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Robert Pattinson Found!

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R-Patz thought he could escape the Twilight fervor by lopping off his luxurious locks and laying low in London.

But, one of our Perezcious readers (Isabella) found him (at a random pub)!

And thank goodness too!

We'd been hurting for our Rob fix!

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258 comments to “Robert Pattinson Found!”

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  1. 101

    This photo is fake, look at the wall in the background, it does not line up, the molding is off. The walls are close and the shoulder lined up but the background was a giveaway.

  2. 102

    Re: loves_them – Iif he fucked her later then I'm sure he didn't mind.

  3. MP says – reply to this


    Someone found Rob in a pub?! NO WAY! lol. I think he should buy a pub so he could live there 24/7…it seems to be his favorite place to be. Like some others have said, I don't think Isabella should've sent this photo to a gossip website for the world to see. Some things are best kept private (or shown among friends).

  4. 104


  5. Lenna says – reply to this



  6. 106

    Thank the lord, I was having withdrawal symptoms!

    I mean, the guy has a right to lay low and way from all the screaming teens…but Twilight Detox is harder for us 20 something fans…lol we are a bit more R-rated when it comes to R.P …lol nice to have seen his face after a month of hiding!!!

  7. 107

    How many people are envious here!
    Congratulations on the photo.
    I believe that public to know him, you know the name?

  8. 108

    Thank you! I missed him. Even drunk, he still looks Hawt!

    Poll ends tomorrow and
    Rob needs our votes. Every 10 minutes.

  9. 109

    yummy, but boo on that girl

  10. 110

    he look pisssed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 111

    Go over to Hello to vote for Rob.

  12. 112

    thanks perez for the robert update , wow how i miss seing this man ,even though he looks annoyed more than drunk

    but lovin the hair !!!!

  13. 113

    theres also a new pic of him with a fan somewhere on the interweb

  14. 114

    He looks HOT as always and his hair is growing out nicely but, it's a bit strange that the girl got a picture with him then sent it to you, Perez:/

  15. 115

    finally some new rob pics

  16. 116

    i miss his old hair, now he looks like an average joe, not edward cullen

  17. 117

    Mah baba mah baba you've found him!
    && I was so worried about you, don't you run off like that again-*

  18. 118

    as much as I love my rob fix I'm glad he's getting to lay low….somewhat. he needs some time off before the twilight frenzy begins again. thanks perez. :)

  19. 119

    I love him, but why is he hiding?! He is starting to act like Heath Ledger ( who I also adored ) and starting to hate being famous. If people hate being famous then WHY do they get into acting?!

  20. 120

    Re: amiebugs – your retarded

  21. 121

    have you considered that maybe he cut his hair on purpose so he can get out of his contract for the sequels? i would if i was him. he's probably sick of all things twilight.

  22. 122

    maybe they love acting but hate the big attention they get

  23. 123

    Oh wow I wish I was in London….I'd be looking for him in every pub I could find! LOVE YOU RPATTZ!!!

  24. 124

    I think it was disrespectful to send this in to a popular gossip site. Its obvious it was done on a shitty camera phone anyways, and Rob doesn't look pleased at all. He wants his privacy, so why not leave him alone. I'm not sure what the legal drinking age is in England, but this girl doesn't look a day over 16…the kind of screaming, giddy fangirls he usually shys away from!

  25. 125

    loves him.

  26. 126

    Thank you!! His hair grew a lot in a short period of time! And it's so neat!! Hope he's not losing it under this scrutiny.

  27. 127

    poor bloke.

  28. 128

    oh THANK GOD… i seriously was about to run over to London (swim over to London) and contact the police dept. in South Barnes, Longon.


  29. 129

    Finally! I was starting to wonder if he had become a hermit. (Not to say I would blame him… all this sudden fame / paparazzi pictures would be intimidating!)

  30. 130

    Well thank Goodness someone found him…God forbid the most stalked/screamed at/interviewed person of 2008 get a freakin break. I kind of hope he disappears again.

  31. 131

    = ] I'm so excited his hair is growing back…it still looked hot short but I prefer it long…He's so adorable = ]

  32. 132



  33. 133

    i am glad the girl fot to meet him cause who would not want to put her arm around this hotties waist to take a picture but leave him alone for a while let him be normal as he can cause i feel sorry for him having paparriz and cameras and screaming girl running after him all the time and for somebody who as painc attacks it is really bad my moms has them so i know how they can affect people

  34. 134

    How in the hell did I miss this?!!! His hair is growing back fast!

  35. 135

    This guy is not ugly or gross….. He's BEAUTIFUL!!!

  36. 136

    I'd like to find him in my bedroom…

  37. 137

    Doesn't this kid ever smile?

  38. 138

    i love him!!!! Robert is so sexy!!!!!!!!

  39. 139


  40. 140

    He's so attractive ~ I hope he's enjoying himself in London :)

  41. 141

    Looks kinda photo-shopped. She's clear and he's blurry and there appears to be a line between them.

  42. 142

    Thank you Perez!!!1 I've longed to see his pic!!!!!!!!

  43. 143

    awwww thanks Isabella, and Perez, I was missing him so much it was beginning to hurt
    love ya long time Perez u made my day better

  44. 144

    He's back in the UK? :) yay lol

  45. 145

    Can people leave him alone? Damn!! Shit I have a seen a couple of celebs in person too -I really don't give a fuck…Okay so your not a figment of my imagination so move on. The real story would have been if he had went up to her.

  46. 146

    love him

  47. 147

    poor guy, I wish people would leave him alone and let his relax before having to start filming again, fuck………. people are assholes.

  48. 148

    lucky bitch!

  49. 149

    i was wondering where he was!!!!

  50. 150

    Dumb shits its NOT photo shopped its a damn corner that is sticking out! He's not oly BACK in London, he's been there since before Christmas, and he fucking lives there, he's ENGLISH! DER!

  51. 151

    I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 152

    Was this taken in L.A. or London??

  53. 153

    Is this in L.A or London??

  54. 154

    Is this taken in L.A or London?

  55. 155

    damn its only been a couple of weeks and his hair has grown out sooo much he looks hot

  56. 156

    No wonder why the news on him hasn't been updating much.
    Come back Rob! :}
    Hope he's enjoying his time back home.

  57. 157

    is that her in the pic or Robs new girl??

  58. 158

    aww bebbe where have u been?

  59. 159

    i want to be in london =)

  60. 160

    Yummy ~ thanks for the morning caffeine.

  61. 161

    yay i got my rob fix!
    i love rob!
    thanks perez you made my day!

  62. 162

    bless him, reckon hes a bit off his face

  63. 163

    you know perez, im really getting sick of hearing about robert mother fuckin pattinson…if you like him so much..just ask him on a date or something

  64. mpet says – reply to this


    wow i had seriously missed him!!!! its soo good to see him again

  65. 165

    he looks sooooooo smoking !!! i love him !!! yum !!!!!!

  66. 166

    THANK YOU PEREZ!!! Best post of the day…. No, make that of the week!!!

  67. 167

    well he should stay hidden!
    that way it will be easier
    for him to call me up :]!!

  68. 168

    yumm :D

  69. 169

    England is probably the safest palce for him right now…. I think the Hollywood Star machine was begining to eat him alive. Stay in the UK where people are slightly more well behaved but please keep with the pictures !!

  70. 170

    I've missed seeing his face!

  71. 171

    Poor Rob. He looks so tired of this shit being photographed all the time…just can not get away.
    Hang in there..ROB
    anyways Thanks Perez

  72. 172

    Aww poor guy, I really feel bad that he can't lay low for awhile as well. And how unexpected it was for fame to hit him so fast at non-other than at Comic-Con last year. However isn't it true that in England the paparazzi are more ferocious than here in America? That be the whole reason why Madonna moved back here to the U-S-A? I wonder how bad their paparazzi people are after his photo.

  73. 173

    Although he is pretty cool/down-to-earth and cute…he's still very talented as both an actor and a singer…have you heard any of his music? The Twilight series just helped shove him into the spot light…but he's actually a pretty decent guy…that girl is a douche for putting him out like that…they was a reason why he's hiding out in London…if he wanted to be seen all he has to do is live in LA like all those other douchebags!

  74. 174

    yay the hair is growing back :D

    he looks so hawt :D

  75. 175

    Finally!!!!!!!!I miiiiiissed him!!!!!!!!!!!So cute!

  76. 176


  77. 177

    Poor kid can't catch a break and visit the neighborhood pub without being harrassed. After the countless appearances and interviews I am sure he was hoping to be left alone to lead a normal few months before the madness begins again. Personally, I have run into many actors on the streets of NYC and although they can see in your eyes when the recognition registers they appreciate when you leave them alone. Taking pics with them at a signing or publicity event is fine, but interrupting then while they are just trying to be "normal" is not cool.

    Most actors do not get into industry for the fame. Some really do enjoy breathing life into a character.

  78. 178

    he looks extremely (!) excited hahahahaha. gotta love him!

  79. 179

    seriously? running into Robert at a random pub? life is GOOD for this lady!

  80. 180

    IT's ABOUT TIME!!!! thank u perez- i miss him! =)

  81. 181

    Thank you Perez…I missed him!!!!!

  82. 182

    oh hahaha! he looks thrilled to b taking a picture w/ a fan :| kinda sad.

  83. 183

    Thanks for that Perez, I've missed him too!!!! He's still one hell of a stud, keep em coming!! Love Rob, he is just pure hotness!!

  84. 184

    Ohmigosh, just looking at him makes your heart accelerate. wow. Rawr-bert is hotter then…then….then..anyone. Except you perez :)

    xXx Kasey xXx

    Bu no seriously, he is HOTTT!

  85. 185

    poor man he needs some alone time…. ill hide u in my room rob and feed you oreos all day

  86. 186

    Rob will be always sexy, even with short hair!!!

  87. 187

    Well Shoot I Would Have Done The Same Thing LOL
    But What Can I Say He Is A Cutie =]

  88. Haylo says – reply to this

  89. Haylo says – reply to this


    I wasn't aware we, or anyone past 15 years of age, was looking for him. This fucker looks old as fuck.

  90. 190

    double **sigh**

  91. 191

    I like him still. I think this Isabella is a bit rude to give pictures of him to you, Perez. I mean she should have kept it to herself. It's not like he needs another obsessed stalker. I like this site, but I wouldn't stoop so low.

  92. Haylo says – reply to this


    Re: angeldust – wtf, wat kind of withdraw symptoms are those? could they be diarrhea, or vomiting, perhaps; passing stones or some feeling that makes one make ugly faces for no fucking reason?

    and for those who keep saying "poor guy", wat u mean poor guy. Am sure he's fine. He's grown up. WHO GIVES A SHIT anyways. and yes…STAY!!!! do not come back until necessary. There those of us who are tired of this fucker being everywhere.

    For those chicks who "miss him"…. print out a fucking picture of him and carry it wit u. and shut the fuck up. It's sooooooooooooooo fucking annoying already all this chatter and drooling over this kid who looks more like a 30 year old drunk fuck

  93. 193

    Am i the only person who seems to notice how photoshopped this picture is!? look at the huge line between both of them, mainly focus on the wall. hahahaha wow.

  94. 194

    oh thank you jesus i thought we were going to have a hunting party to go look for that fine piece of ass.
    when is he coming back to la??

  95. 195

    i'm jealous.

  96. 196

    Ahhh!!! Thank you so much Perez. You have no idea how I have been missing my Rob. He looks drunk off his ass. Good for him! Party it up honey. Many months of long work hours, and insanity from crazed Twi-crush fans right around the corner. (BTW, his hair growing back quite nicely)

  97. 197

    uh how could any1 hate him!!! hes gorgeousss!

  98. 198


  99. 199

    The things I would love to do with him!

  100. 200

    Why, hello, Mr Pattinson! How have I missed you! Come out of hiding! Wait..stay in hiding because I don't want to share you with anybody! Come out when you are ready, m'dear!

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