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Bath Time With Robert Pattinson

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R-Patz gets a rub down in the BBC's The Haunted.

You're welcome!

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454 comments to “Bath Time With Robert Pattinson”

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  1. 401

    That lucky friggin' nurse…better yet, that lucky soap that got to rub him.

  2. 402

    My god can't get enough of him !

  3. 403

    Just because the book makes him a loving man and will do anything for a girl doesnt mean hes fuckin hot. Look at harry potter he was in. I didnt see any girl go Crazy about him for that. CEDRIC. haha im a harry potter Freak. But Rob Patt is a Hairy looking dude. he cant be the hottest man out there.
    Christiano Ronaldo his. haha ABS

  4. 404

    i love him. love him more than life itself.
    but this is even weird for me?

  5. 405

    OMG… Thank You Perez. He is my sexy man and I love him forever!!!

  6. 406


    muahzzies :D

  7. 407

    I Dont Think This Guy Is That Attractive As Everyone Else Thinks He Is…..Hes Just A Skinny White Boy To Me…Haha.

  8. 408

    LMAO at this fuckkery. I come on here just for the comments ALONE.

  9. 409

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Now is there anyway ppl in the states can watch more of this!!!!!!!

  10. 410

    Mmm I wanna take a bath with him. A bubble bath like the one Carrie took with Aiden in Sex and the City.

  11. 411

    OMFG Hes so hot why is the stupid water in the way blocking all the goods

  12. 412

    It's called The Haunted Airman perezie! And btw people, it's not a dude giving him a bath..it's a woman nurse. Go check it out on youtube and you will understand it. By the way, Perez, I love that you love Rpattz!

  13. 413

    People need to get over him! He's uglyyyyyy!

  14. 414


  15. 415

    Hehehe….Bet y'all did not recognize Jamaican Man!

  16. 416

    He looks like Udo Kier.

  17. 417

    Ooh…yum…must…have…NOW!! keep em coming perez!

  18. 418

    Ok its called Haunted Airman. But anyways I knew I had seen this movie before but probably didnt remember Rob. But its an amazing movie. and the pictures are extremely hot. But the first 2 are from where his nurse (its a girl not a guy) is giving him his bath and the 3rd is from where he crawled into the tub to get away from spiders. You can go on YouTube and type it in cause they have the movie on there.

    But hott pictures hes sexy regardless of how he looks to me. Thanx Perez keep the updates and news on Rob coming.

  19. 419

    perezieee, i check everyday for new rpatz news..
    i loveee him.

  20. 420

    Fucking sexxxy

  21. 421


  22. 422

    I love him as edward cullen
    but when he is himself
    he is a total freak.
    is he naked or something
    he has a guy robbing him.
    when did he come out of the closet?

  23. 423

    thanks perez :) i was wondering when rpattz would come back in your posts. keep them cominggggg, i need him daily !!!!!!!!

  24. 424

    #198 LG. I have been your friend and I don't understand why this fukin drama is going down. This is like marriage, an evil test that no one wins. heheheheheheeeeeee

  25. 425

    robert pattinson is what why did the camreas suprise him while he was bathing i just read a twilight article and jonas brothers camreas should not intrude while you're in the bathroom i'm suprised that's still posted
    miss bianca january 16th 2008 i have little tolorance for the paprpazzi when they do pictures of people naked

  26. coxie says – reply to this


    Thank you!!! I just saw this movie..he is GORGEOUS!!!! Good movie too =)

  27. coxie says – reply to this


    it's not a dude washing him its a woman

  28. 428

    thank you soo much

  29. 429

    sooo obviously u guys are idiots cause you have never seen this amazing movie!!
    BECAUSE actually its NOT a guy!!! its a woman who is a nurse in the movie cause hes paralyzed!!

  30. 430

    I blew him a couple months ago and he has the hairiest cock and asshole I've ever sucked. His uncut hot cum is still all over my t-shirt. should I sell it on eBay?

  31. 431

    omg omg omg omg

  32. 432

    Perez I love you! kisses

  33. 433

    Mmmm yes please!

  34. 434

    whoot perez keep this coming =)
    i love rob he is so hot seriously.
    but this pic is just a little bit weird and strange =s

  35. 435

    Re: Boosted Palo – haha C. Ronaldo is def hot :P
    but i love rob

  36. 436

    i wanna be that woman that washes him

  37. 437


  38. 438

    This looks interesting, to say the least.

    As always, thanks for the Rpattz updates! I love your site, Perez! Now, with the Rob updates, it gives me yet another reason to check it daily!

  39. 439

    OMg robert is SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 440

    can i be his rubber ducky??? quack quack baby!!!!

  41. 441

    I Just Fainted!!!!!!!

  42. 442


  43. 443

    Re: coolkidruby – I've seen the movie and can assure you its a black woman.

  44. 444

    omg omg omg !!!!

  45. 445


  46. 446

    im going a little off this boy.
    Not that im not still totally in love or anything,
    But he's definitely not your conventional heartthrob, is he?

  47. 447

    I would scrub that boys nuts anyday! :D

  48. 448

    O M G! Rob in a tub! *Pant* *Drool*
    Okay, it's too much. Where are those heart pills?

    Hello Magazine: "Online readers appreciate Robert's mysterious charm it seems, placing him first in the Most Attractive Man poll."

  49. 449

    oooo my, where do i began? lets see… maybe i wish i was in the tub with him (definately) or maybe i wish i was the one scrubing him (uhhhh…) but thats all besides the point. for all that is holy, something needs to be done about his hotness. Perhaps it would make me feel 10X better if he was mine!

  50. 450

    ok for one its called "the haunted airman" which is bloody amazing, clips of it are on youtube somewhere.
    the last pic he isnt actually getting a bath, he just climbed into it,
    bert was seriously amazing in "the haunted airman" but for those of you who dont like seeing him smoke then dont watch it as he does it quite often

  51. 451

    That IS NOT A GUY washing Rob..it is his female nurse, cause he's paraylyzed in the movie!!! And she gets in there with the sponge, trust me!

  52. 452

    IM LOLING how very funny

  53. BB says – reply to this



  54. 454

    Re: Kendall!!!COLON!!!x3 – haha i know really!!! hes sexy!!! i love him very much soo!!

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