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R-Patz Still Boozing It Up!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson

Another day night, another bar.

He's just having fun on his downtime!

Perezcious reader Kelly luckily ran into everybody's favorite, Robert Pattinson, at a random pub in the Islington part of London.

Lucky gal!

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209 comments to “R-Patz Still Boozing It Up!”

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  1. 101

    Who cares? I mean really …

  2. 102

    Wow! Thats it. Who wants to go to London with me lol

  3. 103

    i love how he has the 'deer in headlights look' soo cute
    BTW i miss you so robert…come back

  4. 104

    you know just because he is english doesnt mean he drinks all the time
    he could be there just hanging out with friends and at least he is not causing trouble…but people sending pictures to blogs and going crazy over him and plus i heard he is paranoid and shit…no wonder why he is drinking…i would be too if i was him…and everytime i see his picture in a pub he looks so annoyed…people should leave him alone. i get he is cute but to obsess over him…puhhh lease

  5. 105

    Those of you that are sick of seeing him, why are you even here? You had to click something to get to this section. Ugh.

    Just because he's at a bar doesn't mean he's drinking. Probably the only place he can go that he's not bugged as much…until now.

    His hair won't be long enough when they start shooting New Moon in March..no way…it's barely grown.

  6. 106

    i wish i lived in london. and i wish there were some edward cullens over here in cali!!! :[

  7. 107

    Re: fluffybunnyfeet – uhmm …nopes…beer beer beer..what the hell fluffy!!! I also live in europe…BEER BEER BEER!!!!

  8. 108

    ok i really like him!
    but don't ya think that he need some privacy ? what will happen if every girl will send this to perez and he will post it ? leave him alone for a bit ! and what ever that this is bar maybe he just hanging out with friends ? :D

  9. 109

    I bet this girl tracked him down just to get a picture to have posted all over the web. It's good that he's nice enough to his fans by taking pictures with him, but his fans should respect him a bit more. He doesn't have to take pics with them. Sellout fans like this are going to be the ones who make him stop taking pictures with fans. But he does look gorgeous as ever…. *sigh*

  10. 110

    Re: Kanata_Eh – I completely agree!! I live in London ON as well!! And we have some good bars… sorta. LOL! Gotta say though, I'm loving his current "look". The hair cut and unshaved-ness are making my toes tingle. ;)

  11. 111

    Dont you think he has an idea as to why random fans keep knowing where he is?…i mean come on people leave him alone hes on vacation for fucks sake.

  12. 112

    OMG..leave the man alone..let him drink and party.he deserves it.

  13. 113

    Rob is rockin the casual, scruffy look. So hot ~
    That girl is pretty. They look kinda cute together :)

  14. 114

    You know what I hear that's super exciting. In the near future Rob won't be the hottest vampire anymore..

    Johnny Depp, once again and HAS ALWAYS…takes the lead in a supposed vampire flick…

  15. 115

    i love robert pattinson he is a great actor and he still looks good after his beautiful hair was gone but while he is in london i think that people should leave him alone and let him be normal for a while i mean don't get me wrong i have been worried sick about him but he as went from kinda low key celeb to front page over nite and that has to be a lot to deal with

  16. 116

    i agree the reason he is hiding out is cause nobody will leave him alone i mean ome would you want somebody in your faces all the time no matter what snapping pictures asking something of you and spreading some of the stupidest stuff ever that not one dang person with since could belive it i mean he is youg gourges and rich let him stay in london and calm down and when he returns to the states LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! OME

  17. 117


  18. 118

    Poor guy looks sick of taking pictures and its all going to start over again with New Moon.

  19. 119

    ahh!! love him!! i desperatly need to go to London's pub's! jajaja i may run with a little bit of luck & found him! :)

  20. 120

    oh rob. I want to party with you. ha. actually it would probably be us hanging out at a pub being low key but hey I'd love that too.

  21. 121

    ok i know this may sound mean but some of you girls need to stop. i mean stop taking his picture and then selling it. i mean are you that starved for attention? and some girls need to stop saying I LOVE HIM. i mean to me those words should only be said when you truly mean it. how can you love him if you don't even know him. that doesn't go for just him but for anybody. you can't love someone unless you really know them. sure you may know certain facts about him but that isn't love. to me i guess love is found when you find that special person that makes you feel complete when you didn't even know you were incomplete. by the way ladies….he probably isn't looking for love right now because he doesn't have the time with working a lot. half the time noncelebrities have the same problem. just let him enjoy his time and stop saying i love him because you can't without knowing who he is really is on a deeper level.

  22. 122

    If'n you don't want to see more goodies about Robbie, don't need to click button under his piccie.
    I, however, am kiss ass grateful to partake of any RPattz bone that Perezito throws my way. It's fun to be in a permanent state of arousal by checking in for the latest pickin's.

  23. 123

    Re: SammyJoe26 – SammyJoe, honey, tickets to England are only 100 bucks right now. My lil Floto Milano is packed and ready when yours is.

  24. 124

    Why the hell do these bitches keep giving their pics with him to this site? Are they that desperate for attention?
    And why do people keep commenting on his "drinking"? In the UK there is sort of a pub culture, they're not like bars in the US. People go to them to eat, get coffee, just hang out with friends and yes drink but, just because he's in a pub doesn't mean that that (drinking) is what he's always doing. In that pic he looks completely sober and one girl who saw him in a pub (but, didn't give her pic to this site) said he was reading a script and drinking coffee. So it's not like every time he goes to a pub he goes to get completely shit faced.

  25. 125

    hahaha look at the pints at the bottom of the pic

  26. 126

    so sexy.

  27. 127

    Only about a month to go & he'll be back at work. I'd be relaxing before all the hype starts again. I'll buy the next round Rob.

  28. 128

    gahhh so many people over there are bumping into that sexy man, he needs to come back to la

  29. 129

    Although it may sound as a lie, which is not, I would really like to get drunk with this dude (with zero second intentions) there's something about him (maybe the amount of pics from him in bars) that tells me he knows how to party… XD

  30. 130

    hes sooooooo gorgeee!

  31. 131

    dont say hes gross!! perez plz!! continue to post things about him:))))

  32. 132

    Where are plane tickets $100.00? I am so there.

  33. 133

    perez shouldn't make it sound like rob is an alcoholic. has perez ever BEEN to london? the pub scene is the main social activity in england!

  34. 134

    He is so hot. =)

  35. 135

    if i were her i would molest him lmfao

  36. 136

    I hope that's blue moon he's drinking.

  37. 137

    Hoe/sellout number 3!! I can't stop laughing at this shit!

  38. 138

    *DEAD* at the ones defending him like they know him. LOLOLOLOL!!

  39. 139

    ooohhhh so close! islington is like an hour from my house! why cant i see him? :(

  40. 140

    who the fuck is she?

  41. 141

    I know rob is hot etc but look at that guy on the right in the background!!!!!

  42. 142

    love him

  43. 143

    Someone take me to London!!!

  44. 144

    Hes sooo sexy! ;)

  45. 145

    I went to high school with this girl!

    BTW, Benji Madden stole Paris Hilton's jewelry. Just listen to lifestyles of the rich and famous… he says we should rob them (rich people)! After she dumped him but remained friends, he still had access to her gated community. Someone call the LAPD on Benji!

  46. 146


  47. 147

    I love R-Patz as much as the next person; but shouldnt he be in the gym instead of down the pub every night? He is going to have to do a shirtless seen in New Moon and he is going to feel a right tit next to Taylor and his 8 pack!!

  48. 148

    Even though this sort of thing comes with the territory, you still have to feel sorry for him. He was just probably enjoying a pint with friends and wherever he goes he has people bugging him. He probably just wants to be left alone which why he has been visiting lots of different pubs in the area in the hope that he will get his wish!

  49. 149

    well if i was him with all those crazyy fans i would be drinking to.
    he needs a break…
    and im pumped for new moon!!!

  50. 150

    I know that this sort of this comes with the territory but you have to feel sorry for the guy. He was probably just trying to enjoy a quiet drink with friends without strangers bugging him. That is fairly evident from the number of pubs he has visited in the last few days, he is obviously trying to keep himself out of the limelight!

  51. 151

    She didn't even get paid for the picture, so she's definitely not a sell out.

  52. 152

    i would booze it up to if my movie made over 300 million worldwide!

  53. 153

    At least he has a new shirt on.

  54. 154

    Awe Rob, I miss you..and your hair. :(

  55. 155

    He reeks HOT.

  56. 156

    hot !!!!

  57. 157

    yummy ;]

    anyways, who the eff cares.
    leave him aloneeeeeeeeeee.
    he's hot shitt.

  58. 158

    I used to live in a very lovely house between Islington and Highbury. Of course I don't recognise the pub, but wish that I just happened to pop into it when RPattz did. And, I would love to hear Robert play his guitar, except his voice turns me to warm butter. I'd fly to London to attend if he ever performed.

  59. 159

    F-U-C-K- Me

  60. 160

    Come back to America Rob!!!!!

  61. 161

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – well i guess that in england they drink something else than just beer in pubs/bars…but if you're ever somewhere else than just england………ahaha you won't see people drinking something else than beer…and by the way who cares what Rob drinks….at least his is drinking good european beer !!!!!!

  62. 162

    in a wierd way he reminds me of mona lisa his sad eyes his lips….

  63. 163

    When am I going to bump into him in a bar here in L.A.? He needs to come back here….he's so gorgeousssss…it hurts

  64. 164

    Fuck he looks hot there, when am I GOING TO FIND HIM IN A CLUB. Damn, I would make that boy MINE for the night!

  65. 165

    oh my…

  66. 166

    Now I NEED to go to London. Fuck, I need a passport first.

  67. 167

    OMG! I love this girl and she totally isn't in this for the money or the fame or whatever anyone else is saying. She had an amazing time in London and seeing Robert was just an added perk. You go Kelly!

  68. 168

    I like him because he doesn't ignore his fans and wud let them get their pics taken with him..Unlike other celebrities hu ignores their sceaming fans…
    EDWARD CULLEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EDWARD CULLEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EDWARD CULLEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EDWARD CULLEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EDWARD CULLEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EDWARD CULLEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. 169

    Seriously. This guy is on VACATION away from all these nasty "OH MY EDWARD!" fan girls.

    And what sickens me the most is that on the last post you spoke of him on the magazine cover. All you could say was, "YAY RPATTZ!" How about the fucking cover? It says he's a lonely guy. Aren't you going to say anything a bout that? No, you aren't. BECAUSE YOU'RE A SHALLOW, LONELY PERSON.

    Get over yourself. Care for someone else, please.

  70. 170

    Miss you, RPattz. Please come back to Hogwarts!!!

    Hogwarts Boyz youtube.com/watch?v=EmtL1Vp1bVA

  71. 171

    you guys are retarded if you actually think Perez actually pays people for his photos. ya right!

    leave the poor girl alone! one can only assume she wasn't bothering him while he was with friends, he is at the bar by himself… and YES hes drinking beer, look at the pints at the bottom. who give a crap if he drinks!? its what English people do!

    I think she's pretty.. go her!

  72. 172

    just chnage the girl to me and the guy to nick jonas and i'll be happy :)

  73. 173

    Man I need to get over there…hit the pubs.

  74. 174

    Keep em comin!!!

  75. 175

    She's a sellout even if she didn't get paid. No shame. Do any of these girls every feel ashamed of what ROBERT will think of them when he sees these pictures? I feel sorry for the next girl he takes a picture with in London, because he'll secretly be thinking about her being another sellout…but of course, he's a gentlemen, so he'll pretend to be interested in meeting you….but you'll sell him out anyway. Paid or not paid, you're a sellout.
    I hope Robert never has the unfortunate luck to see your face again…how humiliating.

  76. 176

    Come to Texas and we'll supply you all beer you want! We go big all the way!

  77. 177

    Come closer to me in America! haha

  78. 178

    Need map of UK please with RANDOM PUB marked…THANX!

  79. 179

    Re: harrybalsac


  80. n7of9 says – reply to this


    i am seeeething with jealousy

  81. 181

    It's nice enough for him to take photos with fans.
    I can't believe that they would send those photos in to a gossip site :/

  82. BB says – reply to this


    Wauw omg.. the lucky girl..
    but he looks not that great over here.. well haha.. okey I'm just saying that so I don't be that jealous!

  83. 183

    Re: Kanata_Eh – not uh he should come to san diego california.. its awesome, sunny, and the surf is up! not to mention he would be in the company of two beautiful black women(myself included) and you know what they say… about going black

  84. 184

    He seems to be a nice guy, still down to earth and nice to his fans.
    Take care Rob.

  85. jg5 says – reply to this


    will his hair be long enough by the time filming starts? well, i wouldn't really care if he was bald… he is so pretty!

  86. 186

    Aww he looks so cute. I noticed that all the girls he's with are brunettes. xD They all look like each other. I want to see more pictures. *yay*

  87. 187

    omg i need to go there!

  88. 188

    He can do whatever he likes, he could do no wrong in my book.

    Damn just looking at him makes me wanna jump him.

    Yum Yum

  89. 189

    what is he doing?! instead of going to bars he should hit the gymn! im only looking after him and his future

  90. 190

    Oh god these girl are soooo lucky
    i'll do anything to meet him!!!
    i love love love Robert Pattinsonnn!!!

  91. 191

    I love you Robert!!!

  92. 192

    omg, if I ran into him he wouldnt surviveeeeeeeeee

  93. 193

    Let's hope he is working on his American accent while relaxing!

  94. 194

    yummy yummy screw ;) thank you perez for giving me (us) daily fix…..i'm going to london soon so maybe i'll bump into him :D

  95. 195

    Damn, i need to go to some bars…maybe i will run into rob. fingers crossed…lol

  96. 196

    Come on guys he's 22. I think the poor guy is allowed to go have a few drinks, or get drunk off his ass if he wants. How many of you people in here who are talking stuff about him didn't go out and drink nearly every night when you were that age. Give the guy a break. No wonder he is drinking, all the stupid comments about him.

  97. 197

    i need to go to london and get a fake id to go to every freaking bar and see if hes there… >.

  98. 198

    who cares.. i am drunkkk too1 just another barrr! hahaha.. you go Rob!!! :o )

  99. 199

    Awe, he's way adorable.
    I love how he's enjoying himself, so what if he goes to pubs alot? it doesnt mean hes an alcoholic, he's having fun and it means he's a fun person who lets loose. i hope fame doesnt change him. he doesnt seem very happy about fans when he probably just wants to forget all of that in london and just be how he was before he got cast in twilight.

  100. 200

    Wish I was that girl in the pic!!

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