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Living Up To Her DIVA Reputation

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According to Beyonce, a "diva is a female version of a hustler," but the multiple personality singer refused to hustle the four blocks to her car.

Finishing up with rehearsal for his pre-inaugural concert, Jay-Z and wifey B discovered that the streets around the theater had been shut down by police for the Big Day (you know the one!). The cops told the couple they'd have to walk to their waiting car four blocks away.

Well, Sasha refused to walk in the cold - in heels! - and the cops refused to yield to her demands, but….

The President's own Secret Service gave in and let their driver come around to fetch the diva and her hustler and take them to their hotel so they could change and return to the theater.

What do U think about Beyowulf getting this special treatment???

[Image via WENN.]

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174 comments to “Living Up To Her DIVA Reputation”

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  3. 3

    Fuck you perez. You try to write bad things about celebs to get the public to hate them. you suck ass and so does your shitty book

  4. Daxie says – reply to this


    I am so sick of this gurl

  5. 5


  6. 6

    I'm first?Never been first in a blog before!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Guess not, but anyway, isn't she supposed to sing? cold bad for voice.

  9. 9

    She's an idiot and her music sucks.

  10. 10

    [Shakes "maracas" at you putas]

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Hey, she's a diva and 4 blocks in the cold is TOOOO far!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Beowulf needs to get over herself…she is not as pretty she thinks she is but all right she is pretty…pretty ugly…she has a nice body shape but that's it not even personality…her hubby…OMG fugly as hell!!! Her songs some she sounds nice others why they even bother to record?…but like they saying says "Money talks and BS walks"

  15. 15

    Re: natalie22 – HA, look who's talking!

  16. 16

    She can blow me..I hope she gets laryngitis and can sing today.

  17. 17

    Personally I think she could have used the extra excersize!

  18. 18

    Put a ring thru her nose and drag her Jay-Z!

  19. 19

    Bitch needs to stop with this wannabe diva 'tude…. Can't step up to me… I am true Diva….

  20. 20

    Ugh. What a waste of tax payer dollars. I can understand the concern of being marauded by people, but still. I wonder how much she demanded to be paid to perform? Didn't they already spend enough on her?

  21. 21

    Well, normally I'm totally against Diva behavior, but I sort of think they should have made some sort of arrangements for transportation. She probably wasn't dressed appropriately for a four-block walk in bitter cold, and there is a safety issue for people as high profile as her and her husband. This isn't really something I would chalk up as completely unreasonable behavior.

  22. 22

    Re: Senora Saggytits – Not[ as harry give's SS middle finger again]

  23. 23


  24. 24

    hell to the no. how spoiled. it's real life honey….use your brain and realize that the roads will OF COURSE be blocked off, bring a pair of sneakers and WALK like every other person besides the most important - The President….you're taking HIS ride?! LAME LAZY and certainly diva-like.

  25. 25

    she needs to fall the fuck back!! im surprised jigga put up with that, what a herb!

  26. 26

    What's part oh dis dont use white peoples get? I is black da prezident iz black even fat oprah iz black we now controls da worl. so gets ready mister and mrs whitey to kiss our blacks A**? Oh by da way we still gonna needs hep from time to time?

  27. 27

    Nice DNA………..

  28. 28

    Re: HAUTE COUTURE HIPPIE – Nope, there's a waiting list to be first. E-mail PH.com, tell them the post you want to be first on and wait 3-5 working days for a reply.

  29. 29

    This girl takes herself waaaaay too seriously. Obama is president, not YOU!


  30. 30

    Fuck that bitch. She shits just like everyone else. Fuck her.

  31. 31

    WHAT A FUCKING BITCH! She is so horrible and they should have made her dumb ass walk!

  32. AMO says – reply to this


    I think if Angelina did the same thing (and she would've) you wouldn't have even reported on it.

  33. 33

    Typical of this trash bag.

  34. 34

    I seriously can NOT STAND that bitch. She is so fucking full of herself, its disgusting.

  35. 35

    diva indeed! when did she become such a bitch? :o

  36. 36

    diva..more like bitch.

  37. 37

    Too bad the secret service didn't arrest her and dump her from a helicopter onto the Mall!

  38. 38

    The less walking she does the bigger her ass is going to get.

  39. 39

    Could have been realllly cold. Who knows how long a block is in DC. Plus at night. Can't say I blame her too much

  40. 40
  41. AMO says – reply to this


    Re: Mentalist – LOL!

  42. 42

    They needed the extra car. they would've been mobbed in a four block walk!

  43. 43

    That is ridiculous.

  44. 44

    Ugh. That chick needs a slap in the face.

  45. 45

    She needs to get the fuck over herself! Team Rihanna!!

  46. 46

    I don't like this hooker bot but its only fair. That's like inviting somebody to your house and making them sleep outside. She deserved some sort of service. It wasn't her fault the streets were closed. Its all good. She got her and they got them.

  47. 47

    Im so sick of this girl.
    She needs a reality check.
    I used to like her, but then her attitude just killed it.
    Sure I still listen to her music, but she's not the same person.

  48. 48

  49. 49


  50. 50

    What a talentless hack! She needs to launch her own fashion line at Hot Topic too!

  51. 51

    Re: Mentalist

    you retarded racist motherfucker! who talks like that though, someone in a cave?

  52. 52

    If it's true..that's total crap. We need to form an official government organization that's focused on bringing an end to special treatment of celebrities!

  53. 53

    Maybe if she would walk the 4 blocks her butt wouldn't be as big as it is…

  54. 54

    she looks OLD in that pic.

    I would have snatched them heels up and told her ass fine now you walk. But She didnt deserve treatment… she is perfectly healthy and god gave her 2 legs for a reason. Bitch.

  55. 55

    They should have made that bitch walk!

  56. 56

    Her sense of entitlement is ridiculous but not surprising in this Era of Extreme Star Fuckery. Unfortunately, many celebrities think they are THAT important.

  57. 57

    way to spend tax dollars catering to spoiled fat asses.

  58. 58

    I am Canadian, and I can appreciate that Barack Obama and his family's safety must come first. If shutting down streets is part of that process, then celebrities as well as the general public need to put aside their own comfort and do some extra walking. Beyonce appears to need a little extra exercise anyway, I'm just sayin.

  59. 59

    Leave her alone, Obviously those that are irritated have never walked in 4" or 5" heels, and definitely have not tried it in the freezing cold, in the middle of DC.

    She is an honored guest of President Obama. So yes, she does deserve the special treatment. Get over it.

  60. 60

    Who does she think she is? Hello, today's events are not taking place for Beyonce.

  61. 61

    *Are you aware how far four blocks is talk less of doing that in heels and frigid weather. Mario you are such a stoopid and jealous fag! She deserves the special treatment, she is a VIP, deal with it all you hoi polloi bashing her.

  62. 62

    She thinks rules do not apply to her, which cements the Diva status in her own mind, but for me, this continuing attitude makes my hard earned iTunes money go into buying other musicians CDs. Why support a Diva?

  63. 63

    BITCH, please. Ho needs to get herself walking…lazy ass Diva!

  64. 64


  65. 65

    I think she and her husband really need to get over themselves. I used to like her, that is before she startet acting like the queen of the universe.

  66. 66

    She sounds like a bitch…kinda over her

  67. 67

    four blocks, in high heels, in the cold… can be a little too much if she had to get ready right after that but, why keep the high heels after a rehearsal? why not wear something more comfy? didn't she have a HUUUGE diva camerino to change the clothes or whatever so walking 4 blocks wasn't that much?
    i don't know, i guess some rich people lost their common sense.

  68. 68

    I am SOO sick of her…she thinks she is gods gift to earth!! she is not anymore special then the rest of us…and we all walk…whats so special about her?

  69. 69

    Just another reason that she is a bitch! I used to like her before she bacame this diva bitch! She thinks she's all that and more?? Sorry, NO you are not. Yeah you can sing and are worth an ungodly amount of money but she's just trash. She has done nothing in the last few years that even warrants her acting like this. Grow up sweetheart, just as fast as you made it to the "top" your ass will be brought back to earth.

  70. yup says – reply to this


    Thats why you got a fat ass sista!

  71. 71

    Fuck her…today is not about her! And it wouldn't have killed her fat ass to walk a few blocks and then some!!!

  72. 72



  73. 73

    She might have been better prepared (also, it's the organizers' responsibility), but she's an artist invited to perform. I think she's right, she should not have to walk in the snow in heels under any circumstance.

  74. 74

    Doesn't this woman go on stage and perform for hours in heels all the time??
    FOUR city blocks is a big deal for her? It's DC in the winter, I'm sure she was prepared for the cold.
    This is a Presidential Inauguration, of course there are going to be serious security measures taken. She should be no exception to any of them.

  75. 75

    Maybe her feet hurt! I've been in that situation with a new pair of heels. It's like stepping on glass to make it a block. And four, eesh. Just hobble me like Kathy Bates in Misery.

  76. 76

    DIVA 4 SHO!

  77. 77

    I'm sorry the Secret Service gave into her tantrum. Idiot!!!

  78. 78

    Stupid heifer! No wonder she has a fat ass. She never has to walk anywhere. Secret service offering her a ride? Um NO! They should be worrying about the President and that's IT! Do not be worrying about some lazy fat ass diva bitch and her hideous escaped-from-the-zoo husband.

  79. 79

    She is a bitch that we all could do without!!

  80. 80

    Hey Dumbdick Pigez…..NOBODY WOULD WANT TO WALK THAT FAR IN FREEZING TEMPERATURES!?! If she is good enough to sing for your boy, O. Hussein Obama, why is she considered a threat to the inaugeration…so much of a threat that she cannot drive near the event's venue?

  81. 81

    Her big ol' fat ass could use a walk.

  82. 82

    stop being a lazy bitch! suck it up and walk

  83. 83

    I swear so many fucking celebs forget where they came from. No one is better than another person. I'm sure she has her own security so it shouldn't have been a problem for her to fucking a walk a few blocks. Big Fucking Deal! I'm also pissed off at the presidential security! What kind of shit is this, just cuz some diva doesn't get her way they gave! Horray for safety.

  84. 84

    i think she is pathetic…really if i started calling myself sasha feirce or whatever the fuck she call sherself this week i would have the men in white coats coming for me..why the fuck do the celebrities get to have dual personalities and i can't!!!

  85. 85

    Re: niffernh – I totatly agree with you man. A few years down the road no one is even going to remember who the hell she is.

  86. 86

    Re: Keylailah – That's what I'm sayin! She could have hid a bomb or some toxic gas up in her lace from wig! Jay-Z prob had a gun on him cuz that's how he is. And they can go through the secured area? Puh-lease!

  87. 87


  88. 88

    Give her a good slap!

  89. 89

    Re: evilcupcake – I'll take two fukin dozen of those evil cupcakes…what do they do>? That's xfukincitin..heheheee

  90. 90

    I have so little respect for her. GUESS WHAT BEYONCE!!! IT'S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!! Take off your heels and walk like one of us poor folk.

  91. 91

    She and her husband can both suck it. Beyonce is nasty mean. I know someone who worked on a film with her and she STOLE the wig! The producers even had someone on alert so she wouldn't take it, but she ran off with it and it cost a fortune!!!!!!!!!

  92. 92

    Re: SheriMoonFireFly – they kill people, slowly though u gotta savor the moment

  93. 93

    Re: Perez Is a Liar
    Keep Saying his middle name that way…IT'S STILL HIS NAME AND HE IS STILL YOUR PRESIDENT! GET OVER IT! I wish people would realize that name is a somewhat common islamic name. Sadam was not the first to have it.

  94. 94

    I think it's amazing that someone with no talent has got as far as she has!

  95. 95

    who the fuck does B think she is… she should have walked

  96. 96

    Walk Bitch! You aren't important!

  97. 97

    she looks like a man in this picture.

  98. 98

    Well it is freaking cold, and when your car is paid for then you should have it waiting. I can understand not wanting to walk in 5 1/2 inch heels.

    Beyonce paved away for these other divas

  99. 99

    She may be a bitch, but she is their guest, she shouldn't have to walk under those conditions. No guest should have too.

  100. 100

    She is a DIVA so she can do that! They would have done the same thing for Madonna and Britney, so why not Beyonce? I don't blame her.

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