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The Obamas' First Dance!

| Filed under: BeyonceBarack ObamaMichelle Obama

CLICK HERE to watch Beyonce's much-hyped performance of At Last.

We gotta say….she delivered!

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260 comments to “The Obamas' First Dance!”

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  1. 1

    Beautiful. :)

  2. bingo says – reply to this



  3. 3


  4. Feste says – reply to this


    Awww… I thought their dance was adorable!

  5. 5

    doesnt fit to me. she sounded good but her presence was too bright. someone a little dimmer would be nice. like alica keys.

  6. 6

    so nice

  7. 7

    OOOOOO Gawd.. She drives me nuts sometimes u know

  8. 8

    That was great! I'm so gitty about this entire day!

  9. 9

    she did deliver! god was worried she'd be bad…

  10. 10

    Looks like a cheesy first dance at senior prom….

  11. 11

    AMAZING i am so proud to be an american tonight

  12. 12

    Beautiful Michelle

  13. 13

    this was beautiful
    beyonce delivered from the first note to the last.
    obama knows how to treat a lady and he knows how to dance :)

  14. 14

    just warms my heart. :)

  15. 15

    beyonce sang beautifully!
    and mr and mrs obama were so cute as they danced.

  16. 16

    Too bad his wife doesn't look more like Beyonce.

  17. 17

    Beyonce deserves more credit from you P, she has a voice for sure! And she rarely doesnt deliver!

  18. 18

    He can work the dance floor! =D
    Beyonce is an amazing singer!

  19. 19

    That was magical! Truly a fitting performance from all. Thank you Beyonce. Thank you Mister President and our beautiful First Lady.

  20. 20

    beyonce looked like it was genuinely the most amazing moment of her life to be able to do that for the obamas. what a magical moment in a perfect day.

  21. 21

    ohh that put tears in my eyes..

  22. 22

    THe original is still better.

  23. 23

    So great! But why is Michelle Obama not wearing her wedding ring?? Is she like Jennifer Lopez and didn't want it to clash with her outift?

  24. 24

    Re: CHANCE – ew alica keys prolongs notes wayyy to much.. she cn just sing she needs to drag a number out. beyonce was the perfect choice. plus she is way more famous then alica keys.

  25. 25

    An amazing performance for an amazing change!

  26. 26

    love the song but i still hate beyonce

  27. 27

    What an amazing day! So glad to be part of it!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    How beautiful!Beyonce was a great choice.
    Congratulations once again, President Obama!

  30. 30

    Her voice was impeccable, her outfit left much to be desired, but given that it was Beyonce, it was expected.

  31. 31

    like a fairy tale

  32. 32

    dude B was about to fuckin cry.. OH SHIT

  33. 33

    oh lord that was so beautiful. yay Beyonce for looking so humbled and proud. yay obamas for standing to show props to her for the last 10 sec or so. its such a great time to be an American.

  34. 34

    Perfect & beautiful in every way!! Beyonce has an awesome voice, we can't deny, and she looked so pretty. And Michelle and Barack were so cute, Michelle is gorgeous!!!

  35. 35

    that was cool and all, but Michelle Obama has a fucked up face.. looks like a vampire… other than that, just beautiful

  36. 36

    B sounded awesome.

  37. 37

    this was soo cute

  38. MP says – reply to this


    I know I'm in the minority here, but I thought Beyonce was just alright. I think she did a better job with the Barbra Streisand song at the Kennedy Center Honors. I would've loved to have seen Etta James perform At Last for the First Dance.

  39. 39

    I thought they would've been given dance lessons if they were that crappy.
    They are just standing there.
    Pity the first lady is ugly.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    Wow I love it. And they were so cute. Beyonce looked slightly emotional at the end. Awwwwwwwww :)

  42. 42

    omg i loved the dance

  43. 43

    Well I can say I never liked Beyoncee but this. WAS EXCEPTIONAL. The woman CAN sing… I didn't know that. I am so surprised and from now on she has my respect as a fellow blue's vocalist…

  44. 44

    Moving away Brangelina, there's a new power couple in the house.

    That was a sweet song and a lovely dance by the Obamas.

  45. 45

    Beautiful….. but talk about Mariah's horrible "hero" performance

  46. 46

    Awwww, so beautiful! I actually like that dress. So whatevs Perez. And Bey sang that song. Definitely a romantic occasion for the so in love First Couple.

  47. 47

    Nice :)

  48. 48

    I'm not usually much of a "Beowulf" fan, but she really pulled through on this one. Well done!

  49. 49

    Aww…this is super sweet

  50. 50

    PEREZ, your FAT ASS is actually being nice for once.

  51. 51

    So sweet! lovely performance and dance.

  52. 52

    Get your obama shirt . Only limited quantities remaining before we stop making them =)

  53. jax says – reply to this


    you think aretha did bad and that this was delivery???

    you got it backwards buddy.

    this girl can sing to save her life.

    she sounded forced and faking it.

    i can sing better that that fat ugly biatch! haha

  54. 54


  55. 55


    Get your obama shirt . Only limited quantities remaining before we stop making them =)


  56. 56

    I could of done better…

  57. 57

    Congrats America! Stay strong and remake America. As he told us his first action yesterday "halt to all legal proceedings in Guantanamo". Well done!
    I want to have a President like you but we have still ANGIE Merkel so sad.

  58. 58

    Is it really that difficult to post vids in their proper aspect ratio?

  59. 59

    I'm no Beyonce fan, but I gotta hand it to her, that was great. Much better than all that dream girls crap.

    She did a helluva lot better than Aretha Franklin this morning. What a disaster.

  60. 60

    Beyonce was AMAZING. NICE singing as always.
    All beyonce haters, s u c k it!!

  61. 61

    I loved this part… The rest was crap on a stick… Shakira sounded like Kermit the frog collided with a sheep in a high speed head on collision… WTF???? I thought it was too casual for a momentous occasion like this. It should have been more refined and traditional like the whole day…

    And Nick Cannon can suck a hairy ball. He couldn't host and DJ at the same time. The way he was announcing people, dear sweet Jesus, I wanted to choke him!!!

  62. 62


  63. 63

    This was my favorite moment of the entire day…
    It's just so sweet… and they look so happy together.

    God bless the Obama's and America!

  64. 64

    What an unoriginal song choice.

  65. 65


  66. 66

    Nr. 54 "Jax", if you call Beyonce "fat and ugly" the rest of us might just as well pack up and go home. Even those who prefer blondes, read heads or bearded ladies, will have to admit she is lovely looking by scientific standards. But why ruin this magical moment anyway? During the whole inauguration ceremony the US were truly worthy of the title "The Land of Dreams". I can only imagine how proud US citizens must feel today.

  67. eho11 says – reply to this


    it's sooo cute ( the president and the first lady dancing)
    and beyonce was great

  68. 68

    LOL you people obviously know nothing about singing, she sings just fine, nothing amazing, she has a weak ass voice and she knows it, I give her points for NOT oversinging but please, stop this whole "wow she CAN sing" crap, it's rather average really. And she's a bitch who probably had to pay to be there, her daddy probably arranged everything, anyway love Barack and Michelle. So cute

  69. 69


  70. 70

    how was that? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuu U u u u u rrrrgggggggggggg!
    Beyonce is a BIG JOKE! sorry but that´s it!

  71. 71

    Can we talk about something better than beyonce's singing how bout the release of her two gun tips poking through that (is that a tina knowles monstrosity) dress. Why does everything Beyonce do seem so fake the tearing up at the end reminded me of her concert when she fake cried. PS: Dr. Biden stole the show with that red dress and Joe's a much better dancer than Obama.

  72. 72

    All of the jealous,uncool commentors can just step aside.

    Beyonce is not a fat woman! She is not a stick thin Nicole Richie or Kate Moss, but she is not fat. In the Caucasian world she may seem a little chubby, but she is the average sized 27 year old, with killer abs. Her vocals are impeccable.

    I read Jax say that she/he could do better. Please post a video of you doing better! Until then, Beyonce would totally throw you under the bus with her vocals! Respect!

  73. 73

    Hold your breath America. Let's hope beyond hope he can bring this country back. I've lost so much money too in the past 4 years.

    I was in Europe in '00 and '04 and both times they couldn't believe we elected Bush. Bush is more hated overseas than here. Hope is what we have now.

  74. 74

    It's funny how people try to convince people who can sing and who can not. Singing ability is not a fact , it's a matter of opinion! Idiots!

    Beyonce's voice is far from weak!

    Please list your sinigng creditentals! That still would be irrelevant! Beyonce is the best vocalist today!

  75. 75

    barack and michelle are best friends and so real… Beyonce is fake… at last should be a pretty song that means something… not a warble-fest… Beyonce needs to learn context and humility…… all the talent in the world doesn't make you better than them…

  76. 76

    so cool here

  77. 77

    The Obamas looked great together. Beyonce is nothing special, IMO. Her every phrase was copied from earlier singers who actually made up their own phrasing and delivery, rather than being copy-cat song machines. Whatever.

  78. 78


  79. n.das says – reply to this


    i loved it all! the dress, the song, it was all amazing…brought a tear to my eye…and i love you perez

  80. 80

    loves it!

  81. 81

    Beyonce "delivers" whereas Aretha is horrible? That "critic" is an idiot, since Beyonce copies everything she does, and Aretha is and was an original. But Aretha leads a quiet life, doesn't whore herself out to the pimps of the media, thus doesn't get their so-called favor. Anyone who could feel and listen and know anything about American history, R&B, gospel, and soul knew that she killed "My Country" earlier, even outside in the freezing cold, pushing 70 years old. Beyonce is manufactured drek. Funny how this site hates on her, when they are so similar.

  82. 82

    this gave me goosebumps!!!!! the choice of song is really great. it represents the feeling of this country as a whole, of people of African American decent, and of immigrants, in general.

  83. 83

    Re: CHANCE – I totally agree.

  84. 84


  85. 85

    Wow just beautiful. The Obamas are just the sweetest couple. You can just feel the love between them. Its just so genuine. ^_^

  86. 86


  87. 87

    Eh, the way Obama botched the oath office was much more entertaining. Stocks down 332 points today?? Nooooo! Its the Messiah how can this be!

  88. 88

    I loved watching the two of them dance with such love in thier eyes. I'm just glad I'm not the only one that thought that bey was just ok. I would have loved to see Mrs. James sing her own song. She is still alive and I know that she can sing the song soo much better. I'm glad bey got what she was begging for. Love this couple so much. Hope Obama do some great things for us.

  89. 89

    Ok Obamabots its time to stop repeating 'Change' over and over.

  90. 90

    i think this is beautiful; absolutely beautiful… i am so proud to be an american and this song… this dance… this presidency can almost bring tears to my eyes. beyonce sang great and i love michelle and PRESIDENT obama… so amazing… soso amazing…

    yes… that IS ridiculously cheesy… BITEME.

  91. 91

    Freaking hypnotized zombies

  92. 92

    Re: SheDanc – Obama will do great things for us? No we will do great things for ourselves, government isn't capable of making your life better, they are only capable of making others lives worse (taxes, wealth redistribution etc)

  93. 93

    She did a wonderful job! Everything seemed to fit so well and was a wonderful video to see.

  94. 94

    i still have tears streaming down my face ….this was the icing on the cake!!!

  95. 95

    dang beyonce sang straight hell into that song… she was trying way to hard
    but man.. i got so emotional.. regardless of beyonce's distractingly bad voice

  96. 96

    I'm definitely a fan of Bey so I always think she sounds great. Tonight she was exceptional, controlled, and classy. The thing that struck me the most, though, was that she actually showed REAL emotion during the song. Often she looks rehearsed and almost robotic on stage (like she's just going through the motions). Tonight it was so apparent that this was truly a monumental event in her life. I really appreciated seeing that from her.

  97. 97

    I waited all day to see this-love them!

  98. 98

    She looked so nervous but she did great!

  99. 99

    She's a great singer, but she only has one volume: loud.

  100. 100

    OMGG, SHE sung it soooooooo nice lol!! argh haha! :L

    i love the end how, she was soo emotional. n then like she imitated the music with her voice hahah :L! :D

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