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R-Patz Bumming Around, Playing Surprise Gigs

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As we mentioned earlier, Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson was finally spotted recently.

He had been laying low - real low.

Luckily, one of our Perezcious readers spotted him at a random pub in London.

And now, another one of our lovely readers (thanks Hyper Girl!) just spotted R-Patz again.

This time he was spotted again at a SoHo pub in London for open mic night.

We're told Pattinson was there with some friends and performed two songs which apparently "silenced the room" with how good he was.

Ok, we're starting to miss him.

Time for R-Patz to return to the US! He needs to go on a lunch date with Perez and Zacquisha!

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292 comments to “R-Patz Bumming Around, Playing Surprise Gigs”

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  1. 201

    this guy really is not cute.

  2. 202

    Guh, hot AND soulful. I fucking love him and I'd love to fuck him. Damn.

  3. 203

    I'm really happy he's still performing. I thought for sure he would be too afraid and self conscious.
    And he really is good, he's a soulful performer. He has one of those classic, bluesy, folk-like voices. Hopefully we'll hear more of his music.

  4. 204

    He's amazing talented.
    I'm glad he's in London; let's leave him alone and let him chill for a bit! …THEN you can have your lunch date ;)

  5. 205

    Robert, Robert, Robert,……. I hate to say it, but you are cursed. No one will ever leave you alone now, NO ONE! Become a nomad like Johnny Depp!

  6. Haylo says – reply to this


    fucking people. wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now chicks are staking this guy. O man, now I do feel sorry for this kid. He cant even go take a shit without some dumb fuck taking his picture and posting it online. Dude, it really sucks to be you Robert. If you or you mummy are reading this, DO NOT COME BACK TO THE STATES YET!!! it'll be worse, lmao. Sucks to be you right now dude.

  7. 207

    Holy smoldering Moses….that guy makes my heart stop…. I can't breathe…chest painsssss annnnnnddd faint!

  8. 208

    Let the boy catch his breath before shooting new moon and doing all the promo stuff afterwards… He still seems down to earth, I like it.

    And Perez?! Hope you´ll get your date :D

  9. 209

    ohh!! love him!! he's such a great artist..he sings, he writtes,he plays the piano & guitar, he acts..ohhh hes..ROBERT!! OME!!! LOVE HIM!!
    Thnks Perez u rock!

  10. 210

    No no no! He has to stay in London!!!

  11. 211

    He's so cute `

  12. 212

    I really hope he doesn't become like every other celebrity, I mean the reason why he is so interesting is because he is not like everyone else :) I would really like to see him perform live, I think he sings amazingly!

  13. 213

    I miss Rob!

  14. 214

    i like him as much as anyone…BUT please for the love of mankind and all that is holy, stop following this poor creature around. let him live his life! jeez!!!

  15. 215

    *stomps foot* I WANT HIM SO BAD
    i think id give up my dog
    just for a good 35 mins in a bathroom stall

  16. 216

    UGH! *stomps foot* I WANT HIM SO BAD
    i think i would actually give up my dog
    for 35 mins in a bathroom stall with this man… rawwwr

  17. 217

    Re: ZekeAaron84 – oh now, they start filming in march. but since edward is only in a few scenes in new moon, they're filming rob's part in the end. they're gonna focus first on the whole werewolf transformation thing

  18. 218

    aww that's good how he still goes to random clubs and open mics..
    it just shows you how he's not at all caught up in all of his abrupt fame and he's still keeping it real..
    hahah i love rob!

  19. 219

    yayy!! thanks perez!

  20. 220

    he is a wonderful man

  21. 221

    Re: robertpattinsonedwardcullen

    where did you find this?

  22. 222


  23. 223

    oh well she's luckyyy
    and seriously i think it's time
    for him to come back like i don't
    heard nothing of him cuz he's away
    soooo come back to the US…i need to know
    what its going on with u hahha xD ily R-Patz :)

  24. 224

    His talents just keep amazing me.
    I miss him too he needs to use his fame and get on the scene before ppl start to forget about him like that dude who plays harry potter lol

  25. 225

    awww. i bet he silenced the room! :)
    i love him!
    Come back home! I miss you!

  26. 226

    I wish he would come back and stay in the us forever!

  27. 227

    rob should come back to my bed.
    that boy is toooooooo cute.

  28. 228

    Re: JRO

    lmao :D

  29. 229

    I don't blame him to try to get himself away from the spotlight. i would do the same if i was as famous as him. I would of loved being there at that small concert. PlZ!!PLZ!! Perez!! find the video that will be sooooooo assume!!!

    i wish you get that lunch date!!!

  30. 230

    Re: jmduckee – Shut up you degenerate piece of shit!! What the fuck does CANADA contribute to the world? Maple syrup? Hockey? One or two good heavy metal bands? The rest - Bullshit! FUCK YOU!

  31. 231

    i NEED to go to london to see him performing. too bad he's so sneaky with the suprise gigs and all.

  32. 232

    Yeah I want video to this as well. Perez you must find the video for this gig he did. PLEAZE!!!!! If Robert's mom is reading these posts, I just want to say that your son is such a talented young man!

  33. 233

    Yay! Rob performing. Always good.

  34. 234

    Perezito you should look him up he's actually not a bad singer…very talented…that makes him so much hotter…anyway let the guy lay low if he wants….

  35. 235

    That's it! I'm moving to London.

  36. 236

    I gotta check in rehab!!

  37. 237

    What I wouldn't give for a private show. :)

  38. 238


  39. 239

    OMG I love Robert Pattinson. Yes I know I sound like an obsessed fan, but I am heehee. I have his name under WATCHLIST for Yahoo on my BB and I run his name at least once a day to get news on him. I didnt know he left for London tho. That makes me sad. :( He needs to come back to the states. We miss him. I love his music too :) he has such a rustic voice. And he is SO NOT OVERRATED you HATERS! sheesh

  40. 240

    AWW! baby please come back!

  41. 241

    ugh Rob

  42. 242

    HOT DAYUMM, thats one fine peice of ass.

  43. 243

    how i wish i was there to see the hotness that is robert pattinson!
    i love him!

  44. 244

    i love rob! hes such an amazing actor

  45. 245

    WTF when did he leave? whatev as long as he's hot

  46. 246

    someones got themselves a stalker. leave him alone.

  47. 247

    I think Robert Pattinson is gorgeous!! He was amazing as Edward Cullen and he is a talented musician.. Keep up the great job Robert!!!

  48. 248

    good thing his hair is growing back
    he needs to come back to the U.S. don't know why he's been
    laying low
    once he comes back to the u.s. he's gonna be ambushed by fans
    better to face it now and get it over with

  49. 249

    damn.. what i would give to see a raw music performance from rob! where is the video of this perez??? come on!!!

  50. 250

    hes so hot

  51. 251

    omg if you go to lunch with him… call me or something!!! ahhh i loooooveee him!!! :) :)

  52. 252

    I'm happy he is not one of those celebs that can't get enough attention. He seems to be going on a good path. Doing jobs, living life. He doesn't need the Hollywood life :) I do hate how much we bug him though .. I just can't get enough of him! He is returning to the states soon. If only he would visit Canada.

    pps, I think his music sucks, no offence.

  53. 253

    So, I'm moving to London?

    Don't worry about me, I'll write ! ta-ta!

  54. 254

    i used to hate himm but after i read twilight i love him now

  55. 255

    wow he can sing too?! why do stupid people care about this crap…

  56. 256

    He is so freakin talented!!!!!!!!!! I love his voice so much!!!!!!!!!!

  57. 257

    I love This MAN! i would like to go on a Date with him

  58. 258

    LG - #181 - Not sloppy dear, just tired. Thanks for the heads up but obviously I knew - and so did anyone who matters to me.
    The beauty queen avie was me and it's only been the last 2 days so no, not for some time as you suggest.
    I know this is you and you know why you deserved this from me.
    So I don't REALLY have a problem with you - you started all this drama for your own fun, but I can have a problem with you and you should know enough of me by now that divinity means shit to me.
    So we can either continue as polite acquaintances or we can keep playing games.
    At the moment I really don't give a flying fuck either way - I have more important things on my mind.
    Dont pat yourself on the back too hard now - it was an easy pickup!!!

  59. 259

    NO he needs to have lunch wtih me!!!!
    or he could def. just marry me :]
    ugh hes gorgeous :]

  60. 260

    LOVE HIM!!!!

  61. 261

    awwwwwwwwwwww i really love him
    so cute and simple person…not egocentric as he should be

  62. 262

    Jeeeezus Chrriiist I LOVE HIM! Perez go to London and drag him back to the US!

  63. 263

    what songs did he sing???

  64. 264

    sure i miss seeing photos of him and what not.
    but let the guy lay low for now after all the madness, its soon to start back up again with new moon getting ready to film.

  65. 265

    :) love him, just cant get enough.

  66. 266

    OO thank you! I needed some Rob in my life. I totally agree he needs to come back to the States….NC would do just fine for me.

  67. 267

    he is beyond hot!! (sighs and then melts into a puddle)

  68. 268

    Re: SheriMoonFireFly – 103 Sorry Sheri. All I got was some story about touch football. No meat.

  69. 269

    I would like to hear him sing live ~

  70. 270

    Pierce Cruise GF Destiney Moore exposed on Reality bedroom.com

  71. 271

    Come on…be nice to ROB! We all know he is alittle quirky!!! But seriouly…where's the vidoe clip of him singing and what songs did he sing? More info please PEREZ!!! thanks!

  72. 272

    Rob is a talented/gorgeous.. I feel really bad for him.. His trying to rest and lay low but all these woman take photos w/ him and then posted on numerous sites (I guess they wanted their 15 mins of fame). What ever happen to taking a photo w/ a celebrity and keeping it for memories.

  73. 273

    he is fantastic.
    i wish he would play surprise gigs in the united states!
    come back, please.

  74. 274

    I am not a teenage girl, and I wish I was there. He is a hunk in progress.
    Grungy Boy hmmmmm

  75. 275

    I like how no one recorded a video of this silencing performance!

  76. 276

    Simply put, I'm in LUST

  77. 277

    ahhhhhh rob needs to return to la no joke. do an open mike night here

  78. 278

    Re: Nachan – i love that site.. i go there multiple times a day… seriously they always keep you posted on all things rob to the point of information overload*content smile*(though, not uncomfortable things like paparazzi photos)!

  79. 279

    get the video, dude! XD

  80. 280

    He's in my blood and now my body vibrates at a high rate of oscillation. His singing voice raises the rate. Sweet manly voice. R-Patz, ahh….

    I luz me some Perez.

  81. 281


  82. jshaw says – reply to this


    his music is always amazing i really wish i could hear him play in person that would rock

  83. 283

    swoons If I walked into a pub and he was playing I'd probably think I'd died and gone to heaven!

    thanks for the R Patz updates! I can always count on you for my fix!

  84. 284

    God, I'd love to watch him live.

  85. NJK says – reply to this



  86. 286

    I'm so happy that he's able to do performances at open mics again because I really felt bad for him when he couldn't do them in L.A. anymore, so I'm happy he can do them in London! I think he loves it and that it's a coping strategy for him, so it's good that he's able to do them again!

  87. 287

    In an alternate universe, I am a pint of beer and Rob is drinking me….. phew better stop typing…

  88. 288

    ok it really ISNT time he goes back to the US,
    he spent most of last year there and very rarely got chance to just chill out, he couldnt go out ANYWHERE without someone following him, he is much better off at home in london at least he can be himself and not be hounded by so many screaming fangirls,
    hell i have known all along that he is still in the UK simply because there hasnt been new pics every single day.
    people need to give him a break and stop treating him like a piece of meat

    plus sorry to break it to people in the US, i dont see him moving over there, he has said he misses london too much and his dog

  89. 289

    hes such a cutiee

  90. 290

    or maybe he "silenced the room" because he was that bad.
    yeh i said it.
    but i still think rob is awesome. He's a good singer. just not the best.
    i dont think there is anything wrong with going to bars a couple nights in a row.

  91. 291


    Perez, I dare you to find the video(:

    God, he's the hottest guy ever.

  92. 292

    he looks way too cute for his own good, my goshh.

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