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Who's That Big Girl?

| Filed under: Jessica Simpson


On Saturday, former pop star Jessica Simpson performed 'live' at a chili cookoff in Florida.

And, uhm……

Jess got fat!

Maybe it's those pants that are just making her look big?


[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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412 comments to “Who's That Big Girl?”

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  1. 301

    I don't get why YOU, someone very obviously who's had weight problems (and will probably go up and down in the future) shits on girls who aren't even fat.

  2. 302

    Only in Hollywood is this considered, "Fat".

  3. 303

    she looks at normal weight to me

  4. 304

    are you kidding me??? if thats fat, then i dont wanna be skinny!!! dont be a total asshole dude, she looks fine.

  5. 305

    Perez, I'm disappointed in you. If you can praise Kate Winslet for her figure (and well you should, as she has a BEAUTIFUL body) why can't you let Jessica Simpson be? She's, what, a size 8 or something?
    Jessica was always built like this; she lost a bunch of weight for Dukes and kept most of it off for awhile, but you can only starve yourself for so long!

  6. 306

    No wonder so many girls/women have body issues. are you fucking serious? She's not fat you fat prick. She looks normal, like she actually eats and keeps it down. Your a fuckhead Perez.

    Douch bag.

  7. 307

    Maybe she's not as thin as she used to be but she still looks fine! I can't believe you have the nerve to call someone fat. Look at yourself!

  8. 308

    Maybe she's not as thin as she used to be but she still looks fine! I can't believe you have the nerve to call someone fat. Look at yourself! You should be embarrassed.

  9. 309

    NOT FAT. Just tacky. And photo is taken from below. Ever look up to a woman Perez? Sure you have. That's when they become amazons. Something you'll never be as long as you tear into women's bodies. Seriously. 'Member how it felt growing up really really gay and being told you were worthless? That's what you do every time you call a woman who is of average weight "fat". You're a total dinkus malinkus. You teach all young girls to think that fat is THIS. OH MY GOD. You dinkus!!! I love that you're anti-fur and everything, and generally a nice guy, but STOP THIS! You're screwing women UP, man!!!! STOP IT STOP IT!!! p.s I'm not overweight. I'm just educated. And I can't stand it when people like you dump on my girls. SUCK IT PEREZ!!! SUCK IT HARD!!! EAT IT!!! YOU STINK YOU DINKUS.

  10. 310

    Don't know if she's fat or not. I can't get past that horrific Wal-Mart outfit.

  11. 311

    pictures like this makes me feel good about my 5'4, 120 lb body. Man and I thought I was a butter ball.

  12. 312

    Jessica is fat. Check out the other websites with these pictures. She looks like she's gained 15 to 20 pounds. In those other pictures, you can see the rolls. She is not healthy. Gaining weight rapidly is not healthy for the heart. If you women think she is not fat, than you all are obviously over weight. I think its okay to have hamburger, pizza, burritos, beer, but a person has to also exercise. I eat anything I want, but I have to run at least 3 times a week to maintain my weight, otherwise, I would look like Jessica. She is obviously not exercising at all. Thats not healthy. By the way, fat comments to not make women aenorexic, only weak minded people starve themselves.

  13. 313

    So the clothes are disgusting, but she's not fat at all. She looks healthy. She has curves but there's nothing wrong with that!

  14. 314


  15. 315


  16. 316

    so shes not as thin as she use to be…if shes fat, i wouldnt mind switching bodies with her…i run my ass off for weeks and still will never have thin legs like that…lol The pants were NOT a good choice thou…its a lil premature cougar on the loose look for me

  17. 317

    if shes "fat"…thats only the hollywood idea of the "fat"…if she were a regular person without the fame everyone would say she looks fine the way she is…mayb instead of calling ppl fat we should have ppl embrace what they have….work out b/c it makes them healthy and feel good…if shes happy with the pounds…good for her…its better than dying b/c you binge eat and puke or starve yourself. We need to stop calling girls fat…how are we ever going to feel good about ourselves if we compare each other to hollywood starve who have time to work out 4 hours a day 6 times a week and have a nutritionist home. Us girls always have these emotional issues about weight all the time b/c of these stupid unrelistic standards…im never going to be a skinny mini…f*ck it! Live your life…be happy and healthy :) Skinny isnt everything.

  18. 318

    she realized nobody actually likes her.

  19. 319

    Ok this is what is wrong witht the damn world these days don't you know calling someone who is beautiful and healthy fat is what causes so many people to have eating disorders because of ignorant people with big ass mouths. She is beautiful.

  20. 320

    Jessica Simpson isnt talentless, she has a nice voice but better yet she has a rockin shoe and handbag line!!!! Perez fuck off and leave her alone already. She's probably a size 4 or 6 and thats not fat!!!!!

  21. 321

    she looks pretty and happy. That is true beauty. Screw those shallow lollypop heads. Jessica is much more likeable and attractive at this size. She is more gorgeous than 99% of the world. I would love her even more if she became a vegan and stopped wearing fur. (fur trimmed stuff is just as nasty).

  22. 322

    she's annoying, I'm not a fan, but she is not FAT…

    and just so you know, you should probably refrain from calling people smaller than you fat. low self esteem is generally unattractive.

  23. 323

    she's clearly NOT fat, it's probably the pockets of the jeans, pockets at the front, make bodies appear bigger.
    she actually looks healthy now..
    Her body is lpreportioned everywhere.
    that big gold belt SUCKS though.

  24. 324

    Still she is more famous and better looking than you will ever be Piggy so stop all the jealousy over her and her family!!! The fact that she was a dad that supports her is the main reason for your hate… it must have hurted really bad not knowing who your real dad is huh? You wished you had one right Piggy? that's why you are sooo traumatized!

  25. 325

    your the fat one perez stop being so fucking naaaasty and act ur age you moron.

  26. 326

    Re: Kate27 – The fact that she HAS HAS… sorry I was too angry to re read this…

  27. 327

    after reading this i suspect she will be down to a small size again WTG.

    the worst is the fat woman who runs 'the skinny website' she triggers many eating disorders…. pics of them small fueling them to stay small, pics of a few pound weight gain ect ect. the skinny website pictures looked bigger then this one.

    she looks happy and seems confident and is with her football star, she must be doing something right….. maybe her man likes her thicker and less slim?

  28. 328

    You of all people should not be calling ANYONE in Hollywood fat. You might could get away with calling Boy George fat, but definitely not Jessica Simpson.

  29. 329


  30. 330

    Perez! What the fuck?! Change your comment, she is not fat!

  31. 331

    Hello.. No one looks good from that angle.. One should never take pictures from underneath like that. Besides those pants are totally wrong for her (and the rest of the world,duh).

  32. 332

    she looks fat in those pants, but she aint fat. Just the pants. Soooo people, tell me about your BMI ?

  33. 333

    Obviously hilarious that the poor dear is singing at a chili cookoff, but I don't think she's fat, high-waisted jeans, combined with the chunky belt, combined with an upshot from the camera, would make ANYone look fat!

  34. 334

    Oh please…she looks terrible…like a younger more attractive version of Beth the Bounty Hunter's wife. She looks like she's probably 20-30 pounds heavier than in her heyday and is clearly too large to be rocking that outfit which is hideous anyway. Average weight and height for the real world but she is an entertainer. Hollywood sets the bar pretty high. She's not a size 0 anymore which is fine…she just needs to dress appropriately for her size.

  35. 335

    Why is her fat-ass dressed like Janet from "Three's Company"? Why does she continue to embarrass herself even after the failure of her "country" album? Why does she exist?

  36. 336

    Those pants aren't flattering on her.
    With that said… how the heck is how she looks fat!?

  37. 337

    Okay I just checked out the other websites and she HAS gotten fat. Back fat, a gut, underarm fat, etc. The outfit is atrocious and that pile of yarn on her head is about as fake as her tits and new nose. She looks like a tranny clown and it fits, because she is a JOKE.

  38. 338

    OMG perez ur nt exactly skinny yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and Jessica Simpson isn't fat by any standerds!

    seriously - theres enough negitive comments in the media why do you need to add a bunch of even more useless ones to your website!!!!?!?!?!

  39. 339

    Oh my god! it's never good enough, is it?
    a person is or way too thin, or fat.
    let me tell you one thing Perez, jessica is NOT fat in this picture.
    She looks like a normal, curved grownup woman.
    so stop talking about being fat or not.
    there are more important things in live.

  40. 340


  41. 341

    Seriously Perez i love you and all but why call her Fat, its not sending out a very good body image to people if she is fat, she looks great !

    Anna Uk

  42. 342

    Nah she isn't fat that outfit is just really unflattering…I am a fatty so I'm offended you would categorize her as one of my chunky tribe…she is just insipid,vapid and pointless…not tubby

  43. 343


    I think this is really mean. Jessica was neva…supa skinny and all the sudden ya rippin' er? Wass the meanin' of thot? I mean, it's a good look foruh, AVERAGE WEIGHT DAT IS!!!

    This is RosieB signing off

  44. 344

    1 more thing, if a tree falls in the woods no one hears it.

  45. 345

    She doesn't look fat. She looks healthy.
    Bring down the jealous meter guys.

  46. 346

    That's not even funny. Take a look at uour fat self

  47. 347

    WOW, she looks gorgous!

    Now i aint a jessica fan usually (she murdered the song 'boots are made for walkin') but my god the girl looks amazing!

    I know Perez has tried losing weight but hes still practiacally obese compared to this little lady…try another diet perez!!! :D

  48. 348

    I think she looks good and nobody needs to be 105 pounds to look beautiful. So everybody can go suck it and go eat some celery if your so worried about weight

  49. 349

    Umm….Perez darling, she's obviously making every effort to cover up a baby bump, hello! High waisted jeans and two very hideous, loud belts…..bitch is preggers!

  50. Laxer says – reply to this


    Time to call Jenny!

  51. 351

    U CALL THAT FAT MARIO? Id call beth dito fat, or you should take a look in the fucking mirror fat! Jess has a "normal" womans body and its narrow minded FAMEWHORES like YOU that give women body and confidence issues as its you kind of fuckwitted idiots that only see women as beautiful if they have there bones poking out and are size 00. Like your "friend" Dita who yes dresses impeccably but looks like a skelotor mannequin. Jess may be "talentless" but shes doing a hell of a lot more with her life than you are.

  52. 352


  53. 353

    Just a thought: If all of you think Perez is so horrible and mean and omfgz he's an ass and all this, why exactly do you read his website and take the time to comment shit?

    I think Jess looks healthy.
    And to those of you who are calling her fat; i'd like to see what you look like in high-waisted jeans.

  54. 354

    i love in south florida and went to the chili cookoff…she looked just as fat in person trust me.

  55. 355

    She is not big or fat! She is bigger than before, but she looks great! Lets keep positive and not give the real women in the world eating disorders.

  56. 356

    So um maybe you should stop telling us that a size 8 is fat and go to the gym yourself? mmm ya i think so.

  57. leo32 says – reply to this


    She's still a beautiful girl Perez - is fat a size 8 now? She's not more than that. Career, definitely down the tubes for now, but a pretty girl and healthy nonetheless.

  58. 358

    Shes NOT fat. Congrats for making more young girls hate their body and stick their finger down their throats with those types of comments perez.

  59. 359

    First of all, calling Jessica Simpson fat is absolutely RIDICULOUS, INCORRECT and RUDE! She is a HEALTHY SIZE!! What kind of message does this send to women when you call a girl her size "fat"?? She's probably somewhere between a size 4 to a 6, which is most definitely NOT fat!

    Perhaps you're forgetting that you used to be QUITE overweight in the not so distant past. A person's self worth is not based on their weight. It is so pathetic that you are criticizing someone for being overweight…ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE'S NOT!

    I always visit this website but this is disgusting!

  60. 360

    She looks good a lil bigger. SExy.

  61. 361

    Either she is pregnant or she was pregnant.

  62. 362

    This is the reason why little girls throw up and think they're disgustingly overweight, they read something like this. If Jessica Simpson is fat, I'm sorry but you're obese.

  63. 363

    I think the fact that she is in the media for looking fat is ridiculous. She isn't fat at all. This is what is wrong with people and the reason girls are shoving their fingers down their throats. She looks good and I am not one bit a fan of this girl.
    I hope this stupidity stops before my girls get older. A size 4 is not fat, it's healthy.
    Perez, as a former chubby you should know better.

  64. jule says – reply to this


    She is gorgeous! It is so sad that people target someone with a beautiful natural body and call them fat. You all wish you could be an ounce as pretty as she is…. its pretty pathetic

  65. 365

    it's not the weight that makes her look bad, it's her fugly ass outfit. not flattering at all.

  66. 366

    How dare you of all people call somone fat. Since you are still pretty ugly but very recently were as big a a house you should know how that makes people feel. Especially when it is a picture like this that still looks better than you ever will. Childish loser.

  67. 367

    Mom pants…..my eyyyyeeesss!!!

  68. 368

    and the pot call s the kettle black

  69. 369

    AS much as I hate to admit this - she still looks fabulous…

  70. 370

    She is not fat..lol..those belts are ugly though…I would take those off. The pants are not completmenting her but if the belts were off it wold be a huge improvement

  71. 371

    That's Big?????? WTF!

    Are You Insane Perez?

    Even after your working out & reducing over the last few months YOU are Still Bigger than Jessica!!

  72. 372

    I rarely comment, Perezito, but shit, this needs to be said. Just go ahead and blame YOURSELF for the thousands of deaths caused by eating disorders. You are helping to feed into that (pun intended). And you have NO room to talk!!!!

    Those pants are NOT flattering in the slightest, but the girl ain't fat. She's HEALTHY.

  73. 373

    …i don't really get Perez anymore….it used to be fun tabloids and now it's all about little girls like Miley and the other Disney kids and Chase Crawford…Seriously?…a grown gay man obsessed with tweens and when a fabulous woman gains 5 lbs??…what's wrong with you Perez?….you're the one whose still 'fat'….get a grip…you are by no means 'skinny' so clean up your act and stop reporting on little kids in the industry….geesh….

  74. 374

    …i'm officially not reading Perez anymore….fug girls and superficial here i come!….

  75. 375

    Wow, maybe she's a 4 now instead of a 2. Someone get her some Adderall and some cigarettes quick so she can be like the rest of hollywood! God forbid a woman eat and be healthy. Starving yourself or sticking your finger down your throat is so worth that size 2, right Perez? I'm not a fan of Jessica Simpson, but that has to be one of the most ignorant things that's ever been posted here. Her outfit may not be flattering, but her arms, thighs, and waist all seem to be in adequete and healthy proportion. No bones about it Perez, you are officially one of the asshole media that contribute to demeaning women, instead of celebrating them. Congratulations.

  76. 376

    if this is fat, i must be an elephant.

  77. 377

    Jessica is totally pregnant! She's just hiding the baby bump!

  78. 378

    she is NOT fat. sure, she is no longer a size 2…but whatev. she looks healthy. that is not at all a flattering outfit. if u put on weight, wear clothes that fit.

  79. 379

    i dont think shes fat perse, but she did gain weight, and could stand to lose it. her arms looks flabby, and she just looks bigger all over. i dont feel sorry for her, however, she has plenty of money to pay a trainer. next!

  80. 380

    um i would hardly call that fat, perez. just bc you lost some weight i think you feel you are entitled to jump all over every celeb who gains a couple pounds, and contribute to the already horrendously unrealistic standard that hollywood has. thanks for furthering the obsession with skeletal-ness and driving a few more young people to eating disorders. i hope you gain back all the weight you lost. its easy to hide behind your blog and criticize everyone else for being fat, isn't it?

  81. MissT says – reply to this


    OK… not a fan of Jessica's, but this out fit is a majority of the problem. I can't believe this is the hot topic "Jessica Simpson FAT". At the very most she is still only a size 6 which is still SMALL! It's not like she's a 24 come on! Now when she is forced to take a nicole ritchey diet then everyone will tell her to eat a damn cheeseburger! If people would leave these stars alone there would be a lot less eating disorders out there!

  82. 382

    She's NOT FAT!


    Leave the poor girl alone

  83. 383

    If SHE'S considered fat, there is something seriously wrong with our perceptions. Just a bad outfit, but not fat, come on now!

  84. 384

    Wow its pathetic and sad that anyone would call her a big girl and or fat. I think this website is funny but you calling her fat? You have a very warped sense of reality…very very sad.

  85. 385

    OMG!!! honestly why is everyone talking bad about Jess, she is goregeous and is as close as down to earth celebrity as some can get. Everyone is just jealous of her. =]]

  86. 386

    so i don't see the problem - SHE IS LOOKING HEALTHIER!
    just because she's not a stick with boobs anymore doesn't mean she doesn't look good! she's still a beautiful girl (maybe not the smartest but come on, not everyone can be)!!

  87. 387

    SHE LOOKS GOOD! she is not fat!!!! just curvy! fucking hell, this is why everyone in the us is a FAT FUCK. because the media projects IMPOSSIBLE IDEALS! its like even if you look like her youre still considered fat and undesirable? BULLSHIT PEREZ.

  88. 388

    Fat? Holy cow, i better stop eating

  89. 389

    Perez you are such a fucking idiot. please keep this in mind: STOP CALLING PEOPLE FAT WHEN YOUR A FUCKING WHALE.

    you weigh like 200 pounds more then her and at one time you were considered un healthy and your still considered fat so STFU.

    Hey everyone Perez got fat didn't he? maybe it's his face that makes him fat? NOT! hurts doesn't it

  90. 390

    she's not fat.

  91. 391

    Perez….. have you watched yourself on those silly videos you post, or those horrible book interviews you've been doing?!? You may have lost some weight, but you look fat and pudgy! You look out of shape and not at all thin. I'd keep my mouth shut about "fat" peeps if I were you! HA!

  92. 392

    She doesn't look fat, but those pants don't do her justice. High wasted pants look like shit on everyone. BTW if it were the 70s everyone would want to do her.

  93. 393

    Perez, why do you have to be such an ass?
    She is in no way fat.
    Just because she isn't anorexic like some skanky whore, doesn't mean she's fat.
    She looks beautiful.
    And in case you haven't noticed, you're not exactly thin either.
    So stop making fun of people for their weight.
    No one's perfect you asshole.

  94. 394

    Very unflattering outfit, but not fat.

  95. 395

    Just because you have issues with your weight doesnt mean everyone does.

    She looks great, leave her alone.

  96. 396

    Re: CandidCamera – Amen!!!

  97. 397

    you say people are too skinny and need to eat, then you say that she looks fat. and CONTINUE to say that. Seriously Perez, I am 5'5" and weigh 140, and i a fatass?? No, im not. People dont need to weigh under 100lbs to look hot. asshole.

    to think, i thought you were the shit : (

  98. 398

    Ummm….if that's fat….I so wanna be fat.

  99. 399


  100. 400

    What the f*ck mate???? Take a look in the mirror - you still ain't no Mary Kate yourself. Now say sorry, go stand in the corner and think about what you have done.

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