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Brad Defends Santa Angelina, She's NOT a Homewrecker!

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Take that, Jennifer Maniston!

Brad Pitt defends his lady love, Angelina Jolie, in the newest issue of W magazine, against his perpetually whining ex, Maniston's, 'uncool' assertion that the momma of six wrecked their marriage on the set of Mr and Mrs. Smith.

Here's Bradley, in his very own words:

"What people don't understand is that we filmed for a year. We were still filming after Jen and I split up. Even then it doesn't mean that there was some kind of dastardly affair. There wasn't. I'm very proud of the way that it was handled. It was respectful."

Poppa Pitt then went on to diffuse any alleged beef that supposedly emerged between the super couple and Hollywood's #1 whiner because of the 'uncool' statement:

"Listen, man, Jen is a sweetheart. I think she got dragged into that one, and then there's a second round to all that Angie versus Jen. It's so created. We still check in with each other. She was a big part of my life, and me hers. I don't see how there cannot be. That's life, man. That's life."

OK, man.

We got it!

Maniston will forever be a Bitter Betty!

[Image via WENN.]

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165 comments to “Brad Defends Santa Angelina, She's NOT a Homewrecker!”

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  1. 101


  2. Sgirl says – reply to this


    The only whiner I have seen is Angelina. Talk about whiney. She has an affair with a married man, then tries to act like there's nothing wrong with that. I have never once heard J. Anniston whine about this situation. What because she said what Jolie did was "uncool." Oooh, what a terrible thing to say. Are you fucking kidding me? Any other woman on earth would go nuts if they were in her situation. They would trash the hell out of Brad and Angelina and rightfully so. Angelina is a slut, with no class. Brad is most likely being forced by this whore to speak up and even then he can't muster up anything bad to say about Jennifer. I loved when Angelina went on t.v. and pretended to be crying aobut her mother. The reason she did this was to throw people off the fact that she is an adulterer and homewrecker and she knew if she played the "dead mother card" people wouldn't want to be mean to her. Angelina is trash and a whore. Jennifer is awesome and that's why her movie is #1 again. Can't say the same for Brad can you? Ha Ha! Karma sucks!

  3. 103

    just goes to show again how one sided perez's "reporting" is. the article actually shows brad defending "aniston." even the post up there says it. so how is that an "in your face!" to jen? seriously, perez has got issues.

  4. 104

    just goes to show again how one sided perez's "reporting" is. the article actually shows brad defending "aniston." even the post up there says it. so how is that an "in your face!" to jen? seriously, perez has got issues. pitt basically says that media like perez unfairly attack his ex.

  5. Cora says – reply to this


    Oh, Ok I believe it now since he said so. Brad is a douche.

  6. 106


    She's totally a homewrecker, however, she didn't pledge till death do us part, he did.

    Brad's losing his looks, he'd better watch his back with that one.

  7. epic says – reply to this


    Re: marybk – word!

  8. 108

    Angelina Jolie is a HOMEWRECKER!!!!! However Brad enables her and defends her even after she repeatedly reminds the world that she was able to steal him from right under Jennifer’s nose. “look Daddy, I know how to steal men from their wives just like the lady who stole you from Mommy” Her over compensating with the generous charitable intelligent persona is a serious dual character issue. Maybe she has multiple personality disorder? Mom, slut, politician, undertaker, comic character, vampire, starving waif, who knows what is next. What will she now do in order to get the high she got from stealing, Brad, Billy Bob and other men she seduced from under their wives. Well actresses will be relatively safe now but heck she may even try to steal Clint Eastwood or Barack Obama next, this broad is whacked.

    Brangelina Sucks!!!!

  9. 109

    I watched a talk soup episode the other night and they were making fun of the whole Uncool remark. I bet Angie must have had a good laugh when Jen made that remark.

  10. 110


  11. 111

    Re: marybk – WELL SAID!!!!

  12. 112

    Homewrecker! Homewrecker!

  13. 113

    Have you seen the W mag? Here you do, here you pay! Ugly as a sin! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  14. 114

    this guy is catty as heck. enough already, and shut your trap…I bet Jen is relieved she is no longer with him, even though she may be hurt/disappointed in how those two drag this out. But I bet she is relieved because she wanted a sincere, loving, compassionate man and a sincere, loving relationship. and she knows brad is all about himself, his image, his ego, his realities. and always has been.

  15. 115

    Couples break up…why do people still go on about AJ being a
    homewrecker..always villifying the woman…I guess it is just the way our society likes to operate. Why no one ever mentions that Brad was a home wrecker (even though neither one of them were) continues to illustrate the perception of women as harlot, whores, and bitches. Why so much hate people?? Putting down others will never lift you out of your own hole.

  16. 116

    Wonder what little JenFraud has to say about this one????? Come out…Come out where ever you are…….

  17. 117

    Come out come out where ever you are…….

  18. 118

    Um, Angie has wrecked several other marriages. Hello Billy Bob Thorten to name just one. Johny Lee Miller's relationships and other. I so don't buy this. She's a home wrecking bitch.

  19. 119

    now that Benjamin Button is not doing so well he starts defending Jen and saying her name for the first time ever i think since the split… I really don't believe the first part of the interview "we were over.. blah blah blah". When she filed definitely for divorce the movie was done… And yes Brad, Jen is a sweetheart you got that right… And perez stop hating.. i hate so much when you do this bash against Jen.

  20. 120

    Re: swandive – spoken like a true slut

  21. 121

    Oh please. Benjamin Button is tanking so he has to dredge this up again. Since when is cheating "respectful"? What a douche.

  22. 122

    Brad: YOU CHEATED!!! She went along with it! She's a notorious home wrecker. Ask Laura Durn. You were a cad. We all know it and aint oicking up what BS you are putting down. No ifs or buts about it. You should have kept your mouth shut. Very uncool.

  23. Bytch says – reply to this


    I hate these two cocksuckers so much. Making money off of your looks for decades and suddenly…………. you're above it! Now that you're sitting in your multi million dollar house and making millions for showing up to red carpet events together….telling everyone to give to "charity' when you donate a few mil from a magazine photoshoot. What the fuck do they care? They make more just showing up together to events!! Good luck trying to sell movies, guys…. NOBODY WANTS TO SPEND MONEY ON YOUR SELF-RIGHTEOUS BULLSHIT ANYMORE!!

  24. 124

    perez needs to give it up bitches! j aniston rocks and angelina is a beautiful freak… brad is just hawt

  25. 125

    Sorry Brad and Angie. I don't buy your stories one bit. First Angie says that she fell in love with Brad while making the movie, then Brad says that they didn't.
    Both of you are whores. At least man-up and admit you what you did. You two deserve each other.
    Like Rachel said — Once a cheater, always a cheater.
    It's just a matter of time before Angie's hoo-ha wears out and he goes looking for another one.
    Or she grows tired of wondering when he's leaving because he will. They always do.
    She used to be a fruitcake before adopting and having all those kids — hanging out with BillyBobThorton, wearing his blood around her neck.
    These are just two sluts who hooked up.

  26. 126

    I think regardless if there was any kind of cheating or wrongdoing (emotionally or physical) the way he handled it was not respectful or classy. No one is saying he doesn't have a right to start a new relationship - life doesn't end because you separate from someone.

    But his actions were a bit disgraceful and distasteful to a woman he was with for 6 or so years. In such a short time he is doing the W photo shoot with another woman pretending to be a happy family not to mention the actual interview he gave for that photo shoot. Then he is seen holding another woman's 2 children shortly after that. Then he names a trust fund after a song from a sexually and romantically physical scene in a movie with a woman he is suspected of having an affair with. Not to mention he knew the media and others were assuming his wife didn't want his children so he runs with that and every other assumption or preconceived notion about his wife and their marriage in order to justify his behavior and treatment. He was overtly and consciously public and obnoxious about the ending of one relationship and the beginning of another. He could have taken a quieter, classy route.

  27. 127

    I never liked the guy. There was always something that led me to believe he was too caught up in himself. Before Jen, with Jen and after Jen. I even sort of believe he doesn't know who he is or wants to be and that is partially why his persona changes with each woman he is with, and according to who he thinks he'd like to be or perceived to be. I think Jen is better off without him. Anyone wants a sincere, compassionate, loving, mutual relationship and I don't think he could ever sincerely be that. He is about himself, his image, his ego, his realities.

  28. 128

    angelina owns miss aniston!

  29. 129


  30. 130

    And here we have him lying again!

    Did she lied then or He is lying now?


    It does not matter anymore because Jen does not care! But the homewrecker made him do the statement and he DID because THEY CARE!

    Have you seen the W mag? Here you do, here you pay! Ugly as a sin! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  31. 131

    I remember Brad and Jen- hardly ever together on red carpets-one always away on location.
    I remember that last vacation they took together and the media showed them walking aroung holding hands and speculated that they were going to start a family- then they announced they were going to split. Jen was A-OK with the split- happy- oh, it's all amicable. She had no trouble with the divorce until it started to emerge that he had feelings for Angelina-then she started to feel he wasn't honest with her but if she had really loved him she should've fought for him on that vacation.

    I do think Angelina probably flirted with him and tempted him with her love of her son and hopes for more kids- everyone knew he wanted kids!

    My gripe with Jen and Angelina is the way they disrespected their parents- Jen didn't talk with her mom for years and the same with Angie and her dad. I just don't get cutting a parent out of your life unless that parent has been very abusive. Jen cut her mom cause she wrote a book and Angie cut her dad cause he criticized her in the media (for behavior like wearing vials of blood etc).

    Anyway, 6 kids later, Jen is old news and its all about the kids.

  32. 132

    What happen to Brad? He used to have some class. I'm sure he came out said this to protect Jolie but does he really think people are going to buy it? Angelina was caught lying in public; own up to it and drop it.

    Seems to me he still has feelings for Aniston but knows he trapped with Jolie. He knows if he were to leave her, he would look like a bigger ass.

    I do believe he loves his children though. I only wish he knew how to raise them.

  33. 133

    Brangelina will be tagged as adulterers for the rest of their lives, no matter how much money they throw at charities or how many poses with refugees. And when someday karma comes calling, their sordid history will be thrown at their faces.

  34. 134

    Angelina Jolie is just one more low life grasping at the limelight to find meaning in her life. Brad Pitt is the biggest loser, like all cheaters, he is a snake. Brad and Angie and their anything goes life-style makes me sick. Have some moral courage and admit you are liars and cheats and then maybe get married. Yes, marriage, for one man and one woman. Or, maybe if they need more publicity, break up and join up with others… whatever. They Suck!!!!

  35. 135

    Did she lied then or He is lying now?


    Have you seen the W mag? Here you do, here you pay! Ugly as a sin! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  36. 136

    Re: harrybalsac – LOL good one.

  37. 137

    Don't believe him. Trying to save face. Why is he talking about this now after three years? He knows people are tired of him and Angelina.

  38. 138

    Re: perezian7 – "He is the definition of class, as is his current companion." You r kidding right? "Class"? Ok you need to lay off the drugs dear.

  39. 139

    GET OVER IT ALREADY FOR GOD'S SAKE Brad and Ange are obviously head over heels in love and have a very secure loving family unit. Every1 who hates Angelina is just jelous that their lives do not emulate hers! Im sorry but it's SOOOOOOO true! Brad and Jens marriage must not have been happy or solid…… a man cannot be stolen no matter how many of u silly women would like to think so. No matter how beautiful the women is- the fact still remains that if a man is happy in his marriage he wont stray- he may look but wont touch if u know what I mean! Plus all of u supposed Jennifer fans don't u realise that your actually deeply pissing her off by labeling her 'poor old Jen unlucky in love' several times in interviews she has said how much she hates this label and image. Your actually making this woman feel even worse u idiots! She's moved on…………….Brads moved on…………………they even still keep in touch bcos they care about one another……………it's called being mature and grown up people shame that most peeps on here arent lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 140

    These two deceitful liars make me SICK…Jennifer is soooo much better off without this asshole…let him stay with that skank…they deserve each other…

  41. 141

    It's clear that the Bitter Betty is you, perez. You're ugly inside out.
    Brad is a shame for manhood. He's a a dog to Angie. It's fine that he felt out of love with Jen, but the way he handled the breakup (clearly manipulated by Angie) sucks! you suck brad, big time

  42. 142

    So defensive, Brad! You know you are guilty. You are married to the person that wore billie bob thornton's blood around their neck just a few years ago. That's who you want to raise your children, Brad? The bottom will fall out of this relationship sooner or later, you wait. I can't wait to read Maddox's book in a few years describing his bizarre childhood.

  43. 143

    whatever. He's such a fucking liar! You don't have to have SEX to have an affair.
    He and Jen split up in January, M&M Smith came out in June, there was no way they were still filming. Besides, even if they did wait till after he and Jen split up, he sure moved on real fast to Angelina. You don't do that after a separation unless YOU were emotionally attached to another person.
    Such a fucking liar. I wish Angie would just dump his ass. That fucker is so damn whipped, even Angie has his balls. You wish Brad or Angelina had your balls too! Or you wish you could fuck John Mayer just like Jen. You're such a jealous fuck and kiss ass to Brangelina. They probably don't give a FUCK if you like them.

  44. 144

    who cares what he and his female partener say about JEN , I really don't know what happened and I hate to be unfair and say that he was a cheater while we don't know the truth , but Angelina said something that was bad and was referring to a time when another woman was married and it is really not respectfull at all , my parents got divorced when I was 11 , I would have hated if my father said he loved another woman when he as married or if my mother said the same thing , so Jennifer is a human being if you forget that Perez , she sure felt so bad after those comments because it is so humuilating and there's no need for it at all , and by the way people who got divorced don't end every thing they remain good friends for life even without kids because marrying someone is something God bond and for me I hate divorces and I hate people who don't respect the time after divorce like we in Islam after the divorcing time no one should love or marry another time till some time because people soon got married again , but Angelina and Pit even that Jennifer wasn't still divorced loved each other , tha's why what Anglina did was bad because she ended another marriage , I had a friend that was doing the same thing for another woman and she was saying the same words : he was about to end the marriage bla bla bla , thatnkfully her parents stoped her

  45. 145

    Team Aniston all the way …

  46. 146

    Sweet Cute Lovely Anistion















  47. 147

    Leave Jen alone I am so sick of there being a new story every week in all the mags about how she is sad, lonely, still in love with Brad blah blah it's been sooo long can't people think of better things to write about. I am sure she is so over it! He even says himself she is a sweetheart why would he say that if he really felt she was bad mouthing Ange?

  48. 148


  49. 149

    Re: SheriMoonZombie – YOUR A SKANK SLUT. I CAN JUST TELL BAhahahahahahaha ok. no wait! hahahahaha ok im done.

  50. 150

    Brad, Ange and Jen are all awesome its you perez and commenters that suck a$$e$.

  51. 151

    Oh my dear friends! Isn't it obvious? Brad ( as directed by Ange) is doing major backpedalling from their "we thought you were over it, Jen" stance… We know they are good at manipulating the press, and when they saw how much traction Jen got after the "uncool" comment and the GQ cover…well, they learnt their lesson. Brad is now trying to be the public peacemaker…As an earlier poster said- it IS awards season…and they are DESPERATE for his and hers Oscars. T'would be their shining moment… And tho I loved Button, and thought marley was average, the oscars? Somehow… don;t think it will happen. Pity so many of those Academy members are from the older golden years of Hollywood and are a bit conservative…Why do you think we get the Mother teresa/ Angelina stuff constantly. Image, image. ps: Love it when those kids hit their teens at the same time - that will be a real fun household!

  52. 152

    Oh and something else, since perez isn't censoring the brad/ ange posts at the moment like he normally does. I betcha Ange would dearly love to do her own super-erotic magazine spread - she is gorgeous- and it would be way more out there than jen's GQ stuff…think girl on girl, S+M. But she can't now for a few years at least because she is a "the good mother" trying hard to rewrite her public image as Saint Theresa/ Angelina ( for which perez is no doubt paid well for his participation in the charade). Bet she was spittin chips when she saw the stir the GQ covered caused. Just sayin'!

  53. 153

    Not to start something, but calling Angie "class"….how do you define class with the same woman who sucked on her ex husbands ear on tv making while he proclaimed that they just f'd in the limo on the way to the awards show?

  54. 154

    He's just trying to save face figuratively but forget it literally. Good god, his face on the cover is scary!!! He is so whipped, it's pathetic. Trying to keep both his ex and current whore happy. I bet Angelina is reading the article then staring daggers at Brad ArmPitt.

  55. 155

    Brad Pitt and Angelina deserve each other, narcissists focused only about how they look. Those poor children that are in their care, we can only hope they have a bit of decency in them, unlikely. Our future world is being shaped before our eyes by the likes of these pathetic folks who desperately seek the approval of anyone and everyone. They go to any length for any attention.

    They are SO pathetic!!!!

  56. dupe says – reply to this


    Blah! Blah! Blah!When will these Maniston fans stop being so bitter and move on already. Yes Brad dumped Jennifer for Angelina. So what? It happens everyday. Deal with it. I don't get why Brad has to defend himself. It is nobody's business. Time to shut up already Brad Pitt, Angelina and Jennifer. Nobody is dying of cancer. Someone got dumped. Angelina is a proven homewrecker. Really? Laura Dern? Didn't Laura meet Billy Bob while he was still married? Stupid people. Time for Brad, Angelina and Jennifer to shut the hell up. They somehow want this to drag on and on. No doubt, when Maniston has a movie out again. She will have another mighty whinge about Angelina! We are all mugs.

  57. dupe says – reply to this


    Brad and Jennifer separated in January 2005. By March/April 2005, she was being linked to Vince Vaughn. Was that relationship fake? She sure did move on real quick before the divorce. So shouldn't Brad Pitt?

  58. 158

    Re: ItalianBella08 – I think your story is messed up. It read as the following:

    Brad starts filming with Angelina.
    Brad and Angelina start their affair.
    Angelina tells public she would never be interested in a married man.
    Public says “aw she’s so nobel”
    Angelina tells public that they fell in love while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
    Public is upset and catches her in her own lies.
    Angelina grabs Brad’s nuts and forces him to discuss his love for her.
    Brad has to do major PR work to increase chances of Oscar award.

    Here’s the problem with Brad’s statement regarding the seperation (not divorce) while filming.

    Brad was on vacation with Jennifer in late December (2004) and early January (2005). Filming is finsished in October (2004). There were only 6 days max of reshoots in March of 2005. Aniston and Pitt annouced their seperation in March 2005.

  59. 159

    does anyone else find perez annoying and totally biased?

  60. 160

    maniston needs to get a life, she makes shitty romcoms whilst brad and ange are picking up all the respected awards and OWN the box office, must hurt, thats probably why she has to go crying to the magazines to get her paycheque

  61. 161

    Oh Brad don't hurt JenJen. She is marketing a "scorned wife" milking that divorce as long as it could. That's her only ticket to stardom now. You know that, so don't tell the truth that the marriage was way over before Angelina came along. That busts all JenJen's charades! LOL!!!

  62. 162


  63. 163

    i loved angeline jolie in the tomb raider movies. but ever since she's been linked to brad pitt, i hate her. she's definitely the home wrecker here!

  64. 164

    Brad is a whore. Remember when he got his big start with Gweneth Paltrow then he dumped her.

    He hit the hot Jennifer Anniston next. When Angelina was hot, he went after her.

    It's just a matter of time before a new and improved Angelina comes along.

    He is no Paul Newman who had class, committment and real family oriented values.

  65. 165

    rooting for jen all the way

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