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Beyonce Steals Again!

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The song originally called "Smack Into You" was written for Jon McLaughlins sophomore album "Ok Now" by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. Though, the song was later scrapped from the album, Jon did perform the song live on his summer/fall tour. Not letting an amazing song go to waste, it was presented to Beyonce and changed to "Smash Into You". Thats the part Beyonce must have "written" in order to receive that coveted writing credit because the two versions are practially identical lyrically otherwise.

Click here to listen to Jon's version!

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176 comments to “Beyonce Steals Again!”

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  1. 101

    FUCK U PEREZ !! WHY U R LYING AND U KNOW THE TRUTH ?? Beyonce gave a credit to him for writing this song on her album ,, SHE DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING , SHE BOUGHT THEM AND WROTE THEIR NAMES ON HER ALBUM .

    FUCK U PEREZ !! WHY U R LYING AND U KNOW THE TRUTH ?? Beyonce gave a credit to him for writing this song on her album ,, SHE DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING , SHE BOUGHT THEM AND WROTE THEIR NAMES ON HER ALBUM .

    FUCK U PEREZ !! WHY U R LYING AND U KNOW THE TRUTH ?? Beyonce gave a credit to him for writing this song on her album ,, SHE DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING , SHE BOUGHT THEM AND WROTE THEIR NAMES ON HER ALBUM .

    FUCK U PEREZ !! WHY U R LYING AND U KNOW THE TRUTH ?? Beyonce gave a credit to him for writing this song on her album ,, SHE DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING , SHE BOUGHT THEM AND WROTE THEIR NAMES ON HER ALBUM .

  2. 102

    FUCK U PEREZ !! WHY U R LYING AND U KNOW THE TRUTH ?? Beyonce gave a credit to him for writing this song on her album ,, SHE DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING , SHE BOUGHT THEM AND WROTE THEIR NAMES ON HER ALBUM .

    FUCK U PEREZ !! WHY U R LYING AND U KNOW THE TRUTH ?? Beyonce gave a credit to him for writing this song on her album ,, SHE DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING , SHE BOUGHT THEM AND WROTE THEIR NAMES ON HER ALBUM .

    FUCK U PEREZ !! WHY U R LYING AND U KNOW THE TRUTH ?? Beyonce gave a credit to him for writing this song on her album ,, SHE DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING , SHE BOUGHT THEM AND WROTE THEIR NAMES ON HER ALBUM .

    FUCK U PEREZ !! WHY U R LYING AND U KNOW THE TRUTH ?? Beyonce gave a credit to him for writing this song on her album ,, SHE DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING , SHE BOUGHT THEM AND WROTE THEIR NAMES ON HER ALBUM .
    SO STFU PEREZ !!!!

  3. 103

    Go on to YouTube and play Beyonce's version with this one. If you line it up right it actually goes pretty well.
    What a shame though. Beyonce can sing but apparently can't write to save her life.

  4. 104

    Hrm on second glace she didn't steal anything, neither she or Jon wrote the song. Jon discarded the song and Beyonce used it and gave credit to the original writers NON WHICH WERE JON. Only thing she did that was tacky was add her name to the songwriter list.

  5. 105

    she sings it better anyways…and whats the big deal anyways..all you haters need to stop haten..she already recorded the song and there is nothing that can be done about it..so stop complaining!!!

  6. 106

    Uhmm… Hello!
    She changed a word in the song & got writing credit for one word!
    It's ridic!
    I'm sure a lot of the pop stars are doing it today but that doesn't mean it is ethical.
    I wouldn't call it stealing-it's more like lying to the public about Beyonce's talent!!!!

  7. 107

    Beyonce's voice on Destiny's Child album and B was accentuated by a un-named vocalist. Who has since died of cancer.
    Sad but true.

  8. 108

    how did she "steal" the song if it was "presented" to her?! hmm… you are nothing but a drama starter

  9. 109

    Re: FUCK OFF

    whats wrong man? You got the hiccups or something? come back when you've gotten rid of them.

  10. 110

    beyonce is not orginal and her stupid stans know this

  11. 111

    Who cares about Beyonce…..this guy is amazing!! Hot and a voice like velvet!!! You've made my day Perez :)

  12. 112

    he doesnt own the song, because he didnt write it. the owners of the song have the write to sell it to any artist.

  13. 113

    idiots lol beyonce was not credited for writing this song. at all. she didn't steal anything.

  14. 114

    Re: Joshdukie
    Yes, I think we all understand that. Thanks.

    But then it should say the song was sold and bought by Beyonce - not written by Beyonce. I think things need to get technical about who physicslly wrote what.

    The music industry has become disgusting and vapid and greedy and boring, self-righteous, and seems to hold a double-standard to people. I am tired of art/music being seen as more of a marketing scheme than a passion.

  15. 115

    She changes one word and gets song writing credit..I'm ashamed he sold his song to her.

  16. 116

    Isn't that what people like her do?

  17. 117

    Rihanna & T.I.'s song "LIVE YOUR LIFE" is also a big ripoff of an Icelandic Techno song. Look it up.

  18. 118

    This is what she gets when you play with the devil! She'll never learn, you shouldn't lie, cheat, or steal to get ahead. But then, when you're in league with the devil, he always wants his 10%!!!!!


  19. tasha says – reply to this


    Re: mellbell08 – The girls name is bc jean not bj jean.

  20. 120

    Hmm… Stealing is a strong word. Do you mean that she didn't write the song herself then I think you're all wrong. She never claimed she did. Most artists don't write their songs by themselves. And according to Ascap's webpage (where you can search for any song registered with them) Beyonce has writers-credit on both "Smack into you" and "Smash into you". Where do you get your info?

  21. tasha says – reply to this


    Re: JustMe7 – Perez is talking about the writing credit. HELLO. Rihanna didn't take a writing credit for Umbrella.

  22. 122


  23. 123

    Re: tunzies – jon didnt write the song..the dream and tricky wrote the song…they can sell to whomever they want..the dream wrote single ladies for beyonce ..beyonce didnt steal bc jeans song either…bc wrote that song with toby gab…who owns the song and he sold it….learn how to reat….and dont believe everything on these sites…

  24. 124

    She didn't do it… it was Sasha Fierce, isn't that the name of the other personality her "bad" side. Haha, wtfe. Anyway, artists do it all the time. Look at chris wallace(biggie smalls) and tupac, their art was often "inspired" on tracks and lines that were found in some earlier music. It happens all the time. Don't be so hard on the broad. Look at all the surgery she's been through… Poor her.

  25. 125

    Re: CoreyLynn – he didnt write the song..the song was sold not stolen…his voice is ok..sounds like every other teen male to me

  26. 126

    Re: covergirl – beyonce wrote parts of the melody..last time i checked..u get writing credits for this…some write lyrics, some write the melody, and some write music for the instruments…they all get credits..take some music business classes

  27. 127

    I love this version (& Beyonce's!). I don't think she's takin credit for writing this song, though.

  28. 128

    Re: booyoopoo – youre pretty much right..some people write lyrics, some write melody, some write for the instruments..they can all claim a writing credit..even if its a small change..sometimes those small changes can make a song hit or miss

  29. 129

    Re: shinny – beyonce said she hired others to write on her album to say the things she couldnt say…as far as claiming writing credits…you would know even the smallest change to a song counts….some write they lyrics, some write melodies, some write the instrumental…everyone person has a credit…even if its a key/note change…one lyric..whatever..it is..u get a credit…this is all business

  30. 130

    Re: MMMMMarissa. – lol..stole it from who….jon didnt write the song either…

  31. 131

    Re: makapants – she didnt steal the song..she bought it and changed a note/key…take a music business class…any change no matter how small or big..u get writing credits

  32. lil says – reply to this


    Did anyone ever think that Beyonce do write songs but just not this song? Did she ever say she wrote the song? I don't think she stole it. Somehow people who doesn't know the industry should just shut the fuck up. I might say, Jon's version is better. And the song is too beautiful!

  33. 133

    Kind of like how you copy and paste from other sites.

  34. 134

    Oh my God You people Give up the fucking drama already. It's really annoying!
    Beyonce is talented and does write music. I am sure this is all just a misunderstanding that Perez loves to make into a bigger story just because he can and people believe his bullshit rumors.

  35. 135

    She always does the same. Just like with Victoria Beckham's cover. She appears first in the credits of 'Resentment' and she only rewrote a few lines.
    Shame on her!

  36. 136

    Re: makapants – Hey you stole my comment!!!

  37. Resse says – reply to this


    Re: CMaddox
    Maddox is correct. Beyonce did the ab libs in the song… which is why she is listed as one of the writers. The writers gave the song to Beyonce because Jon decided to not use it on his album. How is that an example of her stealing when Jon never owned the song to begin with??

  38. 138

    Beyonce is two words to me: OVER … RATED.

    And she has cankles.

  39. 139

    The writing credit on Beyonce's album is: Terius Nash, Beyonce Knowles, Christopher Stewart & Thaddis Harrell. Certainly Nash, Stewart and Harrell deserve the writing credit as it appears they are the actually composers of the music and lyrics. They deserve to receive the composer royalties.

    The question is how did Beyonce end up as being included as a writer of the song? Particularly if it was written long before she got involved. She didn't steal it, per se, anyone can record a song on their album. Artists do cover versions all the time. But she shouldn't be included as a writer/composer. She only deserves the performance royalties for this one.

  40. 140

    Clarification: She only deserves the performance royalties for this one IF she wasn't actually part of the writing process.

    Guess it would be unfair to not give her the benefit of the doubt that she wasn't also involved in writing the song with the others credited - until we have more details.

  41. 141

    haha whatever! "smash into you" or "smack into you"! both of those titles are lame…you know they really wanted to call it "crash into you" but then that would be too obvious and reminiscent of the dave matthew's song….

  42. 142

    obviously yuh people have no idea what you are talking about…………this guy did not write this song and neither did beyonce…..but she did however purchace it from the writers which is why in her album credits she is not credited as writing it………….please check facts next time

  43. 143

    Perez, perhaps you should look at your goddess Madonna to see examples of people stealing from others. She has a long list of such blatant ripoffs. It's one thing to add a phrase, line, verse, or whatever to a song and get credit for it (and how do you all know if the original writers of the song gave Beyonce permission to add her name to the songwriting credits or not?). It's another to add a line to a song someone else wrote the lyrics for, and then "forget" to list the original lyricist on the songwriting credit, such as Lenny Kravitz and Madonna did on "Justify My Love" (Madonna claims amnesia on that one and let Kravitz take all the blame for that travesty).

  44. moon says – reply to this


    I like his song
    & many song writers send demos to the industries
    so other singers can sing it
    … that's probably what happened.

  45. Zip says – reply to this


    I know for a fact that Beyonce is a crook, as she just ripped me off!!! That song, "If I Was A Boy" is my song. It is in the same tempo, the same key, with the same instrumentation, exactly the same as my song. She just changed the lyrics, and I just happen to know a particular person who is very important to Beyonce's career. These people are crooks of the highest order…and trust me, Beyonce ruined the song!!! The lyrics that I wrote really complimented my music, but what she wrote is garbage, a powerful example of her clear lack of talent!!! Stay away from Beyonce, or anyone who works with her, because if they get a sample of your work and like it, they will steal it and you will not be paid or credited!!!

  46. Zip says – reply to this


    BTW, Beyonce also openly took credit for writing "To The Left" a song that Neo wrote, one that he had to come out and verbally rebuke her for lying about writing it in interviews, repeatedly claiming that she wrote the song from personal experience and to give women courage!!! She is a crook and sham artist. And I am daring her to sue me because I would love to wind-up in court over this so, I can pull out the evidence for all to see and hear. I wrote my song, about 6 years ago and have the proof. Beyonce, you should be really ashamed of yourself. If you really do believe in God, which I doubt, you have some heavy dues to pay to get into Heaven after you use God's name to promote yourself but you live your life in a foul way. You are worth 200 million dollars, plus…just how much more money do you really need…you can't spend it all–so when will you stop stealing, to get it???

  47. 147

    They know the law at that level. No one's getting sued. Pretty song.

  48. 148

    she stole Leona Lewis song as well. poor Leona.

  49. 149

    Beyonce is annoying

  50. Zip says – reply to this


    To: Mimi's Better Than Madonna–Beyonce stole the sample for Bonnie and Clyde that she did with Jay-Z. They stole it from Toni Braxton several years ago. That was going to be Braxton's come back song, of course with different lyrics, based on a Tupac sample, so there is a pattern here. And yes, you are right, they do know how to steal a song at that level, all you have to do is change a song by 20% to get away with stealing it…the mistake they made with me though, is that they only changed the bridge of the song, the lyrics, and added an extra string line in the vamp of the song–all the chords, notes, and exact instrumentation, on down to guitars, are exactly the same. And this isn't the first time that this rep for Beyonce has filtered material over to people in their camp–hello Jay-Z! When it comes to my material, no jury or judge could say that the song isn't stolen.

  51. 151

    Why am I not surprised about this. There is nothing original about this girl. She is a one trick pony.

  52. 152

    jon sing sthis song so much better anyway. it sounds like it has so much more soul in his version. this should have been on his album.

  53. 153

    i think you should show more jon mclaughlin on your website. he is very talented, humble, and being on here would help his career even more.

  54. 154

    Re: sgouyez – this song WAS on his album.

  55. 155

    I thought she covered it….I like Jon's version better.

  56. 156

    Re: JohnnyCakes
    Maybe. I always preferred spice instead of sugar.

  57. 157

    Re: light2you – Yes she does!!! She isn't a theif or a credit taker like Beyonce.

  58. 158

    Re: DanielDax – Haha. I remember that! There are a few songs/videos the she has been sued over & lost!
    *Salvatore Acquaviva won a plagiarism lawsuit Madonna for the song frozen.
    *For her "Hollywood" video she copied the late French photographer Guy Bourdin & his son sued her & won.
    **Hey but she's an (copy cat) Artist!!!

  59. 159

    I am DEVASTATED!! I Love "B".. I Hate to hear wrong stuff!!!

  60. 160

    yeah, but you guys do relalize that over half the songs out there now have belongs to someone else or someone else wrote it or they are covers, they just arent exposed like this. Like the PCD song 'happily never after' was originally by the Backstreet Boys but they didnt put it on their CD, so the girls re-did it and used it. Personally, I think as lon as your whole CD isnt re-do's its ok, why let a good song go to waste if they arent gonna use it.

  61. 161

    Wow, she knows how to ruin a song. I dislike her, so I haven't even bothered with her album and I'm glad I didn't. I loved the ORIGINAL of this song before she went and barfed it back up, she should learn how to leave a good thing alone.

  62. 162

    Are you fuckers high??? She gave the writer credit…she changed some of the words and some of the melody — to which she is fully justified in taking a co-writer credit. PLUS she sounds much better than that whiny sap who couldn't make a hit with it. Same goes for the "If I Were A Boy" song. If the original singer couldn't make a hit with it, why shouldn't B? I'm sick of you dumbass turds. Beyonce is a fucking HIT MAKER! Deal with it!!

  63. 163

    Madonna is the queen of changing one word or part of a song to get a writing credit. This is nothing new and just shows the rarity of true musicians in the industry. It's wack though that the dream and Tricky Stewart let her have this credit for one friggin word.

  64. 164

    this song is beautiful and it's a shame it's not going on jon's record! i've seen him live several times and he's such an awesome musician. it sucks that so many good songs are taken by A list musicians when less known musicians could make the song so much better. ex: More than a memory was taken from Lee brice and given to garth brooks. BOOOOO.

  65. 165

    Re: LaDiva enjoy da holidays bitches… – why am i not surprised to see u on a next Beyonce post hating

  66. 166

    Perez Hates Beyonce one day then like her the next….ANYWHO Beyonce didn't steal the song!

  67. 167

    Oh, please, she PURCHASED it…

    BTW, we knew this a long long time ago!~~~~~~~~
    I love both versions…

  68. 168

    I don't see the problem. The song is credited to Stewart and Nash who everbody agrees wrote the song and they are receiving songwriting royalties for it. That's how it works. I would understand an uproar if Beyonce were claiming she wrote it(as the article irrespnsibly implies) but that is not the case: She is simply singing a song that was offered to her by her its writers, she’s not claiming that she wrote it. Elvis Presley made a career singing other people's(mostly black artists) songs and I have never heard anyone ever complaining. I would like you to please clarify how exactly is it that Beyonce is "stealing songwriting credits" when she is not listed as the songwriter of the song.

  69. 169

    Beyonce didn't steal anything.

    Tricky and Dream give writing credit to the artist and their vocal producer ,Thaddis (Kuk) Harrell to most of the songs they write and produce. There is an old saying in the music industry…"add a word, get a third". This is a non-story and Perez should be ashamed of himself for manufacturing this just because he hates Beyonce.

    Perez is pathetic sometimes.

  70. 170

    YOU SOUND RIDICULOUS PH! So what if she re-sang the song??? Thats how the indusrty works also she has NOT taken ANY writing credits for "SMASH INTO YOU" The haters just LOVE them some Bey. PLEASE READ BELOW:

    I Am…
    "If I Were a Boy" (BC Jean, Toby Gad) – 4:09
    "Halo" (Knowles, Tedder, Evan "Kidd" Bogart) – 4:21
    "Disappear" (Knowles, Ghost, Dave McCracken, Dench) – 4:27
    "Broken-Hearted Girl" (Knowles, Eriksen, Hermansen, Babyface) – 4:37
    "Ave Maria" (Knowles, Eriksen, Hermansen) – 3:41
    "Smash Into You" (Stewart, Nash) – 4:31
    "Satellites" (Knowles, Ghost, McCracken, Dench) – 3:06
    "That's Why You're Beautiful" (Knowles, Andrew Hey) – 3:41
    "Save the Hero" (Knowles, Rico Love, James Scheffer

  71. 171

    BITCHES READ IT AND WEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Am…
    "If I Were a Boy" (BC Jean, Toby Gad) – 4:09
    "Smash Into You" (Stewart, Nash) – 4:31

  72. 172

    I wouldn't doubt it if she misread the lyrics and mistook the word "smack" for "smash," and then decided that she deserved writing credit for being illiterate.

  73. 173


  74. 174

    whats the big deal nothing will happen, jon will surely get kick backs, besides Jon's boss happens to be Mr. Jay Z…

  75. 175

    Re: QBITCH – U got ballz asking me this… U should've asked herself this first, idiot.

  76. lolli says – reply to this


    SMASH does, sound better?…lol. But i LOVE this song, and i like Beyonce's "interpretation" of it… lolRe: CMaddox – . i agree, PEREZ GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT SHE DIDN'T "STEAL" ANYTHING!

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