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Courtney Love's Trying To Nab Robert Pattinson for Frances Bean

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Run, Robert, run!

Like almost every teen girl in the world, Courtney Love's daughter, 16-year old Frances Bean, is smitten with Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson.

Well, Anglophile Court is determined to make Rob her daughter's first date!

An insider revealed to the Daily Mail, "Courtney thinks he’s charming and handsome and absolutely has to be Frances’s first date. She’s doing everything she can to engineer another meeting."

Sounds like Courtney is literally living in la la land.

Hands off, R-Patz!!!!

[Courtney/Frances image via National Photo Group. Robert Pattinson image via Finalpixx.]

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314 comments to “Courtney Love's Trying To Nab Robert Pattinson for Frances Bean”

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  1. NJK says – reply to this


    spoiled little brat -_-


  2. 302

    How scary would it be for Robert to be entangled in Courtney's web of confusion? Referring to Frances Bean, she told Harper's Bazaar (Mar): "She's a gay man trapped in a woman's body, like me." Where does Robert fit into that picture?

  3. 303

    Fugged up ~ Courtney's comment is from People mag.

  4. 304

    Rob deserves WAYY BETTER!!

  5. 305

    Re: Stevie D. – Actually, "Bean" is not just a nickname, it's her legal middle name…it's on her birth certificate.

  6. 306

    OMG Robert isd so SXC!!
    and she is the most gaurd damn ugly tyhing i have ever seen!!
    he deserves way better!!than that fake hair bright lipstick fat chick!!
    just cuz her mum is famous doesnt mean she gets whoever she wants!!
    she is to ugly to get him someone should tell it to her face!!she aint gonna get robert
    hate herrrr

  7. 307

    RUN AWAY, ROB!!!

  8. 308

    Id rather see Rob Pattinson with sixteen year old Frances Bean then some whorebag of a model, despite her fucked mother frances seems like a good kid. she cant help who spawned her….

    And to peopel who think Rob CANT sing, go fuck yourself, he has a amazing voice.

  9. 309

    that would be totally pointless…
    she's like jail bait for him.

  10. 310

    TOOOOO FUNNY!! What Rob needs to remember is that these 16 year old girls are aging and within a couple of years will be primed and ready for him. NOT that I would like to see him with/banging Courtney Love's spawn but I am just saying….these young girls won't be young for long ;)

  11. 311

    high bitch!

  12. 312

    Frances is a beautiful girl… but Robert Pattinson is a little old for her.

    (for your own good, Frances, please don't take any advice from your mother)

  13. 313

    not gonna happen when ur mom is a crack whore.

  14. 314

    frances bean dont even have a chance i mean look how hott robert pattinson is he can get a way hotter chick then her.shes also 16 years old to young for him oh yeah and courtney love you are wasting your time your daughter doesnt have a chance to get with a hottie like that

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