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Danica Pays Up And Settles Speeding Issue

| Filed under: Legal Matters


As we mention before, Indy Car Racer Danica Patrick was busted earlier this month in Scottsdale, AZ for speeding.

It seems Danica was going 54 in a 35 zone. She was given a citation and order to go to court this month.

But, there's some good news for the speedster.

Patrick has paid her $196 fine for her speeding ticket in order to settle the case.

Danica was due in traffic court this coming Monday, but a city court clerk from Scottsdale says she paid the fine on Wednesday and won't have to attend.

That's it????

She does have a checkered past!

Scottsdale court records show that the professional driver has received several tickets in the past three years.

Let's hope her speeding on the streets never causes a serious accident.

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Danica Pays Up And Settles Speeding Issue”

  1. 1

    is that what it's called when we pay a speeding ticket?……….settling does sound way more exotic…….zexy

  2. 2

    I'm just so unimpressed with this person. Sorry, not into the whole racing thing. And she seems so gay and unsexy to me.

  3. Luhzr says – reply to this


    Jeeze, someones a little biased. Lets dig up the records of your celebrity friends. Does she have any DUIs like your friend Paris Hilton? If thats your idea of a "checkered past" than you're clearly delusional.

  4. toren says – reply to this


    Perez…this is probably the most ridiculous news story I've seen you post. First of all, this chick is a NOBODY. Secondly, she didn't even get a controversial ticket. 19 miles above the speed limit? That shit happens every day, and you NEVER have to go to court unless you are above 29 miles above the speed limit. THis is a minor offense, as seen by the measly $200 fee.

  5. 5

    Arizona court loves the girls fast! But w/o DUI she is no real celeb!

  6. 6

    The big hair doesn't distract from the big ass the way it's supposed to.

  7. 7

    seriously? you made a site entry just to tell us that she paid a speeding ticket?!
    fuck, that wasn't important…

  8. 8

    OMG… You will never fucking cease to amaze me! Are you seriously going to write this as if you have NEVER exceeded the speed posted limit EVER in your life, even by 1 mph? I may spend the $25.00 to find out and then post it on the internet for all to see. You are such a little fucking hypocrite!!! Ignorant bastard.
    You need a visit from BBD, losen your ass up a little!

  9. 9

    OOOPS!!! Too fast, I meant LOOSEN your ass up a little!

  10. 10

    Gotta admit that she looks way hotter than most of the ccelebrety babes you post. See Truth According To T o m

  11. 11

    Is there any truth to the rumor that she was speeding on purpose, wanting to get pulled over. so she could see IF the cop would let her go IF she offered to give him a quickie?

  12. 12

    She was going 19 over the speed limit. What did you expect? Jail time? Are you THAT stupid Perez? Or are you just desperate to make it sound more serious than it actually is? You are getting really pathetic lately.

  13. 13

    Let's hope she takes all her clothes off for some magazine - like Playboy!

  14. 14

    Hey, if you have the money
    You can get away from a speeding ticket

  15. 15

    It was probably one of those spots where they put a ridiculously low speed limit for no reason just to trap people into getting speeding tickets. They have highways where I live that out of nowhere have 30 mph speed limits and once in a while they just put a cop there who gives person after person speeding tickets and it ends up saying like 55 in a 35 on the ticket, but its a fucking highway, so of course you're going 55. I know the spot, so I slow down first, but its so silly going 30 on a highway with everyone flying by you at twice the speed. But, I don't feel silly when I drive by them and they're on the side of the road getting tickets. Random barely relevant rant over.

  16. 16

    okay here's my issue. yes i do agree that this is NOT news. whether you consider her a celeb or not is really just subject to who you are and what yur into. i'm not into racing, but i'd say she is. she's got some big commercial, and a jay-z video under her belt on top of being on of the best in her sport and probably the best WOMAN in it ever. but like i said, it depends if you think athelete's are celebrities and if you consider hers a sport and if you say that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a celeb and all that. but anyway for me the thing that makes this not news, aside from the fact that is JUST a friggin speeding ticket is that she's a fucking RACE CAR DRIVER! i mean seriously!? i race car driver gets a speeding ticket (or even a few over the past couple years) and it's what? a surprise? something to worry about?? i mean she was going 54 miles per hour. she goes 4 times that if not faster for a living and is damn good at it. i feel safer about her speeding than lindsey lohan doing it drunk w/ no license while on coke!