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Team Britney!

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Just watch!!!
Just watch!
Just watch!!!

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235 comments to “Team Britney!”

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  1. 101

    very good…got a wee chuckle from that one, especially from the look on teddy's face.

  2. 102

    PMSL, aww P you just don't care do you? Teddy looked a bit worried tho

  3. 103

    ummm are you chris crocker? umm fat people shouldn't dance

  4. Teeno says – reply to this


    hahahaha Fabulous!!!!

  5. 105

    i love you perez and i wanna dance with you in your living room!

    you go girrrrl.

  6. 106


  7. 107

    omg please no

  8. 108

    LMFAO!!! You're f-ing hilarious…totally just made my day! I hope Brit's video for this song is as good as your was. PS: I think Teddy thinks you're nuts!

  9. 109

    I don't care about what anyone says….I thought that was FANTASTIC….haha! Perez, my dear, you so sexy!!!!

  10. 110

    perez i love you. you remind me of a friend of mine that i miss sooo much!! soo funny!! and its sooooo fuckin cute how your dog is watching you the whole time. eyes glued. haha peaceeeeee out bitch.

  11. 111

    ok honest to god perez, i was catching up on the gossip and was like eff this im listening to If You Seek Amy, only to find your video minutes later…

    great minds think alike!!

  12. 112

    Go P :P

  13. 113

    Haha, this made me laugh :) Love it.

  14. 114

    lol u look like the dudes from a clockwork orange! nice dance there!

  15. 115

    ahahahaha how i love you. gorgeous.

  16. 116

    OH EM GEE!!!

    You're craaaazy and I like it. Teddy is the bomb-doggidy.

  17. 117

    LOLZ that was sooooo funny:D Teddy looked kinda freaked out, you'd think he'd be used to your antics by now hehe

  18. 118

    You are such a spaz! and i love it!!! Lets make a dance video together. Teach me those rad moves! ;)

  19. 119

    Hahaha! That was pretty good, actually. I loved the look on the dog's face the whole time.

  20. 120

    i love you perez. you're the best

  21. 121

    That's um… hot Perez. Got a sex tape coming out next?

  22. 122

    LOVE this!
    LOVE you!
    good job Perez!!!!

  23. 123

    HAHA! i LOVE you!
    i wish i could dance like that :(

  24. 124

    love how Teddy watches you and love the pix of you and Teddy on the wall….

  25. 125

    It's the I praised myself day???? no Piggy I don't need to play it to realize that you have another bad day hair and bad day outfit… shame since all you wear are clothes that you get for free… shocking! Keep yourself to mmm yourself and let's move on!

  26. 126

    I get the feeling that your dog will be experiencing DOG DEPRESSION very very soon!

  27. 127

    i am SO deeply disturbed…. here are my problems with your little vid
    1) wear a belt
    2) your poor dog
    3) why do you have a picture of yourself hanging on your wall?
    4) and and and Where in gods name did you get those dance moves from? paula abdul would be proud

  28. 128

    lolz. that was pretty awesome. teddy hilton doesnt look too impressed though : /

  29. pnut says – reply to this


    LOVE IT!!!!!

  30. 130

    aaand i want your dog.

  31. 131

    totally brillz!

  32. snuxy says – reply to this


    This was sad… and you have to lose some weight. Seriously!

  33. 133

    You go Perez, move your hips! lol

  34. 134

    Kill me now

  35. 135

    perez, you and me baby

  36. 136

    You are soo funny, ha-ha! I like you video though =}

  37. 137

    I love how Teddy is just chillin watching you like this is a daily activity for you =]

  38. 138

    Hey Perez! So great to finally meet you at the Drag Race Art show last week. I love that you love the portrait I painted of you!

    ps. fierce dance moves


    myspace.com/cxsmash www.cxsmash.com

  39. 139

    Re: susart – I painted the one of Perez :-) myspace.com/cxsmash

  40. 140

    OMG!! I'm embarrassed for you!!!
    And for myself for watching what looked like a sack of pigs fucking..oops, no, that was you "dancing"!! ROFL!!

  41. 141

    You need dance lessons - and your little dog, too.
    You are SHITEOUS

  42. 142

    oh perez, just forget the pants next time…loved it

  43. 143

    sweet dance moves.

  44. 144

    the radio stations where I live in California dont have any probem playing this song, anytime of the day or night. :) Must be the conservative bible belt that has a problem.

  45. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    That poor dog…. PETA is going to be all over your a$$ for violating every animal indecency law there is.
    WOW. I'm damned near speechless.

  46. 146

    OMG you made my day.

  47. 147

    btw you look amazing Perez! (But lose the shirt, anna wintor is a fucking bitch!)

  48. 148

    This was fun to watch! I also love how Teddy makes a "cameo" at the end of your video! I love this song and I love Perez's performance! YAY! TEAM BRIT!

  49. 149

    Great song!!!!!!

  50. 150

    Wow P… didn't know you could move like that :P

  51. 151

    Sorry Perez. I think your dog stole the spotlight. I like him. :)

  52. 152

    Perez, you crack me up!!! That was awesome - I love that song….and Teddy's face was hilarious. :) Team Britney all the way!

  53. 153

    And Teddy says: "I am blinded by your awesomeness!!!!"
    Kung-Fu Panda overload…..

  54. 154

    WOW, Teddy was blinded by your awesomeness…..
    KFP overload!

  55. 155

    I'm blinded.

  56. 156

    You dear are a goofu goober and I love it!

  57. 157

    get back to the gym girlfriend!

  58. 158

    One word to describe that horrible little video: GROSS!!!!!!!!

  59. 159

    wow how very tina chen of you, perez!

  60. 160

    I totally loved it, Perez! It pressed my happy button. xoxo

  61. 161

    I love how Teddy just watches him dance from the couch…lol.

  62. sayer says – reply to this


    You are so adorible! I love how you can be goofy, its the best. And you are looking sooo great!

  63. mfb57 says – reply to this


    frign love this

  64. 164

    BUt ya It totally says F *U*C*K me…..come on now lets be honest with ourselves!!! So cute perez SMOOTCHES!!!

  65. 165

    I'm not usually one to bash on you perez but……..i'm embarrassed for you right now

  66. 166

    you're cute, perez!
    love the moves…!

  67. 167

    OMG C:
    i love you haha x]

    & teddy is likee… wtf? hahaha

  68. 168

    i love how you do that in your spare time haahha
    and i love how teddy is just like there watching you hahah

  69. 169

    r u trying to be tina?

  70. 170

    ok….that just made my day…..

  71. 171

    you have WAYYY too much time on your hands…..by the way that you were goin it looks like you practised that

  72. 172

    peretzel you are MAYJAH! ^___^

  73. 173

    Perez u r such a hot mess, but that why i love u!

  74. 174

    im embarrassed for you

  75. 175

    hahahahahaha that was fucking awsomeeee

  76. 176

    Ummm can we PLEASE go out and dance together??!!? xoxo

  77. CPBX says – reply to this


    Britney Twitter about you!!! You're on BRITNEYSPEARS.com!!!!

  78. 178

    Dude, really. I don't know what kind of mood you were in and maybe it was directed at somebody in particular, but NEVER bring Teddy into that head space again. Too much anger. Whatever it is, let it go.

  79. 179

    Something I don't get is;

    you've been on a diet for over a year and you still look like 300 pounds.

    wtf is wrong with you

  80. 180

    perez, you are AWESOME! :)

  81. 181

    Nice moves. Immensely entertaining…cute pooch too.

  82. 182

    Love it!!!!! love the way the dog just sits back and watchs the show! Keep it up!!

  83. 183

    I thought it was AWESOME! TOO FUNNY!
    I lovesit!!!
    You should dance more often!!!

  84. 184

    Mahahaha… that was freaking awesome :)

  85. 185

    uhm stick to blogging, dancing is no career move for you

  86. 186

    hahahah Perez.
    You're so weird.

  87. 187

    GO PEREZ!!!!



  88. 188


  89. 189

    If You Seek A Dancing Snowball ._.

  90. 190

    - Britney rehearses 7 hours per day, with intervals of 15 minutes every two hours. She rehearses with the dancers but also rehearses alone with the choreography, because in some songs she will be alone on stage;
    - The stage is actually in 3-ring format, and there'll a small car that will move Britney a few times between the rings.
    - The tour will be very dynamic, with many things happening at the same time. There'll be moments of extreme fun and colorful, and dark moments.
    - They are testing a trick called "Hide and Seek" with Britney;
    - Womanizer and Circus have not been tested yet, but it seems like the "Golden Globe" will be on tour

    - She is visiting a vocal coach
    - The space between the main ring and the audience had to be increased, because it'll burn sometimes
    - The details like stage, outfits, setlist will be revealed little by little officially in february to make people excited

  91. 191

    Damn, Perez, you are looking fucking great :)
    Keep it up!

  92. 192


  93. 193

    Even Teddy is on Team Britney :)

  94. 194

    Woah, you have some serious stamina. LOL I still want a pic like you have of Teddy, only one of my doggies :P

  95. 195

    …teddy in the background….lol….

  96. 196

    Thats hot!

  97. 197

    The best part of this video..besides you perezzzers is that Teddy is watching your every move. what a muffin.

  98. 198

    oh my god perez…..this is like a fat version of silence of the lambs ..precious even made a debut…………..

  99. 199

    ahaha amazing perez!!
    Keep supporting britney! She's The Best !

  100. 200

    Oh no she didnt. ha!

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