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He Sure Loves To Booze It Up!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson


For the third time now, Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson has been spotted in a London pub by a Perezcious reader.

Someone really likes to get his drink on!!!

This time, R-Patz was boozing it up at a pub in Oxford.

He even took time to chat with the local ladies and snapped a picture with one of our Perezcious Caroline.

And we're told he said he doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment!

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368 comments to “He Sure Loves To Booze It Up!”

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  1. 201

    This is much better than the picture from the other day! He looks like he's had one or two whiskeys. But still, HOTTTTT! Especially scruffy, and grinning.

  2. 202

    I wonder if I ever did meet him how I would like him once we got to know each other. As if that would ever happen because no one comes to Iowa City for a long time. Why can't boys like that just come to the University of Iowa to just get to know a nice girl?

  3. 203

    I seriously cant believe these girls keep selling out Robert. He takes the time to talk to them and take a picture and what do they do?? Send them immediately to Perez. Real fucking nice. You girls dont deserve to meet him. You could have just sent a "sighting" report but nooo you had to get your pic on Perez.. Losers!!

  4. 204

    Hey he might be single but that's not to say he hasn't "had" any lady's lately????

  5. JCPR says – reply to this


    Finally! he looks good in one picture! he looks hot and HAPPY! lol

  6. 206

    I'm with everyone who is wondering:

    What the HELL was that girl thinking when she leaked those pics!!!!????

    Seriously. For those of us who would rather NOT hear of Rob because he truthfully needs some DL time… Was it NOT ENOUGH that you got a pic with him but you then decide to be a backstabbing %itch and sell them to Perez. I hope you got your money's worth…

    Why can't they just leave the poor man alone. Why weren't you happy just having your pic with him??


    is that really so hard.

    good god

  7. 207

    Destiney from Rock of love naked on Reality bedroom.com

  8. 208

    he is GORGEOUS!

  9. 209

    he looks miserable!

  10. 210

    Re: AshyG87
    whoa this is so random. i go to york university aswell and i was def considering moving to london today lol. fuck university!
    ps. is your name ashley too? this is super weird…

  11. 211

    he looks like hell

  12. 212

    yeah! Booze him up and take advantage of him…………..mmmmmmm yum yum!

  13. 213

    He is so incredibly attractive ~ looks, personality, talents, his voice, everything. Damn it I can't even concentrate in life!

  14. 214

    Re: Cori_b – Oh my gosh stfu seriously.
    If you hate how fans post their pics here then dont come here.
    Just because you and the people on his imdb figure they have rob "all figured out" and know exactly how he feels about fan pics [WHICH YOU PEOPLE DONT] doesnt mean its going to stop.

  15. 215

    no , fair why can't he come to iceland ?

  16. 216

    LOVE him…oh the things I would do to that man…grrrrrrrrrrr

  17. 217

    please keep posting these mind numbing pics…the more you post them, the more sick of his face we'll get and then eventually he might disappear forever yay!

  18. 218

    Re: SoBeR – umm yeah, that's what i kind of thought.

  19. 219

    it's so not fair! as much as i love rob and like to keep up with his news etc, its depressing because i live in new zealand and will never get a chance to meet him or anything!i don't even have the option of going overseas until at least 2011 after i've finished school :(

  20. 220

    I'm saying this once more: Kristen and Robert need to be together.. :)

  21. 221

    Re: Feeling The Blanks – well maybe that is why he is out and about probably celebrating the fact that kristen is at sundance without her bf soo the rumors might be true that she broke up with him !!!

    ohh rob return as soon as posible to the US kstew might be missing u alot !!!!!

  22. 222

    oh Rob, I adore you!

  23. 223

    He's a normal guy.
    I think some of his high school friends go to Uni (What you guys call college) in Oxford so he's probably just visiting his mates.
    He's 22, he's just doing what English people love to do: drink and be merry!
    Let the man have some fun; he's young.

  24. 224

    im so jealous right now. he's blooody gorgeous!

  25. 225

    he is British so he loves drinking x)

  26. 226

    Oxford isnt London!

  27. 227

    I like Rob with a beard !! I 'm a sucker for rough looking men, not too rough tho, lol !

  28. 228

    Rob looks like a REAL MAN and not the pampered poodles you get in Hollywood. He had mentioned in one foreign interview that one of the roles he was going to do was a Western and some filmign woudl be in Argentina. I hope New Moon/Eclipse hasnt buggered that happening. Rob in a western would be wonderful.

  29. PFF says – reply to this


    Yes, again Oxford isn't London (we're better)
    and to be fair there's not much else here, apart from going to a pub.

  30. 230

    Re: edlurver – amen to thattt!

  31. 231

    he's so cute…I wanna go to London asap :D

  32. -liz- says – reply to this


    He's just a normal guy heading out to pubs regularly! every other guy his age does it! He's looking amazing atm!

  33. 233

    I love in London, can someone please tell me where this photo was taken, like which pub. I need to go stalk him so he falls in love with me xx

  34. 234

    cute :)

  35. 235

    he's in oxford?? i live in oxford!!! which pub? i feel a stalk coming on :)
    his so hot

  36. MR says – reply to this


    of course he doesn't have a girlfriend. he's probably having way too much fun sleeping around with all his groupies!

  37. MR says – reply to this


    Re: lilnino – lol! i feel the same way! his chin and jawline are most definitely edible ;-)

  38. 238

    I think I need to travel on down to London or Oxford!

  39. 239

    Wait… rewind!!!! If your so bothered that a fan sent this photo in then why the hell are you on here? GET THE HELL OFF THIS SITE. This is the entire point of Perez! Celebrities think he's kinda annoying, but we love the hell out of him!!!

  40. 240

    I know what I know and I know that I hate seeing his nutsack in my Choclate fukin Factory. His eyes are fuked up and his movie is mored fuked up. Only TrueBlood takes the prize for best vampire movie ever in the history of the fukin world..heheeeee

  41. 241

    OH WAT !! Wahhhhhh how come I dont live in London …….. *sigh* one day I will be Mrs Pattinson !!! :D :D

  42. lamat says – reply to this


    he seems happy "laying low"…

    just leave him alone! i think everyone needs a time off!!

  43. 243

    OK! Enough with the BOOZE comments! What were you doing at 22??? Tell Perezious Caroline to post some more info. We want to know details—what pub in Oxford??? Show some more ROB luv!!!

  44. jg5 says – reply to this


    i want to touch him!

  45. 245

    Wait a minute.. I'm in Oxford!!

    That's supposed to say Oxford STREET, right?!

    I secretly hope not.. :]

  46. 246

    Re: LauraWilde331

    Random, but..

    We have the same name!! (Minus the e, lol)

  47. 247

    I'm really looking forward to seeing his performance in "Little Ashes"! I wanna see him stretch his acting muscles…any muscles will do, actually. I can see why people are so drawn to this crazy kid.

  48. 248

    he always says that theres no girlfriend.
    srsly, if there is one, there would be photots,
    if theres no one, theres pretty good bussiness.
    dont ya think?

    but hes amazing… looking hot on evry picture…
    and often kinda drunk :D

  49. 249

    Looks like an Oxford pub - check out the elizabethan painting on the wall. Probably one of his old school friends is at University there. Hope he does lots of press for Little Ashes. Love to see him, Javier and Matthew together at a premiere

  50. 250

    Lay off him Perez - I was in college at 22 and hitting the bars hard. He is being 22…. and doing it nicely I might add. HOT

  51. epic says – reply to this


    oh boy, leave this poor kid alone. i bet he's scared as hell.

  52. 252

    yeah! I really want to go London to see him !

  53. AMO says – reply to this


    Isn't he in his early 20s? Everyone liked to booze at that age.

  54. 254

    He is sooo GoRgEoUs!! Thank god he doesnt have a girlfriend!! dont think she would last to long in America! =) but he's waiting to date me!! LOL joken!

  55. 255

    OMG. Thats it. I'm going to London.

  56. 256

    he's young, rich and loving it. you go rob.

    poor guy can't sing though. he needs to hang that hat up.

  57. 257

    He rightfully should be enjoying his time off, big raise and bachelor status!! =)

  58. 258

    Re: agustayr – Second that!

  59. 259

    He looks well pissed - check the eyes on him. I think a trip to visit my brother at uni in Oxford is well overdue!!!

  60. Ouisa says – reply to this


    Doesnt everyone in London love to get their drink on?

  61. 261

    omg! and what could that name of the bar bee? oxfordstreet's kind of huge.. haha :D if I could I would carry him around in my pocket all day long..

  62. 262

    Luv him….and wish I was her!

  63. 263

    god he's looking gorgeouss
    i love him!!!
    when is he coming back??
    i miss him a lot :(

  64. 264

    Well he is British thats what we do we go to the PUB and get pissed, what would you expect him to be doing??

  65. 265

    Aww atleast people are not so up his ass, there. These crazy girls in america are driving him crazy… Im sure he's enjoying his down time. They are so lucky I want to hang out with him haha he seems to be down to earth! and He is beautiful! even all scruffed up not many men can pull this look off.

  66. 266

    haha he's english.. they drink alot.
    i mean who doesn't now a dayss… lol
    bro i hella wanna drink with him!

  67. 267

    Just because he is in a Pub doesn't mean he is drinking…he is 22 freakin years old which is legal…he is so hot…Love ya Robert!!!!

  68. 268

    i'm pretty sure it's his own fault for not having a girl…i mean he's gorgeous, rich, etc…what's wrong with you Rob?

  69. 269

    wish i could see him in london!

  70. 270

    Re: Listen To Mayday Parade!
    you told it like it is– They just wanted there 15 mins of fame which is sad!!

  71. 271

    siiigh. :) sooo darn cute!

  72. 272

    Perezito, he is so amazing. Thank you for providing the rob-addicts with our fix during his absence from the states. I am roblivious to everything but his pure sexiness. YUMMY!!!

  73. 273

    Rob is a talented/gorgeous.. I feel really bad for him.. His trying to rest and lay low but these woman take photos w/ him and then posted on numerous sites (I guess they wanted their 15 mins of fame). What ever happen to taking a photo w/ a celebrity and keeping it for memories. You woman give the real fans a bad name! No amount of money would I sell out Robert Pattinson! Poor thing!

  74. 274

    Re: ashleyjordan – Wooo I'm Ashley as well, 4th year and on strike for the past 3 months :P ….lovely! Girl lets pack up our things and move to London ;)

  75. 275

    lol nice face.

  76. 276

    London, here I come…

  77. 277

    OMG best he's ever looked.

  78. 278

    If I were a boyyyyy
    even just for a dayyyyyy
    I'd roll out of bed in the morning
    throw on what i wanted and go….

  79. 279

    i am definitely loving the new hair :) HOT

  80. 280

    Who cares, he's 22 years old, party on Garth !!!

  81. 281

    It's so nice that he takes time to do photographs with fans.

  82. 282

    :D love :D

  83. 283

    I miss Rob so much…he srsly needs to move here in L.A.!!!

  84. 284

    Re: Jealous_Much?
    Hey, I have no clue who the people on his imdb are and im not saying I have him figured out because you're 100 percent correct- I'm not him. I don't know how he thinks, I don't know his opinions, and I never will.

    However, I think that I should be able to voice my opinion that this is wrong- just to take advantage of anyone and send it in to Perez is wrong. And normally there aren't that many fan pics here. Just funny blogs. Which is why I come here.

  85. 285

    Oxford is not in London, its a different city!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway people always hang out in pubs in the UK its very normal….

  86. 286

    Rob should never move to Hollywood. Work there in stints yes but its not healthy to live in that environment. He needs the support of a top director to get interesting roles.

  87. 287

    oxford isn't in LDN

  88. Brina says – reply to this


    Rob if your reading this you have to come to canada! I will so take you out on a date! MWA!

  89. bgirl says – reply to this


    OMGNOWAI — a guy in his mid-twenties who goes to bars? Wow.

  90. 290

    LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM.. and i love his song on u tube 'let me sighn'

  91. 291

    There's nothing wrong with "boozing it up". Hell when he gets back to the states maybe we can booze it up together. :D

  92. 292

    he looks soooo tired ……………………….but still da hottest guy alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 293

    LEAVE HIM BE IN PUBS! IT'S HIS PRIVATE TIME! Seriously, I am a fan, but I would never ask for a photo with an actor during their time off in somewhere like a local pub or club. I would leave him alone.

  94. 294

    dude what is it with him doing that grin dude that so is not like him he is so unfiniliar

  95. 295

    but anyway the man is still hoooot no mater what grin he has upon his face

  96. ae says – reply to this


    what a bitch.
    i would be super pissed at this "fan".
    the dude just wants to chillaxe .. not get told on and stalked by fans.

    now we know where all the stalkers in London will be.

  97. 297

    ok girls. it is one thing to say he is gorgeous because lets face it he is. on the other hand, let him be a normal human being. let him just hang out and relax without a ton of people stalking him. i mean he is just a young adult like the rest of us wanting to have fun. i kind of feel sorry for him because he can never just be normal anymore. i wouldn't want that much invasion of privacy. just let him be normal!

  98. 298

    God, I love this guy! He makes me warm… and wet.

  99. 299

    Re: SilverStar – that is disgusting. have some decency in yourself. omgsh you sound trashy

  100. 300

    Emma Watson lives in Oxford. She could have been with him!

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