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Donatella Versace Topless???

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adv.jpg aadv.jpg

This is one of the most exquisite pictures ever!

Donatella Versace lets it all hang out in St. Barth.

CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!!!!

Update: Apparently the woman above is a Donatella lookalike.

If it is, that's one damn good lookalike!

aaadv.jpg aaaadv.jpg

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557 comments to “Donatella Versace Topless???”

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  1. 201


  2. 202

    Damn Perez! No matter how much Lysol I spray on my computer and monitor, I just can't get that image to leave my head… Thanks for the image. I'm sure I will have nightmares for weeks to come!!!

    Perhaps I should spray the Lysol on myself?

  3. 203

    I'm glad you posted this pic…now all those silicone bitches will know what they'll look like when they get older. Get ready bitches!!! Thank GOD I'm naturally a 38C!!

  4. 204


  5. 205

    Re: Mistress – true! she looks like a sunmaid raisin ad

  6. 206

    although her skin, arms, and torso look disgusting, she has some nice (fake) tits!

  7. 207

    She looks just like that old, leathered woman in "There's Something About Mary"!

  8. 208

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  9. 209

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  10. 210

    humm that should be in the *if your are easely offended* section :P
    but still, my eye d: arrggg

  11. 211

    I would never want to be famous, to a celebrity. Poor Donatella in full view: old wrinkled skin and artificial boobs. She looks so old in the picture. I feel sorry for her. She is going to have a nervous breakdown after seeing this photo.

  12. 212

    this photo is extremely disturbing, i will probably have nightmares about it for the rest of the week

  13. 213


  14. 214

    This is a case of mistaken identity. TMZ or some other site have already apologized to Mrs. Versace. It's not her, but obviously someone who apires to have a simular "well-done" look.

  15. 215

    I knew I shouldn't have clicked.

  16. 216

    UGH!! I think I just threw up in my mouth..

  17. 217

    That's what you call 'enhanced Italian leather!'

  18. 218

    Way better than I expected.

  19. 219

    ewwwwwwwwwwww she has got to have the ugliest body i have seen in a long time. and I have seen myself naked so thats saying a lot! SICK!!!!!

  20. trix says – reply to this



  21. 221

    what is that? thats an alien!!

  22. 222

    I think I just died a little bit inside.

  23. 223

    Whatever I decide to do to my body as I age, as a woman so be it. I hope that at her age I am as comfortable with my body. She is in France where people are not afraid of boobs like they are here. It is absurd that people could be offended by a womans body. You all will age as well some day!

    Buddha on his first walk out of the palace……

    "Buddha: Will this evil come upon me also?
    The Charioteer then replied: Advanced age will certainly come upon you through the inescapable force of time, no matter how long you may live. People of the world are aware of old age, the destroyer of beauty, yet the seek (pleasures)…"

    Check out my favorite pictures of boobs on erotiquedigitale. That is, if you are not afraid of a womans body!

  24. 224

    Just as I thought Madonna would look.

  25. 225

    Ho my God!!! My eyes are burning..

  26. 226


  27. 227


  28. 228

    OH GOD

    [vomits all over computer]

  29. 229

    that is disgusting Dear Perez, Smoking and Drugs will do that to you, we like to think it is aging though , I am sure she would like us to think that , she is a crack whore..

  30. 230

    that is SICK!

  31. 231

    omg shes so saggy and wrinkly :(

  32. 232

    UGH! sick
    Now time post bad pics of Madonna you fat fuck!

  33. 233

    I don't know what she's wearing, but it needs ironed!

  34. 234

    Re: neekitasha – too bad u don't know what that feels like LOL

  35. 235

    OH MY FLUCKIN GOSH! :00000 *jaw drops*

  36. 236

    if she sunbathes topless to avoid tanlines, why is she still wearing bracelets and rings?! just a thought.

  37. 237

    Disgusting!! That's fucking gross.. Cover up, woman!!

  38. 238

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure she doesn't give a flying fuck about what any of you think. Would you if you were her?? She's fabulous!

  39. 239

    D= that has to be the most disturbing thing i've ever seen. horrific. *shivers*

  40. 240

    that is the sickest thing i have ever seen.

    now i'm craving a versace pocket!

  41. 241

    It's like two orbs of silicone attached to a wrinkly old leather bag.

  42. 242

    Hey! that suit she is wearing is too big for her!!!!!

  43. 243

    This is what happens when people spend too much time in the sun. She's probably a smoker too. All that tanning isn't good for you and it makes you age a lot faster.

  44. 244

    Sick! Old nasty implants and saggy skin. That is exactly why sunscreen and fake tans were invented!

  45. n7of9 says – reply to this


    holy crap…so SO gross!

  46. 246

    Her boobs are okay, but it's the rest of her that needs work. I know that thin will always be in, but at least tone up and stay away from the tanning bed, honey!

  47. Ceren says – reply to this


    omg this is the most disgusting thing I've seen.

  48. 248

    what the hell!!! thats just disturbing!!!!

  49. 249

    leather skin

  50. 250

    gross!!! that is the most disturbing thing ive ever seen!!!

  51. 251

    Ahhh…nothing like the smell of silicon under baked leather

  52. 252

    By all means, she looks like a friggin' SCROTUM. Isn't she supposed to be 50 something? She looks 90 something ?!?!

  53. 253

    Kinda gives new meaning to someone liking you only for your Boobs!!!

  54. 254

    Please let me never look like that!

  55. 255

    I like her sunglases. :P

  56. 256

    Um, Perez honey, that is not her.

  57. 257

    Eww. Obvious fakeness there in her boobs. Being that thing she shouldn't have boobs that size.

  58. 258

    Soooo not hungry now

  59. Rieco says – reply to this



  60. 260

    That is gnarly. Ew. >

  61. 261

    She looks like a sharpei…

  62. 262

    clearly her boobs are fake and she's spent too much time in the sun ..
    but common
    you have to love Europeans and how they just don't give a damn!
    You're all too superficial.. get over it you won't even look half as good at her age! Embrace her comfort!

  63. 263

    sooo she got the fake boobs? but she doesnt feel the need to take care of the rest of that monstrosity? i think her eyes need to be fixed while shes at it

  64. 264

    Re: Vansmom
    good choice, but I jsut got them in October and they've been great!

  65. 265

    that can't be healthy, lol

  66. 266

    I just don't know what to say about it… so scary!!! OMG! She's the real Skeletor!

  67. 267

    imagine if she didnt have implants. ugh

  68. 268


  69. 269

    that is so strange.. its like the skin is so saggy with water ballons stucked underneath

  70. 270

    she is beautiful

  71. 271

    she looks like a "slim Jim " with bolt on tits !

  72. 272

    I'd ride that leather saddle

  73. 273

    this is how victoria beckham will look like after a couple of years!!! ahahah

  74. 274

    Perez - you'll have to check your facts next time!!!!!
    Well we all got caught - this is an Italian Countess who has lived in St Barths for at least 10 years - there were bikini shots of her a month ago that were also claimed to be Donatella.
    I wasn't able to find a name or age on this woman, but chances are she IS a lot older than 53.
    Pretty sloppy Perez - all you had to do was Google it. I'd noticed a few commenters suggesting it wasn't her so I looked it up.
    You've been saying in ALL your TV interviews that you always check your stories as you dont want to print anything untrue - well you didn't check this one at all it seems.

  75. 275

    Re: Mistress – donatella is sexy

  76. Synik says – reply to this


    Well, if anything will show how nasty fake boobs look, this is living proof. Are you sure that's not Madonna?

  77. 277

    ewwww that's like the grossest thing ever! @_@

  78. 278

    I just puked my fukin guts out..perez, how could you make us look at such a cryptkeeper bitch? whoooooooooooo fukin hooooooooo,
    and she's only 53 ? I hope she don't think those fake tits make her look good, coz clearly nothing would help her..shitfukshit..no more of her…in this Chocolate Factory..please…

  79. 279

    Hang on a minute - didn't LG just say she had a home in St Barths.
    Maybe it's her. LOL
    No wonder she didn't want to use a real pic as an avie. (o:

  80. 280

    Re: SheriMoonZombie – Hey Sheri baby (o:
    Sorry to hear about all your oranges. Fukshitfukshitfukshit! Not good.
    AND I would have rathered logon and see a picture of you topless at the beach!!! LOL

  81. 281

    Re: SheriMoonZombie – Morning my fav….XOXO
    I'd rather be on the beach with this bitch then here….-25 today…..Yippy mother fuker……….!!!!! I got yer back….. :o )

  82. 282


  83. 283

    NEXT FAGRAG……I seen enough……….

  84. 284

    Hey P - I noticed you've added the update. Thank You!!!

  85. 285


  86. 286


  87. 287

    Weekend at Bernie's :o )

  88. 288

    They have to be fake, or else they would sag big time!

  89. 289

    only 3 years older than madonna and people say madonna looks bad…lol!

  90. Ava J says – reply to this


    Look alike?? Ha! It sounds like her people are trying to save face! Even if this isn't her, those boobs look EXACTLY like the last pics I've seen of her in a little sundress (I think on here). Her right boob was identical to the "impostor" above…like a grapefruit pushed under her saggy skin. You should do a side by side with that pic, Perez. She's probably embarrassed and made her publicist issue a statement denying it was her.

  91. 291

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Your Royal Highness (o:
    Nice to see you as always. Waves (o)(o) at you. LOL

  92. 292

    Re: Mistress – good day……

  93. 293

    Laura Palmers HooHaa - I cant reply to you - but loooove the nick!!!!

  94. 294

    Re: Mistress – Thanks for the show…..nothing gets me harder…..heeeeeeeee……other than moon on the beach, covered in oil………….. :o )

  95. 295

    does she know she looks horrible?

  96. 296

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Thought I'd warm you up Sir. I dont think I've ever been in -25 - brrrrr hard to imagine for a warm, toasty Mistress. LOL

  97. 297

    Hot. If I was a lesbian I'd hit that

  98. 298

    Her tits look a lot younger then the rest of her.

  99. 299

    Re: Mistress
    I'm in distress, oh mistress
    I confess so do it one more time
    These handcuffs are too tight
    You know i will obey, so please
    Don't make me beg
    For blood, sex and booze you give me

  100. 300

    I shall return…..just got a call…have to run…… :o )

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