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We Smell A Lawsuit Coming!

| Filed under: Beauty BuzzTwilight

parfumcompare.jpg twilightfragrance1.jpg nr.jpg

Naughty, naughty, naughty!

The makers of the new Twilight fragrance have done something VERY bad.

They've ripped off the bottle for the "Nina" by Nina Ricci fragrance.

With all the money they are making on the film, you'd think they could afford designing their own bottle!

The Twilight bottle has completely ripped off Nina Ricci's bottle design, right down to the leaves on the lid. The only difference is the script on the bottle and the box that it comes in.

How creative!

The product designers deserve to be fired, don't ya think????

Way to not do their jobs.

Somebody has some 'splaining to do!

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315 comments to “We Smell A Lawsuit Coming!”

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  1. 301

    thats soooo lame.

  2. 302

    my queer, cheesey ass is so conflicted. I feel in love w/the nina perfume last christmas & had to have it, I also just came back from seeing twilight for the 2nd time. they definetely need to be fired, slackers.

  3. 303

    is there an apple in the movie? there are so many apple shaped fragrance bottles. i would have expected something a little more complex for that movies perfume

  4. 304

    Re: the last star – hey mr. star……….didn't mean to step on you friend….you haven't been acting yourself lately….thought you had been hijacked by an impostor trying to start shit between you and og………..i haven't been backtracking all that much, so maybe i missed out on some pertinent conversations……..sorry bud…didn't mean to make you feel bad

  5. 305

    Re: Pig_Nasty – hey piggy….one of these days i'll get myself set up and find ya for a chit chat :)

  6. 306

    Re: the last star – oye……i just read my own comment…..it does look like i'm calling you and ahole………not at all what i meant to say!…..the impostor is only person on here i would call ahole……ok, and maybe ziti….ziti's an ahole too ;)

  7. 307

    so what would a movie perfume smell like anyway?

  8. 308

    it's so blatant..it had to have been approved…..let's hope anyway.

  9. 309

    Re: justtfax
    Exactly, Dior back in the late 90's had an apple shaped perfume and currently DonnaKaran has one.

  10. 310

    Perez was driving his Rambler out in the country, when he looked over and saw a baby pig in the field. He pulled over and picked up the pig. Later that day, he was driving around L.A. with the pig in his car, when a cop pulled him over and asked him why he had a pig in his car. Perez told him that he found the pig at the side of the road out in the country. The cop said "I AM GIVING YOU A DIRECT ORDER TO TAKE THAT PIG TO THE ZOO RIGHT NOW!" The next day, the cop saw Perez driving around again with the pig in his car, and pulled him over again. The cop screamed "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT PIG IN YOUR CAR? I TOLD YOU TO TAKE IT TO THE ZOO YESTERDAY!" Perez replied "Well, I did take the pig to the zoo yesterday. We had such a good time, we are going to a baseball game today."

  11. 311

    Where do they sell this ? =D

    I WANT IT !


  12. 312

    i think it stinks anyway….

  13. Neal says – reply to this


    Hmmm still a pretty bottle :-)

  14. 314

    i think they should get fired but but but but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i forgot ,,oh yeah they might have not know who the hell nina ricci is

    she is retarted though and should die from uglyness

  15. 315

    omg seriously what dumb idiots people are!

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