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Who's That Big Girl?

| Filed under: Jessica Simpson


On Saturday, former pop star Jessica Simpson performed 'live' at a chili cookoff in Florida.

And, uhm……

Jess got fat!

Maybe it's those pants that are just making her look big?


[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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412 comments to “Who's That Big Girl?”

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  1. 401

    Re: HotsyTotsy – let's see an honest picture of you then if you are so bloody perfect…….

  2. 402

    Oh my Jay sim!!!
    You got a little chunky, honey!!!!

  3. 403

    Her legs are still gorgeous! I think it's just a bad outfit and the pic raken from a weird angle

  4. 404

    I don't think she even looks fat - at all!…she looks about a size 10/12 (UK size)

  5. 405

    She isnt as fat as you perez

  6. 406

    It isn't that Jessica is fat. It is because that outfit is butt ugly on her and does not flatter her figure. I think she is gorgeous and looks better than a lot of the too skinny chicks in Hollywood. We all have had unflattering pics of ourselves only we don't have to worry about the world seeing them.

  7. 407

    I think she looks fab and she is an amasing person who stands for who she is and for that she´s a big inspiration for normal girls. So I think you should leave her alone and let her be herself!!!

  8. 408

    …you people call THAT fat? Come the fuck on. Oh and if Tony Romo cheated on her on account of having gained a little bit of weight, she's better off without him. If he really loved her, then it wouldn't have been an issue.

  9. 409

    I'd still bone 'er.

  10. 410

    Girlfriend looks good, leave her alone perez

  11. 411

    OMG she is not fat!!!!! That is ridiculous!!!! She's wearing high-waisted jeans and she's got big boobs. Get over it. Anyone can look bigger in one photo. And when I say bigger, I mean she actually looks a normal-ish weight in this photo. I'm sick of people going on at women who aren't skeletons, girls don't want to be skeletons and guys don't want girls who are skeletons. End of.

  12. 412

    more than being fat, bad outfit choice

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