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Say Hello To The New & Improved Kelly Clarkson!

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Kelly Clarkson has released the artwork for her new single, My Life Would Suck Without You.

Sure it may be Photoshopped to the max, but it's hawt! And, it's in stark contrast to the publicity images for her last album, My December.

That Kelly was dark and brooding. This one is blonde and red and shiny. In other words, she's embracing the pop.


What do U think of the new artwork/look/direction????

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130 comments to “Say Hello To The New & Improved Kelly Clarkson!”

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  1. poop says – reply to this


    yeah yeah yeah yeah! So excited!!!

  2. 102

    For everyone that says Kelly's career is over and this won't make a difference, i cannot wait for her to prove you all wrong. And i bet that all of you that say you don't like her, and she's boring will be singing this song because it will be stuck in your head. As for the photo, of course it's air brushed!!! Show me one photo out of hollywood that isn't! The photographer that took this picture is named Mike Ruiz. Google his work, you'll see that this is his style. So if you don't like the picture, stop blaming Kelly Clarkson!

  3. 103

    I like it, I missed her and she's the only winner/contestant from American Idol that ever had a hit she even had like 5 or more hit songs, good for her. Can't wait to her new songs. :)

  4. 104

    It's painfully awful, actually… very tacky. I wanted Breakaway x2, not something Xtina woulda done.

  5. 105

    kinda tacky

  6. 106

    BUT…her hair and the background kinda looks like a covergirl photoshoot

  7. 107

    trust me…. either she is 100% LESBIAN or TOMBOY…..LOL

  8. 108

    Its about time! She looks amazing, photo shop and all… and I can't wait to hear her new music!

  9. 109

    her face is like ehhhhhhhhhhh…

  10. 110

    Nice. Taking it to the same level as Britney and every other teeny-bopper wannabe. Giving up who she is for what will sell records. Sad. I thought she was better than that.

  11. 111

    That is a fucking ridiculous title for a CD. This bitch is so washed up. I've only heard that one obnoxious single she had. I want to personally kick the makers of American Idol in the balls.

  12. 112

    We'll see when the music comes out.

  13. 113

    There is no Mistaking Mike Ruiz work!!!!!! it gotta be

  14. 114

    this is so sad…another cookie from the cutter

  15. 115

    Re: HisDruidess – It isn't the name of her cd, ass. Read it again.

  16. 116


  17. 117

    Funny how her and Mommiedearest has to be photoshopped to even look halfway decent. At least she has one thing on Mommiedearest, she can sing…and she hasn't given up any children for a song and a dance and some drugs and some alcohol. hheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. 118


  19. 119

    Love the art direction, but she almost doesn't look like herself and that may turn a few heads. The album cover kinda looks like a commercial ad for lipgloss or eye shadow - not really for music.

  20. 120

    Lesbian or not, photoshopped or not, I could care less. She's got a set of pipes that blows 90% of performers away. That's what matters to me. Can't wait for the CD, welcome back GF!

  21. 121

    I've always loved Kelly…no matter what look she had!

  22. 122

    i think that is nice to see Kelly again!! she has been out of the media for so long! she is a great singer and i hope she can bring herself back up!

  23. 123

    perez, you dont know what you are talking about.
    kelly looked beautiful during her "my december" release.
    and i friggin love that album to the max.
    just because clive davis didn't care for it, doesn't mean "my december" is a bad album. you probably didn't even listen to you. just took "record sales" as an indicator if it was a good or bad album. previously you said you were glad she is "back" as if she had been gone for a long time. i went to her concert with reba, and she totally outshown reba. she's still "here" and i hope she always will be. just because she isn't stalked by the pazzo doesn't mean she's been forgotten.
    i like your blog, but you should be more honest with posts.
    if you don't know anything about someones' art or talent, then stop pretending you do by "research" or some bullcrap.
    a sufficent "look at kellys new cover" would have been enough :]
    kelly is better than anyone out there, IMO.
    "break away" was great. "my december" is my fav.
    def., looking forward to the new album :] yayyy.

  24. 124

    I am way more interested in this then the other stuff . I hope it is fun and dancy

  25. 125

    I was hoping to say goodbye to Kelly Clarkson. Can you say "Your 15 minutes are up"?

  26. 126

    She definitely took the idea from MADONNA'S HARD CANDY album…..stupid bitch LMAO

  27. 127

    wtf is she katy perry with the lolipop?

  28. 128

    Kelly kicks ass! Better than 90% of singers out there BTW, she's not fat, the ruffled shirt is just an unfortunate choice. I will always buy whatever she's selling!!!

  29. 129

    I feel sad for her…I doubt this is the image she wants to portray…still…I'm glad she's back!

  30. 130

    Very cute and edgy. I dig it. Well, Im partial to the color red anyways. She looks good as a blond.

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