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Vintage Robert Pattinson

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson

rpppp1.jpg rp22222.jpg

Some pics from an old old issue of British gay men's mag Attitude.


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434 comments to “Vintage Robert Pattinson”

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  1. 101

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk – your fucking disgusting!
    no one here wants to read about what goes on in your nasty ass mind ewww !

  2. 102

    Re: Assume the Position! – No, no BBD involved, but it was funny. I will be more than happy to help you out. I'll even teach you the bad words, which is the question you had: mammona is really someone annoying. Mamao might be the word your friends call each other.
    See, first lesson.

  3. 103

    OME!!! all late!
    u bearly found these???
    hes been

  4. 104

    He actually looks a little oriental.
    And then, on the other hand, the whole gettup screams 1980's Madonna Reduz. Actually, even kind of resembles 1983-84 Madonna. LOLOLOLOL.

  5. 105

    I mean Redux.

  6. 106


  7. 107

    PERVez I know you would like him better at 16 or 17 expecially with his snake wrapped around his leg.

  8. 108

    bahahaa. love it. gayy mann. :D

  9. 109

    i still would love him if he was gay i know perez wishes he was lol
    we could share him perez !

  10. 110

    Re: awsomekrys – Robert Pattison IS uggly. His nose is squash, his face malformed, and his eyebrows are so thick. Im sorry if youre a teenie who is "in love" with this guy, but seriously, you have to know accepting others opinion without attacking them.

  11. 111

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – Yes! The poster's name…………….I was so confused! lol Thanks for the lesson! Ahhh, I can use the word now!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  12. 112

    all i have to say is hubba hubba ;) :P

  13. 113

    Love him! I'm so glad he's legal now. lol. Cause the thoughts I get about him are so very wrong…. Yet so goood!

  14. 114

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk – No problem!
    I can't stand smug assholes who think their shit doesn't stink!

  15. 115

    are you really asking us to "enjoy" photos of a fourteen yr old boy in a gay magazine?…….*puke on you

  16. 116

    nice pics!

  17. 117

    Oh Rob, how I love thee…
    Oh and by the way, HE'S NOT GAY!!!!!

  18. 118

    Lawzy Lawzy where have you been?……

  19. 119

    Re: awsomekrys – Why don't you kneel before me and blow me. Your mouth will be doing much better service with my dick in it, and all your silly tweenybopper jibber-jabber would be hushed.
    You silly girls will all have traded in your stupid RP avatars a year from now anyway. Earlier, if the news breaks he's gay.
    So stop talking to me, hoebag.

  20. 120

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk
    I see why you hide your face. You ain't too smart. I bet your parents are related. That would explain a lot. You people should breed with monkeys to improve your gene pool.

  21. 121

    he sure don't look legal by American standards…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  22. 122


  23. 123

    My goodness Queen change the post……………………this brings out the tweens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 124

    Re: Harry Johnson – Dude fuck off already!!!!!!!! You're not funny and your dumb as fuck! Go find old ass Orchid girl and get her to turn a trick for you!!!!!!!! Got it dickhead!!!!!

  25. 125

    Re: Harry Johnson – Still stalking me, number 24.
    I tell you what, if you'll ask right, I'll give you a little sample of what I got. There's plenty to go around.

  26. 126

    Re: Assume the Position!
    You little twerp. You're the one calling everyone stupid. That IS smug. Who made you the dean of this site. Everyone has an opinion. You just insist that yours is always correct you conceited and smug little twerp!

  27. 127

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – how can i fit into this g. island scenario?? i wanna join!

  28. 128

    Re: Black Patent Leather Mary Janes – sorry…doesn't happen here. maybe the person had something else to do???

  29. 129

    Re: mamajud – Mamajud, Perezito is probably skipping around Times Square, eating a pretzel/hot dog, on the Ferry to S.I. or at Sony Wonder, some of the cheap/free stuff you can do in NYC!

  30. 130

    Re: mamajud – #122!!! i KNOW!! i've missed lawzy something terrible!

  31. 131

    Re: Assume the Position! – De nada. I'll talk to you later!

  32. 132

    Gay porn for those who like twinks.

  33. 133

    Re: Assume the Position! – see assume…you have orchid on the mind! she isn't here and you bring her up!! dayum!!

  34. 134

    Aw, little roberto was a hot bitch before he was even legal to be a hot bitch! He sorta looks like KD Lang in the second shot!lol

  35. 135

    Re: Harry Johnson – Twerp! hahahaha You pu$$y!!!!! You're the fucking racist ass moron!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, go ask your Mom for 50 cents and go get yourself an OG BJ!!!!! You dish out racist shit against minorities pretty much everytime you post……………fuck off!

  36. 136

    Re: Harry Johnson – Question, 124,…..So when you've got a cold, do you sneeze jizm, or does it just drool down your face all day…??!!!
    When you cover your nose, do you sneeze yourself a handful of jizz…???

  37. 137

    why are people thinking he's gay cause he modeled in a gay mag? I think it would be hotter if he was gay to be honest, but he's got dirty little heterosexual written all over his ass, between the dirty hair and the unkept eyebrows and stinky clothes and untoned bod….no self respecting gay guy would walk out in clothes that would normally be worn by a fat woman with low self esteem!

  38. 138

    now, in THOSE pictures he looks like an Edward Cullen, now he looks blah.
    i like these pictures of him, all his other one are just plain… ugly.


  39. 139

    You know we love anything Rob!!! Thanks Perez!!! LOVE IT & KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 140

    Re: mamajud – Aawww….Miss Jud. You's done gone & made me blush. You know Mammy, or Lawzy, Lawzy, whichever y'all use to call me…is always lookin' down on y'all, lookin' ovah ya.
    Alls you gots to do is close your eyes, concentrates, an' send fo' me. Iffin I'm near, I'll be there.

  41. 141

    Haha, thats awesome!!! still cute

  42. 142

    Hahaa thats awesome!! still cute..

  43. 143

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – haahaa! the ferry! how appropriate and cost efficient for perez! he is probably pretending he is joan cusiak in 'working girl'!

  44. 144

    Re: Lawzy Lawzy Miss Scarlett – #144….i know that wasn't directed towards me, but i took lots of comfort in your post.
    love you lawzy lawzy!!

  45. 145

    Re: Milky Milky – Not in a good way hun…………that will never happen! But I was told she dedicated an entire New Years post to me……………..touching (puke)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have yourself a nice night!

  46. 146

    I like that in the first pic he's wearing a shirt, a sweater, a zip-up and a jean jacket. Layers are his friend.

  47. 147

    Wow, it's almost scary that he had the "fuck me" stare down by 15! And he modeled for A LOT of different magazines if you look at all the stills you can find on different sites-Perez just picked this one cause he wishes he was gay. If he was gay, do you think he'd be playing a gay role in his next movie honestly? If he was in the closet, his agent wouldn't let him within 10 feet of such a role.

  48. 148

    Re: Milky Milky – That goes for you, too, Milky. Old Mammy luvs all her chilluns. You know I was on here this mawnin' for the first time in days….which post was that…think I was tellin' you chilluns mawnin' & Happy New Yerr long about Matt Dillon's mug shot.
    Y'all mussa been either workin' or sleepin' in.

  49. 149

    Re: Milky Milky – You are always in, Milky! I'll talk to you later. It seems Perezito is gone for tonight! He is probably lost in the subway!

  50. 150

    His face is so fucking distorted, he looks like a crack baby.

  51. 151

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – Thanks for the lesson! Adios!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  52. 152

    hahahahahahahahahaha. the snake is a nice touch. resembles a wang. Oh those gay magazines know how to add inuendo! Yeah Robby, push those lips out, make 'em juice-aY!

  53. jRose says – reply to this


    why is he in a gay British rag at the age of 12? this is so wrong on so many levels. you should all be ashamed of yourselves, gawking at a pre-teen boy.

  54. 154

    he's gorgeous!

  55. 155

    Re: Brittttt – And what if he was?

  56. 156

    He looks Asian!!
    …not that that is a bad thing ; )

  57. 157


  58. 158

    Go to robert-pattinson.co.uk and then go to "images" for all the modeling stills from his early teens–there's a bunch of shoots he did, it's lame how perez made it sound like he did some sort of feature for just a gay mag.

  59. 159

    You knows, to wax sentimental 'n' all, there's ary a chile on this site that dazzin be in my prayers at night. Some talkin' 'n' ackin' up so ugly 'n' all.
    But I aint narry talked ugly to nobody, and has always encouraged arybody to gets along.
    Mamajud, you & Milky be two o' the kindest, gentlest souls on the site.

  60. missB says – reply to this


    i knew he was gay!

  61. 161

    The snake is SO FAKE! LOL

  62. 162

    is this guy gay? just curious

  63. 163

    He probably is NOT gay. Christina Aguilera was on it once and she's obviously not "gay".
    I love Robert!

  64. 164

    He looks SOOOO gay, Chace Crawford and Zac Efron are much cuter (I never said they looked str8er than this Pattinson guy but they are cuter)

  65. 165

    Re: Lawzy Lawzy Miss Scarlett – thank you miss lawzy….you brighten my day when you are around!!! and i know i can say the same for mamajud!
    your posts are a ray of sunshine! XOXOXOXO!

  66. 166

    Re: AnnaDee – He show do, don't he, 160…???
    He almost look a little african….no nose bridge and flat wide nose & all.
    Sociologically, his ethnic ambiguity is what likely contributes to his universal appeal.
    Good Lawd, I'se sorry!!……that was just bubbling up in me to get out like a big ol' belch. Sumtimes I sho do s'prize misseff wiff my profundity.
    Teeeehheeeeheeeeheeeeheeeee. Oooooo, Lawzy.

  67. 167

    Wow, so only gay people model in gay magazines, and only straight models model in "straight" magazines. Who knew? This is the dumbest logic ever seriously.

  68. 168

    eh he looks tooo young in these pics
    he's better looking now that hes OF AGE and filled out

  69. SJB says – reply to this


    shows how much work he's had done. Fugly before and fugly after. He looks like Mr Burns LMAO yuck

  70. 170

    He looks like a lesbian

  71. 171

    I love you for this Perez! You just made my week!

  72. 172

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk
    Re: Assume the Position!
    You both (if you're really not one in the same) have validated everything I said. I asked you a question #130 and you can only give me back some profanity and silly talk. You cannot defend your position. You both can call other people names and dish out insults but when it comes your turn, you just can't handle it. That makes YOU the pussies. You're the ones asking ME to leave. You give up just like that. Now I have explained why I can call you pathetic. By the way, you uttered my name before I said a word. Don't rub the lantern unless you want the Genie.

  73. 173

    I'm going to hell, I came back once more to look at his jailbait ass and I bet Chris "NBC DATELINE'S TO CATCH A PREDATOR" is going to be knocking on my door any minute and putting me in jail and confiscating my harddrive. But it was worth it for Jailbait Robert/KD Lang!

  74. 174

    LOL!!! I Knew It He's GAY!!!!

  75. 175

    i heard he was in rehab?!?!
    is that true????

  76. 176

    "How long have you been 17?" "A while…"

  77. 177

    I got my dick stuck in the toaster! WHERE'S THE SCREWDRIVER?!

  78. 178

    Anyone else think that he kinda looks like Ed Westwick in these pics?????

  79. 179

    seems kind of pedaphile like to have these pictures of him in a gay mans magazine..with "boy next door" as the title for the clothing..choices that he's "modeling"

  80. 180

  81. 181

    if i was robert pattinson i'd be pissed as hell at you perez.. if you really adored him as bad as you say you do, you wouldnt have posted this becuase this is just…humiliating…your such a fuckin dumbass

  82. 182

    You knows, I'se no technogeek, but Perez posted aroun' 50 articles today…leavin' us wid this young Pattinson man….jess like he leff us fo' upwards of a day with them Jones boys.
    He eiver need to hire a helper to rate these pics based on hit-potential, or program 'em to space 'em out over a 24 hour perrd, or both. Yeah, bofe, I thinks. He is loosen postses throin' all of 'em at us at oncet, jess so he can go out and drank all night.
    I'm no genius, but even good ol' Mammy could liven up this site a bit. Spread the glory.
    Who want to fret all e'ning o'er a paleface young boy who don't even have all his manwhiskers yet…???

  83. MP says – reply to this


    He's still doing that same sunken in cheekbone pose now like he did in the 2nd picture, I can't stand that. He's a somewhat awkward looking boy who has grown into an incredibly handsome man.

  84. 184

    I love his hair in these pics…I just wanna grab it and pull it real hard! Make him scream ohh yeahh

  85. 185

    LoL @ his face

  86. 186

    Ewww.. He looks gross, whats up with the clothes???

  87. 187

    Re: Harry Johnson – Dumbass……………..you didn't ask a QUESTION………..you made a statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The "dean" insult was just pathetic!!! YOU throw your racist remarks around but don't think people can retaliate………………umm, yeah motherfucker people CAN!
    YOU keep up the racist shit…………….which you have directed towards several posters………..Fat people, Hot monkey and Manmilk…and others!!! I've read your posts…………..sick, racist bullshit!!!!!!!
    So save the victim card asshole and go fuck yourself!!!!!!!!!!!
    When did I utter your name?????? I DON'T think so!!!!!! I could say you and pathetic Orchid are the same…………..since you both love tossing out the "VICTIM" card!!!!

  88. 188

    Re: Harry Johnson – Number 176, I asked you some questions at 140. I challenge you to answer them.
    Then suck my fucking dick. If you haven't already started with "Assume the Position".
    You are obviously drawn to testosterone, so just give in. Stop fighting it, brotha. I got plenty to show you. So just rest your vocal chords. And cease to protest too much ( reference to Hamlet, you dumb fuck ). We'll rub the lantern and deal with the "Genie" when it gets here. ;)

  89. 189

    Re: mmmyeah

    Yeah. I know exactly what you mean. I came home totaly drunk yesterday morning. I was really horny so I stripped and got into bed with this humongous hardon. Then the lights come on and I'm in my mother's bed naked with a hardon. Wow, I never intended on that to happen. Really, I thought I was in my sister's bed! You know like I would have that Oedipus complex or some sicko thing like that. No way. If you want sicko, look at Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk or ASSume the Position. They jerk off to little kid's pictures, corn hole each other and eat ass. Now that's sicko. I'll stick with regular vaginas.

  90. 190

    Re: Harry Johnson – Now. 176. Stop (the rhetoric) and drop (to the position), if I may borrow the reference.
    Put your mouth to work at what your mind is on.
    Or would you like it up the butt first? No biggy to me.

  91. 191

  92. 192

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk – #192 Dude, I don't want that old shriveled up shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! He likes dusty twat…………….I told him to hit up OG! He keeps wanting us though………………..I'm thinking closet Gay!

  93. 193


  94. 194

    rob gives good face. ha. same pout then and now. love him.

  95. 195

    Re: Harry Johnson – #193 so LAME!!!! YOU are OUT of your league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stick to befriending dirty cumrags (OG)!!!

  96. 196


  97. 197

    Re: Lawzy Lawzy Miss Scarlett – sweet jesus i love you! you are my second mammy!

  98. 198

    He is how old here? I doubt he cares about these photos. He seems to be the type that can laugh at himself and is comfortable enough with his sexuality to be in a gay mag whether he is or not. I say NOT. He's still very handsome then too.

  99. 199

    Re: Lawzy Lawzy Miss Scarlett – miss lawzy…you need to lay down the law here. many people on here need a pure lawzy beat down……..thanks miss!!

  100. 200

    Re: Assume the Position! – #196, I agree. He's definitely closeted gay-obsessed.
    I'm just teasing' the old turd nugget.
    From the looks of him, he gets plenty of his own jizm to satisfy his dietary appetites, I don't plan on satisfying any other appetites.
    I just want him to tell us how his own juice tastes, oozing into his pie-hole all day and all night long.
    He probably talks like he's gargling in his own spooge.

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