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Vintage Robert Pattinson

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson

rpppp1.jpg rp22222.jpg

Some pics from an old old issue of British gay men's mag Attitude.


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434 comments to “Vintage Robert Pattinson”

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  1. Ash13 says – reply to this


    Why does everyone like him?

  2. 302

    Robert Pattinson better not be gay.
    A spread in a gay mag and his up coming salvador dali movie, no girl friend…

    he better be straight lol

  3. 303

    Re: Assume the Position!
    Did the little homo lose his itty bitty homo friend?
    You're down just to the one homo friend Jamaican dude.
    The big bad Orchid girl is going to get you next.
    You better sleep with the light on tonight.

  4. 304

    Perez. you know I love u rite?
    thank you thank you thank you once again

  5. moon says – reply to this


    I don't think Rob is that cuuute,
    but Edward Cullen is dreamy.
    Rob with the haircut catches my attention
    … reminds me of Jake Gyllenhaal.

  6. 306

    yum yum yum
    he really is just gorgeous
    happy new year everyone!

  7. 307

    You have no taste P!! This guy is fugaleeee!!

  8. 308

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk – Cover up, Shorty! Kids could see this, or is this what you want? Perv! :-(

  9. 309

    LOL Awwwww he looks so cute! and he's still fit even when he was younger mm! loving the pout! and the stare! AND the hair!!! XD

  10. 310

    hes very ugly
    i can see him coming out of the closest

  11. 311

    Rob could be gay. No sign of a girlfriend which is kind of strange (very Wentworth Miller-ish). Always has some excuse why he doesn't have a gf. I prefer Edward Cullen than Robert Pattinson.

  12. 312

    Well, I don't know how "vintage" it can be seeing how the guy is only about 22. Usually vintage means coming from a different era where style, music, looks were much different.

  13. 313

    He kind of looks like Eva Green in these pics! Not a bad thing though….

  14. 314

    OMG this just erased all my fantasies about him. HAHAHAHAHA

  15. 315

    He has no gf cause why would he have one when he's getting laid left and right by eager broads? With the exception of his Zoolander "glare," the dude gives off hetero vibes big time. He's like that music major you sat by in English class freshman year in college who's a little musky and stank, whose clothes are sorta shitty and wrinkled, and he smells like weed constantly. But goddamnit, he plays guitar and has great hair!Dude gives off horny, hetero college dude vibes not a gay vibe. Too bad too, cause then he'd lose all the fat lady clothes and burn that damn beanie of his!

  16. 316


    He's not gay did he?


  17. 317

    Re: sarahbx – haha no.

  18. 318

    Why would he pose for a gay magazine?
    hes still gorgeous though :)

  19. 319

    anyway Rob has a girlfriend right?

    i know that zac efron has one too…

  20. 320


  21. 321

    Oh, how cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
    He reminds me a bit of Bill from Tokio Hotel, maybe because of the hairstyle or the babyface.
    I really wonder if Rob is embarrassed that Perez brought this pictures up?! ;)

  22. 322

    the 2nd pic doesnt look like him but the first one >AWWWW hahaha

  23. 323

    why did he wana be in a gay mag?
    too bad noone knew him then lol

  24. 324


  25. 325

    I don´t care whether he´s gay or not…the guy is cute!

  26. 326

    He looks like Chuck from Gossip girl

  27. 327

    god he s soooooooooooooooooo hot he s absolutly gorgeous

  28. 328

    The legal age of sexual consent is 16 in the UK, So everyone crying "pedophile!" is a bit off the mark. If you think that is gross, the age of consent is only 14 in Iceland, but both of the kids involved need to be around the same age. As for posing for a gay mag. I am sure he got a few hundred quid out of it and not many 16 year olds would turn that money away.. Also, I'm sure he never imagined acting turning out this way for him, so he figured "who cares?"

  29. 329

    Re: Assume the Position! – yo fuckface…(and i say that with a smile…don't get all tender on me)…….mama's not selfish……i'm not out here to get involved with other people's drama….i happened to be on just after the shit hit the fan with you and your nemesis…..both of you have taken this thing waaay too seriously from the beginning…….i gave an effort to mediate….she's too delicate…your too angry……..whatever…..i don't care…i still get a kick out of both of you………as to your thinking that i don't "stand up" for everyone…..that's not why i am here…….i'm here to say whatever comes off the top of my head, and gleefully…at times, to say what so often in the real world….gets stuck at the tip of the tongue because political correctness has sooo taken over the right to a sense of humor……….plus i've got three kids running circles around me….you think i have time to focus that much energy on pink dramz??….i've got enough keeping me up at night ;)
    .p.s. i did my fair share of detective work and sticking up for people before you arrived. There was a douchebag hijacking everyone's identity…(ahem…still is…your being ignored fucker)………He/she's pops up every once in a while……but i'm not taking any bait

  30. 330

    So….he's not so interested in his love interest in Twilight after all - great acting! Open the closet, Robert!

  31. 331

    Here's a great drinking game:
    Every time you find a pic of a "former male model"- turned actor in a Gay Mag, take a shot!

  32. 332

    He can't be gay
    he's way to hott
    to be gay
    but than again
    most of them are x]

  33. 333

    Many men have appeared over here in the US in gay magazines…what's the big deal????? Doesn't prove he's gay. Maybe he needed the money….maybe his publicist said to do the magazine to get fans on both sides? Who knows…but doesn't prove a thing.

  34. 334

    hot but very VERY GAY

  35. 335

    OMG they found a picture of Robert Pattinson appearing in some sort of gay mans mag!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!! Does anyone worth worrying about actually care emmmmmmmmm NO!!!! You need to get a grip 'perez hilton' and get off your ass and get a real job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave young actors alone!!!

  36. 336

    he was a very cute girl then

  37. 337


  38. 338

    Re: maxie pad

  39. 339

    haha aw he looks cute.

  40. 340

    This shitfukin movie sucked to high Heaven and low Hell. Nothing compares to TrueBlood as far as Vampire movies go. I hope no one wasted their money on this shit movie. hehheeeeeeeeee
    I know what I know and I know that I love Ryan Kwanten/aka/
    Jason Stackhouse. whoooooooohooooooooooooooheheeeee

  41. 341

    still fly… love him. he is so sexy.

  42. 342

    lol, how old was he here?

  43. 343

    Ummm who really cares if hes gay.
    and this was taken a long time ago..probably needed money
    and he probably didnt think he would get so famous with the twilight movie so he would model for anything….plus i thought he was obsessed with that chick who played bella in the movie

  44. 344

    I think ge is gay! He just seems like it and why would he be in a gay magazine if he wasn't?

  45. 345

    these are made of win! i couldn't stop laughing. HAHAHA! but yeah he's still hot

  46. 346

    He is still hot!
    If he is gay or he isn't….who cares.
    love you Perez!!

  47. 347

    it's just a modeling gig!!!! doesn't mean he's gay!!!!!!!!! jeesshhhh!!!!! Love Rob, He is Sexy regardless

  48. 348

    wow..I don't even know what to say other than…that's freakin hilarious.

  49. 349

    Re: tigger – Shut the fuck up, 312. Or I'll kick your stupid ass. Meanwhile, quit stalking and obsessing on mine.

  50. 350

    seriously it doesnt mean your gay if you pose for a gay magazine ffs, people can be so stupid and it's very irritating

  51. 351

    As much as i love to look at Robert Pattinson, and god knows i do, get newer pictures i have seen these their like the first thing that pops up on google!

    But he is HOT isnt he!!

  52. 352

    i don't know if he's gay or not & don't really care, i just think that sofa is hideous

  53. Haylo says – reply to this


    What the hell all of you fucktards are saying? Just because the dude modeled for some gay mag doesnt make him gay. And even if he was, who gives a shit. It's not like he's going to start dating any of you fucks. Who gives a flying fuck about him being gay or not. More power to him. However, he does look pretty fucking moronic on this pics. He's rocking that couch man, lol. I cant stop laughing every time I see this pics. Hilarious. Am sure he doesnt give a shit about it. I mean, who would give a shit when you have half the earth's prepubescent population running around for you and wanting you to father their children. He doesnt look bad now. That's a good thing.

  54. Haylo says – reply to this


    [re=3266927]Re: DoutzenKroes

  55. 355

    OK, first off, that stupid guy "State Ziti" What the fuck is your problem? Perez Hilton is not a Fat Fuck or a Pedaphile! I think you're just jealous that people don't like you like people like Perez! I :P Perez I LOVE YOU!!!!

  56. 356

    Re: State ziti – FUCK YOU!!!

  57. 357

    Isn't that a "before" pic of kd lang ? I thought she bought all of them up.

  58. 358

    It's not likely that the kid in this picture is even 18 years old. Look at the peach fuzz on his cheek. I take it that Perez is a chicken hawk so he better be careful. This kinda shit took down Mikey Jackson.

  59. 359

    he looks so cute here!

  60. 360

    True Blood is overrated. Between Sookie and her fucked up accent and the inconsistent mythology revolving vampires in the series, I always laugh when people try to act like it's so much better than Twilight. And talk about zero chemistry between the two leads and Sookies pancakes breasts–more chonies got moist watching Kristen and Robert just kiss than watching Sookie do the nasty.

  61. 361


  62. 362

    eww i hate him, he seems like a tranny and really ugly to me.

  63. pony says – reply to this


    He' gotta be gay. No 16 year old guy is going to pose for a gay mag unless they ARE gay…just sayin'

  64. 364

    Re: Hot Sweet Jamaican Manmilk – LOL! You are so bad!
    Welcome to Perez Hilton! Happy New Year too. BTW, nice arse!


  65. 365

    none of you bitches really know if hes gay or not and will never know unless he comes out and says it, so shut the fuck up and stop arguing over it!

  66. 366

    judging from interviews, hes gotta be straight. hot shit though. and a borderline moron.

  67. 367

    obviously perez is not going to get in trouble for this shit because these are publicly released published photos from a MAGAZINE

  68. 368

    I still love him! He models, acts and plays music. His mom may have helped
    him get that gig. She is in the business too.

  69. 369

    He's stil hot!! But whats up with the lips??

  70. 370

    What's with the douche pout?

  71. 371

    omg mi poor baby!!!!! he posed 4 a gay mag whats wrong with him
    omgggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is still sexy and we all know he ain't gay… where did u find thiss…i wonder what he would say to this stuff

  72. 372

    Re: gabybabyy – thats just his look duhhhhhhh

  73. 373

    If you are a Robert Pattinson fan and belong to any of his sites you would have seen these pics ages ago. And who cares if he is gay(which I don't think that he is) its his choice and he is beautiful and talented and I wouldn't kick him out of my bed for leaving crumbs…

  74. 374

    I would not let him get out of bed! Wink!

  75. 375

    Well, he is attractive enough to turn straight men gay, so it makes sence!

  76. 376


  77. 377

    Seriously! Advertising CLOTHES in a gay magazine does not make him GAY! If you read the little script under the pictures, they say what clothing he wears, it's the same as if he were in Teen magazine, or Vogue or some other fashion mag! It's not like he's posing in his underwear or something! Jeez

  78. 378

    HOTTIE! :)

  79. 379

    clearly this must be a gay pedofile magazine… it's so obvious: the title is "boy next door", he's got a snake around him, he's trying to look seductive. this should be illegal

  80. 380

    Is he gay?

  81. 381

    Re: Erfaley

    Why do you think he's not talented? Over exposed, maybe, but he does have talent.

  82. 382

    soooooo amazing

  83. 383


  84. 384

    i wouldnt kick him out of bed. for shiz.

  85. 385

    why all the homophobia? my guess is he's straight, but what if he is gay? so what?

  86. 386

    OMG that is him and in the coner it says Robet wears! Eww

  87. 387

    I honestly dont think that he is gay. i mean he just seems way to into girls. he has been in the press so much on who he likes, and who he is dating. i mean he was so young in this picture, so thats why people may think he looks weird. i mean i guess he COULD be but i hope not…

  88. 388

    the first pic is the only time I have thought he was actually cute. hm.

  89. 389

    wait, is he gay?

  90. 390

    o shitttttt!!!!!! waz wat i said when i saw thiz its super but hes still hot:)

  91. 391

    spunky xD !

  92. 392

    The reason you post this RPatz crap Perez is cuz u get so many more hits when you do…and I think he's sexxy but damn I am not a twilighter post some GOSSIP.

  93. 393

    hehe! I've seen these pictures on a forum a long time ago and they still make me kinda laugh out loud. Is it really a gay magazine? huh…wow. I think Robert Pattinson is awesome, not the best pictures of him but, he is still a hottie.

  94. 394

    oh my god.

    i love him more now.

  95. 395

    he looks so hot n that picture…the only thing I don't like in it is the clothes he is wearing and the background…they could have thought of a better theme…

  96. 396

    looks so young

  97. 397

    hes hot in twilight but these pics are just wrong lol

  98. 398

    GOD! I am so glad that I am a nobody and people don't care about what I did when I was 16. I really feel bad for all of the gossip our Hollywood Faves have to endure. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.

  99. 399

    aww, he looks like clay aiken. ew
    but the face is seriously creeper

  100. Haylo says – reply to this


    Re: michymich

    lmao, I dunno about the gay matter but, he does appear to have shit for brain.

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