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Michelle Obama's Inauguration Dress Designer Disgusts!!!!!!

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We are assuming that Mrs. Obama did NOT know that Jason Wu, the guy who designed her inaugural ball gown, plans to use fur 'significantly' in his next collection.

Wu boasted in a new interview, "I'm doing a significant fur collection, and the message will be all about luxury. Fashion is also sort of escapism, and women need beautiful dresses to lose themselves in."

Can we say out of touch and KILLER?

In these shit times people are kinda hating on those over-priced luxe goods!

And, yeah, you supporting murder's not cool, Jason.

If he's a designer worth his salt, he'd be able to make a woman look beautiful WITHOUT using fur. Besides, there are so many great faux furs out there that look just like the real thing!

We hope our First Lady will NOT support this douche again.

[Michelle Obama image via AP.]

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194 comments to “Michelle Obama's Inauguration Dress Designer Disgusts!!!!!!”

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  1. 101

    Finally something we can agree on: FUR IS FOR ASSHOLES

  2. 102

    Love how you think only fur is murder. What about leather? What about all the companies that test on animals? Crest, Colgate, Coppertone, Old Spice, Gillette, Chlorox, Windex just to name a few.

    You certainly pick and choose which animal causes seem hot to you. Be a true animal lover, become a vegan, not a hypocrite.

    Meat is murder, dairy is rape.

  3. 103

    u post kiddie porn and then rant about fur, ur the one who's out of touch, fur is fabulous, wish someone would skin you, actually eewww now im thinking of all the excess skin you'll have hanging around you if you ever lose weight fat ass!

  4. 104

    How quickly we turn against those we praise. Also, if these animals are being bred for fashion, then how are they any different from animals being bred for food? You don't strike me as a vegetarian, Perez.

  5. 105

    Re: SlenderVegan – you'd change ur mind if you wore my vintage rabit fur scarf, it's simply divine, kill the bunnies im cold!

  6. 106

    check out www.cubcritic.com

  7. Azura says – reply to this


    FUR is OUT today - Michelle Obama knows that - Jason Wu does not - the last thing the Obamas want when travelling to Europe is to be greeted by animal rights groups like PETA and people protesting against "Ugly Americans"

  8. 108

    Well, that's it. I said a few weeks ago that I was counting the number of days that Perez's site sucked and once it reached a certain number, I would stop reading. That number has been reached.
    This site used to be fantastic. And then when Mario got a little tiny bit of fame under his belt, he spat in the face of everyone who read his blog and got him famous. He decided that he needed more MORE M.O.R.E. fame. And he began to ignore his website. The only things that show on here now are stories that have been reported elsewhere already, his hypocritical rants at people he doesn't like and his asskissing sessions at the people he does like… or more accurately the people he thinks he SHOULD like just because he is gay. And speaking of gay, Perez likes to crucify anyone who makes even the slightest negative comment against gays and yet he slams gay and lesbian couples and people all of the time. I hope he has put some money in the bank because the longer he ignores his website the less people will read and then he will have to go back to being unknown little Mario. And why would anyone want to buy his lame book? It is only more of the stupid drivel that he puts on this website. A desperate famewhore to the end, I suppose.
    So anyway, I won't be back. Peace out, bitches. ;-) How long until each of you get sick of it too?

  9. 109

    Lol… When i read shizzz like this it makes me so proud to live in the land of freedom… argghhh… why criticize this guy??? are you trying to make it into PETA's lovers list??? You false piece of crap, you think that having a dog in a small tiny appartment is PETA approved??? will you give up on Teddy just to belong to that stupid PETA group????
    It's soooo obvious that you are jelous of this guy cause he got the honor of dressing Mrs. Obama, he made it and you didn't, you where not even invited after people assured you that you would be there that's why you threw a tantrum and started to talk bs about Obama in your site… get real Obama is not any gay he is just not that into you…

  10. 110

    Perez, normally I don't have a problem with you, but your double standards in regards to animal murder are disappointing and disgusting. You eat meat, if I remember correctly, and those animals are MURDERED just like the ones used for fur and leather. So please, stop the hypocrisy, if you're gonna get up in arms about fur, then you better damn well be ready to go vegetarian.

  11. 111

    FUR is nice, Perez. Are you a vegan?

  12. 112

    i'm gonna skin your dog perez!! watch out!!

  13. chlyn says – reply to this


    LadaLove said it best; "life and people are complex."
    It's good to support causes, but there has been too much criticism thrown at the First Lady: first, because she didn't choose any black designers, and now because her designer uses fur. Good grief; these are dresses to celebrate a happy occasion. Let it be!
    All the political correctness has finally made this liberal (me) sick to my stomach. Let's support and publicize causes without picking apart everything that famous people do or don't do.

  14. 114

    people are such hypocrites, they'll eat meat but not wear fur? very very stupid

  15. 115

    You are right with so many great fake furs on the market
    there is no reason to have to buy fake!

    But perez you have to see that theres aspects of your life and choices you've made which others might not repsect ..you wouldn't want them bashing you.

    Even though you dont respect or promote his choices(i dont either) doesn't mean that you should trash him over the internet You follow with what you believe in and keep trying to promore Fake fur!

    oh and what are you guys on about i think michelle is really pretty i've seen alot worse!

    But trashing over the internet isn't very classy!

  16. 116

    Re: Chelsea – Environmentally conscious?? Are you kidding me?? There is nothing ethical or socially conscious about the fur industry. Animals are skinned *alive*, so that some twat can tote their coat around as a fucking "fashion" accessory. To be wilfully ignorant of such abuse and unconscionable acts while continuing to support the industry is completely irresponsible, cruel, and thoughtless, and it makes the person who wears the fur no better than the one who actually tortured and slaughtered the poor animal from which the fur was taken. Without the demand, there would be no supply. And with synthetic materials available that are comparable in texture, warmth, and appearance to fur, there is no excuse for such barbarism. So-called "fashion" should never supercede compassion - period.

  17. 117

    Re: Milk this….. – let him keep his job though…..you can make little fur dick covers

  18. 118

    omg shut up you hypocrite. i bet you eat meat. or wear leather. unless your a vegan that wears hemp clothing all day leave the guy alone. plenty of designers still use fur. im not so sure i want to read your blog anymore. i read it for the info not for your cliche opinion. start to report things unbiased like a good journalist. way to lose readers dumbass

  19. 119

    She's a idiot and looks like a man……..

  20. 120

    Who cares if he kills animals. He's not going to stop just because you and everyone else bitches about it. And besides, is HER dress made out of animal fur? Don't think so?

  21. 121


  22. 122

    Hopefully everyone will boycot this designer, and he'll disappear!

  23. 123

    its not ok to kill animals but its okay to KILL BABIES????? apparently the Obamas aren't opposed to either!!!

  24. JK says – reply to this


    I think he is gifted and talented designer! I may not agree with him using fur but I must say Jason Wu is quite Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 125

    I'm right there with you, Perez. I was pretty sad to hear about this.

  26. 126

    there is NO fake fur that looks as good as the real thing.
    and can anyone give me any reason why the earth is in such a need to have mink, rabbits, chinchilla, fox or any of those animal?
    perez, it's only murder if the animal is endangered, otherwise it's making the most of our resources.
    fur is lovely, meat is delicious, and i bet you all wear leather so shut it.

  27. 127

    It's extremely fucked up how people get bent out of shape when it comes to someone wearing fur but it's no big deal at all when whores go out, get themselves knocked up and have abortions. It makes me ashamed to be an American in today's society.

  28. 128

    awwe thanks perez! for this post so much.

    i am an animal rights activist and i hate fur its so disgusting and im glad u pointed this sicko designer out!

  29. 129


  30. 130

    So what?

  31. 131

    Re: god_quit_being_a_sheep – i agree #22
    Re: god_quit_being_a_sheep – i agree #26

    Re: Prof. Minerva McGonagle – i agree #40
    Re: FUCK_OBAMA – i agree #47
    Re: mamajud – i agree #50
    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – i agree #73
    Re: MsFluffyBunz – #74 i agree w/ "come on…the more i look at it..its butt ugly and not cool at all. this is the first lady of the friggen united states..couldnt she pick a classier lookin dress not something that looks like it was worn at her goddaughters quincenera. "
    Re: uncle eldon – i agree w/ "SHES SO FUGLY" #80
    Re: clvrgrl – #92 i agree!!!!!!

  32. 132


  33. 133

    Give me a break! This woman supports 3rd tri-semester abortions! Do you think she really gives a rats ass about cute little animals?

  34. 134

    If you're not vegetarian you have no right to say no to fur…plus you probably wear leather too

  35. 135

    She looked stunning. Bugger off, you hypocrates. Stop being DEBBIE DOWNER and just look at the beauty in this woman. She is smart, sassy, and wife of our new Pres. Best wishes to them both. We ALL need to do our part in supporting these two.

  36. 136

    Okay, first off, I personally think wearing fur isn't good, and I am a vegetarian, and I'm sick of people flipping the hell out over fur. I get it, obviously, it's horrible to the animals, but it is no different than when they're killed for consumption. I think both are wrong, but those are my morals. Everyone's morals are different, and people should respect that. Anyways, it's not like she wore a fur evening gown. I mean, this guy isn't even designing with fur yet, he's going to. Seriously, Perez, stop being a little whore for PETA, just cause it makes you look good.

  37. 137

    Whats the difference between raising an animal for meat vs raising it for its pelt? As long as the killing is done humanely I don't see a problem. People don't need meat any more than they need fur coats so both are pretty much equally "bad"

  38. 138

    MICHELLE OBAMA do not give a shit about animals being kill. She is pro-abortion and her husband was the ONLY senator who voted twice for the right of a woman to have abortion at any stage……Even at 8 month of pregnacy.- If they don't care about little tiny human beings why sure they care about animals? CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

  39. 139

    Liberal hypocrisy at its finest. They get all upset over killing animals for fur but totally disrespect human life by promoting abortion.

  40. 140

    i think she looks beautiful!!

  41. 141

    I'm against fur farms, but I'm not against wearing fur. I'm against all kind of animal farms, but I'm not against eating meat. It's no better with thousands of chickens being squeezed into a small space, than minks and foxes being the same. Say no to all farms. Only eat meat (and wear fur) from animals that have been able to live free and who's whole purpose of life has NOT been to please us humans.

  42. 142

    Fur is murder.I think it's really selfish to wear something that has to suffer so much.I won't wear anything by Jason Wu.

  43. 143

    "SlenderVegan says – reply to this

    'm with you 100% here Perez. FUR IS DEAD! It's even more harmful than killing animals for meat (which I do not eat)animals for fur are SKINNED ALIVE! "

    What the Fuck! Where in the Fucking Ozone did you pull this gem from? I mean, come on - grow up for christs sake…..

  44. 144

    why are you always hating on michelle?!?! leave the woman alone. i think it's pretty amazing that we now have an african-american first family. your commentary on them clearly carries major irrelevancy and creates such a negative image of her. you've been talking so negatively about the obamas but ask yourself this, would you really want john mccain in office? as such a famous blogger you influence so many opinions, it's time to start supporting Prez Obama!

  45. 145

    Re: Chelsea – this is the most idiotic statement i've ever heard. the animals are raised in cages for their fur then have an electric rod shoved up their anus to kill them. Chelsea-this isn't the caveman days. this isn't left over fur from meat that will be sold and eaten. IT'S JUST THE FUR THEY WANT DUMBASS. do you eat mink meat?

  46. 146

    Re: Prof. Minerva McGonagle – ha ha bitter republican!! you suck.

  47. 147

    Re: Terry-Berry – the 'choice' here is the difference between those that accept and ignore the torture and cruelty of fur farming vs. those who won't tolerate it. some humans have compassion and many, many don't.

  48. 148

    Re: peeweelover – Do you wear chicken skin?

  49. 149

    perez, you must be a vegan and never wear any leather products, correct? if not, you are nothing but an obnoxious hypocrite.

    to all those anti-fur people that wear leather and eat meat…, you think the cow who gives you leather has any less feelings than the fox? or the chicken that has its beak cut off and is stuck in a crowded dirty cage it's whole life?

  50. 150

    I do not wear fur, I do not like the idea, but It's their choice, its GOING to happen no matter how much we whine and complain

    I ALSO think its pretty selfish of people to wear fur when nothing else is being done with the animal but fur, but I find it much more selfish to make bad decisions about your sex life end up pregnant and decide for an unborn child that it should not be born…

    Why do people want to save the animals so much but care NOTHING about the thousands of humans we kill in America each day.

    She and her husband support 3rd trimester abortion AND abortion continuations for babies who are not successfully aborted! I don't think she would really care much about fur.

  51. 151

    Again, why is your writing on photos (like above one) drastically different now??? Who's your little assistant Perez?

  52. 152

    anyone who eats meat shouldnt bitch about fur. i can assume that the meat industry would be much bigger then the fur one. more animals die because of their taste, not their coats.

  53. 153

    Are those cotton balls stuck to the dress?

  54. 154

    I love you Perez, for calling all of these fur using designers OUT on their sadistic shit.
    And for scolding fucked up celebrities (like MADONNA!) for wearing this cruelty on their backs.
    Fur is an abomination.
    Go Perez go.

  55. 155

    you no fur wearing people tick me off like you really care fuck you perez i'll eat teddy

  56. 156

    Murder supporter? God I hope he sues you for libel. I doubt you would be that fat without eating a burger or 2 yourself Perez.

  57. 157

    if you eat meat you're a killer too, perez.

  58. 158

    omfg will you stop with the PETA shit already. I'm so sick of this pc socity today, dont wear animals but its ok to eat them.. fuck off hypocrites

  59. 159

    Oh get off your moral hobby horse.!! Bet you wear animals leather,and eat them too.Hypocrite.Leave people alone .It is nobody's right to FORCE people into their ideals.Piss off.

  60. 160

    would you finally stop hating about wearing one of the most natural things one can wear?
    is it better to use oil to make polyester and all those synthetic shit things that make you feel uncomfortable, let you sweat and stink like a skunk?

    i can not agree with people like stella mccartney who prefer to dress in plastic.

    it's all about leather, fur, cotton and so on - how stupid will you get until you learn?

  61. 161

    Faux furs? Please! I like the real stuff. It's like vegetarians eating tofu/quorn shaped like steak…

    Besides it's the designers free choice! In times of crisis gold, fur and all bright & shine is very popular in fashion. It's a way of expressing hope…

  62. 162

    Yet YOU are supporting it as well- what a HYPOCRITE! UGG SHEEPSKIN boots are advertised all over YOUR website PEREZ! Maybe someone should give PETA a ring so you can get a taste of your OWN medicine? I guess it doesn't matter to you as long as you rake in the $ right?

  63. 163

    I thought you thought he was a great choice at first because he's gay. Perez - you're a flip flopper. It's hard to be a cross issue activist wannabe, isn't it?

  64. 164

    She should have vetted him. He's clearly a douchebag. His career has taken off no doubt because of her.

  65. l12w says – reply to this


    give me a break. God created animals for humans to sustain - to use as food and shelter - aka clothing. I am certainly against cruelty to these animals or causing them pain or poor living conditions - but as long as those circumstances are upheld, there is nothing wrong with wearing fur. Get over it and find something real to worry about - like poverty, disease, and persecution.

  66. l12w says – reply to this


    okay i have another comment - wait - so let me get this straight - you believe in ABORTION but you dont believe in people wearing FUR?! HA! there are so many things wrong and backwards about that way of thinking that i dont know where to begin. So instead, use your brain and think about it for a minute. Wow. If you dont want to wear fur, and dont believe in it, then by all means, DONT! But also, don't spew your backwards rhetoric everywhere.

  67. 167

    Fuck Off you Douche! Yea, I am talking to you Mario! This woman is supporting AMERICAN designers….same could be said about you….you assasinate people's characters on a daily bases…..Karma's a bitch Mario….one day it will smack you back in the face.

  68. 168

    People in fur coats look beautiful. PETA activitists, on the other hand, are butt-ugly.

  69. 169

    only the stupid new rich people wear fur, they never had anything (like beyonce) and they think that they have to show that now they have money
    i hate those idiots

  70. 170

    You know, Perez, he's the guy who created the doll of your BFF Katy Perry (and his dolls were used in the Ur so Gay video). And, he's the guy who made dolls of RuPaul, Amanda Lepore, and Josephine Baker. He embraces all cultures and lifestyles. He's moving from being a doll designer to a fashion designer–this is a huge break for him. Cut him some slack.

  71. 171

    I'm quite certain that they discussed his new collection before she chose that gown to wear. This is one of your poor choices to follow up, Perez!

  72. 172

    why do animals who get killed for fur get all the sympathy but animals killed for meat don't.
    There just as evil as each other.

  73. 173

    Re: Mrs. Petunia Picklebottom

    that's what I was thinking.perez is such a hypocrite!

  74. 174

    Obviously Ms. Obama did not do extensive research on Jason Wu's personal beliefs and ideologies before she chose his dress. You make it sound like she sewed and hand beaded the dress herself, the way you criticize her. Lay off her man. She probably has more important things to do than sit at her laptop writing a blog and looking at runway shows on Style.com.

    Additionally, your opinion of wearing fur sounds like a knee jerk reaction when reflected in your writing, as your anti-fur comments are becoming stale and ineffective. Why don't you bring some actual research on this issue to your blogs? Your influence would be much more credible if you had a more educated anti-fur argument, and I think it would affect more people to make a sincere choice regarding the wearing of fur.

  75. 175

    Pot-smoking PETA hippies whining again.

  76. 176

    I hope she does SUPPORT him again…it's called a "FREE COUNTRY" you racist fat jerk!

  77. 177

    Re: winnipeganvegan – While what you say is true, Crest, Colgate, Gillette, and so on are not companies. They are brands. P&G is a company.

  78. 178

    Well maybe he can use recycled furs that way he wont have to buy fresh ones i mean if one stores a good fur properly they can last centuries . Please think about using recyled fur for your show Jason, Or maybe go to furriers who already have coats made, and cut those up . just don't hurt anymore living animals. You are correct they have some gorgeous faux furs out there.

  79. 179

    Re: Evalinia – It makes me sick that people in our nation think only "whores" have abortions. Or that one person can sit and dictate what another person can do with THEIR body. Abortions are private, personal matters and chances are if your neighbor had one you wouldn't 1. know about it and 2. you sure as hell wouldn't lose any sleep at night. Also, are you willing to adopt the "whores'" babies when they have them but don't want them? I highly doubt it.

  80. 180

    Re: COCACOLA – There is NO SUCH THING AS PRO-ABORTION!! It's called PRO-CHOICE! Right-wing conservatives want you to think there is a PRO-ABORTION, PRO-DEATH movement but it's just wrong. You can personally believe that abortions are wrong, and thus NOT GET ONE! But that's doesn't mean that you should be able to dictate what someone else does. That's all. No one goes out and gets pregnant on purpose, just to have an abortion. No one does it for fun. And no one is laughing about it. It's just simply not your business to tell someone else what they can do, say, think, eat, buy or anything else if it's not adversely affecting you. You waste so much time worrying about the unborn when there are people who have lived lives that are being killed in cold blood. People who are loved by family and friends who die for no reason. How about you fight that injustice first? It affects a hell of a lot more people.

  81. 181

    Re: l12w – There is a difference between "believing in abortion" and believing that each person has a right to choose what they do to their body. Everyone has to believe in abortion, because it does happen. However, you can choose to not have an abortion and say that abortion is not right FOR YOU, while still allowing other people to make the same choice for themselves. Just because you don't do it, doesn't mean someone else can't. That's the beauty of pro-choice.

  82. 182

    Re: god_quit_being_a_sheep


    Fuck you douche bag

  83. 183

    i want a cape made out of mr. Wu for my next show.. i support the arts…

  84. 184

    i mean Gawd forbid I couldn't lose my self in a little well deserved luxury damn it!

  85. 185

    okay so im not for killing animals for fur. Im also not for killing babies! What bothers me is that people are all up in arms over killing animals for fur but it's perfectly okay to have an abortion and kill a human? I feel like people have lost touch with reality. When did animal life become more important than human life? I say we protect both! BUT, Human life should be more important!

  86. 186

    I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE DESIGNER AND THE DRESS SHE'S WEARING!!! All I care about is improving America and the world. FOR FUCK'S SAKE, there are people all over the world who are starving and don't give a shit about animal rights.

  87. 187

    Why are you still insisting on that fur-is-murder-thing? that might be a big deal, i know but stop complaining if you are still wearing leather and eating meat. that's nothing else but murder accepted by society.

  88. 188

    OMG please get over this!!!!! Who gives a shit if she wore a designer that uses animal fur. She didnt wear fur! Who cares. People make their own decisions and let ppl wear whatever they want. your on this anti fur kick lately. SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!

  89. 189


  90. 190

    OK, her husband, the new HNIC, signs a bill allowing federal tax dollars (my tax money) to be used to kill babies world wide and YOU are upset about the killing of animals?? That's about fucking right.

  91. 191

    Do you people read? How old are you? Did you not know that Michelle simply picked the dress among a list of relatively unknown designers..who were out of the limelight. Also, she does not see into the future…she does not know future design dreams of the relatively unknown. Like we didnt know 8 years ago that we would be screaming for Bush's head, like we didint know 10 years ago that we would elect a black president…Michelle didnt know you folks would be pissy that she couldnt read the future.

  92. 192

    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…..I know a really furry dog he might want to use.

    Shut up Perez….PETA, you're not, nor will you ever set trends or policy. Stick to what your do best…..ACT LIKE AN IDIOT.

  93. 193

    Thank you Michelle Obama for making a statement about American creativity, design, and craftsmanship. Her choice of clothing for Inauguration Day has made the media talking about American artisans and the talents of lesser known American designers. Mrs. Obama didn’t need help from major brand labels or from Paris or Milan to find elegance and style. Follow her lead when buying your own jewelry and accessories and when shopping for Valentine's Day. Make this the Year of the American gift!

  94. 194

    lololol. only the furry animals matter, right?
    im sure teddy would hate being eaten as much as having his skin taken.

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