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Don't Mess With Momma Bear!

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Julia Roberts completely lost her cool - big time! - during a recent outing with her kids while being followed by the paparazzi.

Click here to watch the Pretty Woman tell off the overzealous photogs/videographer.

It gets HEATED!

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247 comments to “Don't Mess With Momma Bear!”

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  1. 201

    Good for her. I like her even more now.

  2. 202

    You go Julia, more power to you. Paparazzi are low-life blood-sucking scum.

  3. Cora says – reply to this


    I like her more now.

  4. 204

    GOOD FOR HER! That PAPZ is a Douche!

    Good For Her!

  5. 205

    That paparazzo should F-off. just like the woman says.

  6. 206

    Gaddamn! Pretty fierce there, Julia! Seriously, it's obvious now how she's been able to keep her shit so private. Definitely not gonna criticize that tactic! haha

  7. 207

    I would love her paychecks but do not envy that lifestyle at all. It would suck not to be able to take your kids out to lunch without some effin douch bag following you around all day. Ugh.

  8. 208

    that was awesome!

  9. 209

    There should be a law against paparrazzi taking pics of stars with their children.

  10. 210


  11. 211

    I think it goes both ways. Yes, she's a mother protecting her children. But - she's the one who chose a celebrity life.

  12. 212

    Re: Me Myself and I – To this idiot who said what they said…….Are you retarded or something? You must be to think that the paparazzi has the right to STALK & HARASS Julia Roberts like that! Yes, she is a celebrity, but she's out doing her personal, PRIVATE business, not out at some public function you fucking moron! The paps have absolutely NO TACT whatsoever when it comes to invading celebrities personal space! And they shouldn't think that they have the right to take pictures of & film celebrities children - THEY DID NOT ASK TO BE THRUST INTO THE HARSH GLARE OF A CAMERA FLASH OR VIDEO CAMERA!!!!!! Just put yourself in their position, how do you think YOU would feel being stalked? Would you like someone shoving a camera up in your stupid face? I DON'T THINK SO! Ya jerk!

  13. 213

    She's like a bear, don't get between her and her cubs. She tear you to pieces.

  14. 214

    WOW!!! She was serious. They should leave clebs alone when they are with their children. Thats just NOT cool.

  15. 215

    YAY Julia!

  16. 216

    roflmfao that was so cute i love her going off!

  17. 217

    what spineless cowards! PATHETIC!

    those people are disgusting degenerates and have no business harassing people who are just trying to live their lives!

    get a REAL job paps!

  18. 218

    Re: Love & Faith
    The reason people would call Brit psycho if she had done that would be because she would hold hands and DATE a pap one day and the next for her to be doing that WOULD be psycho. Julia's been consistent with her privacy.

  19. 219

    Re: AriesBeauty
    That IS L.A. kinda…Marina Del Rey.

  20. 220

    Can't say I blame her; I'd likely be doing the same thing. There's only so much these people can take.

  21. 221

    Your kids are bound to become targets because of the job you have chosen. You chose to star in a movie! Not like Mary & Ashley who were forced into the limelight and had no other choice, because they were pimped out young…When you choose this life for yourself, being filmed is apart of it! A ordinary citizen could call the police, but this is like part of your job description!

  22. 222

    woooooooo!! thatta girl!

  23. 223

    She is amazing and can kick their asses! She has earned her right to say whatever she wants to those assholes!

  24. 224

    There is no force of nature greater than a mother protecting her young.

  25. 225

    GOOD FOR HER! Someone needs to put they fuckers in there place! They're out of control, and they have the law on their sides. Its not fair.

  26. 226

    How come the paps can follow these people, if you were just a plain person you would be called a stalker. There is times when it might be ok when they are out and about and asking for the attention, but when she is just trying to do things every mother is able to do then leave them alone. This is what gives the paparazzi a bad name, by doing stuff like this

  27. 227

    that's not losing her cool…that's being sick of scum bags following you around and making your life dangerous. She should have hit the fucker with a tree branch or something. Good for her. Fat body eat shit you disgusting worthless fuck!

  28. 228

    Only when a paparazzi gets shot in the face at point-blank range will the culture change. And don't cry then about your innocence, because you choose to work in an industry that has pushed celebrities to the edge with your arrogance and $Selfishness. You are bullies, and nobody cries over a dead bully.

  29. 229

    I personally think that all celebrities should be allowed to arm themselves with tranquilizer guns or blow darts..so that when the paps overstep their bounds…they can be shot in the ass with a tranquilizer gun or blowdarted in the neck and returned to their home country..AKA India, Pakistan, or whatever the fuck third world country most of them come from.

  30. 230

    Well done Julia, well done

  31. 231

    She's absolutely right. I hope very soon a law passes that bans this shit. Its unsafe, its intrustive, and its unnecessary. Celebrity photos are for red-carpets. No one cares what any of these celebs look like picking up their kids, pumping their own gas, buying groceries, etc. Its lame. No one would sign up for that kind of stalking, celebrity or not. You go, Julia!

  32. ae says – reply to this


    I love Julia!! I don't blame her..it would get really old! But you sign up for it with the job. That guy is just doing his…unless he is just a fan.

  33. 233

    She is right, she deserves some privacy!!! I always loved her cause unlike many celebs like the Afflecks, Brangelina, Speidi, Kardashians and some others she really knows how to keep her personal life private, it's so rare to find pics of her with her kids or going shopping or other silly stuff… Give Julia some privacy damn it!

  34. 234

    The important thing is that perez paid good money for this video so he could make money off it. Fuck Julia and her privacy.

  35. 235

    If she really wanted privacy she would move to like Austria or something. What a ridiculous over priced bad actress. I never thought she was pretty, or intelligent. Hollywood got carried away with her because she knew who to spread her legs to. I hate her ass and I hope that she dies a lonely bitch in a house full of cats… Privacy. Whatever! NO ONE in Hollywood wants privacy are you fucking kidding me?

  36. 236

    Woah! She is tough!

  37. 237

    I agree w/her w/the kids, but she has opted for a "public" life, and she is in L.A. if she wants true privacy, as she gets it when out of town, she's not making a move so go back to N.M..
    I'm so sick of these crybabies…hell pay me their salaries and you can follow my ass all over town.

  38. 238

    Yay!!! fuck the paparazzi!!!

  39. 239

    GO JULIA!!!!!!!

  40. 240

    Right On Julia!!

    Why can't these paparazi Not Chase Stars when they have their Children with them??

    That Jerk & his Phony Apologies Suck!!

  41. 241

    go julia

  42. 242

    I don't understand these "stalkers". It's one to be out at an event or opening. It's another thing to be out at a local restuarant in NM with your kids and be harrassed.

  43. 243

    julia roberts got followed by the papprazzrazi i don't get them i'm not famous
    i'm mary mccleods bethune 's great great grand daughter i always live with out them
    me and my family feel sorry for real big celebrity's having to deal with them they are not cool some times i know i did a coloumn for cosmo girl about this promblem they didnot pay attention so i sent it to seventeen or cosmopoltian miss bianca k bethune

  44. 244

    good for herrrrrr man -
    pft fucking paps, i woulda done the same.
    favourite part is 'aim higher'
    so so so so so true.

  45. Laxer says – reply to this


    She knows by creating this scene that she will receive even more publicity and maybe…just maybe….get to make a movie again! Your time has passed, Mrs Ed

  46. Horus says – reply to this


    Julia deserves a break, seriously though, she hates when you follow her. Got to respect wanting to protect her children. I mean I would totally say that and worse if some creep was following me to pick up my chirin..

  47. 247

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