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Bath Time With Robert Pattinson

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R-Patz gets a rub down in the BBC's The Haunted.

You're welcome!

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454 comments to “Bath Time With Robert Pattinson”

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  1. 1

    Thank you!!

  2. 2

    URGGGHHHH!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!Mario your a douche!

  3. 3

    ewww there is a dude rubbing him
    is he actually naked
    cuz tht would b totaly wrong

  4. 4


  5. 5


  6. 6

    haha he looks kinda creepy… but in a good way:)

  7. 7

    Thank you Perez!!! Keep them coming.

  8. 8

    Who's the fluffer?

  9. 9

    uh u cudda kept that bullshit. hes not cute!

  10. 10

    Thanks for the Robert Pattinson updates!

  11. theJB says – reply to this


    Thank you!

  12. 12

    took you long enough to find this perez!
    and it's a woman bathing him.

  13. 13

    ohmygod. why does the water have to block out everything that i want to see?
    damn he is HOT.

  14. 14

    I'm sorry but ewww!! He looks prepubescent.

  15. 15

    Okay, um….wtf?

  16. 16

    :) keep these coming perez.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    in the bottom right pic he looks like he's 8.

  19. 19

    i just creamed my pants

  20. 20

    he is not that good looking

  21. 21

    so hot

  22. 22


  23. 23

    sweetheart keep up perez he did that movie a long time ago… and i know i nearly hypervenilating at the thought of him being naked….

    but any rob pat news is thanked.. please put more up! please please please

  24. 24

    Re: boobzt
    THANK YOU!! he is soooo over-rated! he kinnda looks like that rat from nija turtles

  25. 25

    Don't forget to scrub under da balls!!!

  26. 26

    o yay!! thnk u perez!!

  27. 27

    its titled the haunted airman by the way not the haunted

  28. 28

    fucking water!!!always in the way!!!! =P

  29. 29


  30. 30

    LOL .

  31. 31

    OME!!! love him!!! but give him a break!! he's gorgeos but let him alone! maybe put other notes about him..not this! loe u perez!

  32. 32

    haha man i gasped so loud when i refreshed the home page! lolol

  33. 33


  34. 34

    UHHHHHHHHH!Robert I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35


  36. 36

    Robert Pattinson updates make my day! Love you, Perez! Keep them coming!

  37. 37

    Re: the last star – #25.

  38. 38

    Holy shit! Thanks Bitch!

  39. K10 says – reply to this


    Excellent movie! it was a BBC special actually called "The Haunted Airman" and no thats not a dude.. its a woman.. his nurse in the movie…

  40. 40

    perez i luv u even more!!!!

  41. 41

    I like him…but this is weird.

  42. 42

    Perez, the movie is called "The Haunted AIRMAN".
    Is it really that hard to Google his movies to get the titles right?

    You already thought that J.K. Rowling's book selling 300,000 in 3 days beat Stephenie Meyer's 1.2 MILLION copies of Breaking Dawn sold in ONE day.

    You called J.K.Rowling the most successful author of the year, but according to "USA Today", SM's 4 Twilight books were the 4 best selling books of the year (22 million sold this YEAR so far)

    I just hold a grudge because you made a "fact" mistake that tons of Twilight-hating Harry Potter fans believed, and as a result, they acted like huge pricks to Twilighters online. AND you repeated you're "fact" mistake in posts a couple of times.

    It's sad that fans know more about these simple facts than you, when millions of ppl read and believe what you say everyday…you should do your research.

    That aside, this movie was soooooo confusing!
    That bathtub scene was sooo awkward…and embarrassing…especially when she scrubbed (oh yes she did!) his cha-cha lolz. I died of tears and laughter. Poor Rob…

  43. 43


  44. 44


  45. 45

    I saw this on BBC America. He was really good in this. He played a war hero that was paralyzed. I almost fainted when they started bathing him. =)

  46. 46

    Yummy! Thank you Perezito! Thank you!

  47. 47

    Re: the last star – God, you are so sexy!!!!

  48. 48

    omg omg omg. thank you, Perez!

  49. Nadya says – reply to this


    a bath in his PRIVATE company sounds pretty good ;)

  50. 50

    This guy is gross. I find nothing about him attractive……………………totally overrated

  51. 51

    WTF! What is the big deal about this guy!!!!!!?????

  52. 52

    i saw that movie, hes actually a fairly decent actor outside of twilight

  53. 53

    Yes, thank you.

  54. 54

    he plays a soilder that came back from war and he loss the use of his legs

    i love him i would take a bath with him =]

  55. 55

    I saw that movie last week… was… different…


  56. 56

    Love him in Twilight!! Why does he look like he's about to get molested in the 3rd pic?!

  57. 57

    ive seen this movie! its pretty good :)


  58. 58

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! He is so sexy!!!

  59. 59

    Wow, I'm lovin' the lower left photo. Yumm.

  60. 60

    SO GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 61

    Okay. While I will fully admit that this man has his sexy moments, this is not one of them. C'mon, really?!

  62. 62

    old old old.
    how i wish i was that person washing him.

  63. 63

    oh my…oldie but goodie

  64. 64

    thank you.. so much. i can't wait for nudie photos of him to come out.

  65. 65

    Oh that's my bathtub! I knew he is kinky in bath! Too bad nobody thought of saving the dirty bath water and sell in bottles at eBay! That'd fetch handsome $$$$ ! LOL

  66. 66

    i love rob!

  67. 67


  68. 68

    oh, and the movie is called The Haunted AIRMAN, not The Haunted.

  69. 69

    He's so delish!!!

  70. 70

    Could you give us more details? I mean there's some random person rubbing him while he's in a bath tub! Wtf is this?

  71. 71

    I knew it was only a matter of time until you found 'The Haunted Airman' online Perez:/

  72. 72

    God that man is hot!! Thanks Perez you just made my day, keep em coming! :D

  73. 73

    I feel naughty for loving this, he looks underaged in this photo!

  74. 74

    oh to be the one giving a scrub down!
    hmmmm! :D

  75. 75

    haha we all knew it was coming

  76. 76

    not cute.

  77. 77

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – Enjoy your movie, love.Tell me tomorrow,how it was.

  78. 78

    this is why we love him

  79. 79

    lol! Keep them coming. PLEASE. Thank you

  80. 80

    um…not sure how i feel about this yet… hahaha.
    perez start repping "Little Ashes"
    its going to be EPIC. :]

  81. 81


  82. 82

    Is Robert Pattison a closet gay? I'm just wondering…

  83. 83

    What no Golden Shower?

  84. 84

    Lookit how murkey that water is

  85. 85

    hubba hubba

  86. 86

  87. 87

    it's called the haunted airman asshole. and it's a woman.


  88. 88

    I'm sure Perez used all of his super digital CSI style imaging to try to dial in on his package

  89. 89

  90. 90

    damn the water is too clouded come on…

  91. 91

    Re: torrrieB – I've missed you baby, come give harry a big kiss!

  92. 92

    Yup I Want To Met This Amazing Person One Day =]

  93. 93

    he is so hot i love him so much
    thank you a thousand times perez >=]

  94. 94

    where can I get a copy of this movie? :)

    Keep voting for Rob over at Hello!

  95. 95

    Phwoaaar indeed!!! Well done Perez. Please keep 'em coming.
    Oh, and don't forget to vote for him on Hello - he's losing to Dr Who!! wtf girls???

  96. 96

    i feel like its so wrong to look at these pics =(

  97. 97

    i wanna be the sponge….

  98. 98

    Go Over to Hello Magazine to vote for our favorite Vamp. He's in 2nd place. :)

  99. 99

    Thankyou Perez, thankyou! But Rob, why'd you cut your hair. WHY! Why would you do that to yourself?

  100. 100

    Loves it! My sexy man!! Thank you Perez!! :)

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