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Vintage Robert Pattinson

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson

rpppp1.jpg rp22222.jpg

Some pics from an old old issue of British gay men's mag Attitude.


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434 comments to “Vintage Robert Pattinson”

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  1. 401

    Gay magazine, you say?

  2. 402

    Thanks for the pics Perez… so not the snake we're wanting to see though :-)

  3. 403

    Sheesh unbelievable he modeled, its in a gay mag so now he is a poof! What is wrong with you people. How do you know he aint tri LOL try anything once. Obviously he didnt care he did the shoot. I think he looks great and a great actor. Can't wait for his movie Little Ashes OOPS he plays a gay character does that make him even more gay LOL. Heath Ledger played a gay character in Broke Back Mountain I know for a FACT he was not gay!
    Give this bloke a break. But I must admit GREAT publicity for Rob.

  4. 404

    Just to add I wouldnt give a flying hoot if he was gay. This bloke is going to be a huge movie star even more than he is now

  5. 405

    I wish he would come back to LA ~ I miss him. Thank you Perez for keeping his memory alive!

  6. 406

    Sexy Can I? LOL jk =]

  7. 407

    I'm bursting with giggles…lmao whats with the snake in the second pic??

  8. 408

    please don't be gay Rpattz!!

  9. 409

    is this a record of comments?

  10. 410

    theres something weird about his face….he looks like a real vampire in this picture….has he had work done since this pic? he looks different its weird

  11. 411

    do you really think he is gay? and why do some people always think that some cute guys are gay?!??

  12. 412

    y would he even want to pose for a gay magazine?

  13. 413

    YES!!! Don't care what it is, WE ALL WANT MORE ROBERT!!!!

  14. 414

    yummy :)

  15. 415

    LOOVVEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 416

    uh. YUMMM.
    i love robert forevaaaa

  17. 417

    Well, he was ugly and still is !

  18. 418

    He looks so young! Thanks for posting these! The 1st one is my fave!

  19. 419

    he is soo fuckin sexy!!! cant wait for NEw moon to come out next year!

  20. 420

    i just love robert so much… please don't be too harsh..

  21. 421

    I don't like these pics, mainly because he looks so young, there's nothing attractive about him at that age…but does it define him as being gay?…not in my opinion. Young, nieve, following his mother's direction,..I can see this happening. Poor guy.
    I also laugh when I see people make comments suggesting "who does this guy think he is?" (mostly straight men), because I don't see Robert as being the type of person who even wanted the fame, he is just doing what he loves, and it seemed to come as quite a shock to him when he got so much attention. I think he'd be content going back to theatre and low-budget films.
    I read an article where he states that he'd rather not accept another paycheck for his work (not a choice i'd make)
    Nope, I am not an Edward Cullen lover..the movie was good, but I see the man behind the image rising to become an artist..even if he is scrutonized for it.

  22. 422

    oh my god
    Robert Pattinson take pics in a gay magazine?
    no way!

  23. 423

    aw bless! you would never guess him a vampire would you XD

  24. 424

    Wow! Born gorgeous! Someone gave him the wrong hair style and wardrobe (probably his sisters or mom), but he's still a hottie. I would love some quality time with him. His body and face = SEX.

  25. 425


  26. 426

    Robert Pattinson: "Say it. Out loud, say it."

    Me: "You're gay."

  27. 427

    Ok, for those of you who don't like him…that's your right.

    However, saying he is gay because of this…WRONG.

    Go to youtube and do a search for an interview with him and Hayley Williams from Paramore. Near the end of the video you will notice him say that he has been defined because of one thing he's done..and as an example he states that he is defined as an "ex model because of 3 jobs I did ACCIDENTALLY" one of which was women's ring modeling.

    Most of you haters just WISH he was gay…I suppose.

  28. 428


  29. Neal says – reply to this


    Well he said he was involved with modeling etc.
    Like always thanks for the pic.
    Hes still ruggedly handsome…..

  30. 430


  31. 431

    hmm lol.

  32. ae says – reply to this



    i tried to tell everyone. Perez should get dibs on this guy

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