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He Sure Loves To Booze It Up!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson


For the third time now, Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson has been spotted in a London pub by a Perezcious reader.

Someone really likes to get his drink on!!!

This time, R-Patz was boozing it up at a pub in Oxford.

He even took time to chat with the local ladies and snapped a picture with one of our Perezcious Caroline.

And we're told he said he doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment!

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368 comments to “He Sure Loves To Booze It Up!”

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  1. 101

    i really love this man !

    he needs an american girl lol =]

  2. 102

    I'd like to show him how we booze it up in the U.S.. Then I would let him bite me!!

  3. SoBeR says – reply to this


    I spoke to someone ( J. Chris Newberg) who hung out with him and he said Robert is TOTALLY GAY.

  4. SoBeR says – reply to this


    Oh and I plan on bumping in to Robby at an AA meeting in a few years.

  5. 105

    Get this shit off and post something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about boring asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 106

    Re: SoBeRRe: SoBeR – He's not gay! He's just a vampire!

  7. 107

    It is very common to go to pubs often in London. This is so not a big deal.

  8. 108

    This is the best freaking day ever!! Barack H. Obama is my president and loads of Robert Pattinson!! Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama. Pls don't bother responding to me if you are not an Obama supporter because I don't respond to people on websites. Just move on.

  9. 109

    Re: Assume the Position – Hey, Assume/Tormenta! Apparently he is God's latest gift to mankind. I'm going to hang out to see if Mistress shows. Wonder how her poor dog is doing….

  10. 110

    Re: rpattzdude – Seriously, his name isnt Edward. Edward is a fictional character

  11. 111

    Oxford?? holly shhhhhh*t! I wonder were that photo was taken

  12. KTiz says – reply to this


    i wish this would magically happen to me!

  13. 113

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – Hey love I am watching Bad Girls that show rocks!!!!!!!!!

  14. 114

    The man drinks, get over it.

  15. 115

    aw. rob looks happy. I love his facial expressions. come back to the states…ASAP! ha.

  16. 116

    His facial expression is very amusing. But he's still extremely good looking. I'd also like to point out his new movie "Little Ashes" is opening the same day as Kristen Stewart's movie "Adventureland". Wonder whose going to win???

  17. 117

    He is sooooooo CUTE! :)

  18. 118

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – Tormenta………….LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! This idiot is NOT all that…………….average and skinny………..Not for me!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of Mistress I also hope her pup is doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My Duke died and I was upset for months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 119

    Who doesn't like to booze it up?!

    And more importantly who WOULDN'T want to BOOZE it up with R-PATZ?!!! Fuck I am about to drop out of college and got to London and hang out in random pubs until he shows up!!

  20. 120

    Re: the last star – Bad Girls Club? Yes, that is one classy show. I watch clips of it in The Soup!! Maybe I'll watch Transformers, Eagle Eye or Disturbia…. LOL!

  21. 121

    Yeah man!

    If you're in San Diego, hit me up!


  22. 122

    We'll always have booze in common

  23. 123

    Re: Assume the Position – greetings!!!

  24. 124

    Too bad he does have a girlfriend, and her name is Hailee………………

    I miss him here in the states………I'm purely jealous that all of these english women have the chance of running in to him and not I.

  25. 125

    So hot !
    "All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If U Seek Robert"

  26. dd says – reply to this


    No thanks.

  27. 127

    Re: Assume the Position – I know it is hard to lose a dog, specially after having one for so long…

  28. 128

    lucky bitch

  29. 129


  30. 130

    Perez I hope this ISN'T the LAST post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough with this fucking turd………………………..post something else!!!!!!!

  31. 131

    Re: the last star – I'm actually watching Judge Judy. You do make me so proud, baby!

  32. 132

    theres nothing special about him he looks like a regular guy i see roaming my neighborhood come to south buffalo these guys are a dime a dozen…..

  33. 133

    i believe its time for a brit trip, cheerio pip pip

  34. 134

    He's 22 years old, of course he's going to drink and party. I don't know why this is such breaking news. Most 22 year old guys do what he's doing.

  35. 135

    I can't help but love him. :)

  36. 136

    so i definitely need to find a way to get to london..
    or he needs to find a way to get to me.
    either way, i'm GOING to meet him.. somehow !

  37. 137

    I'm sorry but he is not attractive at all….I dont get the hype. Plus everyone I know who watche dtwilight said it wasnt that great..everyones just hooked on it because of him. He's def. nothing to brag about..

  38. 138

    he looks weard here
    i only like him in twilight in real life he looks ugly

  39. 139

    Rob loves the booze, I love the Rob, the booze loves me, my husband went to oxford, i don't have a boyfriend… rob doesn't have a girlfriend
    coincidences? i don't think so.
    it's fate.
    back off caroline, he's mine

  40. 140

    Re: the last star – What's up Buddy????? Is life good for ya?????

  41. 141

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – It is VERY hard and I feel for M!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this is the last post……………he does this all the time to bring the fucking teenagers out………….annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 142

    yeah he better booze it up now, cause in a couple months he's gonna be busy promoting all his flicks and filming scenes for New Moon. And by the looks of it he doesn't really mind being photographed. He loves pretty girls. hehe… I guess he's not as shy anymore huh. =/

  43. 143


  44. 144

    Good for him! I was doing the same thing when I was 22 and it was incredibly fun! Go be 22 Rob and enjoy it while it lasts!

  45. 145

    I'd hit that.

  46. 146

    OMG all these english ladies are so frickin lucky!! he is frickin hot! If I was standing that close to him, I'd had to rape him!! Now I want to go to London! Rob come back to the states I'll drink w/ you!! (*wink) (*wink) =)

  47. 147

    Re: Mrs_PriMeViL
    Thats what I keep telling my sister!

  48. 148

    He looks fuck-a-licious! I hope he's having fun. Cause once the New Moon starts shooting it's going to be a LOOOOOONNG year. Enjoy yourself Rob!

  49. 149

    so damn adorable! he is screwtastic!

  50. 150

    He is so sexy! That lucky girl, I would be soo happy!!!

  51. 151

    Fuck…I wish I was in London!!

  52. 152

    Jealous of that girl. Most 22 year olds like to get their drink on.

  53. 153

    num num num…yummy!

  54. 154

    ughh fuckmylifee.
    so hot

  55. 155

    he looks a little creepy in that photo

  56. 156

    Is it wrong that I want to lick his face? … *sigh*

  57. 157

    Re: YellePops
    I hear that, lol!!

  58. 158

    well at least he is still alive. Looks like he is trying to forget all the shit.

  59. 159

    hes soooo sexy

  60. 160

    Gah! Lucky Bitches!! Love the Robert news, but it hurts to see all these girls meeting him, knowing that I probably never will. :'(

  61. 161


  62. 162

    Um so yea, thanks for posting…I needed that.

  63. 163

    Love him!

  64. xoN says – reply to this


    He's just not lookin in the right place!
    Get on a plane eh and come to Canada! I know a girl who's single and perfect for you! We can eat some timbits, watch some hockey, and i'll even pour some premium maple syrup all over your pancakes in the mornin'

  65. 165

    See, this is the big difference, he can hang out in London and have a kick-ass normal time with real people or come over here and get trampled by paps and attacked by LA Stepfords,,uh no thanks! Keep it real Rob! :D

  66. 166

    for some reason i feel uncomfortable whenever i see pics posted of him in his "civilian" life. i feel like a peeping tom or something. i've never had that reaction with any other celeb.

  67. 167

    hes AMAZING!!

    thanks for all the updates you've had lately :]]

  68. 168

    Be mine Rob!!! Fuck he's lovely!!!!!!! Keep on stalking him Perez!!

  69. 169

    Anyone here also on strike at York University?? Considering I'm probably never going back to school this year with my money hungry TA's and contract faculty. I might as well move to England and chill with cute British boys like Rob in pubs lol!

  70. 170

    i need to be in london!! lol most gorgeous guy evr

  71. 171

    I love him as much as next Rob fan but this bitch is fucked UP for sending this picture to YOU of all people… fuck you both for not leaving him ALONE! he HATES this shit and you, as his fan, should KNOW this, bitch!

  72. 172

    He is so…I'm speechless he is so HOTT!!! She's not though…LOL…he actually looked happy to be taking this pic…Gracias Perezito you have made my day…ciao!! :)

  73. 173

    not loving the hair so much in this in-between phase. keep it short or grow it long again, rob. other than that…hottie mctottie. and obv likes to get his drank on.

  74. 174

    he reminds me of bam margera lol

  75. 175


  76. 176

    i'm so envious of this girl i could kill.

  77. 177

    Stay there for as long as you can! Sure I miss you here in the states, but the damn papz and annoying fans are going to be on you like fleas.

    PS- I want to *beep* you!

  78. 178

    I love love love love loveeeee him

  79. 179

    lucky girls.

    now when are you coming to vancouver, rpattz?

  80. 180


  81. 181

    hes SO cute! I love the gruff look too.
    come party in ATL. We know how to get down!

  82. 182

    We have so much in common! I love drinks…. he loves drinks… lets drink together!

  83. 183

    he's a Brit!! of course the boy goes to pubs and drinks!! so happy to see him home! hope he sticks around for a bit, i wouldn't mind bumping into him!

  84. 184

    He is soooo fine! I'm marrying him!

  85. 185

    There is a certain appeal to him in Twilight because of the character he plays but he isn't GODLY good looking or anything. The first time that I saw the movie I wasn't at all impressed. He is pretty normal looking…..

  86. 186

    god he is amazingly gorgeous. who cares if he's drunk, easier to talk him into naughty things :D

  87. 187

    This doesn't look like him when you first look at the picture. He's eyes look brown and not blue but he is still HOT!!

  88. 188

    omg………..hes hotttt

  89. 189

    RPatz will age like a fine wine. Check back in when he's in his 30s people. Give him room to grow for now..stop stalking!

  90. 190

    This is a bad angle for him, no?

    he looks like some random dude in a pub?

    nothin' says famous or hot ’bout this guy in real life..

  91. 191

    Re: Karier – It's not fucking Twilight. I can't stand Twilight. It's Robert fucking Pattinson.

  92. 192

    Re: awsomekrys

    American accents are not tolerated so well by the English.

    Generally we find you quite annoying.

  93. 193

    right? London just got a lot better… for the time being

  94. 194

    I seriously cant believe these girls keep selling out Robert. He takes the time to talk to them and take a picture and what do they do?? Send them immediately to Perez. Real fucking nice. You girls dont deserve to meet him. You could have just sent a "sighting" report but nooo you had to get your pic on Perez.. Losers

  95. 195

    dayummm he is looking soo effin hot
    im really getting jealous of all these girls meeting him in these random pubs in england

  96. 196

    I need to move to london.

  97. 197

    i dunno, emmett (kellan lutz) is who perez should be focusin more on… that guy is HOT.

  98. 198

    he looks sooo much hotter with makeup and his hair all done up… id take him with the pale edward makeup and lipstick ANY DAY over this look …

  99. 199

    Sucha cute smirk he has….I wish I could just bump into him while out drinking.He needs to start boozing in jerseyy =)

  100. 200

    for those wondering why he looks weird/creepy/way too happy, three letters solve that mystery; x t c. boy is rollin!!! Just check out his eyes vs. hers. too funny!

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