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God Bless America

| Filed under: Beyonce

Beyonce had the honor of performing the last song at the We Are One Obama inaugural concert celebration, Sunday in D.C.

And, she will be have the honor of singing the first song that Barack and Michelle will dance to on inauguration night.

That song is At Last by Etta James.

On Sunday, however, Beyowulf performed the classic America The Beautiful.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

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137 comments to “God Bless America”

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  3. 103

    Beyonce was amazing!!! t4p

  4. 104

    LOL, Everyone mad Because Beyonce is more talented than their divas!

    Mariah Can't sing, never has been able to sing…She & Georgia Brown should be compared.

    Whitney is a vocal powerhouse, and I will never disrespect her talent. Aretha..Blah! Beyonce is a vocalist! Christina is a vocalist that over sings!

  5. 105

    it would have been nice if they had picked a non celebrity who isn't trying to plug a movie for these two important movements. also, someone who isn't a fur loving freak.

  6. 106

    Last I checked Etta James was still ALIVE!!!!! Why would they have Beyonce singing "At Last" the song that put Etta James on the map and in turn, Etta James put that song on the map. WHY?????? Beyonce. And if we are talking about making history, first black president of USA, then I'm sure Etta James has waiting MUCH LONGER than Beyonce for this historical moment. If I had a choice, NO DOUBT, Etta James would be sining at last at my party. Put it this way, why would I have Beyonce singing "Respect" if Aretha is still alive!!!!?

  7. 107

    why not mariah?? it would have been so much better

  8. 108

    Why didn't OPRAH speak at the Lincoln Memorial?????

  9. 109

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Brought tears to my eyes!!

  10. 110

    I know there are a whole lot of Obama fans (and I voted for him only because he was the lesser of the two evils) but mark my words: He'll be another Jimmy Carter. He won't be able to deliver on his "promises" and his approval rating will spiral downward and don't count on this cat being re-elected. It's going to take at least 8-10 years to undo the mess the Bush Administration has done. (Remember, it DID take 15 years to bounce back from the Great Depression).

    Oh and WHY Beyonce of all people to sing? She's overrated and not that great of a singer.

  11. 111

    so they had to have a black performer infront of a row of other black people
    isnt that abit racist.,,

  12. 112

    Very nice job!

  13. 113

    I CAN'T STAND HER!!!!! uugh she complained and whined until she got a spot(last minute) in the festivities firstthing she does is get a press release out!
    and thye needed to get ETTA not this cheap knock-off Etta is alive and well! getting this chick is just WRONG!! i really wish beyowulf would take a REAL LONG vacation!!!!!!!!!

  14. 114

    That was beautiful.

  15. 115

    she sang "America, The Beautiful", not "God Bless America", smart one.
    and she did a great job. all u ppl who think she can't sing are just haters.

  16. 116

    beyonce,great job !!!!!!!!!!!she is fine&can sing=100%perfect

  17. 117

    beyowulf is a TALENTLESS TROLL! She is 110% trannylicious and has the COCK to prove it! Everyone knows that JAY-Zebra likes to take it deep up his stinkhole! These two assholes are as talented as a one legged donkey trying to fuck an elephant!

  18. 118

    I'm not a fan of hers, but she was better than I had heard her sing. At least she didn't dance like she has seizures, nor spoke like she has a prune in her throat. She is nice looking though.

  19. 119

    No talent. She doesn't even write her own songs.

  20. 120

    Re: LCBitch – Fatlass, big lips, cotton fields? Wow dude, you really are a fuckin' bitch.

  21. 121

    it was good. But when she said "America can you feel it". I had to turn it off. Too much like she always does

  22. 122

    God Bless America…….that was so beautiful.

  23. 123

    Re: LCBitch – wow you're not racist or anything… it's amazing how ignorant people are. it's one thing to not like someone and criticize them, but there's no need for the racism.

  24. tron says – reply to this


    It is just me, or she's following every Christina step?. Anyway, she did a good job but still a copycat.

  25. 125


    Very good performance!

  26. tron says – reply to this


    It is just me or she's following every Christina step?. Anyway she did a good job but still a copycat.

  27. nks82 says – reply to this


    I don't particularly like or dislike Beyonce but I hated this performance. She did that shaky thing with her voice too much, it was annoying.

  28. 128

    Re: annie92 – Well if it didn't look like a cheap version of Circ de Negro up there I might keep my lily-white mouth shut!

  29. 129

    Can't nobody touch her shes the best this was fucking Beautiful they really saved the best for last and can't wait for tuesday Perez i noticed you didn't comment on her singing cause you know how beautiful it was and for all those haters hating on talent shes BETTER THAN U SO FUCK OFF

  30. 130

    Re: LCBitch – Omg hoe why you be on here c\talking smack about your mom please we dont need to here it now resume sucking your Dad's dick.


  31. 131

    Her performance was so beautiful and symbolic of the renaissance that our country is experiencing. Tears welled up when I watched this because I am so proud that she was able to be there and perform for Barack's inauguration.

    This is an amazing time.

    Embrace it America….the world is watching.

  32. 132

    How come Beyoncé is a celebrity, she has no voice. Jennifer Hudson would have been extraordinary. As usual what goes on behind the scenes take away from the real talent. Viva Jennifer, get lost Beyoncé, get a voice !

  33. 133

    Lol, why do people complain about how much attention Beyonce gets when you're giving her more attention by replying to posts about her?

  34. 134

    And why is everyone saying Mariah Carey?

    Jesus have you all NOT heard the child sing live lately?


  35. 135

    i really dont understand why people on this site hate on beyonce for giving 100% to everything she does, stepping up her came with every performance, and gaining success & respect. and then everyone loves that girl rihanna who is handed songs to "sing" and cant perform worth shit. why hate on the talented singer/songwriter/actress/model/dancer/entertainer/designer/…. oh i see why now… JEALOUSY! you will all be sayin the same about rihanna if she ever magically recieves A VOICE OR FUCKING TALENT! LMAO

  36. 136

    How come your "friend" Obama didn't invite you to the ceremony??? After all you did everything and i mean EVERYTHING to help him win… you even wrote a letter post election… a very public and demanding letter and still you got snubbed??? no wayyyy that ungrateful man… lol… suck it Piggy!

  37. 137

    Very wide vibrato. the key was too low. I could find 100 gospel singers in my city who could have done better than that. In other words, " She aint no Whitney Houston."

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