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Robert Pattinson Found!

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R-Patz thought he could escape the Twilight fervor by lopping off his luxurious locks and laying low in London.

But, one of our Perezcious readers (Isabella) found him (at a random pub)!

And thank goodness too!

We'd been hurting for our Rob fix!

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258 comments to “Robert Pattinson Found!”

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  1. 201

    Ok Hot..yes. However Rob Pattinson is the definition of a lush. Every single picture of this kid he is either wasted or cracked out. Fo'Sho'

  2. 202

    arrgh, i fucking love him!

  3. 203

    he is looking so much better now..
    but he was definitely the best in harry potter (:

    ced diggory was quite the stud.

  4. 204

    o-m-gosh!! i missed him!!
    hes so damn hot!!

  5. 205

    it looks photoshoppedish? idk. but he needs a break.

  6. 206

    God how could you guys do this to Rob LEAVE HIM ALONE! let him just have some time to himself now Isabelle I am really disappointed in you does he look pleased to be in the pic with you I really do not think so I really hope you left him alone after the pic was taken PLEASE PEOPLE BACK OFF OF HIM !! he is a really great person but this is too much selling it to a tabloid! This makes me sick.

  7. 207

  8. 208

    My poor Rob!!! Gets tracked down where ever he goes!! I could hide him so nobody would find him! heh heh! Here in the hills of Arkansas! LOL!

  9. 209

    I like that he is mysterious and hides out. His attempts for normalcy make him even hotter. Thanks for pic!

  10. 210

    Thanks Perez. Yummy, was wondering what happened to him. lol

  11. 211

    god i love himmmm

  12. 212

    omgosh people commenting are so mean.

    OH ROB! come back to california! THANK YOU PEREz FOR THIS!
    at least he looks amazing.. and healthy *swoon*

  13. ae says – reply to this


    i figured he was at an underground gay bar.

  14. 214

    lmao.he's the shit.:DD


  15. 215

    THANK GODDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! haha, thank you perezzz!!! i love you!! but i love rob more!!!

  16. 216


  17. n7of9 says – reply to this


    gaaawwwwwddd…how could you stop yourself from jumping on him and making a total dick of yourself? i reckon i'd get arrested if i saw him in front of me

  18. 218


  19. 219

    Wow….he looks ECSTATIC to be taking that picture..hahah. I'm sorry, but that's tacky ass shit to do. I see stars all the time in the Malibu area where I live, but I ignore their asses cause I'm classy like that!lol

  20. 220

    Nnyyyycccceeee……I missed him so much…..Thanks for the Rpattz update Perez…Luv Yah!

  21. 221

    love him!

  22. 222

    Poor Rob ! Seems he can't go anywhere without someone finding him!

  23. 223

    Thank goodness he's laying low. He needs it.

  24. 224


  25. 225

    Re: The One. The Only. MILK
    Milky, he is fukin gross and you are first….which flavor fist you choose.. Green apple or Cinniman? heheheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  26. 226

    hey! can someone tell me, where is that photo taken, which pub? many thanks

  27. 227

    I've missed this HANDSOME face! Thank you perez!

  28. 228

    Thank you soo soooooo much Perez for the post!!! We all want/need more Rob!!!

  29. 229

    If I hear one more person say "Leave him Alone" - I am going to puke. He is a STAR. He CHOSE to be a star. If he didn't want to be a star he should have looked for gigs at the community theater. Stars who wine about fame are annoying. You people who say leave him alone are MORE annoying. That is what bodyguards are for. If he hated it that much he would get one. He's a big boy.

  30. melT says – reply to this


    hah u finally found him.. lucky u. i might take a trip down to london, thankfully tis not too far.

  31. 231

    Finally! We've got some hair!

  32. 232

    Re: Haylo

    Wtf is wrong with you? I’m glad my 3-line post was enough to fuel your undeniable rage problem & evoke such a pathetic rant.
    If your tired of seeing him every where …then get the FucK off Perez Hilton or any other social media board for the matter. I love that your pissed as fuck that people adore him yet you have a god damn pic of Hayden Christensen as your display, hypocrite. I bet your ass that if he were the one everyone was talking about you’d be one of the first losers in line at a convention…star wars costume and all.

  33. 233

    Re: Jealous_Much?
    Yes, I’m so retarded. That’s why I have a college degree.
    I was simply saying that someone has cropped the picture together, to make it look like they are standing next to Rob. I wasn’t saying anything meant for you to try and attack me for. - Jealous much, you are a b!@#$

  34. 234

    yay ROB!!, whos tht with him? ew her
    xoxo ROB!

  35. 235

    he still looks hot! the hair has grown just in time for new movie…

  36. 236

    wow. i thought this guy got abducted by an alien or a crazy chic fan girl
    lol and he looks adorable.

  37. 237

    If only I lived in London………

  38. 238

    Hahahaha I get the feeling that me and rob have in common like when people send pics and stop it online when we just want privacy LOL seriously tough now that we found him, can you just let the guy live!

  39. 239

    THANK YA JESUS! HE IS STILL ALIVE! I MISS HIM GOSH! I was thinking of moving to LA just for him, maybe it would be smarter to move to London! lol

  40. 240

    ahh cutie

  41. 241

    I love him as edward Cullen
    But when he is just Robert…… EW
    LIke take a shower much.
    He looks nasty.
    HAs he ever heard of Soap!!!

  42. 242

    high much?

  43. 243

    *Le Sigh* I heart R-Patz! I can't wait for his hair to grow back though…just not quite the same…but he is still HOT!

  44. 244

    I love the girls hair. =Y

  45. 245

    Rob is adorable… I love him all grungy, yummy !!!

  46. 246


  47. M.Rod says – reply to this


    OMG! I'm so glad someone found him…I miss him so much and no one had seen or heard anything about him since he left L.A. Dec. 22, 2008. Although he did need the time off from all the crazy screaming Twilight fans!!.. Take care Rob…

  48. M.Rod says – reply to this


    You still look so hot and your hair is looking nice!
    Miss you Rob!

  49. jshaw says – reply to this


    yea i was having total rob withdraw

  50. 250

    The expression on Rob's face looks like he's about to have sex. But, again, he usually gives off that vibe. Oh, baby.

  51. NJK says – reply to this


    he is hot.

  52. 252

    I love Rob! Thanks for all the coverage, Perez! I'm glad he can enjoy some downtime in London! He deserves it!

  53. 253

    He's hot as alwayz (L)
    Also hes minee RAWWRR .. (H)

  54. 254

    I love you Robert!

  55. 255

    i love rob pattinson but ere dat photo looks like it was cut in half! ano its probably real but the to sides of the photo dont match! i sound crazy but really look at the top of the photo the room doesnt match the other!

  56. 256

    More Please!

  57. 257

    so FUCKING luscious!!

  58. 258

    He looks cute….definitely edible :)

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