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Who's That Big Girl?

| Filed under: Jessica Simpson


On Saturday, former pop star Jessica Simpson performed 'live' at a chili cookoff in Florida.

And, uhm……

Jess got fat!

Maybe it's those pants that are just making her look big?


[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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412 comments to “Who's That Big Girl?”

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  1. 101

    Lay off Perez. He put the wrong picture up. This is by far the most flattering. If you see the other pix, you'll see that Jessica has gotten fat and out of shape. No one is saying you gotta be a size zero!!! But, if you see the other pix, you'll see this is not a girl who is taking care of herself, but rather overindulging in the bon bons and chili cheese fries …

  2. 102

    I like to bag on her as much as the next guy, but she is NOT fat. Seriously, lets see some freakishly skinny Nicole at this angle and she would look like you Perez!!! NOT FAT…at all…please…

  3. 103

    Please tell me you DON'T think she is fat. Come one…. seriously - anorexia is way over rated guys.

  4. 104

    I'd call them Mom jeans, but no self respecting Mom I know would be caught dead in those! And if you think she's fat, best get some glasses son!

  5. 105

    Well, at least he chilli eaters got to hear some GREAT music.

  6. 106

    I am not a fan of Jessica Simpsons music but…Im sorry, how is that fat!?

  7. 107

    Re: Bibi7 – I LOVE UR AVI>>>

  8. 108

    uum, I wouldn't exactly call her "fat"

  9. Ladyq says – reply to this


    okay perez i thought u wer better than this u are important in hollywood shouldn't we be changing things shouldn't we be trying to stop girls from starving themselves u criticize lindsay cuz she too thin and jess cuz shes too fat ther is not perfect get use to it

  10. 110

    Although she has little talent, she is anything but fat. Shame on you for perpetuating what's wrong with America today–a real reason for the decrease in women's self-esteem.

  11. 111

    She gained weight, but she is NOT fat. I am not a Jessica fan, but I need to state that she does not qualify as fat. I love you Perez, but that kind of comment is an example of what contributes to the unrealistic body expectations of so many young girls.

  12. 112

    Since you're manorexic now, you're calling out all these so-called "fat" people and I think it's fucked up.

  13. 113


  14. 114

    Fat? Really? That's not what I see. Her outfit is pretty ugly and those pants could quite possibly NOT flatter her figure but she's not fat. She may have a little more meat on her bones than normal, but get over it.

  15. 115

    How the fuck is she fat? You're such an ass, Perez.

  16. 116

    you call that fat?

  17. 117

    Okay, she might look rounder than she used to be but she's nowhere near fat. The problem is the outfit…wow…it's horrendous!

  18. 118


  19. 119


  20. 120

    She really doesn't look big in this picture, but I saw a profile pic of her in this outfit, and she looks chubby from the side. Seriously, she is not fat at all, but this is an EXTREMELY unflattering outfit. Does she not even have a stylist anymore?

  21. 121

    its so obvious the outfit is unflattering…
    good job creating eating disorders perez, we can't all be as fit/hot as you.

  22. 122

    Perez your an ass….she is not FAT. Idiots like you are the reason anorexia & bulimia exist

  23. 123

    Re: the last star – YES!!! POOPS O' PLENTY. I LOVES IT!!!!

  24. 124

    hey man, i think she looks healthy, pretty, and scrumptious. perez…i love ya girl, but come on. how is this comment doing anything productive for all those people out there who have really bad self images? who feel sensitive about their bodies. are you kidding? fat? puh-leez.

  25. 125

    the pants are def making her look hugeeeeee and shes prob wearing some spanx underneath to keep it more together.

  26. 126

    She's not fat….. it's a bad angle… and she has a horrible stylist. What a shitty outfit.

  27. 127

    She is a talentless moron, yes. But is she fat? Not even close. And those pants do make almost everyone that wears them look about 10lbs fatter than they are, that design is never a good choice. Yuck.

  28. 128

    Damn she is hot.

  29. 129

    No Perez, she is not fat, your eyes are maladjusted from looking at yourself in the mirror…to you, "items seem fatter than they appear"

  30. 130

    C'mon Perez, she looks great - and healthy - not fat !

  31. 131

    It's the pants, she still looks very doable. Very doable.

  32. 132

    Re: RedWingsFan – Yummmmmmmmm….even here..hott or nottt…hehehehRe: the last starRe: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons – Go STEELERS GOO …HEHEHEHE WHOOOOOOHOOOOORe: the last star – HEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESHITFUKSHITALLDAY LONE

  33. 133

    Maybe she's preggers….lol jk

  34. 134

    By the way, I can't help but notice how much Perez focuses on peoples' weight. Wasn't he the one who looked like he was about 300 lbs at some point before losing it all. You'd think he'd work out a little more to make sure that ass is as tight as it can be for entry.

  35. 135

    Perez you are really hurting young girls when you post stuff like this. Do you know how many young women are that size?? The size Jessica Simpson is, in that picture, is NOT fat. You are really doing a lot of damage here, and it's not to Jessica Simpson.

  36. 136

    Re: poop coming out is fun – THE SHOULD HAVE A "CHILLI POOP OFF"

  37. Gigit says – reply to this


    She doesn't look fat, and her stomach is far more flat than yours Mario

  38. 138

    Ya know its because of people like you that young girls starve these days

    Jessica Simpson isnt fat…….she looks HEALTHY and thats all that matters

  39. 139

    Re: The Warden – The only comment I think I have ever agreed with you on.

  40. 140

    Re: poop coming out is fun
    let the shitfukshit flowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  41. itis says – reply to this


    It looks like she's had a NOSE JOB! The Poppa Joe nose is gone! Oddly, it does make her face look fatter because her other nose was longer and thiner and balanced her round face.

  42. 142

    THAT'S "fat"?! You total wanker, Perez — I thought you were better than this. All your getting fit & healthy and giving people positive vibes about their bodies… then you say shit like this. Kind of sad, really. You're obviously not as comfortable with yourself as you want us all to think.

  43. 143

    Re: snyper – You know your fatter and that she looks way better than you right?

  44. 144

    Oh come on, she's not that bad. She looks normal.

  45. 145

    I see Tony Romo dumping this sow in a NY minute.

  46. 146

    Mario….you have to stop!!!. I'm not JS fan, but you really a) need to look in a mirror and stop perpetuating the thin celebrity thing. She looks good, and she looks healthy. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BLOWHARD.

  47. 147

    lmao! perez she's always been fat! remember b4 she married nick n they had that video 2gether… gosh ages ago… she looked like a short fat girl n spandex covered n acne tryin to b sexy… like she was wit da chili! tony looks like a nerd n she's a cow. but she's more trailer trash den brit! i luv brit hate jess vomit

  48. 148

    Methinks she's preggers. The bloated face gives it away!

  49. wenda says – reply to this


    She looks old.. But still fab!

  50. 150

    daaaang. what the hell happened to her…?

  51. 151

    perez youre an ugly pig

  52. 152

    There is NOTHING fat about her. I don't think she has talent, is an air head and I would not walk across the street to see her perform much less pay for a ticket, but fat she is not! You are obviously desperate to have something to put on your web site. I understand you have to fill the space somehow, but calling her fat when she isn't shows you don't care (like the print tabloids) if you reinforce the dangerous line of BS that you have to be stick thin to look good. You should be ashamed.

  53. Toby says – reply to this


    I think she looks great. Not everyone whose famous needs to be a size 00!!!

  54. 154

    haha your just jealous! you hate on beautiful women so Jess, its actually a compliment coming from Perezie.. he is the fat pig who wishes to look that good!

  55. 155

    she is pregnant.

  56. 156


  57. 157

    Okay, do I understand this right? Are you seriously calling that girl…FAT? that is ridiculous. Perez I really think you've lost your mind. Okay it's great that you lost (most of) your flabby fat belly but that doesn't give you the right to call girls like her fat. First of all, yeah I'm not a huge fan of Jessica either, but that doesn't give you the right to pick on every little thing. When you're calling her FAT based on this picture that means that you're calling Hilary Duff, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Britney Spears, Hayden Pannetiere, Amanda Bynes, J'Lo, Jennifer Love Hewit, Mischa Barton, Kelly Clarkson, Lauren Conrad, Rose McGowan, Tori Spelling and many more beautifull young women FAT. She's not even chubby, she just has curves like every normal woman should have. Not everyone can look like a model. Not everyone is so damn skinny like Agness Deyn and Victoria Beckham. You know that you have a lot of influence on people so step up and be a real rolemodel instead of making people insecure. You might be hurting feelings here. Your probably never gonna read this but if you do, think about it before you start saying ridiculous crap about people who didn't diserve it in the first place. And i have to say this: If you think she's fat, than your ENOURMOUSLY FAT!

  58. 158

    The outfit does not flatter her shape @ all.

  59. 159

    Perez I love you my dear..but honestly it's comment like these that drives teenage girls to become anorexic, etc. Stop it with the hollywood mentality of what pretty is… She looks amazing, even w' a few pounds on her. Let's not get cocky now that you lost some pounds..never forget,…they can easily creep back.

  60. 160

    You know what? You're one of the reasons that thousands of girls AND boys hate themselves, and are not eating/obsessively working out/ purging to shed pounds, the majority of all of Hollywood is SEVERELY underweight and unhealthy, i'm sure that when jessica simpson was younger and being marketed towards the mtv teeny bopper crowd and trying to compete with other little pop tarts, she was told to get rid of her "baby fat" shes a curvy girl ! she probably had to starve and workout to exhaustion to get that small in the first place…

    and perez, you as someone who currently HAS a weight problem, you should be more considerate of that fact. shes probably at a VERY healthy BMI right now…probably because shes not overworked and is in a relationship that makes her feel confident.. so go fuck yourself.

    i used to think you were entertaining, but now everytime i look at your site hoping for a giggle about a silly outfit or bad hair all i see is you calling people whores and fat…it makes me sad for you , and the people who read this who you are encouraging to act this way.

    Stop acting like a petulant child, grow up and behave respectfully towards people.

  61. 161

    you ask why there are ridiculous statistics of eating disorders when people like YOU are calling people who are clearly at a healthy weight fat.
    you actual fuckwit.

  62. 162

    What the hell is that outfit? Horrendous? I don't think she looks *that* big, though.

  63. Leah says – reply to this


    If that's what you call 'fat' then you're obese, Perez!! Grow the fuck up already! Though she bugs the shit out of me, she looks great!

  64. binka says – reply to this


    OK so she is far from fat! I mean the outfit is horrible but she looks great. She put on some weight yes but to go as far as to call her fat PLEASE! Just because she doesn't have bones sticking out everywhere or look like she is about to snap into 2 doesn't mean she is fat! I think she is very VERY pretty!

  65. 165

    in the NORMAL world she has a 'normal' figure,
    in de CELEB world she is a little chubby yes.

    and if she is fat? then what are you Perez? a fuckin wale or what?

  66. 166

    Oh No…I think that she is just wearing bad clothes. Yes she's filled out a little bit but she is not fat. Mario you are fat :)

  67. 167

    in the NORMAL world she has a 'normal' figure,
    in the CELEB world she is a little chubby yes.

    and if she is fat? then what are you Perez? a fuckin wale or what?

  68. 168

    I really dont think she is fat at all. Whats the matter with you people.

  69. 169

    you need glasses asshole!
    so you hate fat or bone? which is it?

  70. MP says – reply to this


    I don't think she got fat. I think she chose a poor outfit that makes her body oddly proportioned. Get rid of that belt, Jess!

  71. 171

    Sorry Perez but it's her clothes. Jess has always been tall and built bigger boned but she is not fat in this pic! The clothes are making her look fat!

  72. 172

    Hahah Compared to madonna who has n o tits and no waist she may be fat but a guy like you, Perez, who's into boys would not know shit about tits and ass!

    IT'S CALLED HAVING A WAIST, HIPS AND BOOBS! something Paris, Kate micro tits Perry and Mandonna know nothing about!

  73. 173

    those are the ugliest pair of jeans ever. she's not fat, it's the jeans.

  74. 174

    She should hang it up already, or try a sitcom.

  75. 175

    looks like she's has been eating a little too much chili, but she's still adorable

  76. 176

    STOP calling normal women fat, asshole. It's guys like you who give girls like me eating disorders. just STOP.

  77. 177

    She's probably either on birth control pills or pregnant. She looks a little swollen. That outfit is horrible!!

  78. 178


  79. 179

    oh my god she's so fat this is inhumane to my eyes, get that girl some lipo STAT, what was she thinking leaving the house as FAT AS THAT

  80. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Those high waisted pants have got to goooooooooooooooooo!!! They are so ugly and I have never seen anyone look good in them.

  81. 181

    if thats fat, I am huge.. trust me!!!

  82. 182

    she is not BIG - she looks like a normal woman for god sake - rather see her than the skeletons that are parading around at the moment

  83. 183

    preeeeeeeegggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooo jk she doesn't look fat at all

  84. 184

    Perez, for someone who always complains about people who are too thin, you still have some messed up ideas about what's fat…

  85. 185

    well those pants would make anyone who isnt 90lbs look fucking fat. sorry she doesnt feed your anarexic fetish perez.

  86. 186

    Re: The Warden – that's so funny, my husband has said this for years!!

  87. 187

    WHAT THE FUCK is sh wearing!! hideoussss. the pants would be ok with like a cute blouse, but not really appropriate performing attire…. aaanndd the belt is probablllly there to hid some bulge because aesthetically theres no reason for it BUT she doesnt look FAT, you can tell its just cause the angle she looks large.

  88. 188

    The outfit and hair are horrible, but I don't think she's 'fat'. Maybe she's just swollen from being preggers?

  89. 189

    Perez, i thought you were a responsible person, you twat, this woman is NOT FAT she is a normal looking woman instead of teh skeletons parading around - you are a total fuckhead to say something like this, it is irresponsible and HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT IS FAT FOR A WOMAN????? YOU ARE GAY FOR CHRIST SAKE = M E N LIKE THEIR WOMEN TO LOOK LIKE WOMEN NOT SKELETONS = GROW UP YOU BRAINLESS PRAT

  90. 190

    she's fine

  91. 191

    Those look like Mom jeans from the 1970's! Absolutely horrid! And about the whole 'fat' subject, isn't Jessica Simpson like 5 feet tall? When short people gain 5 lbs it looks like 20!

  92. 192

    Maybe she is knocked up

  93. 193

    Every single person who has said, "Yeah, she's FAT" on this thread is likely over 250 pounds and reading this in front of "Maury Povich" while they scarf down Twinkies (including YOU, Perez). Give me a break! I'm no Jessica Simpson fan, but you all WISH you looked that good.

  94. 194

    I am really starting to believe that Perez is nothing more than a jealous little girl. Here we have an adorable woman who is sweet as can be. A little dimwitted sometimes although I wonder often if that is just an act. She is lovely and curvy. Every woman should be so lucky to have this figure. I like her better with meat on her bones…But of course she is 2x the size of Perez's beloved Santa Angelina! Id rather be Jessica anyday…Angelina is the new skeletor!

  95. 195

    come on Perez, seriously. For someone who has every idea how hard it is to fight with body image you should be a little more sensitive towards others. I get that its you 'job' to gossip and what not but all your doing condescending.You have all these good cause posts to help the world but did you ever once think that because of your posts some little girl might develop an eating disorder because you are calling Jessica Simpson and other female celebrities fat??? and you know your only being so harsh because you have a personal hatred for them…grow up

  96. 196

    She not fat but out of shape looks better than the way Lindsey and Nicole look but I Hate the Mom jeans and the Dolly wig!!!When I heard Jessica was going country I thought she would be style like Shania Twain not Dolly or Loretta Lynn.

  97. 197

    She is NOT fat! and it's shitty comments like that, that are directly responsible for the poor self image too many women have of themselves. Fucking bullshit!

  98. 198

    Perez, YOU'RE fuckin fat!!!…and you probably smell like vomit, piss, cigs and shit!

  99. 199

    She doesn't look bad at all. She's not as small as she was, but she's not heavy like she was at the end of her John Mayer days. She's livin' in Texas, eating BBQ & enjoying her life.

  100. 200


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