HarryB? LOL

  34. 34

    how is this a "big scare"? eat some food, go out in the sun, and fucking relax. good lord. it's not like she's got cancer or anything…..

  35. 35

    they're both gay. ewww. lezbo's!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 36

    It's cocaine darlings!!! derr

  37. 37

    What a waste of space.

  38. 38

    What about a Beaver Buffet.

  39. moon says – reply to this


    get better love.

  40. AMO says – reply to this


    Damn Linz, leave her alone for a second; so she can atleast eat and get some rest.

  41. 41

    If she really is suffering from depression I feel sorry for her, it one of the worst things to have….. :( Hope she feels better……

  42. 42

    Damn she's ugly. And she REALLY looks like a man. No doubt there is a genetic component to homosexuality just as there is a genetic component to heterosexuality.

  43. 43

    SOOOO OVER Them!

  44. 44

    These bitches are dope pheans. Everyone knows"exhaustion"= strung-out.

  45. 45

    Re: CandyApple

    You're right. BUT true medical depression is not a choice. Your brain chemistry doesn't not decide, hmmm… I'm rich and famous yet I should be depressed so people feel sorry for me. Everything you listed causes situational depression… granted, that can turn into real depression no doubt. But physical depression has more to do with the neurotransmitters in the brain than it does your life. However, I'm would bet money her lifestyle is leading to such "bad" brain chemistry. Not enough sleep, drugs, over work and partying, and lacking a healthy diet will all affect the brain. To me, my life is perfect yet I've still suffered with anxiety and depression. Unlike AIDS, you can't really prevent depression.

  46. 46

    first of all, depression is a serious disease that is often not taken seriously and is ofter not diagnosed. It does leave you exhausted and in pain and either with lack of appetite or eating everything in site ( you don't care any more). So if she is suffering from depression, it should not be laughed at perez. But, if she is suffering from depression, she should not be having this big news splash, so I would question the truth in it. And if someone is lying about it, they are very sick individuals, considering the millions that do have this serious illness. Perez, why is it okay for you to make fun of these two women? You say you are all about love and want gays to be taken seriously and have equal rights, but you will not leave these 2 alone. It is not up to you to decide if they are legit or not and whether others come out of the closet or not. If this is your LOVE, I would not want to see your Hate

  47. 47

    oh wow it must be so fucking hard travelling around the world and being overpaid to play records!!! poor girl!!!….ugh I HATE both of them gooo awaaaayyy!

  48. 48

    Hmmm, lack of food intake, lack of sleep, crazy phone calls in the middle of the night can have OTHER causes. Cocaine and/or methamphetimines jump to mind quite easily….

  49. 49

    they are completely disfunctional - get rid of lohan already and you'll get better.

  50. 50

    D R U G S

  51. 51

    Do lesbians share clothes? Because I love how Ronson is totally wearing LezLo's jacket (see previous PHilton entries if you don't believe me)– Bahahahahahhaha.

  52. 52


  53. 53

    At least Lilo's hair looks good.

  54. 54


    that thing is the size of a monstrous pumpkin!!! YIKES!!

  55. 55

    If only someone gave a crap.

  56. 56

    Re: Milky Milky – It's an Alien head,and it will keep growing until it catches up to perez.But you are right!!!!

  57. 57

    she needs more scissor fv*%ing in her life

  58. 58

    Come on Perry arent you happy?You can write down now that she overdosed.

  59. 59

    Hey Perez is SaMAN still suing you?

    I'm trying to feel sorry for these drug addicts, but for some reason I don't…

  60. 60

    She is an odd looking duck.
    Put a little blush on or something
    with that long thin skelton face.
    Lindsey is so cute what does she
    see in her. I guess its her personality.

  61. 61

    Re: leolion – samantha is really cute in real life! lindsay is beautiful as well : ]

  62. 62

    They're acting like she overdosed. Exhaustion, please. Go to bed for pete's sake!

  63. 63

    Yup.. she's depressed because she has pressure from Lindsay to work to support her since she has no money, her career has tanked, and has expensive taste!

  64. 64

    Ronson came here to djay in Montreal at a club during our "Grand Prix Formula One Racing" which was held here last summer and instead of spinning tunes, she texted messaged all night! They were complaining about it in the paper here about how much she had gotten paid and all she did was text on her phone!

  65. 65

    C'mom, Perez…stop hating on these two…they're actually kind of cute together…feel better, Sam…

  66. 66

    Its impossible that a screwed up liar, sex maniac, and cheater like Lindsay, has not had herself some real sausage while being with this one. And can anyone have made themselves more unattractive than Ronson? Look at the way she looks?

  67. 67

    pls…these fcukers have no idea what real depression is. they have no financial problems and they fcuk it up for themselves…i hate these nagging celebs with their so called 'problems'
    depression is someones that been left without a cent after this bad economic times…

  68. 68

    Who even cares? Seriously…

  69. 69

    oh yeah like lezlo the druggie could help her.

  70. 70

    Ronson looks just like Lindsays dad. Thats why she likes him so much. Not that its her dad but u know…

  71. 71

    Thats what too much x, pot, drinking can do to ya the next morning…leave yo ass depressed!

  72. 72

    Why is this a shock? The woman is a skeleton and being with Lindsay can make anyone sick with stress!!

  73. 73


  74. 74

    maybe she's so tired from suing too many people and then losing. I think she owes lots of money, and being a lame DJ just isn't payin' the bills.

  75. 75

    you could see it in Sams face how pale she has been looking and she has had frowns on her face and she just was not looking well, I am surprised at Lindsay letting it go this far, I noticed she was not looking well just looking at pics on line, she is always on the go and with the stress she has in the public and in her relationship alone is bad enough, I have heard Lindsay yelling at Sam in public and that just puts the frosting on the cake, I really do not care for either one of them but falling ILL from stress and depression is very difficult and it will take her time to get back to herself.

  76. 76

    Two has been friggin drama queens….perfect for one another…

  77. 77

    Oh please,Samantha is very rich on her own,she has a trust fund which worths over 50 million and property left to her from her grandmother.I can understand the stress,she hates the press,and it has gotten to her,with all this constant travelling.Leave them alone come on.Maybe is better for both of them just to break it.Samantha will never get used to the press.

  78. 78

    You figure after soooo much degrading and barading and comments from certain indivuals in the media-COUGH COUGH! AHEM! It has to make her feel small. She is human and everything said about her has to be really getting to to her. It could even bring someone to the brink of suicide. It wouldn't be the first or last time. I wouldn't want that on my conscious. I could never make someone feel like shit about themself like that. I couldn't sleep at night or look at myself in the mirror everyday. It is just cold. And you know I believe that when you consciously do that to someone God shows you in a big way how small YOU are. It may not be today but it will happen. You may look at my comment and laugh but I can sleep at night.

  79. 79

    anorexia + cocaine = exhaustion.


  80. 80

    Some girls just like UGLY DUDES! Go Figure……

  81. 81

    She's probably depressed b/c Lindsay was just using her and now she's lost that loving feeling.

  82. 82

    Why do they ALWAYS have to be in the press for SOMETHING??
    god…. go get real jobs.
    AND stop whining!!
    Eating isn't difficult, so do it.
    god it's that simple.

  83. 83

    i hope whatever is wrong with sam she recovers however….she looks so weird! like a cone head almost! and she is too skinny! i saw those bikini shots of her and she needs to dress like the dyke she is and wear boxers and a wife beater to the beach! what the fuck does lindsey see in her? she's gross!

  84. 84

    The problem is emotional and drug-linked, IMHO. The fact that Sam is 100% Gay and in love with a phony self-serving whore that might be Bi, "she just can't decide today" Sam needs a commitment but will never get it from Lindsay. Lohan is all about herself. Sam is just a tool. I like Sam and wish she'd find someone out of the spotlight. Merry Christmas everybody!

  85. 85

    then shes not happy with lEzLo.. point blank

  86. 86

    Receiving a "frantic" call cuz she knew "she had done something wrong", UHH HELLO, - its called doing too much coke!! Either do the shit, shut up and deal with the side effects, or just flat out lay off the shit.

  87. 87

    Re: leolion

    An "odd looking DUCK"????????????????????

  88. 88

    i'm exhausted and depressed every damn day b/c i get up at the crack of dawm to work 12 hour days 6 days a week at a job i hate. When you live in the real world and have bills to pay, you can't lay in bed and wallow in self pity. Much be freaken nice! I think she has a case of toomuchmoneyandimababyitis

  89. 89

    The drug addict is exhausted from partying and keeping Lezlo away from men….boo hooo.

  90. OSSIM says – reply to this


    Quit pretending you don't like the way men feel. They will throw you to a wall and do it right. And you know it's true. I've been there and there and men have a certain Clive Owen quality women want. At least I feel this way…

  91. OSSIM says – reply to this


    Don't diss Samantha though…You know you do love her though.

  92. OSSIM says – reply to this



  93. 93

    Hmmm, the diagnosis sounds like a severe case of over exposure.

  94. 94

    She has to stay thin so she her wrists and hands stay thin. Then she can keep on fisting Lohan's holes.

  95. 95

    These are all symptoms of COCAINE usage. The when you don't have it" crash.

  96. 96

    that alien needs to get rid of her stress -as in- bitchy linds!

  97. 97

    Oh for God's sake - somesome send this chick some Omaha steaks, doesn't Lindsay know how to cook?? She's starving.