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Is This Going Too Far?

| Filed under: Olsen Twins


Mary Kate and Ashey Olsen's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized by some anti-fur peeps.

We're all about freedom of expression, but is vandalism really the way to get a message across?


[Image via Olsen-Files.com.]

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197 comments to “Is This Going Too Far?”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    hmmm yeah doesnt really do the animals who got their skin torn off justice ..does it?………..ya pervey dimwit

  3. 3

    Like it really matters. They'll scrub it off — and yet more innocent animals will die to adorn two stick figures.

  4. 4

    seriously, pretty immature. there are better ways to get your point across

  5. DREW says – reply to this


    thats going to far !!

  6. 6

    Even though animal killing for fur is terrible and horrific. this is just plain sad! I know i would feel terrible if that happened to me!

  7. 7

    ok, ok.. yes it is too far, but effin' HUHlarious none the less.

  8. 8

    Whatever, those brats really need to stop wearing fur. It is so ridiculous that people are even allowed to wear fur, it should be illegal. I do not condone vandalism but it is nothing compared to what those two are condoning by wearing fur. There star got ruined, boo hoo!

  9. 9

    OMG, they have a star! Is that a joke, seriously I thought it was just for really famous, talented people like Clark Gable, George Clooney, Bette Davis?

  10. 10

    Loves it!

  11. 11

    Whay they even have a Star in the first place??

  12. 12

    Some people are soo immature…

  13. 13

    It could have been a lot worse?

  14. Merab says – reply to this


    Well…it can be a way. Why not?
    At least it gets attention…

  15. 15

    why does these two bitches have a star, anyway? I'm mean really?

  16. 16

    vandalism sucks

  17. 17

    Hahahaha, I'm all for vandalizing them. They know the facts about the poor animals and they haven't changed. They deserve this and even more.

  18. 18

    I never understood how ppl with 0 talent get jobs acting. They may have been cute as toddlers…..but thats long gone! I just recently watched weeds season 3….(with one of them in it…im not sure which lol) I wanted to reach thru the screen and slap some talent right into her.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    That's great! I want to shake the person's hand who did this. Why stop at the Olsens? There are many more fur whores in Hollywood who need to be tagged.

  21. 21

    Yes it is going to far. More than likely it was done by someone from PETA. PETA is nothing but a bunch of hypocritical morons.

  22. 22

    well they certainly aren't getting the message in other ways.

  23. 23

    If they were trying to get support this mess failed, and was done by those who have not had to work for anything in their stupid lives. How do I know that they are losers? Any clown who would even think that this is the way to go is simply someone who has had everything handed to them, if not they would not destroy the hard work of others.

  24. 24

    How immature.

  25. 25

    Oh I forgot to write this tidbit, this is America where you can wear what you paid for, so if you do not like it, move out, here I will hold the door open for your crazy ass.

  26. 26

    Jesus they wear fur get over it.

  27. Arshe says – reply to this


    I hate peta

  28. 28

    Vandalism is fine, it's gonna fucking rub off anyway. quit being such a little fat bitch perez, your stupid opinions are all half baked and annoying. I want celebrity gossip, i dont want to check out the latest shitty mika video or read a retarded rephrasing of a political article from the associated press.

  29. 29

    that was lame

  30. 30

    These anti fur people are ruiening the world just as much as as the pro fur people..maby they should take a page from their ownn book..fucking idiots!

  31. 31


  32. 32

    hahahaha i aslo think its hilarious how everyone is shocked that they have a star on the walk of fame!! no one cares about why the pic is posted lol thats classic! they most likely got it back in the day in their child acting days

  33. 33

    Here's to Mary Kate and Ashey Olsen. There's too many animals in the world.

  34. 34

    These people need to grow the fuck up.
    Throwing paint, vandalism and all that shit is rediculous.
    There are better ways to get your point across.
    Plus like it or not, people have the right to do and wear what they want.
    Freedom of rights, these people that act out in hateful ways should be put behind bars.

  35. 35

    I have NO respect for the way that PETA handles anything. I mean, there are babies being cut up inside their mother's wombs. Maybe they should put all their energy to that instead.

  36. 36

    Thats the only way to get the point across. But the best is when PETA threw the flour on wo-MAN lover Lindsey lohan that was hilarious…..lol I hope they do that again to all fur lovers

  37. 37

    Re: OtravezLolaRe: Reginald Perrin – they have a star because they are successful and have been working since they were practically born. so they made the mistake of wearing fur, i agree thats wrong, but they do deserve that star. they worked hard to get to where they are, whether you agree or not. but quite frankly your opinion on the matter doesnt mater, the figures prove their devotion and hard work.

  38. 38

    personally, i dont think its enough to get a point across. and i doubt it was by peta, too simple. probably a 1-5 person gang. and no it wasnt me

  39. 39

    …watch how these monsters beat animals and skin them alive. They leave their bloody bodies in a pile, slowly suffering long painful deaths. The innocent creatures lay there, unrecognizable without their beautiful God-given fur, looking around, blinking, trying to lift there little heads. They look around, as in, Why? What have I done to deserve this? Look into it if you have not seen the videos already…Chinese fur farms are horrendous; they have no laws for animals in China. It's not just China either….I am ashamed to be part Canadian because of the gruesome, horrendous seal massacre every April.

  40. 40

    LOL that must suck. They had to share a star!

  41. 41

    Re: Mary-Kate – its one terminating a developing cell before it turns into a living breathing being due to many reasons - financial, health etc. . its quiet another killing a living breathing creature for a whim.

  42. 42

    Re: Mary-Kate – that "argument" makes absolutely no sense…

  43. 43

    haha who cares they suck anyway

  44. 44


  45. Soz says – reply to this


    Yes, too far!

  46. 46

    I don't think it's going too far at all… why would these girls even have a star in the first place? and who cares if someone did this.. they are just going to rub it off and move on.. and the preson got all the publicity they wanted.. congrats. maybe they should just stop wearing dead animals. i couldnt sympathize even a little bit for these murduring bitches anyways

  47. 47


  48. 48

    Those fucking anti-fur bitches should be executed for this crime. Mary Kate and Ashly are national treasures and should be treated so. Also fuck the furry animals, Kill them all.

  49. 49

    this is old news perez…

  50. 50

    well now they are just celeb hags famous for being rich because they are identical twins who haven't had a real gig since they were babies and yes they have a clothing line … duh … something that was handed to them to make it look like they were actually doing something creative …. all they do now is get caught by the paparatzi wearing bizarre outfits and displaying their eating disorders give me a break … they are just famous for being famous

  51. 51

    Yeah, I kinda hope whoever did that gets hit by a gas guzzling Range Rover…

  52. 52

    Re: LUVJENNYLO – Ypu fucking moron. Do you like eating racoon dogs?

  53. 53


  54. 54

    That's going too far in my opinion, the animals are already dead- it's not like they are going out and killing the animals themselves. They are just using the animals as they don't want to waste anything which in context means that they are just being environmentally conscious (sp?)! So yeah there you go!
    Shutup with the OMGZZDFZZZZ POORRR ANIMULLLZZ!!!11 SAVE DEE WHALEZZZ,.!!! DUN WARE FuuRRR!!!1 it's fucking annoying, get over it.
    It's especially annoying when people complain about those wearing fur but they eat meat, okay… damn hypocrites GO DIE! thanks.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    too far
    But MK and A should wake up!
    There Fan base would increase if they just stopped with the fur
    its not like they need to wear it anyway it somothers there little bodies!

  57. 57

    thats pretty dick. no one has a right to tell anyone else how to live their lives. peta i respect you, but show some class.

  58. 58

    I am anti-fur too and I too support animal rights;however, freedom of speech(!) is going too far. There are other platforms to share opinions and spread an idealogy or just protest someone or some institute. I think this is just wrong!!

  59. 59

    What kind of degenerate vandals would do that? Pita should watch "Winnie eats a rabbit head" on YouTube.

  60. 60

    they're not fur hags, they are just FUG

  61. 61

    That isn't going too far. It's the truth and it was written with a fucking marker. It wont be there forever.

  62. 62

    AMAZING! That's just fair.

  63. 63

    PETA = Retards.

  64. 64

    I dont agree with tearing up people shit, but maybe they should rethink there stand on fur? I REALLY think they should. I have no sympathy for them or their "hollywood walk of fame" star.

  65. 65

    I think it's great! If they don't care about animals I willing to bet they could give a shit about that star-

  66. 66

    Actually…I think it worked pretty well. If they choose to have animals die so they can wear them, surely they can put up with the inconvenience of being called "fur hags?"

  67. 67

    I think it's great! If they don't care about animals Im willing to bet they could give a shit about that star-

  68. 68

    They didn't go far enough!!! They should have vandalized the twin's faces!!!

    Piece of shit, fur-wearing, junkie, skank, whores!!!

  69. 69

    lol, YA…they were famous as adolescents because of Full House, why do they have a star? ahhahaa

  70. 70

    luuuuv it.

  71. 71

    Re: Ashy Elbows – Would writing stupid bitch across your forehead with a magic marker be going too far? It won't be there for ever and its probably true.

  72. 72

    big up on the street artist haha !! Its not vandalism if those twin douchebags can have a permanent star on the sidewalk !! (for what anyways ?!) dear mary and the other one…eat a couple cheeseburgers and call me in the morning…actually dont call me PEACE

  73. 73

    Re: Chelsea – The animals are already dead?!?!? They are dead because of the people who continue to wear fur. This creates a demand for more fur and it isn't like they are eating the little minks or whatever small creature was tormented to death for their pelts. Maybe you should take a moment and actually read up on "how" they kill these poor animals and the lives they lead up until their heinous deaths… You are REALLY clueless!

  74. 74

    you mean to tell me they don't have security camera's all up and down that strip?

  75. 75

    LOL… isn't vandalic too to post pics of celebspawn and draw nasty things around the kids faces?? isn't vandalic to talk bs about gays and lesbians trying to diminish them and make them seem like clowns??? Isn't vandalic to say that Bernie Mac was at the hospital for drug abusse while he was about to die??? Isn't vandalic to try to out artists??? Isn't your whole site vandalic????
    You are such a douche Piggy… shame on you and your double standards!

  76. 76

    Those trolls deserved that!!

  77. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    I would expect nothing less from those pathetic PETA people. There are more effective ways of getting your message out and NOT having to resort to violence the way their entire organization does!!!!
    They are all hate mongers.

  78. 78

    the skin those scum children of corn are wearing were taken from the animals while they're still alive. can you possibly conceive the pain? vandalism is nothing in this case.

  79. 79

    Whatever. That's fucking awesome.

  80. 80

    i meant to say: imagine the pain, not conceive it…. lol

  81. 81

    Re: Luvs2ShopAlot – Exactly! Thank-you. Chelsea's parents obviously ride the shortbus.

  82. 82

    seems about the same as somebody with a huge audience drawing nasty comments, coke-trails and cocks up the ass all over people's pictures.

  83. 83

    I'm so sure all of you running your mouths don't eat meat, have any item with leather, or use anything with animal product in it. Animal rights people are always such hypocrites, and a lot of the time they don't even know it.

  84. 84

    such idiots

    it's "FUG HAGS!"

  85. 85

    Pro Vandalism!

  86. 86

    Who in their right mind gave those trolls a star on the walk of fame. All I can say is there goes the neighborhood. The next thing you know Gary Coleman will have a star. Or does he already????

  87. 87

    i think the PETA people have good ideals, i can fully support wanting animals to be treated ethically, but there is a difference between being open about your views and ideals and just being ABUSIVE. it's gotten to a point where whenever someone wears fur they get ATTACKED. in the end that doesn't solve the problem. if a celeb is wearing a real fur coat and they get shit thrown on it, they're not going to be like "you know, those PETA people are right. i will stop wearing fur!" they are going to be like "fuck this" and buy a new one, therefore killing more animals. maybe if PETA encouraged civility in spreading its message and views, it would encourage others such as whoever vandalized this star to act in a similar way. it's just disgusting. if you want to eat meat and wear fur, go the fuck ahead. if you want to be vegan and only wear pleather, that's okay too. it's all a matter of how you handle your beliefs, and not viciously and malignantly forcing your opinions on others. PETA and its followers disgust me for behaving in such ways.

  88. 88

    Re: Myzaree
    i agree with you 100%

  89. 89


  90. 90

    Re: applegreenalicious – Ask God what his opinion of abortion is when and if you make it to heaven. Some how I am thinking you are going the other way……

  91. 91

    Like, they can't afford the 25,000.00 to buy a new one?
    ever since I found out these things are BOUGHT, not 'bestowed"
    they are just cheap billboard advertisements

  92. 92

    Re: youreadummydum

    If you hate perez so much why do you even come here to read his stuff, none the less make comments about his posts? you took the time to make an account so you could rant about how much you don't like him, like why would you waste your time then? You say you dont want to read his shit, well then don't. no one forced you to come here. Get a life, bashing him doesnt make you cool. He's made a name for himself by doing what he does, you gotta respect that. I love you perez baby, haters are just pathetic.

  93. 93

    Re: BettyBummer
    YOu buy them from the Hollywood chamber of commerce.
    They cost 25,000.00
    Knock yourself out.

  94. 94

    This just shows how bloody worthless you are Perez! You support animals, but not really huh! Cause vandalism is wrong to do to people who kill animals right? It just shows your existance is a miserable pointless one because you really support nothing in life but being a hypocrite! You're a big fat ugly gay joke!

  95. 95

    so stupid. im a vegan and all about animal rights, but what does this accomplish? absolutely nothing except make animal rights supporters look immature and idiotic.

  96. 96

    This just shows how bloody worthless you are Perez! You support animals, but not really huh! Cause vandalism is wrong to do to people who kill animals right? It just shows your existance is a miserable pointless one because you really support nothing in life but being a hypocrite! You're a big fat ugly gay joke! !!!

  97. 97

    AHH! Thats funny. They shouldn't have been wearing fur then. : P

  98. 98

    B R A V O ! ! !
    B R A V O ! ! !
    B R A V O ! ! !
    E N C O R E ! ! !

  99. 99

    This just shows how bloody worthless you are Perez! You support animals, but not really huh! Cause vandalism is wrong to do to people who kill animals right? It just shows your existance is a miserable pointless one because you really support nothing in life but being a hypocrite! You're a big fat ugly gay joke!!

  100. 100



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