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Filipino Version Of Twilight To Begin Production Soon

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Tweenies all over are outraged over news of a Filipino version of Twilight for television set to begin production soon.

Actors Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao will be portraying Edward and Isabella, respectively, in the ABS-CBN production which will treat the vampire love story as "drama, romance, and fantasy."

It will be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina and is scheduled to begin filming sometime in February, in both the Philippines and abroad.

The news comes as an upheaval to Twilighters across the internet, who have started an online petition to halt production on Takipsilim because it will "ruin the real Twilight."

Oh don't worry, the American money-grubbing sequel is already working on that!

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574 comments to “Filipino Version Of Twilight To Begin Production Soon”

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  1. 101

    look below the abscbn logo
    there's the www.twilightmovie.com text
    definitely a fake

  2. 102

    OH HELL NO!!!

  3. 103

    omg such a copycat , why cant they make theyre own movie . the main guy is ugly and so is the girl. they are ruining the american version !

  4. 104

    OMG…First of all im filipina and I hate that people in the Philippines always copy movies here i see it firsthand on their shows…but then again isnt that what everyone does nowadays…But why twilight……and why ravercruz…….his is soo fugly. They could have used Richard Gutirrez at least geez..Plus If they were going to already copy this movie they could have at least change the movie cover its the damn same..lol

  5. 105

    okays, im filipino and i think that ABS-CBN people are just being retarded. im sorry, cause they should make their own ideas instead of taking other people's ideas. but this is just my opinion. but i guess this is like how we make remakes of asian scary horror flicks. :)

  6. 106

    I love Twilight and I'm not offended. They made a crappy half-ass movie for the American Twilight. Then let's see how the Philippines do.

  7. 107

    GAY. i agree, its gunna have a corny plot, corny & LAME special effects. why TFC, WHY?

  8. 108

    plus, the edward looks hella ugly.

  9. 109


  10. 110

    This 'aint true at all! That Pork head Perez Hilton is just making this up to make fun of the Filipinos… try to compare the original poster to this poster. Don't make fun of others for you to take lots of money… C'mon!

  11. 111

    Re: em-illie – please don't be stupid… you're a filipino. check things out first before you make your comment… this is very obvious that Perez is just making this up… try to compare the whole poster of this to the original. Dumdum!

  12. 112

    How would it "ruin" the "real" Twilight? Is the "real" Twilight going to magically change into something suckier than it already is just because they're making a Filipino TV version? It's not going to DO anything to the current movie or book "Twilight".
    These people seriously need to get a f-ing life.

  13. 113

    Re: missmary707 – please don't be stupid… you're a filipino. check things out first before you make your comment… this is very obvious that Perez is just making this up… try to compare the whole poster of this to the original. Dumdum!

  14. 114

    PH - ilippino. P , H.

    Dumb, dumb.

  15. k-lee says – reply to this


    This is a hoax. This poster is just a fan made photoshop. Thank God!

  16. 116



  17. 117

    Re: missmary707 – wow. you actually think richard gutierrez knows how to act?! i agree that reyver is not the best choice for this role (if they, god forbid, really do this takipsilim thing) but at least he's a better actor than richard. psh.

  18. 118

    Re: natajoan99 – now, who's dum dum? LOL!

  19. 119

    Re: You like my face? – wow that's such a racist thing to say. you guys can really be full of yourselves sometimes.

  20. 120

    Perez stop trying to make drama. No one cares about this and believe me, I'm a hardcore Twilighter.

  21. 121

    Re: peculiarname80 – First of all…dum dum !! I am talking about all the shows that they copy on the the filipino channel in general..and responding to your comment " please don't be stupid… you're a filipino" listen to your own advice

  22. 122

    most of these comments are racist… i can't believe what i'm reading from these comments.
    other countries also copy asian movies!!!! just shut up !!!

  23. 123

    Re: natajoan99 – it's actually spelled FILIPINO. psh.

  24. 124

    dude there are so many remakes of movies all over the world, and th us has remade asian movies and crap, so let them do wgat they want, not like its gonna come out here. you bunch of crybabies

  25. moon says – reply to this


    oh God.

  26. 126

    this is stupid.

  27. 127

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is one of the dumbest ideas ever! XD I hope it fails miserably. Twilight is unbelievably stupid!

  28. 128

    Twilight fans create petitions all the time and how many of them have honestly worked so far? Besides, nobody takes online petitions seriously and they're so easy to forge. I think the real reason they're so outraged is because they won't get to see it themselves and they don't know how to work Bit torrent so they can watch it illegally.

    It'll "ruin the real Twilight"? Twilight ruins itself. It's not that hard.

  29. 129

    hahahahhahahahahahahaha. wtf—!

  30. 130

    eww! omg no way! i know i am filipino but philippines has no originality they copied: American Idol - Philippine Idol
    Fear factor- Pinoy fear factor
    Ugly betty- I love betty la flea
    Deal or no deal- Kapamilya deal or no deal
    and now TWILIGHT - Takipsilim!

  31. 131

    Re: aariellee31 – you forgot my girl & marimar. =))

  32. 132

    Re: aariellee31 – yeah and where do you think Americans got those shows? American Idol started in the UK as X-factor, and Ugly Betty is not from the US, you incompetent prick, it was a telenovela in Mexico. Yeah, get your facts straight before you begin to insult your own culture. Maybe instead of wasting your money on these atrocious books, you should probably invest in a brain. just a thought.

  33. 133


  34. 134

    no thank you.

  35. 135

    that is so shit . ew .

  36. 136

    Re: cocochanel1109 – spot on! hahahaha. Re: aariellee31 – don't tell me you've never watched any of those Philippine shows you've mentioned and found it amusing even just one bit. or are you too cool and "americanized" now? i'm not saying i approve all of the adaptations we make but it doesn't make me ashamed of my country AND race as well. if you don't want it, then don't watch it. plain and simple.

  37. 137

    Haha… people seriously have a problem with this? wow…

    then again, those are the people who can take vampires sparkling in the sunlight seriously *snickers*

  38. 138

    i dont see how it ruins twilight, americans make shitty remakes of great foreign-language films all the time
    anyways the filipino bella is really pretty

  39. 139

    how many movies have americans stole from other countries ?!
    the ring, one missed call, red eye, quarantine … etc

  40. 140

    Re: diesel_powered_fish – americans are too thick to read subtitles, hence the shite remakes

  41. 141

    uh… IT'S THE PHILIPPINES, when is it ever NOT sunny? i think filipino remakes of tv shows and dramas are annoying enough, the sets and special effects always look cheap and the actors and actresses they choose are always based on popularity rather than character description or talent.

    and rayver cruz as edward? are you fuckin kidding me?! i can't think of any filipino actors that are "edward-esque" enough, but i can damn sure think of filipino actors that look better than rayver. -_____-; and shaiana looks to mature to be bella.

  42. 142

    Re: *_*B*_*
    Haha, that was the most ridiculus thing I've ever read! They will make a remake of ONE american movie, how many stupid remakes haven't been done in the states then? Or haven't you seen the ring, the eye, one missed call, or rec?? A few of many good foreign movies that has been ruined due to bad american remakes! An execellent swedish movie for example is being remade next year ( it's a vampire movie 1000 times better than twilight, check out "Let the right one in"). A foregin movie can't get any good reviews without it being remade just because some are too lazy to read subtitles.

    think before you write something that stupid..

  43. 143

    I'm Filipino, but where's that petition?
    They're gonna ruin Twilight!
    I mean — Rayver Cruz???!!!
    His lips alone could ruin the whole movie for me!
    He's no RPatz that's for sure.

  44. 144

    this is so not twilight
    as least get a better looking edward!

  45. 145

    I think I'd be kinda interesting in watching it. Just to see how it turns out. =3
    Wish they chose someone else for Edward's part though, Cruz is not much of a looker. D: (But then again niether is Pattinson. >P)

  46. 146

    OMR! hahaha, that´s one f*ucking ugly edward!

  47. 147

    Re: cocochanel1109
    shut up. i'm filipino and i think a reamke is a bad idea. why? because it's going to be CHEAP. the american version wasn't a huge production and they made due with what they had to make the effects at least decent. fact is, the filipino remake will be even CHEAPER. the sets and special effects they use are seriously outdated and may have looks cool in the 80's, but now it just looks sad.

  48. 148

    WOW! i love how you guys are hating on Filipinos because they want to copy.
    First of all, they CANT be sued, they bought the freakin franchise!
    Second, listen to yourselves sound so racist when you say these people are ugly.
    Most of you probably know a FIlipino and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't say to their face that their ugly >.

  49. 149

    An Asian country remaking an American film


  50. 150

    perez is an ass does he know that the twilight is a series and has 3 other books and it won't be a sequel it is called new moon not twilight 2

  51. 151

    that's so lame no one would watch it.

  52. 152

    Re: itendtoflail
    if you believe that it is acceptable to degrade and disrespect your own people by calling them cheap and stupid, do NOT even attempt to call yourself a Filipino. you are just another third generation gago who has no respect or appreciation for the culture. you are just another DISGRACE to the Filipino community. and yes, you do tend to fail, at functioning as a competent human being. Not only were you born without a backbone, it seems someone also forgot to bestow you with a brain.

  53. 153

    this Very stupid. sorry, i'm filipino and my mom watches these Filipino bootlegs of shows for example (deal or no deal). It's stupid, i hate it. have they not heard of original? god, well i have to take pride of my race somehow…. :-\

  54. 154

    HOY MGA PINOY!!! STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES. Please, please, please let this be a joke!!!I think it's time for these tv stations to hire better writers who are gifted with genuine writing skills and originality. Seriously, it's okay to take your time, sit down and think of better ideas for a story lines.

  55. 155

    Re: QuickfireHiro – you don't get it because you didn't grow up in the Philippines. the culture's different back here and there in the US. and that's what these franchises do– they accommodate to the likings of the people, especially the masses because they're the ones who really bring in the ratings for these networks.

  56. 156

    Hey people shouldn't be so mad; just don't watch it and that's that. And if they don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all! American movies are unoriginal these days and recreating old movies and Japanese horror movies so I don't think everyone should be bashing. The new horror movie coming out starring Emily Browning is being recreated from a Korean movie…

    That is JUST RUDE! Of course the main characters in the movie are white, but they're just recreating it a bit.

  57. 157

    Re: seriouslypeoplechill – YOU SAID IT! Thumbs up!

  58. 158

    thats such bull shit!

  59. 159

    Call me stupid but I just couldn't comprehend why you guys are making such a big fuzz about this. Aren't other countries entitled to make their own version? Guys, we have our own preferences and geez they bought the fucking franchise for god's sake! So stop whining about the whole sue-them thing. Let them do what they wanna do. Can't blame them if they're tired of seeing Hollywood rip-offs cause apparently, they're tons and they're disastrous.

    And to those stupid excuses for a human being, saying that they are Filipinos, then bash and degrade their own people and country, saying that Filipinos could never be original, could you just please shut the hell up? You are more embarrassing than the remake itself. And you guys even have the balls to call yourself Filipinos huh?

    You guys tend to be ego-centric at times.

  60. 160

    HAHAHAHA Do it!!! Stop complaining whiney people. (p.s. I'm flilipina too and still think it's F-ing hilarious!!!)

  61. 161

    I just have to say, although I LOVE the books, I thought the movie completely sucked dick! Pattison was better than I expected, but Kristen Stewart was emotionless and completely wrong as Bella. They also did too much screwing around trying to make the cast politically correct and it wasn't a pretty film to watch. I hope the director of the next movie can do better!

  62. 162

    Re: fanggirl220 – Oh really, now huh? Before saying it's bullshit, better go back to the 1st grade cause apparently you can't even form a coherent sentence.

  63. 163

    they can at least get a better looking edward! hes descibed as amazingly good looking. him, not so much…

  64. 164


  65. 165

    lmaoo well I'll tell u what..that is one FUGLY ass Edward and "bella" looks like a whore

  66. 166

    I think I'd rather see this version…

  67. 167

    this is very embarassing in my part 'coz i'm a filipino too…
    but puh-leaze! a filipino version of twilight?!
    ABS-CBN is sooo unoriginal…
    this has gone too far! remaking twilight and turning it into "tagalog sh*t" is the biggest mistake they've ever made!
    and puh-leaze?! Rayver as Edward?! they've gotta be kiddin'! Rayver doesn't even come close too Robert Pattinson! and Shaina? she's sooo OA! if this is unstoppable na, they should've just chosen Sam Milby or Anne Curtis and NOT RAYVER and SHAINA! amf! whoever thought of remaking twilight is a F-ing A-hole!

  68. 168

    Re: aariellee31 – uhm… i hate to burst your bubble but ugly betty and i love betty was originally a mexican soap called betty la fea. so what gives the US the ONLY right to copy asian films or any film for that matter? so what if they're white, so what if they're filipino? FYI: filipinos speak great english. at least most of them do.

    Im not liking the concept of filipinos adapting the twilight film (specially with that cover) either but let's give it a shot. I dont think thy'll copy every single detail of the film, just add a dab of filipino touch just like they always do. why doesnt the US get slammed for doing english versions of asian films like the grudge, my sassy girl, the ring, the eye or any other titles that start with THE. lolz for those protesters.. simple message. DONT WATCH IT! simple as that.

    rayver may not be too good looking but he is a talented actor, so is shaina. dont judge guys.. peace out!

  69. 169

    Re: *_*B*_* – I'm pinay and really offended by some of these statements. Truthfully, I would never watch the Filipino version of Twilight just because I've seen, read, and loved the original. However to lash out at the Filipinos for remaking great movies is wrong. America remade "The Ring," "One Missed Call," "The Grudge," and "The Messengers" (which stars the lovely Kristen Stewart, FYI) just to name a few. So for Americans to say stuff like this is really hypocritical.

  70. 170

    The second movie is not a lame sequel…..there were four books, it's just the next installment.

  71. 171

    and I think the person that made the uninformed Ugly Betty comment should apologize to the class.

  72. 172

    Honestly, that's silly. Like many posters have pointed out, the US has copied plenty of movies and show from other countries. I watched the Grudge and The Ring, the Japanese originals, before the remakes were made, as well as that one Jessica Alba (The Eye or something?) movie (but with subtitles). I'm not bitching about the lack of American originality. Honestly, pathetic.

  73. 173

    Obviously Twilight fans are racist and hate Asians.

    If you REALLY oppose "h8", Perez, you should boycott Twilight and never mention it again.

  74. 174

    shes actually prettier than the original bella.

  75. 175

    Wow i never knew twilight would go this far. But it was really a good movie i watched it the day it came out. taylor, robert, Kellen, and jackson are all so hot in the movie but whatever!!!!!

  76. 176

    Re: You like my face?

    we understand english well. fucking broadcasting companies here just dont have the fucking right mind to do the proper fucking things. so embarassing.

  77. 177

    I can't wait until my race dies out.

    This is going to be super ass cheesy and plain horrible.

    The characters are F-U-G-L-Y

  78. 178

    the filipinos understand english, i dont get why they have to make an abs-cbn version. plus its probably going to come out effed up anyway. this is so so so so sad:| and embarrassing. :|

    i'm filipino, and this is just messed up.

  79. eho11 says – reply to this


    i don't really care
    because i would never see it

    but the comments on here a mean
    i love your site perez

  80. 180

    chocolatepeppers: yeah it's really embarassing, especially your inconsistency, and suggesting that heart and sam milby could do a better job.

    aariellee21: i don't think it's called copying since they bought the rights to those tv shows. besides, there are a lot of idol shows in different countries, and the tv dramas aren't that bad. in fact, some of them are pretty good, and funny. they just don't appeal to all, especially to anti-filipino filipinos whose standards are so western (no offense to the west).

    to those looking for a petition and asking for law suits: if abs cbn bought rights to make a tv series of twilight, i don't think you can do anything to make them stop. it's their money anyway.

    anyway, i still don't think the news is true since it's happening all of a sudden. the movie came out just last month, and if abs cbn were to buy rights to the story, they have to set up lots of meetings first, check on a lot of things, such as the market, feasibility studies, ratings, etc.

    and to make a tv series, and shoot it early next year, they have to work extra hard in making the script, changing the setting, names, etc. and once they shoot,will the production be good enough? it will be a totally different take, and that wouldn't be cool.

    it would be interesting if they were able to pull it off though, i just don't know how it will be once it airs.

  81. 181

    Re: chunice
    Fuckin kidding me?
    Do everyone a favor and shut the hell up.

  82. 182

    Re: chunice

    wow, that's really sick.

  83. 183

    You have got to be kidding me. That is ridiculous.

  84. 184

    Summit and Meyer CANNOT sue them.. ABS-CBN already bought the rights to make it a series…

    I'm not very optimistic about this production though.. I'm filipino and even I cringe at the thought… T_T

    but I'm willing to give it a chance… Just coz It deserves one.. lol

    Plus, No need to make a fuss about this if you're not in the Philippines.. It wont be shown in the U.S.. unless you watch TFC.. heheh…

  85. 185

    Re: SmexyJae

    waaaaa i just checked out abs-cbn's website and it says there that they did buy the rights to make a tv series based on the twilight saga. '-_- i just hope they do a good job. no point in being pessimistic about it now.

    shit, why are they shooting so soon? were they able to prepare everything already?

  86. 186

    Re: Bibbilicious – touche!

  87. 187

    this love team died ages ago,. the girl shaina is being teamed up with jake cuenca and the rayver with sarah geronimo,. i think this is just some sick joke!

  88. 188

    Re: cocochanel1109

    that person is definitely not a filipino. look at that person's post "they always try to copy US" that person is only pretending to be a filipino.

  89. 189

    I'm Filipino and
    i think its kinda weird that they are doing that
    in my opinion they arent even good actors i've watched them acted before.

  90. 190

    Re: chunice – #
    chunice says – reply to this


    I can't wait until my race dies out.

    This is going to be super ass cheesy and plain horrible.

    The characters are F-U-G-L-Y

    ————–this is exactly the type of thinking we filipinos should never have.
    How did your parents bring you up? Did they verbally abuse you into hating your own heritage? What a pity..

  91. 191

    the poster might be hideous but they are actually very pretty in real life

  92. 192

    oh my…

  93. 193


  94. 194

    Re: caliboi
    its already official… check out abs-cbn's site.. its in there…
    also, i dont think Perez has EVER heard of Shaina and Rayver before this blew up… haha!!

  95. 195

    NOOOOO!!!…. you'll ruin it!!!!… freak show!!!… >.

  96. 196

    Eeeeewwwwnesss!!!! Like i'm i the Philippines and a big Twilight fan and yeah?!! OME!!! hey are so gonna ruin Twilight!!! They are gonna downgrade it…eewww!!!! First of all the special effects and make up are surely not gonna be good! yuck!? and the actors are so…….no!no!no! they don't suit the characters!!!please!please! cancel it!!!

  97. 197

    i just checked abscbn site and they already confirmed this. why do they have to do remake of twilight? they're just going to ruin it like all the other remakes they did. and the guy isn't gorgeous so is the girl.

  98. 198

    Re: chunice

    You are embarassing…

    white trash twilight fans need to check on a mental institution. You guys are sick!
    You need to chill out. Asians don't even complain when americans remake an asian movie. even when if they butcher it. so, you guys stop complaining.


    white trash twilight fans' brain cells are dying! you need to read another book rather than this shitty one. LOL!

  99. 199

    Nothing could ruin it more than the american film! way to kill the novels! major let down. none of them could act!!!

  100. 200




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