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He Sure Loves To Booze It Up!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson


For the third time now, Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson has been spotted in a London pub by a Perezcious reader.

Someone really likes to get his drink on!!!

This time, R-Patz was boozing it up at a pub in Oxford.

He even took time to chat with the local ladies and snapped a picture with one of our Perezcious Caroline.

And we're told he said he doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment!

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368 comments to “He Sure Loves To Booze It Up!”

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  1. 301

    well what else would he be doin he lives here in london!! we love ALCOHOL!! besides what else is there to do besides going to the pubs wih your mates and get pissed…

  2. 302

    lol he is hot when he is drunk i love him to pieces


  3. 303

    my god he is too gorgous for words!! love love love him!!

  4. 304

    i wonder if robert pattinson even reads this? my guess is probably not.

  5. 305

    I would buy him several drinks…booze him up, and take him home. :)

  6. 306

    Re: AshyG87
    sounds good to me! let's go stalk rob pattz lol
    i mean what else is there for us to do?
    i'm a first year psych student btw.

  7. 307

    I could be his girlfriend….!! :P

  8. 308

    love this man!

  9. 309

    omgomgomg he's only 20 miles away from me if hes in oxford!!!

  10. 310

    he's gorgeous!!!
    thnks Perez!!

  11. 311

    he looks more like a werewolf than a vampire…

  12. 312

    he doesnt have a girlfriend because hes gay

  13. cver says – reply to this


    my friend said she saw him at sundance this weekend…

  14. cver says – reply to this


    how come no one liked him when he was cedric digory? i think people oly like edward, not robert…

  15. 315

    who is this ho and why is she with my BF!!!

  16. 316

    i'm loving the daily rpatz updates! keep 'em coming. i wish i was in a london pub right now, that man is perfection.

  17. 317

    he iz soooooooooo hot
    he should come back to the u.s. already

  18. 318

    perez ppl outside america hang out in pubs not all of us spend our time sipping on frappicinos and doing pilates!

  19. 319

    Yes he does, I'm his gf :)

  20. 320

    He Lookes a lot damn hotter when he's not drunk

  21. 321

    I love this comment in a german interview: Mädchen: Are you romantic?
    ROB: When I was fifteen I had a date with a girl at the zoo. But we didn’t
    have enough money to pay the entrance. So we ran along the fence of the
    zoo on the outside. It was raining and we didn’t have an umbrella with us,
    I think that was romantic.

  22. 322

    Another comment in a german interview with Rob :Mädchen: Are you a womanizer? ROB: Not at all (grins). I rather go out with girls than with boys and if I’d try to have something with every girl around me then I would loose these friendships.

  23. 323

    In another german interview he explains why he's single:- So at the moment you are single, why that? ROB:No idea! I just am. The last two years I was abroad the whole time, there was no city I stayed longer as a couple of weeks. Hardly I had arrived- I had to go away. Even in my hometown London- I could just spent 5 days this year. This is just to little to build up a realationship.

  24. 324

    YAYYYY!!!!!! dammit why do i have to be poor and stuck in freaking san diego!!! I WANNA GO TO LONDON AND STALK ROB TOO!!

    my life is awful!

    i feel… so suppressed!

  25. 325

    I have been crushin on this man since he was making his way around hogwarts in harry potter and the goblet of fire he's so sexy. Love him!

  26. 326

    woot woot RPatz. im glad he does what he wants and doesnt give a shit what other people thinkkkk. it makes him so much hottter! :)

  27. 327

    Jeez people more privacy keep ur private picture 2 urslef

  28. 328

    yum yums yummy.. keep up these daily rob posts PLEASE! his hair is growing back so fast! yey! i really wish he would hurry up and get back here to the u.s.!

  29. M.Rod says – reply to this


    Booze it up with me Robert!!!
    No really, stop drinking so much, you don't want a beer belly in New Moon, do you? and I don't want you to end up in rehab like most celebrities, I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH FOR THAT!.. You're a GREAT ACTOR & SINGER… Take care of yourself Rob… Love you…

  30. 330

    This guys has fuck-up written all over him. Run away, ladies!!

  31. jshaw says – reply to this


    well he can drink if he wants to you would to if you were under as much presure as him

  32. 332

    Once again. like i said. AMAZINGLY HOT. love love love him…. and the things i would do just to have him mine.

  33. 333

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons

    well id like to meet ur neighbor then lol

  34. 334

    honestly, i think he'd wanna have sex with me.

  35. 335

    dear god
    thank you for giving us robert pattinson
    thank you for making him the hottest man on earth
    i promise to be really, really good
    if you will let me be naughty with robert
    chew his face, eat him from head to toe
    no other man will ever do, now.
    gratefully yours….

  36. 336

    Hey all who want to move to the UK. you have as much chance to bump into Rob in Honolulu as u do in London. I live in Oxford where he was spotted and work in London also. But u just never know i guess! :-) Keepin my eyes peeled!

  37. 337

    Re: Twilight3r-4-3v3r – he is english so likes to live in england..near me!!

  38. 338

    He is so gorgeous! I am 23 if he is interested!

  39. 339

    Rob if you ever want to come to the university of iowa i would love to get to know you! if you would ever read this which is probably not. i am 19 and a pre-med student. but like that will ever happen. no one wants to go to iowa for an extended period of time. a girl can wish though

  40. 340

    omg…why i don't live in london???? i really want to meet him in a pub…he is soooooooooo hot!!! love you rob!!!

  41. 341


  42. 342

    Rob is amazing!!! Check out my song "never erase" i wrote for New Moon! We are hopefully meeting with Summit soon to get this song on the soundtrack :) Wish me luck

  43. 343

    wow candace, you might get to meet robert if that happens! that would be so cool!

  44. 344

    I'll be his girlfriend… :-P

  45. 345

    I love Robert! He looks really great in this pic!

    I'm glad he's back home. He deserves to be able to chill out and not have to constantly deal with all the craziness that surrounds him! He seems to deal well, so I'm all for any coping strategy that won't land him in rehab!

    He's extremely down-to-earth in any interview I've ever seen and his accent's hot. Hopefully his accent will be thick again when he comes back from being in London for awhile.

    Plus, he seems truly unique and L.A. doesn't seem to be healthy for any celeb. I'm glad he can go back to London and sort-of "escape" from it all.

  46. 346

    The dude is 22 years old and already a star. What the hell was everyone else doing when they were 22? Hitting the bars! He's normal. He's young. Give him a break. He's trying to deal with being a celebrity. He had to go back to London to get the stupid US papparazzi off his back, so he could go outside of his house once in a while.. He's awesome…. and so nice to look at.

  47. 347

    He doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment… now all he has to do is get back to the US and meet me!

  48. 348

    there are plenty of bars in Texas!!!!!!

  49. 349

    Thank you Perez. Any Roberty news would be fab. Lucky, lucky London. Love, Love, Love himxxxxxx

  50. 350

    i think i'm going to fly to london this weekend xD
    but somehow the idea is not that bad.
    if you ask me he could stay a little bit longer in europe…

  51. 351

    He is so HOT!!!

  52. 352

    one word: sexy

  53. 353

    He's British (my best friend is British and he was taught at a very early age to appreciate beer).. and he is of age, I don't get why people think its such a big deal if he drinks.

  54. 354


  55. cver says – reply to this


    THAT IS NOT ROBERT PATTINSON!!! look at the eyes. robert has BLUE eyes, and he has more defined cheek bones. THIS IS AN IMPOSTER!!

  56. BB says – reply to this


    he is SINGLE

  57. 357

    1 vodka 2 vodka 3 vodka 4…me and RPATTZ first on the dancefloor then me being his whore..hahahahahahahha I LOVE ROBERT!! GOOOO TWILIGHT!!!

  58. Fern! says – reply to this


    Gah, I wish I could meet him. :)

  59. 359

    it looks like he's taking the picture. which is weird.
    he looks odd too.

  60. 360

    so when is he gonna work out cus
    edward cullen dont have a beer belly
    um still this is a funny pic
    luv u rob :)

  61. 361

    drinkin to much=liver failure
    smoke to much=lung cancer

    rob dont go that far
    but keep the parties
    yer sexy with a beard :)

  62. 362

    hahah omg i love him..
    hes sooo gorgeous !

  63. 363

    i agree is his so good looking! cant wait to new moon is out :D :D

  64. 364

    Of course he is boozing it up!!! He is only 22 years old for crying out loud!!!! He is supposed to be boozing it up and having rough, inappropriate sex with many different gorgeous women!!!!! The 20's are the best party years you will have in your life; I say live it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. 365

    Thank God he is boozing it up and having a good time!!! You only get one chance at youth!! ;)

  66. 366

    Oh and did I mention he is freaking HOT!

  67. 367

    i cant beleive how people can judge him, when they dont even know the guy! you guys are so young, and think you know him, and what he should be doing!
    british people drink, irish people drink, us canadians drink. its part of our lives. we go out with friends have a good time, and go home.

    we dont go anaylising every little thing. thats whats wrong with america! u guys will just push him away, with constantly stalking him!,
    poor guy wont have anywhere to go anymore, without being bombarded with fans!
    is that what you want?
    let this guy have fun, let him hang out with his friends and unwind.
    let him not think about his fame for one freaken second. and let him be a guy!

  68. 368


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