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Dear Senegal

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THIS sucks!

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23 comments to “Dear Senegal”

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    hi perez

  4. 4

    Oh, for crying out loud!
    That's pathetic. Don't governments have better things to do than go after decent people?!

  5. 5

    I once knew a guy from Senegal. What a loser. They're a nation full of losers as far as I am concerned.

  6. kjmac says – reply to this



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    that's so sad

  8. 8

    Thats horrible. Very sad.

  9. 9

    AKON is from Senegal!

  10. 10

    Did you hear about New Guinea?? They burnt a girl at the stake for witch craft. How awful is that?

  11. 11

    Serves em right, you gotta draw the line somewhere. This is just a result of the world becoming more wicked

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  13. 13

    Re: straightman – What!? Shut the fuck up asshole. Would you go to some site frequented by Jews and say to them that it "served them right" about concentration camps?
    You fucking ignorant motherfucker.
    Go to school you shit fuck.

  14. 14

    Re: MissMix Alot
    this is a gay website? hmm… makes sense now! haha… so i guess you're all gays and i offended you all… i just go here for news on celebs and stuff, but since you butt buddies feel you can compare your hardship to concentration camps, i'll keep my postings aside XD

  15. Nino says – reply to this


    Re: MissMix Alot – Nice reply to this ignorant asshole of straightman!!!
    He has to go back to school,indeed!!!! It's incredible that after more than 5000 years of civilization,we still have to read this kind of fucking shit!!!!

  16. n7of9 says – reply to this


    stupid ignorant fuckchops

  17. 17

    After prop "hate" you would really think that things in this world are really begining to go bakward…sad

  18. 18

    Black is white. Good is bad.

    I can't wait till when people are OUTRAGED that child molesters are put in jail.

    I mean they were born only being attracted to people younger than themselves. Why should they be denied the right to love?


    BTW I am marrying my Gertrude. My lover cow.

  19. 19

    Re: bellaa – & as far as I'M concerned, you're the ridiculous ignorant idiot who judges a country because of a single person you knew. You sad person you (:

  20. 20

    Let me see if I get this right……You suck a dick, and go to jail, where you can suck all the dick you want. Makes sense to me. That sounds like homo heaven. Like an 8 year fag vacation…..the only question I have is WHEN DO WE START THAT HERE?? Put the homo's in jail with all the other homo's and problem solved.

  21. 21

    Re: bite me – Asshole!!! What the fuck is your problem??? Gays aren't the problem, people like you are!! As for me I'd be happy to a place where assholes like you don't exist!! You're always thinking about gay sex and dick sucking!! It sounds like your a fag too! So shut the fuck up and deal with the fact that gays exist!!

  22. 22

    Re: KevinK – Trying to be sarcastic??? Pedophiles hurt kids! They sexually abuse kids! Gay aren't hurting anybody! See the difference?? No?? Then you're dumber then I thought!! I wish you and Gertrude the best of luck!! Cuz only cows can marry cows!!

  23. kiana says – reply to this


    That's very sad…those poor people and their families. What a shame….