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Defending Bromance

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Brody Jenner's latest reality TV gig, Bromance, premiered at the end of December with pretty shitty results. The episode only managed to attract 963,000 viewers.

The show has been ridiculed by many and watched by far less!

In a recent interview with Latina magazine, the other Bromance "star" Z-lister Frankie Delgado, spoke out about the hit show.

He says in reference to the show, "Its not gay. It's a brotherhood, a male friendship. They call it a bromance because it's someone you're really close with, your best friend. It's like when girls go, 'She's my BFF.' "

In case you haven't watched the show, which odds are you haven't, it deals with Frankie trying to help his friend Brody find a new friend.

So when asked why someone would even want to compete for Brody's friendship, Frankie spills out more shit from his mouth. Says the famewhore, "Because he's the man! If you define cool, that's what Brody is: Girls want to do him, and guys want to be him."

Oh, and he had to mention that he and Brody both "love girls." Frankie continued, "We both love to party, love the San Diego Chargers and love girls."

And of course he goes for the ever clever cliche, and adds "Hoes never come before bros. Well, almost never. Maybe at 2 a.m. when you gotta go home. But bros always come before hoes. Always, always. 100% of the time."

What did he just say????

[Image via WENN.]

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107 comments to “Defending Bromance”

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  1. 101

    Gosh, Frankie is such an IDIOT!!!! I never liked him, but now i dislike him even more. He thinks he is the man! Brody is somwhat better, at least he doesnt talk as much crap as Frankie.

  2. \"k\ says – reply to this


    yeeeeeeeeessss i saw the show!!! n was fun!!!
    its soooooooooooooo hot brody frankie rock!!!

  3. 103

    I'm a guy, and I don't have the slightest desire to be Brody. Who the fuck is Brody, anyway?

  4. 104

    I think the only people who think Brody Jenner is "the man" are people who are even bigger losers than he is.

  5. 105

    GAY!! Those guys were on there CRYING!! GAY, GAY, GAY!!!

  6. 106

    they're gay. everyone needs 2 get over that. cause nuthings gunna change it.

  7. 107

    bromance is not that good of a show…..gay muchh

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