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Vintage Robert Pattinson

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson

rpppp1.jpg rp22222.jpg

Some pics from an old old issue of British gay men's mag Attitude.


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434 comments to “Vintage Robert Pattinson”

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  1. 201

  2. 202

    does that make him gay?
    can you share him?

  3. 203

    Awwwhaha he looks like such a Baby! How old is he here?? I guess even Edward Cullen was at one time an awkward teenager.. And he isn't gay, he's British. As in tolerant!

  4. epi says – reply to this



  5. 205

    Re: Milky Milky – Oohh hoohoohoo, Milky! You know I jess shies to praise. I'm jess happy to be here. But you know what? You jess made my day, honey. Serrrsly.
    Ooooh, Lawzy, Lawzy.

  6. 206

    holy hotness!

  7. 207

    Re: Milky Milky – That Harry Johnson has been a horrible racist for several days…………………he said some awful things about "blacks"! I find it repulsive and he thinks it's funny! He was all over one of your "friends" Hot Monkey, and I'm not sure if the others are "friends" to you or not……..

  8. 208

    SWOON and I don't care if he's fay or not, posed for a gay mag or not…I just appreciate him and his effect not matter the status

  9. 209

    i want to lick that boy

  10. Alexx says – reply to this


    ummm i have to say that no matter what he does, says, or acts like….
    he will always be one of the hottest men alive on my charts!
    absolutly amazing!!

    p.s. add me on myspace dolls:)

  11. 211

    uhh, wouldnt this make him gay?
    whatever if he is, but just come out with it
    ps he is uglyUGLY

  12. 212

    Re: Milky Milky – I have noticed something though………..you guys baby OG………..you defend her but leave some of your other "friends" to fend for themselves! That's sad…..and really fucked up!
    LaDiva, Mistress and Hot Monkey are the only ones who truly defend themselves and others………….the rest of you sit on your ass!! Pathetic!

  13. 213

    Re: Milky Milky – Well, Milky at 203, they's always a time for house cleanin'. Once Mammy S. Lawzy gets started, I takes narry a prisoner. So I don't want none o' my chillun' hurt in the collat'ral.
    When the shootin' stops, ary a one left to be nursed back to helff…is gonna start by gettin' his mouff washed out wiff soap. Good ol' fashun lye soap.
    Then we's gonna break out the Miriam Webster's and rehabilitate these blasphemers wiff some proper lessons in vocabalaries 'n' elocution.

  14. 214

    oooooh i wonder if he's gay! he really reminds me of my gay best friend, (oxford grad) u know the type…well english girls do :-s all that floppy hair and that nervousness hmm definitely maybe perezzzz

  15. 215

    Oh My Gosh

    priceless wow he really grew into his body no wonder he didnt get gf back in the day he looks weird looking

  16. 216

    Re: Assume the Position! – Well, it looks like the scrotum-faced goo-gargler has gone. For the moment. Probably googling himself up some more insults.

  17. 217

    wow rob looks so young…but still hot!
    i love him

  18. 218


  19. 219

    Re: Assume the Position! – I don't know, AP. I've seen Milky, LG, and mamajud stand pretty strong and tall. I think poor little OG is just kind of special, or something. She does say stuff that leaves her wide open for derision and cheap shots, almost in a child-like way. I mean, I don't even know the girl,…I just get lazy sometimes and read. I wouldn't fuck with Sheba, either. LOL.

  20. 220

    what a beaut

  21. 221


  22. 222

    Assume the Position!
    sometimes i come on here just to read what you write…your hilarious!

  23. 223

  24. 224

    Re: medicallyfucked – well i actually find that he's scaryy on the first one i like better the second one!!!

  25. 225

    I've been waiting for an R-Pattz post and this is the best you can do?! We want fresh news on this guy, not ancient pictures. Come on Perez, you can do better than this.

  26. 226

    he's sooooooo sexy!

    Gay men wish!

  27. 227

    he looks the same just younger. He still looks cute.

  28. 228


  29. 229

    He looks cute in that awkward teen sort of way!:)

  30. 230

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk – Since I've been around, never have I seen Mjud or Milky really stand up for the 3 I mentioned, and they take some hits………..especially HM and Diva!!!!! I have not seen them help HM or Diva like they have helped that skank OG!!! LG hell yes, I forgot to mention her!
    They coddle OG likes she's some retard they feel inclined to help but leave the rest in the dust!!!!! I just find it sad Man…………..I"ll defend anyone when they are wronged minus OG………….I will NEVER like that old geezer! I've defended you and others because it's the right thing! Anyway, man I'm just glad H Johnson was called out for the nasty shit he is!!!!! lol

  31. 231

    He looked sexi there and he looks sexi in Twilight…!!! I love him…

  32. 232

    What a gawky teen he was, he's going to be hawt in about 10 years.

  33. 233

    hahahhahahaha how precious

  34. 234

    Re: Jealous_Much? – Thanks! lol I can be an asshole……but I have a good heart! :) You're a sweetie and as always hot pic!!!!

  35. 235

    i don't care wht anyone has to say about robert. he is too gorgues for words to explain and he has/always will be.

  36. 236

    Re: the last star – #225 LOL By the way, Bama looks like shit!!!!!!!!!! Are you watching the game!!!!! Utah has 8 sacks on Wilson!!!!!

  37. 237

    woooow!!! the set of the second photo is awful…but he's still beautiful….I love Rob

  38. 238

    Re: Harry Johnson – Hahahaha, 227, you come when you're called. I'll have to remember that, scrotum-faced goo-gargler.
    Re: Assume the Position!
    Hahahahahahah….Did you see that, AP….????
    Fuckface has been owned. I mean downright fucking pwned.

  39. 239

    Re: Bamalicious – LMFAO…couldn't have said it better!

  40. Norig says – reply to this


    How predictable….here cum/came the fag jokes….insecure closed cases!

  41. Norig says – reply to this


    The ignorance!! Just because u model in a gay magazine. Gay you are not! Dumb fucks!

  42. 242

    Looks like hilton's back on the crack and doughnuts, this site won't be updated for hours.

  43. 243

    insane cheekbones

  44. 244

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk – I told the fuckhead he was out of his league but he stuck around!
    Harry Johnson, again ask your Momma for those 50 cents and OG for a trick!!!!! You dumbfuck!

  45. 245


  46. 246

    in the top picture he looks looks like johnny depp

  47. 247

    yuck. looks like gay Tigerbeat.

  48. 248

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk

    Nature calls you know. Your kind just drinks and eats it right then and there. Us more civilized people flush it.

    So now where were we? Oh yea. I'm just waiting for the lightning to strike. Nothing has happened yet. Are you impotent? Ha Ha

    Anyway, you know #102 was when you rubbed the lantern. That's a metaphor, a word that I won't explain. You can look it up. Do you have any profanity to throw at me? Have at it.

    By the way. I'm not using my vocal chords. I am using the keyboard. You use your vocal chords for sucking dick. You use your hands for pulling dick and your rectum for pokin dick so I can see how you get in a rut.

  49. 249

    being in a gay magazine doesn't make you gay. he said he modeled a little before he started acting, so i'm guessing this was an ad he did.

  50. 250

    Re: Harry Johnson – Using your vocal chords was a metaphorical reference.
    You gay-sex-obsessed turd nugget.
    You still haven't answered my questions from #140, spooge-breath.

  51. 251

    Just because he appeared in a gay magazine doesn't mean he is gay people…How many gay people appear in 'straight' magazines? A lot…so this really doesn't have any other point besides the fact that they are cute pictures from when Robert was younger.

  52. 252

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk
    Well that's on the other page. You'll have to repeat it.
    You know you have never answered my questions. You just come back with some silly foul language and think I'll draw from it what I want.

    I guess you must be very young. I can tell by the words you use. I take you for a teen or maybe early 20s at most. Mature people are able to express their thoughts more effectively and without profanity. If you will get to the point, I'll consider it my effort to educate and enlighten you.

  53. 253

    Yeah i thought alabama was going to win.But Utah is one tough son of a bitch'
    So in the second they gave Utah 7.5 points so I took it and only ended losing 20.00.Isn't so funny how OG never returns my emails .She hates me so much
    its not funny because I called her on all the nasty and discusting she was saying one day.And the funny thing about it she came down on me because of something I said.It wasnt even bad.But she was in one of her meditation
    garden,save the world bullshit.

  54. 254

    old news!!!! but thanks for posting anyway perez! love robbbbb

  55. 255

    Re: Harry Johnson – Goodness Man/Fag…….you are so into men!!!!! I thought you were into crusty ass OG but I was wrong! You want a Man-sandwich!!!!!!! Bitch please!!!!!!!!!! NO gay man wants you!!! YOU racist fuck!!!!
    Again, hit up pale ass, ignorant OG………….she still turns tricks……you might get some ball handy work for an extra 25 cents!!!

  56. 256

    i dont get whats so hot about him!

  57. 257

    Saw these months ago.

    Fucking cute, though.

  58. 258

    does this or does this not mean robert is gay?
    i'm confused.

    i think if he were, perez would make a big deal and put this under "gay gay gay" and it would be a big scandal instead of casually mentioning that it was a gay magazine.

    who really cares anyways?

  59. 259

    perez and everyone else, check out this fucking fantastic webiste. it is epic - www.robismyglittercum.org

  60. 260

    Re: the last star – Dude, she is out there!!!! I called her out the very 1st day I signed on! One minute she's a debonair Orchid growing Russian socialite, the next a filthy slut asking to see BBD's manhood, then she's hot for Kitty and wants to know if he's gay and then she's in tears because I said something to her!
    She gives me the creeps………..and I truly believe she's a mental case study!!!
    Anyway, Bama went down!!! Utah looked great! Tough all around! Great game!

  61. 261

    well, we all have some fashion choices from our past we'd rather not revisit. still hot, mr. pattinson!

  62. 262

    Re: Assume the Position!
    I guess the Jamaican can’t be reached. I can't keep up with you Schizoid. I write to Jamaican and ASSume answers. You need to take Prozac to make some sense. Too many personalities out of control.
    But for all of those reading your posts, they can see what I mean about you being all over the board. However, I do think we made some progress tonight. Your last response only had 2 profanities. Take your meds and we can work on it another day. I have to get up in 4 hours to do some jack lighting. Adios

  63. 263

    Re: State ziti

    Vintage pics of a star is blog worthy. You're a dusch rag. Why are you on Perez if you hate him so? You twat.

  64. 264

    it doesn't make him gay people!!! the guy was modeling!!! Still love u ROB!!!!

  65. 265

    Re: Assume the Position! – Exactly ,I said how can you put me down .When just 5 minutes you were making spagetti said and the meatballs reminded you of BBD. but of course it's never her fought .She always plays the poor little innocent me. (always the victim)card when she in fact started the whole thing.Then I tried to be nice by asking her about her flowers -but of cource no reply.

  66. 266

    Who is this guy? Would somebody please tell me!

  67. 267

    What A Cutie LOL =]

  68. 268


  69. 269


  70. 270

    perez you creep on the rob pattinson imdb board don't you ?
    don't lie. we love you and want you to play with us.

  71. 271

    Re: Harry Johnson – Seriously, no one likes you dumbfuck but dumbass OG! So run along and dust her off and have a good time! Enjoy your new cumrag!!!!!!!!!!
    I don't think you're funny, most don't. You have made vulgar remarks against blacks and I defended minorities! So, who is really the bad guy here asshole??????????? YOU the guy making the racist remarks or ME defending minorities? Yeah….suck it bitch!

  72. 272

    Re: mama sez whatevs – hilarious. i think i might too yummm :)

  73. 273

    Re: the last star – I had 5 different posters telling me off because they defended her………she made me out to be the villian while she played the victim card!
    I told them but they kept on……then some realized she is a liar and changed their tune! She is a sad and odd woman!
    She has told some very creative "whoppers"!!!!
    Don't stress over her man………………..she's not worth it! Let BBD stick a fist in her ass and Harry hit her up with a hamster! She's so dumb she doesn't realize they are making fun of her! lol They have messed with her for weeks!

  74. 274

    I don't think he's gay,I mean,alot of british men do that.But he does look kinda gay,not in a bad way,but he's too pretty.

  75. 275

    Nice snake…

  76. 276

    Cute… ;}

  77. 277

    wait shit its actually a gay mag. not gonna lie he looks pretty asian. i think his jaw got stronger with age.

  78. 278



  79. 279

    normally i don't care for pattinson but
    wow, the pic with the snake is one sexy picture.
    i mean damn. wow.
    now with his hair short he looks like he's balding and in his 40s. even though he's only like 23 or something. :(

  80. sushi says – reply to this


    Who the fuck cares about this ugly fuckpig?

  81. 281

    Re: the last star – Man screw her! We have a lot of bowl games and NFL playoffs to discuss!!!!!! I expect to see you tomorrow so we can talk about Bowl games!!!!!!!!!
    Man, last night she changed her name but left the pic! lol Come on Star! We shall talk tomorrow and go over bowl and playoff picks! She seeks attention………..she can't stand that other posters like Letty, Alice, BBD, Monkey are more "popular" than her so she fabricates stories to seem important!!!!!!!
    See you tomorrow Buddy!

  82. 282

    OMG, I've been saying this for months–Robert Pattinson looks Eurasian, and people are saying that on this thread…lol It's his really refined features and strong eyebrows and pretty eyes. Anyways, what fucked up logic concludes that a model posing in a gay mag means he's gay?

  83. 283

    oh, and who can look at the first picture especially and say he's nothing short of beautiful? My god, he has "Magnum/Blue Steel/Ferarri/andLe Tigre" working overtime all at once? It's making me feel like Mary Kay Le Tourneau!

  84. 284

    So it's safe to say that he was always gorgeous. Haha. And I don't understand why people always leave comments about how they dislike you Perez. If they don't like you, why would they take the time to become a member of your site? People don't make any sense. But I'm all for a daily dose of Robert Pattinson, any and all pictures will be fine :P

  85. 285

    maybe he was just trying to keep peace in the gay britain community??!! who knows? besides he cant be gay hes my future huband! or maybe he was desperate to get in the limelight and did this i mean look at what miley "slutty" cyrus did! hes sooo not into men!! yeah its kinda awkward so im just gonna pretend i never looked at this and move on!

  86. 286

    OKAY he is so not Gay Perez so calm yourself down with a cold shower please & stop trying to ruin him for the straight girls out there.

  87. 287

    wiiiiiiiiii…thank you perez

  88. 288

    Re: LoRiz27 – Orchidgirl………Last Star called you out!!!!
    WTF is wrong with you?????????????? Lady, You are NUTS!!!! A crazy, slutty, pathetic fool!!!!!! I hope every poster here realizes what a pathetic, sad, hideous "girl" you are!!!!!!!!! Seriously get HELP ASAP!!!!
    I feel so bad for the posters who "believe" you!!!!!!!! They must be dumb as hell!!!!!!!!! Your mental illness is very obvious!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 289

    I'm slightly disturbed that these pics are from a magazine for adults, I have no problem with them being old I just wonder if they were specifically for the mag, the comment about Dakota is a bit off…

  90. 290

    i love him…but not a fan of these pictures..he looks straight out of an anime cartoon with that hair.

  91. NJK says – reply to this


    what a cutie

  92. 292

    Re: Assume the Position! – I stand by #234…..pu$$y ass posse people defend dumbfucks like Orchid but neglect LaDiva, Hot Monkey, Mistress and LG! I feel sorry for those 4 I mentioned but they are passionate people who have dumbass "friends" who pu$$y-out and leave them hanging!!!!!!!!
    I suggest you tell selfish Letty, Alice, Mamajud, Milky, BBD, Harry and the others to FUCK off because they don't give a shit about you…………they are too busy defending sluts like Orchidgirl but they NEVER stick up for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Name one time they have actually stuck up for you???? Especially like they have defended dusty Orchid????
    Name one time?

  93. 293

    hahahaha thats really funny, especially his pout, dork.

  94. 294

    BULLSHIT Perez, you WISH it was in a fag mag. So not true, do your homework a little better or tell your pals to stop D.R.E.A.M.I.N.G. Do you have to make EVERYONE gay?

  95. 295

    No bueno! flag on the play! TURN OFF!

  96. 296

    i would guess that these aren't that old, i mean the guy is only is his early 20's.

    good for him, its not gay porn now is it…is it?

  97. 297

    this looks like its from 1995

  98. 298

    Re: sarahbx – its the guy from twilight. genius

  99. 299

    It is very old.. aww he is cute btw.

  100. 300

    Heh heh, he just looks a little 90's. It's not his fault! Every one us looked like that, well not exactly, but sort of campy in the 90's! Give him a break!

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