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A Worthwhile Cause

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CLICK HERE to read up on and donate to a very worthwhile cause.

"Fire has destroyed the Humane Society building in Oshawa (Ontario, Canada) early Wednesday, Dec 17, 2008 killing some 96 cats, three dogs and 40 hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets.

By the time fire crews arrived, they were only able to save 10 dogs, two cats and Bernard (shelter rat) both of the surviving cats needed oxygen, three of the dogs was treated for chest congestion, while Bernard went to his forever home.

Help us rebuild our shelter."

So sad.

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39 comments to “A Worthwhile Cause”

  1. 1

    Maybe u should donate me some money instead…

  2. 2

    I live near this town. I was devestated when I heard what happened.
    Thanks Perez for posting this!!!

  3. 3

    I live in Oshawa! It's awesome that you posted this, Perez. This was/is so sad.

  4. 4

    They should have let the rat died

  5. 5

    Thank you for posting this.

  6. 6

    Thanks for posting this, I hope they get some more help…how totally devastating.

  7. 7

    it is very sad, I can't imagine how terrified those poor animals must have been, locked in their cages, not able to run anywhere? how horrifying

  8. 8

    That's horrible - I'm glad to see you put things like this up Perez. It's a good reminder of what's important in life. RIP little guys…

  9. 9

    I have adopted a dog from them and have been very active with them for the past few years. This was truly a devastating blow to the animals as well as the amazing staff who give their time to the society. Thank you so much for posting this, with everyones help and support, they will be able to rebuild :)

  10. 10

    AT LONG LAST you ask for help for THE DESERVING not some 82 pound creature with NO desire to work or ever HEP themselves, creatures whose only desire is to bleed WHITE fools and reproduce like roaches?

  11. 11

    This is one thing you do that benefits man and furkind - keep up the good work promoting causes that need support!

  12. 12

    This is not good!

  13. 13

    I love that you have this perez! Thank you so much :D those poor little animals didnt deserve to die…ironically it was mice chewing threw wires which caused an electrical fire :(

  14. 14

    i literally live a block away from here. i adopted a dog from them and have been donating regularly. i'm really glad that you posted this.

  15. 15

    I am so saddened to hear about this! I live only a few hours away, and sadly we don't get very much coverage of local events in Canadian news. All they care to air is Obama mania (not that I'm against him, he's cool!). Thank you perez for showing people this story and linking a donation site!

  16. 16

    I love how much oshawa has been mentioned on this site in the past few months..

  17. 17

    Thank you for posting this! I'm from Waterloo ON, and Oshawa isn't to far, and it's good to see the small towns getting some coverage too… I'm sure the Oshawa SPCA weren't expecting this at all and your posting of this will give them more coverage then they could have imagined!

  18. 18

    So sad! This is the first time I have ever actually donated to one of these causes, but I couldn't pass it up. Poor shelters barely have enough to survive as it is, I hope others will donate and help out as well.

  19. 19

    WOW Perez u rock! how did u find out about this? Its so horrifying….glad people want to help…

  20. 20

    I live 5 minutes away from the shelter and it broke my heart to hear what happened. Thank you so much for posting this

  21. 21

    Thank you so much for postign this. I live in the region. I literally cried when I heard this on the morning commute to work. The only thing that ever warms my black,black heart is the love of an animal. So sad…

  22. 22

    Re: canada23432 – Really?? When else has teh 'Shwa been mentioned???

  23. 23


  24. 24

    OMG!! SOOO SAD!!! If I had the money I would absolutely donate.. I am sorry :( God bless those poor animals..they're in heaven now though, much better than a shelter :(

  25. 25

    I live in this city. So sad. Thanks for bringing some attention to the poor animals who died. Also I am shocked how many here are from my area.

  26. 26

    Re: SELENA4EVA – No one deserves to die

  27. 27

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was a foster mom for some of the animals that died and it hurt me so much when I found out what happened. I know how much you love your little one and know that you support these causes.

  28. 28

    I am having a hard time finding a donation link on their website!!! I did vote for them to win the 10k though. This very sad.

  29. 29

    ok i found the very tiny donation link , but when you click the paypal donation link, it doesn't work!! They need to fix this ASAP!!!

  30. 30

    Re: Muffin Ass

    For those of you wishing to donate the address is:
    199 Waterloo St. Unit 2
    Oshawa, Ont
    L1H 3W9.

    The paypal link appears to not be working right now, perhas due to overflow, but I will let the shelter know and hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Alternatively, their number is listed on the site, you could always call to get the paypal info.

    There's also numerous facebook groups out there that have been following the story and chronocling the fundraisers and all the activities that have taken place since then, some of the ones to check out are: Rebuild our Oshawa Humane Society, Humane Society of the Durham Region, and Let's build a new shelter.

    Great to see all the support, thanks perez :)

  31. 31

    thanks perez for posting this (:
    I live in Oshawa and was so devestated !
    amazing how you mention the 'shwa on your site aha ;)

  32. 32

    I used to work in a Humane Society building, its a very old building and I always worried about a fire because those animals would have no chance. It breaks my heart to hear about this and my heart goes out to the poor animals who obviously suffered before their death, frightened and wondering why no one was helping them. I wish I did have money to donate but I do not, I dont even have enough money to pay for my own pets food.

  33. 33

    This breaks my heart — especially as I sit here and look at my beloved cat. I sent in a donation for the first time since you've been highlighting causes.

  34. 34

    omg, i live a few streets away from this, i think its so amazing that you are trying to help. it was so devastating when it happened. thanks (L)!

  35. 35

    this is the most awful thing i have ever read on this site. im glad u posted it perez, because hopefully they will get more help from this exposure. literally makes me sick thinking about it.

  36. Raz says – reply to this


    I'm in Oshawa too. Thanks for posting the link. Any help would greatly benefit the rebuilding of the shelter. Thanks much!

    It saddens me to see some making jokes about this disaster.

  37. 37

    thanks for posting this. Ive never donated before but I couldnt pass it up. I adopted my beloved dog from the humane society and I can't imagine how horrible it must have been for those poor animals.
    Thanks for finding great causes!

  38. iFFYx says – reply to this


    This is OLDDDD News Perez. I read this like, a month ago?

  39. 39

    Oshawa such a good community, home of Cuff the Duke!
    this was definitley not a great event. Oshawa is a strong community though
    and we can definitley rebuild not only our shelter but our community.
    thanks for posting perez