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Filipino Version Of Twilight To Begin Production Soon

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Tweenies all over are outraged over news of a Filipino version of Twilight for television set to begin production soon.

Actors Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao will be portraying Edward and Isabella, respectively, in the ABS-CBN production which will treat the vampire love story as "drama, romance, and fantasy."

It will be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina and is scheduled to begin filming sometime in February, in both the Philippines and abroad.

The news comes as an upheaval to Twilighters across the internet, who have started an online petition to halt production on Takipsilim because it will "ruin the real Twilight."

Oh don't worry, the American money-grubbing sequel is already working on that!

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574 comments to “Filipino Version Of Twilight To Begin Production Soon”

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  1. 401


    Now I am so ashamed and enraged at my ethnicity. WTF do they think they're doing?

  2. 402

    Re: *_*B*_* – me too, and I'm a friggin Filipino!



  3. 403

    Re: killedpromqueen – better yet, let's throttle him/her!

  4. 404

    first of all, i am a Filipina and i don't like their idea of doing this takipsilim thing cause it might just ruin twilight even more. i honestly didn't like what they did with original movie version cause they changed a lot of parts. but did the author complain? NO. so why not let ABS-CBN do their thing?
    yes, people may have remade a bunch of movies out there. americans do that too. but what some of us here are trying to say, is that whenever people do remakes, they don't stick to the original. they sometimes exaggerate things and make things worse. take BETTY LA FEA as an example. abs-cbn shows a lot of commercials in the actual show. that maggi magic sarap and coke thing of ai-ai. do they really have those in the original version??
    i'm just really hoping that if abs-cbn won't stick to the twilight movie, they'll stick to the BOOK instead.
    AND ABOUT THE ENGLISH ISSUE. GOD! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?? yes, some of us may suck at it, but look at other americans. even some of you guys don't know how to spell right and go check some of your grammars. you are such racists! not cause we're filipinos or asians mean that we're not good enough.

  5. 405

    and oh gosh. get real people!!! it's not only the filipinos who "steal" stuff from the americans. americans do it as well!!!

  6. 406

    Fuck the twitards.
    If you dont like it, dont watch it, dipshits.

  7. 407

    dont watch this!!!!
    the poster sucks!!!
    even the title.. it sounds.. eewww..
    i dont like it..
    why did stephenie meyer allowed this to happen???
    im not blaming s.meyer but.. oohh please!! this is too much!!
    havent they heard the word ORIGINALITY??
    save their souls!! do not continue this mess!!
    for the viewers sake!!

  8. 408

    THIS IS THE WORST PHILIPPINE SERIES IN MAN KINDS HISTORY!!!!!!! omg, dont we have originality people??!?!? no one will watch this shit!!! sue those bastards who made this!!!!!!!!!

  9. 409

    the article in ABS CBN already got deleted. it was proven a HOAX. So, the fans dont hve to worry…it's not true. it was just created so that people will have something to fuss about.

  10. 410

    Re: bowlshet – wtf dude? hahaha. it's gratitude?! or did you mean it's greatness? not that it is.

  11. 411

    hmmm well they should do something about it!!
    as for the girl that will take the part of bella
    um they should actually get her to do new moon
    she looks totally like bella! dont u guys think so??

  12. 412

    hey.. why don't you watch lobo series of abs cbn and compared it with blood and chocolate movie.. mapaphiya kayo… lobo is better than the movie.. so you better watch out if this twilight pinoy version will be materialized..

  13. 413


    Last December 23, nilabas ni Edgar Cruz ang article about sa remake ng ABS-CBN ng movie na Twilight, and the same time Perez Hilton releases his version of the clamor where everyone were furious about the idea. This morning i received an email from Tito Ed Cruz of Yehey.com regarding the updates on the alleged remake/adaptation of Twilight, with the local title Takipsilip where Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao will be the main cast.


  14. 414

    Here is Tito Ed's email as posted on the Entertainment Section of Yehey.com

    “Di ko alam ako pala magdi-direct ng ‘Twilight,’” director Cathy Garcia Molina curtly replied when Buzzbox asked her if she is opting for a localized version of the blockbuster vampire novel. The buzz is that ABS-CBN had acquired the rights to the novel for US$1 million and that Cathy has been selected to direct it with Rayver Cruz as Edward Cullen and Shaina Magdayao as Isabella Swan.

    Cathy informed Buzzbox her schedule is heavy as she has to finish principal photography and post-production of the John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo starrer “A Very Special Love 2,” Star Cinema’s Valentine offering, before she could work on a new project.

  15. 415

    This led Buzzbox to inquire from the talent managers of the actors in the unofficial cast if they have been casted for specific roles. Anjie Ureta, manager of Chin Chin Gutierrez who will do the role of Esme Cullen replied, “As of today we have not received information or inquiry regarding ‘Twilight’ remake for Dos.” Becky Aguila, the manager of Joross Gamboa as Jasper Hale and Empress Schuck as Angela Weber, texted, “Di ko alam. Wala pang sinasabi.” Veronique del Rosario, the manager of Nikki Bacolod as Victoria answered, “Wala pang offer.”

    Could this don’t-know approach be a ruse? I got this idea when Carlo Orosa, the manager of Karylle as Rosalie Hale, originally answered “Wala pang official.” When asked for a clarification, replied, “Can’t be revealed yet.” Could it be the whole project is still a top secret and people in the know were asked not to talk about it. This may be similar to the information embargo ordered by ABS-CBN top management for “I Love Betty La Fea” as to the actor who would play the role of Armando. This turned to be John Lloyd Cruz which Buzzbox correctly second-guessed.

  16. 416

    There are strong reactions from ‘Twilight” cult fans that a petition for ABS-CBN not to proceed with the project is on-going. The petition centers two issues: ABS-CBN’s lack of ability to do justice to the novel and Rayver not being fit to do the Edward Allen part. Before they do this, they have to find out first if the buzz is for real or a hoax?

    Save the effort and hate words, guys! Buzzbox clarified with ABS-CBN Corporate Communication Head Bong Osorio and after checking with ABS-CBN Television Head Cory Vidanes categorically stated: “There is no plan for ABS-CBN to remake ‘Twilight.’”

  17. 417

    Yes ; Get mad at the Filipinos cause they're copying an American version. Pfft. Please. Get real. Americans copy/take ideas from EVERYONE and yet the countries get don't mad. But noooo, when another country copies American shit, all the Americans get all pissy and start petitions to get it off the air/etc. Just chill out, man :| It's not like they're doing this illegally. They probably have permission from Summit or Stephenie. And quite frankly ; I'd prefer Shaina Magdayao to play the Bella we see in the USA, because too me, she looks more like her.

  18. 418


  19. 419


  20. 420

    Re: pinmaldita
    "ABS-CBN Television Head Cory Vidanes categorically stated: “There is no plan for ABS-CBN to remake ‘Twilight.’”

    And it better stay that way!

  21. 421


  22. 422

    Oh. My. God.
    I hate fanbrats.

  23. 423


  24. 424

    Re: cntthinkofausername – hahaha.. thanks anyway!

  25. 425


  26. 426

    pambihira! bastusan ang hanep..bwahahahaha..wag nang ituloy yan!

  27. 427

    so what if abs-cbn is planning to have a remake?! will you die if they do??
    you should be proud instead of proclaiming to the world that you hate it, it sucks, etc. etc. hypocrites! is it because that Philippines is not as wealthy as us that makes you go insane about this issue? so what if the effects will not be as good as the movie was? will you be suffocated and get killed after watching it? get real hypocrites. save your nation instead of pushing it down.

  28. 428

    god. people are so dumb.
    I don't see why people make such a big deal about this;
    1. our edward isn't so hot either and plus, this guy is probably good looking for filipino standards.
    2. they won't ruin the movie, their acting actually sucks more than robert pattinson's and kristen stewart's. Shocking, I know.
    3. Americans steal plenty of movies from asians: do you think they really came up with The Ring or The Eye? And they didn't exactly make them better, I prefer the asians take on those movies any day.
    4. and a petition, seriously?! are people really that dumb? i bet half, no, 90% of the people who signed the petition don't even have the filipino channel or understand tagalog.

    it's just really dumb how people make such a big deal about this.
    if you don't want to watch it, then don't. i doubt you can anyway, BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE THE FILIPINO CHANNEL!

    by the way, I do happen to be filipino, but I'm not being biased or racist or anything like that.
    I just think people are dumb for making this news seem like it's the end of the world.

    why don't they take their stupid petition and have it actually make a difference in the world and not on some superficial thing.

  29. 429

    Where are they filming cloudy and rainy forks on a tropical island?

  30. 430



  31. 431

    Do something else people. The world has a lot more serious problems.

  32. 432

    Don't worry.

    Just a hoax, guys.

  33. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: freshh – ah shut the fuck up!!! geez if you don't like it then just don't watch it ya bitch, shit u probly don't even understand tagalog.

    P.S. i have 1 ? are you ashamed of being filipino?

  34. Le0 says – reply to this


    To All MORONS WHO DON"T UNDERSTAND, please read this:
    its just a fucking show , the studio company already bought the franchise and rights to do a pinoy remake, now if you think this is a bad idea, don't watch it, if its horrible to you don't watch it..

    P.S. fucktards should just shut the fuck up if you just

  35. Le0 says – reply to this


    Re: guineveredawn – um its true ABS-CBN just bought the franchise and rights to do a pinoy version.

  36. 436

    im filipino, and though im not a fan of abs-cbn, this might actually work.
    the movie was all eye-candy really, and besides the music there weren't any good points in it. i know most soap operas in the phils can get cheesy, but hey, who knows how this'll turn out. filipinos are actually more than able to pull things off, just stop pushing em around.
    and honestly, interpretation over originality, people.
    i applaud those here who stand up for racial equality and pride. hard to find real human beings on the internet nowadays really.
    though id have to say the poster looks too much of a ripoff, and if the producers thought this edward was "amazingly handsome"…

  37. 437

    First of all, I'm a Filipino.
    Second, THE FUCKING SHITE! I am indeed a flip but I am wholeheartedly against this bogus attemp of remaking twilight! Dang. I'm a TWIhard, and as one, I feel insulted, and treated lke shit. Why? Because Twilight is something that NO ONE i repeat NO ONE could ever remake or what not! It's absurd! It's nothing about racism but the fact that these ludicrous people who wants to remake the film would just end up insulted because of bad reviews. This for me, is a huge thing bec I am deeply devoted to Twilight, and everything about it. The actors are even disgusting! For crying out loud, his face looks like a retard. And the girl. Merlin. It's awful enough to lokk at her face. If it's more of 'promoting' the Filipino talent, heck! Do it in other ways, not like this! It's embarrassing enough to be treated as low life people in abroad. Sorry to be blunt but it is my prerogative to speak my mind out. and right now? i'm going hella ballistic with all this shit. Yes it is my country, but be with me people. It will mean more racism if this will be pushed through. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to stop this ridiculous thing from happening. It's really embarrassing. I am proud of my country, but with this? Big no no. They are seriously insane. I already receive text msgs about twilight quotes being translated to Flip language, and it sucks. Not like this please. It's something I would really go against. The nerve.

  38. 438

    we'll before we say something negative about them..let us first investigate or prove if there is really an adaptation.Even me does'nt want them to copy the movie because TWILIGHT will always be TWILIGHT .. and to be fair with ABS-CBN i read their article stating that there is no truth with regards to Twilight Adaptation.. . i think this is just a black propaganda..the poster is obviously fake!

  39. 439


    i strongly agree with this! as f they did'nt copy the movies like "the Grudge" The Ring, sassy girl.. come on stop pretending to be the ORIGINALs..

  40. 440

    Stupid bitches! If they are making a remake of Twilight then they have permission from Summit! DUR! And America has remade alot of foreign movies like The Grudge or The Ring so shut the fuck up, you obviously don't know what you are talking about.

  41. 441

    well, i`m a filipina & i`m totally against this. i mean hello? the network who`s planning to create the re-make has always copied other ideas. the philippines is seriously needing more creative writers, but since they lack creative writers they decide to steal another person`s idea. get real, this won`t be as good as the REAL twilight & frankly, filipino "tweens" & twilight fans wouldn`t even dare watch this, i`m not ashamed that i`m filipino but c'mon i don`t think anyone is actually going to watch this back home. they could`ve chosen a better Edward Cullen than Rayver Cruz. i actually died when i saw this (not literally though.) this version would actually suck tbh. *TUTUTUTUT* ABS-CBN! better get ready, your sorry execuitive asses are gonna get SUUUUED! ahaaaaa.

  42. x02 says – reply to this


    “There is no truth to the web reports, particularly in the Perez Hilton blogsite that ABS-CBN is doing a local adaptation of ‘Twilight,” Bong Osorio, ABS-CBN Corporate Communications chief said in a text message to the Inquirer. “ABS-CBN will be the first one to announce if it is, in fact, doing so.”

  43. 443

    Re: arabella135

    nuff said… STFU!! Filipino ka? o come on… your one of this so called GREAT TRYING HARD TO BE AMERICANS!

  44. 444

    good to know that there is no truth about the adaptation of Twilight!

  45. 445

    yeah. why should people other than filipinos care? i bet you don't even have the filipino channel in your televisions.

  46. 446

    i guess filo-hating filos should drain their blood out and get foreign blood stuffed to their bodies.

  47. 447

    whew!! Filipinos are really like crabs. instead of lifting their fellows up, they tend to pull them down.. true or not, we must not criticize our fellow Filipinos because we're just showing the world that we are not nationalistic… we Filipinos are brought up to patronize and not to criticize our own.. so stop saying bad things about them since they already issued their statement that there is no truth about the speculations.. and next time, prove before you judge!

  48. 448


  49. 449

    Re: pinmaldita – who says that? It's only you. Stupid arse. We are entitled to our own opinions, for crying out loud! Deal with your own shite and I will with mine. Dang. You suck hun. Back off. It is my opinion, and mine alone. Got that? MY OPINION. If you can't understand it, well. It's your problem to deal with. Sheesh. The nerve.

  50. 450

    OMFG. this thing is really crazzy. WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE ANYWAY? wth? "takipsilim"?? perez, what do you think about this???? because of this rumor, the Philippines will be the laughing stock of the whle world. poor philippines :( ( LOOK AT THE POSTER >>> eeew.

  51. 451

    what ind of poster is that??? look at the guy's face :O constipated :D this is fucking shit and crap. c'mon, originality please. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LOVE TO COPY??? it's like bullshit and all :( sad world

  52. 452

    i agree with what the ther ppl are saying: EDWARD LOOKS UGLY, UGLY, UGLY.
    last thing i heard, EDWARD WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HOT– DAMN HOT. if this thing isn't true then WHO THE HELL MADE THAT FUCKIN' UGLY POSTER?

  53. 453

    guys…don't worry..this is not gonna happen. I live in the philippines and i heard the news just now!! from abs-cbn!! it's not true! haha if this was true…i'm aware of it already..haha

  54. 454

    Totally not true. ABS-CBN won't be doing the Filipino version of Twilight. Shaina and Bea Alonzo are fugly sluts. Booo! Eat this mother f*cking sh*tty tities! BOOOO AMERICANS! YOU ALL SUCK! DAMN YOU SALAZAR!!!!

  55. 455

    This 'TAKIPSILIM' is a hoax, it's not real, it's FALSE, there is NO production at all. (I'm a Filipino teen).

    Although, I got disgusted when I first heard about this because I really hate copycats (whether they be from my country or not). What I don't get is why you other people are so mad about this whole Twilight copying thing when America also remakes Asian films such as 'The Ring' and what not. But if this WAS real, I wouldn't support this either. I can't believe some people are so racists and hypocrites!

  56. 456

    LOLZ its just a hoax
    I watched the news a while ago.

  57. 457

    oh my you Filipinos that says bad comments about your co-filipinos, you should all be ashame of yourselves! you should not ever set foot to the philippines ever! your a disgrace to all pinoys! instead of trying to defend our country to this racist people in the web, you of all people puts down their fellow Filipinos. this takipsilim thing is not meant for americans or for hollywood to see…this is for Filipinos for them to watch and be entertained. you are not forced to watch or see this. this is MEANT to be shown in the PHILIPPINES! NOT IN YOUR COUNTRY! and fyi.. abs-cbn has already bought the rights. MIND OTHER THINGS, GET A LIFE YOU GUYS! IT'S JUST A FUCKING SHOW! IT'S NOT GONNA CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND KILL YOU..

  58. 458

    Re: You like my face? – For your information, 98% of the Philippine population knows well how to speak and write in English. It had been the country's second language. We are not English-ly illiterate.

  59. 459

    Re: chriscouture – Thank you! I`m a Filipino, thank you!

  60. 460

    Re: fluxthing – Ironically, that is what all Filipinos are saying about Americans, too. "Ooh. All Americans have only one face. You can't even distingushed who's who." We've been there, so I know what you're thinking. And you're definitely wrong, genius. You're not even a Filipino to say that and you are not ameliorated enough to know how talented and beautiful Filipinos are. Kristen is a bitch. She has this large jaw and pointed chin I swear she is ugly when her hair is not curly. Unlike Filipinos, we are all beautiful. We all have this certain beauty that I know all of you whites desire — being tan! And get over it. Shaina Magdayao is not typical. She's pretty and that's a proven fact for she'd been in the showbiz industry since she was little. And she even acts better than Kristen!

  61. 461

    Re: NancyD500 – no genius. of course it will be in Tagalog (Filipino language) and why are y'all even bothering to be annoyed? This will be not made for AMERICANS, this will be made for FILIPINOS so don't butt in.

  62. 462

    Re: Nelly_In_SJ – thank you!

  63. 463

    Re: jadedmSerychild – bitch, of course 'takipsilim' is the filipino translation of 'twilight' fucking genius.

  64. 464

    Re: chutzpahblue-ish – nyehhhhh..arte ah ang OA mo kapal ng mukha kala mo naman di pilipino. kakahiya ka.

  65. 465

    Re: OHNOITSMARJRe: chutzpahblue-ish – nyehhhhh..arte ah ang OA mo kapal ng mukha kala mo naman di pilipino. kakahiya ka.

  66. 466

    it would have been a funny show to watch, hehe

  67. 467

    forgive my audacity, but, filipinos take piracy to an art form, legal or otherwise… it is disgusting.

  68. 468

    Re: chunice – and we filipinos can't wait to see you die. You're a disgrace you maggot.

  69. 469

    Mga Pilipino dito eh mga walang utak. duh! dahil lang dyan sa isang yan eh itatakwil na ang lahi…mga salot kayo…kaya tayo nadidiscriminate at ang baba ng tingin sa atin ng mga puting yan kasi kayo mismo eh hindi marunong magpahalaga kung sinu kayo…kung ganyan rin lang ang tingin nyo eh kalimutan nyo nang may bansang pilipinas kayong pinagpanganakan…mga peste!!!


  70. 470

    hindi lang naman mga pilipino ang nagnanakaw ng idea ah…kung alam nyo lang kung san napulot ni stephanie meyer yang idea ng libro nya…tae nyo…wala pa ring tatalo sa harry potter…haay

  71. 471

    demonyo si perez hilton…kaya kayo nagkakaganyan…

  72. 472

    I protest to this…What they don't have an Originality …This SUCKS!!!! People needs to be more original in this kind of feild or read a different book then turn it into a series but not the Twilight….

  73. 473

    Re: arabella135 – oooh..ouch!!! masakit ba? ouch!! super affected ka ata.. hahahaha… coz its true right… napakain ka lang ng mga kano dyan sa amerika eh kung ano ano na sinasabi mo against Filipino's. wake up dear!!! hahahaha.. i am so happy… sana matauhan ka in tagalog…

  74. 474

    Re: You like my face?


  75. 475

    Re: dzeraus

    ..yeah she's right..



  76. 476

    Re: You like my face?

    YOU RETARD. i'm filipina and i speak english very fluently. yeah, our countries films suck big time every now and then (what can we do, the special effect shit is kind of shitty on this side of the fucking world, sorry na), and yeah, me and my friends make fun of it, but you have no rite to say that, not unless you're filipino, you live in the fucking country and you have to deal with our president and corrupt government. kthanksbye. :)

    so just shut up, kay?

    to the whole Takipsilm thing:

    …whatthefuck? this is so effing pinoy :) ) god. you take an american big hit and then make a filipino remake. god. :) ) i hope they don't do it. if they do, they're insane. i wouldn't watch it :) )

  77. 477

    Gosh! It doesnt mean that if some Filipinos criticize other Filipinos they already hate who they are. Geez. That's why we have what we call "critics". Some Filipinos here are just so sensitive. Im proud to be Filipino but I'd be prouder if we get to have our own original shows. They've done it before. Why cant they do it again? Some of you here are just plain slaves to this stupid network war in the Philippines. Pathetic. Here in US, we have ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, etc but do you see anyone arguing? American Idol (from FOX) contestants always guest in Live with Regis and Kelly (from ABC) and it isnt a problem. Grow up people! You're the one who's putting Philippines down. You and your own immaturity and stupidity and shallowness.

  78. 478

    Re: guesswhoboo!
    "but you have no rite to say that, not unless you're filipino, you live in the fucking country and you have to deal with our president and corrupt government. "

    Right on! That made my day! It's really difficult putting up with that kind of government. From the lowest barangay tanod to the president, they're all (ok, most of them if not all) f-ing corrupt!

  79. 479

    tv patrol just clarified that there is no such show that will be aired on philippine television. So everything is not true.

  80. 480

    replace the filipino edward PUHLEEEESS… then its okay even if it sickens me.

  81. 481

    the newspaper says its not true(read the entertainment section of the philippine star)

  82. 482

    Re: freshh – yeah. go burn your self. you're an embarrassment. if we know you hate it because everyone hates it.

  83. 483

    Re: pinmaldita – oh FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. REread my comment, will ya? I said I'm proud of the Phils. And hey. You. Stupid. Just because I'm speaking in english dose it mean that I'm trying hard to be an American? THE ABSURDITY OF THIS IGNORANT DIMWITTED WOMAN! Gee. What do you call this comment of your then? ::hey.. why don't you watch lobo series of abs cbn and compared it with blood and chocolate movie.. mapaphiya kayo… lobo is better than the movie.. so you better watch out if this twilight pinoy version will be materialized.. :: OMG. You're totally swallowing your own words. That is sooo wicked! Come on. This is bosh. Speak English as well, if you like. I don't DAMN care. What a prat. Shit your shit and I'll shit my shit. You're not a flip critique to insult me like that. I have ALL the rights to say what I wanted. Stupid, absurd woman. What I'm saying is NOT I repeat NOT against the Filipinos hence it is AGAINST what they ARE doing. Is that too hard for you to understand? Do I need to spell out the friggin' words? Come on.

  84. 484

    well then, damn you all. you guys friggin' hate each other. TOO MUCH DRAMA HERE. one thing I can say: hoax or not this thing sucks. if this is a joke, it's not funny at all. yeah it's just a show, its not gonna change our lives but c'mon you have to admit IT FREAKIN' FULL OF BULLSHIT. to whoever created this thing— YOU ARE CRAZY.

  85. 485

    Re: guesswhoboo!

    yeah, asians [from other countries] go to the philippines to learn English. so yeah fuck off :D kidding.

  86. 486

    hate the guy…
    he's not as hot as edward…

  87. 487

    lols at u guys.
    yes, we don't have the "expertise in visual effects". probably because we're a third worlds country.
    but hey, we're also developing.
    and this "takipsilim" thing is part of development.
    at least we're trying.

    and also, wtf to all those guys who say that we don't have originality and such.
    u idiots, if this was true (but i know it isn't), it will be a TV SERIES NOT A MOVIE.
    did anyone else have the idea of making it a tv series? DUHHH.

    filipinos have the same education system, road system, and we also speak english because of americans. hey wait, it may also be why we don't have the thing called originality. just maybe, but i'm not saying it's true. :]]

    also, people who say the actors are not as good looking as the people who portrayed the people in that movie, as if you're as good looking as them. they might not be that "perfect" but they are good actors. especially shaina because she's been acting since she was a child.

    it's probably because of those guys who "petitioned" {wth?} for abs to stop making takipsilim that's why they really stopped it.

  88. 488

    correction to my last post: third WORLD. :]

  89. 489

    PLEASE DONT!!! i won't watch this even if it airs on tfc … shaina can't act!

  90. 490

    Re: arabella135
    hay… nagpuputok tuloy ang butse mo.. sa iyo na mismo nanggaling na your entitled with your own opinion.. so ako siguro may karapatan din di ba? ayan tuloy katawa tawa ka sa mga reply mo sa akin… naguilty ka ba? uhhmmm.. sino kaya ngayon sa atin ang karapat dapat sa salitang stupid or in tagalog.. istupido.. ask yourself.. malalaman mo ang sagot.. oh di ba?uhmmm.. ikaw ba yun? :D ..

  91. 491

    Re: pinmaldita – who backfired first? Who in the whole wide world reacted first? I believe its you hunii. Askin' me who's the stupid one now? Def you:D. LMAO. OMG. I can't believe I'm doing this. You're such a kiddo. Cute. But don't pet it. So, anywhoo, you better think of the previous 'speeches' you dropped to insult me, because sweetie. It's pointless. You're turning everything upside down. Okay hun? I believe you have a common sense. Use it, so as you would be enlightened, and not be mistaken (by yours truly) an idiot. Well. Ta-ta. Have fun defending your bogus arguments :D don't worry. I'll try my best to stoop down to your level. A level of idiocy. Yours truly, Arabella.

  92. 492

    the network denied the series remake.. oh, thank God. it would be a big JOKE to remake something like twilight.
    pinoys just want something to copy and that's all.. Gossip girl as lipgloss, desperate housewives as desperadas… everything… go with the flow…..
    anyway, let's not be affected to it. it's just a silly rumor and it will never be true…

  93. 493

    Re: arabella135 – if you think mababa level ko and im idiot logically speaking lola.. i think ganun ka rin kasi pinatulan mo ang whole thingy na ito.. ang mga kaengotan ng mga fans ng twilight.. and besides.. bakit ka nainsulto ng todo todo sa reaction ko.. kasi totoo di ba.. and also.. if wala kwenta ang argument ko.. from the first place sana dinedma mo.. kasi wala kwenta.. so sa ngaun.. sino sa atin ang walang kwenta ang argument.. it turned out lang na pareho tayo.. wag na kasi magmarunong.. ok.. kunsabagay hindi nga naman tayo magkalevel.. so far sa almost 500 na post dito.. ikaw lang ang napikon at kuntodo defend sa sarili mo.. o siya ewan na kita rito ha..tsk tsk tsk…

  94. 494

    im a filipina, but lemme just say they can do a remake of anything for as long as they like - theyre gonna end up crappy anyway. hahaha….

    but hey, dont be too hard on us. you guys also have a long list of remakes from foreign countries to name a few:

    ugly betty = a mexican remake of betty la fea
    the lake house = a remake of the korean movie "il mare"
    my sassy girl = a remake of a korean movie of the same title
    shutter = a remake of a thai movie of the same title
    the ring = a remake of a japanese movie of the same title
    the eye = remake of a japanese/korean (im not sure) movie of the same title

    the list goes on…so if you havent heard of them, i guess that means your remakes were… [fill in the blanks]

  95. 495

    thats nc

  96. 496

    stop all this nonsense you stupid morons.

  97. 497

    i am filipina but this sounds Hilarious, OMG they look Ugly couple! NOOOOO they can't do the filipino version of "twilight"…. ewwwwww NO way

  98. 498

    For sure this would be a Lousy movie ewwwww

  99. 499

    that is sucks…WTF

  100. 500

    i watched the entertainment live in abs-cbn .. this is not true ! this only a joke .. shaina and rayver were very shocked .. totally , this is not true ! i am just a fan of twilight and i am also a kampamilya:D

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