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Filipino Version Of Twilight To Begin Production Soon

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Tweenies all over are outraged over news of a Filipino version of Twilight for television set to begin production soon.

Actors Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao will be portraying Edward and Isabella, respectively, in the ABS-CBN production which will treat the vampire love story as "drama, romance, and fantasy."

It will be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina and is scheduled to begin filming sometime in February, in both the Philippines and abroad.

The news comes as an upheaval to Twilighters across the internet, who have started an online petition to halt production on Takipsilim because it will "ruin the real Twilight."

Oh don't worry, the American money-grubbing sequel is already working on that!

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574 comments to “Filipino Version Of Twilight To Begin Production Soon”

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  1. 301

    ew wtf whyyy would they do that

  2. 302

    YALL ARE IDIOTS!!! First off it is a fucking TV SHOW!!! Not a movie, and y'all scrany ass white people need to shut the fuck up. Y'all arn't all that anyway. No one is. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! Leave them alone, if you don't want to watch then don't, if you do, than do, and don't joke on the ones that really watch it. And get your facts straight before you hate on one's culture.

  3. 303

    this iz a bunch of shit

  4. 304

    he looks like a mexican whore and the girl looks like a hooker

  5. 305

    eh whatever. the first one in the US sucked anyways because of the director who did it, who knows maybe this one will actually be better, nothign to lose anymore right? ha

  6. 306

    hmm strange.

  7. 307

    Bad idea. This is totally stealing Twilight's thunder, and I don't even think it's worth it. What the hell is this remake for? I so don't get it. This has got to be the craziest, lamest idea in the world. Just…bad.

  8. 308

    I'd watch it xD
    but Korea should make one too; their dramas rock (:

  9. 309

    i think it's awesome that the Filipinos are getting in on the twilight action!

  10. 310

    Ewwww…My goodness, Filipinos will never have originality! I'm Filipino and I am bothered by this. It's gonna end up with cheesey lines and lame effects. They will end up as failed as wanna be's. I hope this gets stopped IMMEDIATELY!

  11. 311

    poor twilight fans. end of the world now eh? leave the filipino's alone. they bought the rights. obviously its not a big deal for stephanie meyer then it shouldnt be a big deal to any of you guys.


    you guys have no right dissing them like that as if us americans are all so great and mighty. we've ripped off asian movies too. hollywood isn't so clever, to be honest.

    you guys need to get educated. this what the world has come down to?

  12. 312


  13. 313

    Re: chuniceRe: chunice – WOW, WHY DON'T YOU GO DIE FIRST, YOU MORON!
    I bet your brain was in the toilet while you were typing in your comment. Can't wait for my race to die out, dumb shiite.
    If you're so hating Asians, or FILIPINOS for that matter, since I'm pretty darn sure that you're also FILIPINO, then why don't you go shave your hair, try and grow blond ones if you can and drink bleach so you'll be white!
    As to all the other haters, why don't you try come up with $2 Million dollars to buy out the rights from ABS-CBN. I agree that it was a bad move to buy the rights to make A SERIES from the FILM ADAPTATION (so the movie's not an from an original screenplay either!), but please, just stop bad mouthing Filipinos in general. AS to the other Filipinos who aren't too sold on the idea of the project, quit saying "I'm a Filipino, but this is blahblahblah", You just shot yourself in the head. Just say the friggin' move was bad and leave it at that

  14. 314

    What the fuck with that boring movie, I mean, no good acting, not really good directing even the the make up was fugly, and the fact that they totally stuck with the book was not the best choice, an adaptation would have been better just like Charlaine Harris' HBO True Blood!
    but yes you're right the virgin stuff worked well and since 6 years-old girls still can't go to the movies alone parents had to b in, that's mainly why these flicks get some much money, the only audience who cant download, and needs to b accompanied…the proof, Stewart is smoking hard pot on her treshold, and Pattinson soon cut and decolored his fugly weave!

  15. 315

  16. 316

    Re: jayden – you're so fuckin stupid. fyi, if u know ur history, ull see that america actually took a lot from the philippines. so has spain and japan. the philippines never stole anything from ur shitfilled country u shithead. besides if u wanna talk about remakes, try watching lake house, quarantine, sassy girl, ugly betty, the echo (adapted from a filipino film) etc. im sure they're not from the states. and dont talk about the phils having a version of betty la fea coz im pretty sure we've seen it first.

    i really hate halfbreeds especially ones like you. half german half shepherd shit.

  17. 317

    Re: ohshit – ur name suits you. nuff said.

  18. 318

    hahahahaha funny

  19. 319


  20. 320

    I'm a fan of Twilight but I don't plan on watching the Filipino Series.

    I think a lot of us (especially the Filipino fans) are grossed out with the thought of it being translated to Filipino because we know how some Filipino productions suck. At the same time I think we have to keep in mind that we are not necessarily the targeted audience of ABS CBN. It could be that the filipino adaptation is not really for existing fans but they are targeting the masses who haven't really read the book or seen the movie, and love story lines and plots such as this. As what they said, it has romance, fantasy, drama - thats what the viewers are looking for and ABS CBN is (maybe) smart enough to take advantage of it.

    I guess it all boils down to how they execute it. Lets wait for the production and then we can judge better. :)

  21. 321

    stop it! everyone of you are full of sh…..t! and those of you who call yourselves pinoys ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  22. 322

    The poster is fake. To the Chunice girl what are you from the 1800's? You're a racist bigot and I bet you are shagging all the white men. You deserve to die a slow and painful death.

  23. 323

    this is just a joke from a teenager filipino twilight fan!!
    please please please! Filipino teens has just a good imagination!

  24. 324

    seriously i LOLed.. at all the stupid cunty tweenies. racist much? ugh. whoever wanted your opinion about selling copyrights to us filipinos? you can quack all you want but in the end it's meyer's gain. if ever this shiz is true, that is. go study algebra or chemistry cuz seriously u all are getting shittier. AND stop catching up with the twilight fever just cuz it's the IN thing now. im gonna bet that half of the flips here who hate this idea just jumped on the twilight train because they saw it from some blog or some really twihard friends and not from seeing it as a bestseller in a bookstore or personally finding the book on it's humble shelf. i personally dun give a flying fcuk about this project cuz i have no plans on seeing it. so all u haters.. get a life. im out!

  25. 325

    Yeah, that's so stupid.
    I'm not gonna watch that.

  26. 326

    The Twilight movie failed epically so this one will fail 10x as worse. Seriously, the Twilight movies was complete douche. Did anyone else notice how much Kristin Stewart blinked? Or how Jasper looked, or that dumb face Billy Black made when driving the car. Oh, and then there was the "spider monkey" comment. Oh, and that "Edward" looked nothing like Edward was supposed to look or act, they didn't have the right car, they didn't play out any of the relationships correctly, and I laughed at all the wrong things. Twilight, I'm sorry, but please don't make a sequel; I don't think that the world will be able to handle it.

  27. 327

    honestly, you all need to grow up. i am a filipino and its a disgrace to know that most of you filipinos are even putting down your own culture. asb-cbn may not have excellent "special effects" but who gives a damn. the people of the Philippines enjoy what they watch. WHO GIVES A DAMN IF FILIPINOS ARE MAKING THEIR OWN TWILIGHT version! let them do whatever they want. (they bought the rights for $1mil to make their own film anyways.) if you don't wanna watch it, then dont, if you wanna watch it, then watch it. BTW, FOR ALL OF YOU WHO AREN'T FILIPINO — I SUGGEST THAT YOU ALL KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT, damn racist. i think it's pretty upsetting that there's even a petition to not have filipinos film this because ITS NOT LIKE IT'S GONNA EFFECT ANY OF US (here in america especially). you guys are all being over-dramatic…

  28. 328

    Damn! Is this for sure?..are there any interviews just to confirm whether this franchise is real or not?. I was excited when I heard about this. I just can't get enough of Twilight, plus the director's gonna be Cathy Garcia Molina, which made me think it's not gonna be that bad like what my friends were saying. Just one thing about the cast, I just wish they picked Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby or John Lloyd Cruz. Shaina's OK, it's just I wanted Bella to be Sarah Geronimo. ^__^

  29. 329

    damn theyr REALLY shouldve just stuck to the amazing books
    Summit effed up Twilight for me

  30. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: *_*B*_* – hey fucktard, shut the fuck up just because we pinoys are making our own version doesn't mean they have to sue them for it, if you don't like then don't watch it!!!!, ya fucking son of a bitch, tangina mong kano!! kala mo kung sino magaling sa buhay!

  31. 331

    i think this topic is getting out of hand…

    you guys should ought to re-evaluate yourself…

    ITS SHOWBIZ.. no need to get all hyped up!! there's far too much drama in the world!! dont add up!!


  32. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: *_*B*_* – and BTW they do the same shit, stealing our own thing, i mean you americans made your own horror movie that was based on a asian horror film. shit i can even list the most horror movie that was based on a asian movie that has been americanized that turned out really really reallllllyyyy!!! horrible, like the ring 1 & 2, its horrible movie, the grudge 1 & 2, i laughed my ass out in that movie, and finally the movie called one missed call, i can't say anything because its the most horrible film i've ever seen.
    But what i am trying to say is that we are doing the same shit, if the pinoy version is horrible who gives a shit aren't you doing the same thing?

    P.S. those 3 films i mentioned were all americanized, horrible actress, storyline, the whole shebangngabang.

  33. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: jaymo82 – hey uh yea i have one thing to say to you, shut the fuck up, so what if they are making their own version, at least they are trying to show their appriciation that everybody back at home that really liked it, and if you say that you are filipino and happens to understand tagalog, here's what i gotta say, manahimik kang gago ka, kala mo kung sinog magaling na tao yun pala wala kang silbi sa buhay, bakit purket na gagawa kami ng sariling version ng movie to it doesn't mean na you have to insult it, shit if this version sucked then don't watch it

  34. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: sbk_kb – lol typical american response, so what ya fuck!, if its horrible then don't watch it ya racist bitch

  35. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: Jolie13 – that's right, pinoy pride bro!, and Shina Magdayao, is hella pretty in screen and off screen

  36. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: Jessi H – lol your right these fucktards really need one

  37. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: QuickfireHiro – well aren't americans doing the same thing??, think about it first before you say anything.

    P.S. your a discrace to the pinoy and don't ever say that you are filipino if your gonna talk shit

  38. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: chunice – wow, LMAO!!!, who the fuck do you think you are??? huh, GOD, do you think you are god?, "I can't wait until my race dies out"
    bitch i will slap the pinay out of you!!!!, wait why am i saying pinay, your not even pretty judging form your pic, you my dear are the ugliest filipino i have ever seen, and also if anyone knows you and happens to be filipino and read that comment of yours, so i assure you honey they will beat the FUCK!!!! out of you, ya fucking ugly ass motherfucking bitch, see this is why i hate most Fil-Am kids they don't kno anything about their own culture, "I can't wait until my race dies out", you kno that your one of us, so you'll die too ya fucK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 339

    Re: *_*B*_* – why the use of "us"? are you the creator of twilight to be pissed off so much? you don't have any intellectual or property right over twilight to use the "us" as if you have such claims over it! it's show BUSINESS! of course they are doing it for the big bucks!

  40. 340

    do they really want that stuff…they will ruin it promise…

  41. 341

    oh come on….it wont work promise

  42. 342

    FUCK IT!!
    This will suck, for sure!
    Who have that idea?
    well, he's a fuckin' major loser!

    H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E freakin' actors!
    Fuckin' damn feelers!

  43. 343

    Re: cocochanel1109

    excuse me, i wasn't calling the philippines or the filipino community cheap and i sure as hel didn't call ANYONE stupid. i'm just being realistic and i said i thought that a remake of this movie, a movie with special effects, would be a bad idea. the majority of the movies and dramas produced in the philippines are low budget and the effects look shabby. maybe they'll surprise me and make a decent movie, but as of right now, i'm not confident in it. if it were a remake of a normal teen romantic comedy or something that didn't involve fantastical beings, well that would obviously be different.
    just because i'm against THIS particular movie, you have no right to assume that i have no appreciation or respect for the filipino culture because i can assure you honey, i have plenty of both.
    and one last thing: learn how to read. the name is i tend to F L A I L.

  44. 344

    Can I just say that this is so embarrassing.
    I've lost all respect for Filipinos and the teleseryes/shows/etc they make.
    They seriously don't have originality and the actors they choose to play such roles look HORRIBLE. Damn, Rayver Cruz? He looks a gargoyle. His brother's way hotter.
    I'm from the Philippines and I can't take any more of this 'plagiarism'.
    This teleserye will totally ruin ABS-CBN's reputation.

  45. 345

    ..hi guys..
    ..I"m a new member..
    . as i seen in this poster it gives me a bad expressions to abs-cbn.
    why should they remake it!? ARE THEY TOTALLY INSANE!??? HAVE THEY LOST THEIR MINDS!!! ??,, If the Hollywood did not get it right and pictured-out all the scenes in the book.. I'm a bit disappointed to that co'z i really want what are Stephenie Meyer written in the book… What about a Filipino remaking it!!! oh…my….god!!! they'll just ruin it!!…they just hurt the feelings of every reader of this phenomenon.. at the first time i looked at the poster i get hurt .

  46. 346

    …please ABS CBN!! please don't remake it!! I'm Begging all of you!! your hurting our feelings!!! ,,all the readers are very very very very disappointed to your project!!!!!

  47. 347

    Rayver may be miscast as Edward by American standards, but I beg to disagree that he is UGLY as some of these bloggers here have expressed. I think ABS CBN intends to focus more on how to effectively portray the characters which make this romantic novel captivating by hiring talented Filipino actors and actresses, and less on the special effects. I am all for diversity so I am looking forward to seeing a different interpretation of this novel. Artists should be given the opportunity to grow by allowing their work to transcend race, culture, religion, gender, etc.

  48. 348

    for those who can understand tagalog… mga walang kwenta kayo… eh ano ngayon kung meron pinoy version ng twilight..at first my initial reaction is "whaaat" pero im proud dahil kaya ng ABS bilhin ang rights nito. just wait and see na lang bago kayo mag react ng todo todo.. kakainin nyo rin ang mga sinasabi nyo.. tulad na lang sa pagkutya nyo sa lobo noon.. and it turned out almost Filipino's around the globe love the story and the serye itself..

    at kayong mga nagpapanggap na puti… tumigil nga kayo.. kahit anong gawin nyo. bihisan man kayo ng magagara. libutin nyo man ang mundo.. itakwil nyo man ang pagkapilipino.. hindi nyo maiiaalis sa dugo nyo na meron kayong lahing Pilipino.. Mga trying hard.. nagmumukha kayong mga tanga at pinapalandakan nyo pa na mga pilipino kayo sa mga post nyo at kutyain din ang bansa nyo…what a disgrace to your country.. mga paksyet kayo!

  49. joyz says – reply to this


    I am not part of the Twilight craze (well at least not yet) but there is no need to bash Filipinos for this if the producers can afford it (I heard they paid a large sum for the rights), then so be it. Besides, Filipinos are real suckers for love stories, I just hope they change the lead stars because these artists doesn't have enough fan base to recoup whatever they are spending.

    There are so many more young artists more deserving. In the Philippines it is always about popularity, in this case Twilight is the "popular" factor.

  50. 350

    Guys, you all need to chill. This is a HOAX!! This was started by a fan on a Filipino messageboard WEEKS ago. Just one of those "wishful thinking" posts that people on those boards like to do. No one has verified this with ABS-CBN (the station that supposedly is doing the rights) or Stephenie Meyer. The threadstarter is notorious for posting various bogus threads on that site.

    Yehey.com picked that post and it is truly disappointing that perezhilton.com picked it up without verifying with the station. Now this rumor has gone way too far.

    IT IS a flipping HOAX and perez picked it up. Shame on you.

    BTW, they have been scammed by the same messageboard before (IIRC posting a photoshopped Mariah Carey picture by a Mariah fan).

    Let's all kill this rumor and not spread it any further.

    I mean, look at the so-called poster. There's a freaking MTV logo on the bottom. And the tagline? It doesn't make any sense. The two "lead stars" aren't even big stars in the Philippines.

    SHAME ON YOU, perez! Verify your sources before publishing it. Sheesh

  51. 351

    Re: *_*B*_* – the poster is OBVIOUSLY a fake moron. it's not true. you guys are all stupid impulsively commenting on something that is OBVIOUSLY a hoax.

  52. 352

    this would be interesting to watch.

  53. 353

    uhhhh yak.

  54. 354

    Re: You like my face? – NUmber one, Filipinos are perfectly capable of speaking the english language, which is one of the two official languages in the country. We're not stupid, so dubbing is out of the question. Second, it's not a movie, it's a tv series. And third, if you're NOT filipino, why worry about it ruining the film? It obviously wouldn't air overseas let alone in north america or wherever it is you live, so obviously, you wouldn't get to watch, no duh.

    I'm not happy about this takipsilim shit one bit, though. I'm insulted. Really insulted. If I could, I would gather a thousand filipino twilighters and march towards the abscbn studios and file some sort of complaint.

  55. 355

    Rip off?

  56. 356

    Re: amolina – Do you people NOT read anything? They bought the rights. And from what I read over at twilight cove philippines, they actually paid 5 million bucks for it or something.

  57. 357

    okay, i'm filipino and i just to say that most filipinos do speak english and the remake isn't about that. it's about ABSCBN and how they think that the filipino masses are stupid. most of ABSCBN's "remakes" (shows they've copied, etc) are hated by the masses but at this point i think they're just grabbing the rights to shows that they THINK people would like rather than coming up with something else. just because people like the original doesnt mean they'll like the remake. boo ABSCBN.

  58. 358

    Re: killedpromqueen – How many times do I have to press on the fact that they bought the goddamn rights?

  59. 359

    PS. this poster AND the rumored cast was out around the filipino web before perez posted it online.

  60. ohgod says – reply to this


    Re: *_*B*_* – Technically, they can't be sued because they bought the rights. And how would this be considered dissing you? I'm a Filipino, and I don't like the idea of a Filipino version of Twilight either, but GOD, chill.

  61. 361

    i'm a twilight fan as well i was just simply appalled by the news that we're going to have the filipino version.first, i find it very amusing that some of the people here thinks that filipinos are 'no read, no write' well in fact they are not. second, most likely the company that would air the twilight filipino version have done all the necessary procedures to make sure what they're doing is LEGAL and have permission from the creator S. Meyer.

  62. 362

    Re: guineveredawn
    100% sure this is a HOAX??
    Because i saw this topic on the ABS-CBN website earlier.

  63. 363

    Re: pose-&-act-like-ur-famous

    The article is now missing. My hunch is that some inefficient staffer did a search on google and put it up after it was found on perezhilton. We have a long holiday and the staffer was probably working at home and couldn't verify it.

    That article is also the exact copy of what was posted on yehey.com and the article picked up by perezhilton. No additional details were given. No presscons, no announcements, which is uncharacteristic for a US$1M tv series deal methinks.

    One of the stars in the supposed cast list didn't even know she was cast, how about that? :D

  64. 364

    Re: chunice

    "I can't wait until my race dies out."

    You're gonna die too! i have an idea, go slit your wrist!
    Gosh, where's the brain when you need one!
    Such a dumbass bitch!

  65. 365

    other Filipinos are fuckin racists just like everyone who loves to be a white person..

    im a Filipino., and yes i also disagree about ABS CBN re-making Twilight because I know that it will suck.. but why should everyone be a fucking racists??

    Americans also copied alot of movies and series from another countries and did anyone hear or read a whine or complaints about Americans copying their thing?? I didnt. so why should everyone be so fucking disturbed about this..

    and yeah, ABS-CBN is not remaking the movie.. they're doing a series.. damn you are all so stupid.. just so everyone know, they might not use the English language in this movie, but im sure as hell that we can speak and write better English than these stupid Americans? idiots..

    and to those Filipino who speak bad about where they came from, dude and dudettes you are Filipinos too and that's one thing you cant erase from you..its who you are and you are a part of this culture? its not because you are in a different country doensnt mean you are better than us, who still stays in the Philippines. you bad mouth your fellowmen is like bad mouthing yourselves..better wash those mouths.. assholes

  66. 366

    Re: You like my face?
    You idiot. Filipino's are probably better in english than you.
    I'm american and in my school a filipina is the smartest in the batch AND she's head cheerleader.

  67. 367

    Okay. EWWW.
    I'm a Filipino and I wont even watch that.

  68. 368

    OH MY GAAAH! THIS CANT BE HAPPENING! im actually a Filipina and i highly disapprove of this.. super flo's right, cant they sue this, or them? they cant, mustnt do this. theyll destroy everything that has been done.. can people sign a petition against this production? these actors cant even act their asses out that much.. in my opinion though, and in others too, im pretty much sure. so disgusting! in our language, sobrang kadiri nito!!!

  69. 369

    ya'll are messed up for saying or even thinking of that stupid shit. You all sound like a bunch of racist assholes, especially calling them ugly and shit. These people are famous in the PI for a reason and for you to say that shit, that tells you something about yourself you little pieces of shit.

    Let them do whatever they want.. its not like it'll affect the American version (it sucked anyways).

  70. 370

    Bitches please! It's common for third world countries to make Hollywood rip off of crappy movies. Besides, have you seen a filipino movie? Talk about bad acting and campy dialogue. I wouldn't worry about it. The real film will make alot more money of whatever the hell this forgettable piece of garbage is.

  71. 371

    Re: Delusional – dude. again and again…IT'S A FRANCHISE. READ: THEY BOUGHT THE RIGHTS. it's NOT plagiarism. know the diff, honey. wag kang magrunung-runungan.

  72. 372

    Re: bHaebhie nique – honey, sorry to break it to you but ABS CBN DOESNT CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. what they did is purely business. like it or not, YOU, the READERS are NOT their target audience. don't you see they're making this film or teleserye for the MASSES. those who can't read or understand english that much.

    EVERYBODY should look at it at that point of view. FILIPINOS should've realized that by now.

    ABC-CBN (and GMA) end goal's are always to make money. why do you think they always incorporate text votings in all their shows/contests even when there's really no text voting required in the american franchise? (think: PBB, survivor, etc). it's because they get money out of all those votes. it's a money making world and that's exactly how they get theirs. there's nothing wrong with it.

    so really, shut the hell up already. if you don't want to watch it, then don't. go read the book instead. WALANG PUMIPILIT SA INYO.

  73. 373

    Re: bHaebhie nique – honey, sorry to break it to you but ABS CBN DOESNT CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. what they did is purely business. like it or not, YOU, the READERS are NOT their target audience. don't you see they're making this film or teleserye for the MASSES. those who can't read or understand english that much.

    EVERYBODY should look at it at that point of view. FILIPINOS should've realized that by now.

    ABC-CBN (and GMA)'s end goal is always to make money. why do you think they always incorporate text votings in all their shows/contests even when there's really no text voting required in the american franchise? (think: PBB, survivor, etc). it's because they get money out of all those votes. it's a money making world and that's exactly how they get theirs. there's nothing wrong with it.

    so really, shut the hell up already. if you don't want to watch it, then don't. go read the book instead. WALANG PUMIPILIT SA INYO.

  74. 374

    Re: joyz – thank you!! someone sane and rational, FINALLY.

  75. 375

    Re: Mangina – wow like your remakes are better than the asian ones.

  76. 376

    I wasn't a big fan of the twilight movie i think it sucked. And so definitely this filipino version would too. I think they should have left it to everyone's imagination. Cuz when i went to see the movie(which i was forced to) it ruined everything for me.
    English or filipino.. sucks

  77. 377

    If you're a filipino and just want to criticize the series… PLEASE stop using the phrase "I'm Filipino" we dont need to know that and just criticize… coz you know what?? you have have a very lame mentality. If you (filipino) are ashame of your own country's effort to make this show, just STFU!!!! Philippines doesn't need you!!!!

    Whether it will be a disastrous adaptation or not… just save what you have to say and give them the chance of making it.

    Instead of defending your countrymen, you are here to degrade and bad criticism of the movie!

    You are not helping.. you just make filipinos look dumb, idiot in the eyes of other people and the world..

    SO if you filipinos has nothing good to say, STFU!

  78. 378

    Re: Delusional – Can I just say that this is so embarrassing.
    I've lost all respect for Filipinos and the teleseryes/shows/etc they make.
    They seriously don't have originality and the actors they choose to play such roles look HORRIBLE. Damn, Rayver Cruz? He looks a gargoyle. His brother's way hotter.
    I'm from the Philippines and I can't take any more of this 'plagiarism'.
    This teleserye will totally ruin ABS-CBN's reputation.
    It's not plagiarism sweetie.. They PAID FOR THE RIGHTS to remake the movie.
    I'm filipino.. you're filipino.. And quite frankly I'm ashamed of you being filipino. being racist is the worst thing to be right now. specially if its your own You really think that EVERY FILIPINO made the decision to be 'UNORIGINAL' ? Dont generalize everyone.. thats being racist. i guess you would'nt know because it just comes naturally. you're shooting down your own race.. hahaha funny and ironic.

  79. 379

    Im Filipino but Id say no to Filipino version of Twilight! HEck NO! Both ABSCBN and GMA's fantaseries are so f-ing cheap! They should stick to drama with no "special effects" coz they dont do any justice with what they call "special effects". PUH-LEASSSEEeeee!!! Who ever thought of this must have lost hir/her mind!

  80. 380

    Re: skankdudeerryeah – I think I wanna join your march with fellow Filipino Twilighters if ever that happens! -)

  81. 381

    That is disgusting. How can anyone possibly portray the charachters of Edward and Bella.

  82. 382

    i find this really funny. whoever made it really made sure this would reach outside philippines.

    hahah perez,you shouldve researched.never rely on someone who just sends you info withot backup data. you shouldve opened Smeyer's website for confirmation or ignite media. haha very funny. you got punked!

  83. 383

    whatever. americans have made remakes of other countries' films (the grudge, the eye, the ring, etc). if you don't think the filipino version of twilight will be good, then don't watch it. i'm sure they have their own target market in mind (filipino tweens?), haha. no need to insult other people/cultures, especially when you and your own aren't perfect.

  84. 384


  85. 385

    Wtf, Ugly Couple. shit

  86. 386

    sorry sa lahat.. im excited on this idea.. ABS rules!! mamatay kayo sa inggit!!!

  87. 387

    tang ina niu!

  88. 388


  89. 389

    I may be half-Filipino but I really don't agree to this thing. It's so weird! I don't like both Shaina & Rayver, and I guess they're just using Twilight to get ahold of their viewers.

    I will not watch it. At all.

  90. 390

    NOTE: the "official press release" on abs-cbn website is **GONE** !!!!

    so there seems to be NO REAL SOURCES for such a big budget flick??? smells like a self-perpetuating HOAX to me….

    I CALL FAKE…. YAY!!! (or is the appropriate response nay??)

  91. 391

    she's not that good-looking… seriously.. i'm a filipino.. And I’ve seen her like.. a zillion times. Look at the poster… like closely… it's bella's face.. they just changed the eyes to shaina's… tsk2x… go Google her up. Find pictures of her.. and i personally think Kristen is much prettier

  92. 392

    On the one hand it's pretty intriguing and seeing a Filipino version sounds fun (and scary), but it's probably worth a try to see how they Tagalize the novel (though I really hope not, the story's perfect just the way it is, hope they don't ruin it like they did Betty La Fea's storyline. ugh.) On the other hand, I think why most people cringed to the idea of Takipsilim is that they do not see any Filipino actor to play the Cullens, or even Edward. I mean, who else is THAT drop-dead gorgeous? They can scour the whole country to find none. And the story has too many special effects, I don't think we can live up to that. Even the movie had a hard time with that on a tight budget. How much more us? (Dang, I am a big critic of special effects and I hate obvious editing and mediocre ones.) Yeah, we'd really ruin the whole thing. Changed my mind.

  93. 393

    there's no such thing as TAkiPSiLiM! i'm a filipino but i would not watch a thing like that ! and that is final ! they would just ruin the original movie and its gratitude! bullcrap! they're such an idiot and they don't have any ORIGINALITY in their bodies. pf.

  94. 394

    Guys, can't you spot a hoax when you see it? Notice the jacket, hair, and the position of the hands?

  95. 395

    Id still say, NO to Pinoy Twilight FTW!

  96. 396

    Even if it's just a hoax, I want the ABSCBN management not to ever do it in case this uproar got them into thinking! My gawd! Where's your Filipino pride in that? Can't your writers think of original ideas? Whoever started this rumor, shame on you! Now people are bashing Rayver and Shaina… I feel sorry for them.

  97. 397

    yucks shaina for the remake omgggggggggggggggg

    bella swan mas gusto ko pa c valeen or kristine..

    pero infairness ha their trying to make a hoax of it yun nga lang for sure flopppppp itetch hahahahah :P :P

  98. 398

    seriously??!! what the hell are they thinking??stupid idiots

  99. 399

    eew. i'm pinoy and i'm not happ about it. talk about no originality.

  100. 400

    HAHAHA! Gawd. :) My friends are actually making a fuss over this. :) Actually, I'm also a Filipina. The main problem is that Filipinos claim that they can create the series with their "expertise" in visual effects. UHMM, HELLO!? They can never, ever make a good remake. The effects definitely su*k. I'm really pissed. I hope they stop this non-sense.

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