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Mean or Funny????

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From today's NY Post.

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923 comments to “Mean or Funny????”

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  1. 901

    holy shit. 900 comments!

  2. 902


  3. 903

    hey NY POST

    Go F yourslefs
    you low lives


  4. Leto says – reply to this


    Mean, because she just looks like the normal average girl (with a little woobles, but who hasn't got any ?), she's outgoing and she's pretty. Maybe WhoryWood got medias to much used to skinny bitches…

  5. 905

    BAD TASTE for the NY POST

  6. 906

    Hilarious!!! LMFAO!!

  7. 907

    aahahahaha lmao
    its called a hyperbole; exxageration for effect.
    who cares if she's still not fat- the bitch blew up!

  8. 908

    that is so wrong it's so sexist average women look like jessica so what are they saying women her size look like that shame on the cartoonist who drew this

  9. 909

    meannn bitches

  10. 910

    caption should have been "Did you eat my KFC fucker???

  11. 911


  12. 912

    Re: shassy – ingnorant small minded conservatives cant take a joke!

  13. 913

    So mean!! shes not even fat. she just gained a little weight. like seriously, everyone gains weight now and then.

  14. 914

    bah hahahahahahahha

  15. 915


  16. 916

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone is making fun that "d-list" celebs are using this to get back into the spot light. Did anyone everthing that maybe.. JUST MAYBE they are sticking up for her because the media and going way over the top with this. If Scarlett Johansson, JLo, Kim Kardashian, etc. wore this.. they would be praised for looking amazing, having beautiful curves. Putting this in the Post and making the character drawing of her looking like that is absolutely disgusting. Why is it ok for some Celebs to be a "beautiful, curvaceous size 6 or 8" but other celebs if they go above a size 2 they get abused. Same thing with the victoria Secret model. Maybe she was not in the right shape for what her career is… but she is not FAT.. LEAVE THESE GIRLS ALONE..

    As for Lindsay Lohan.. there is no hope, let the girl rip lines of cocaine all day and night as she considers that a meal anyway. She doing it to herself, she loves the fucking spotlight and will do anything to be in it.. PATHETIC.. shes probably not even a lesbian.. she just needs the attention..I know guys not too far away from me in NY that have slept with her, quite a few!! get yourself together

  17. 917

    That is soooooo mean! Maybe she's depressed or something & turning to food, maybe she's fed up of all the pressure of being thin, whatever. Give her a break!! The same people who are being mean to her now, will be super mean when she drops all that weight…jeez damned if you do, damned if you don't. Poor Jess!

  18. 918

    well karen carpenter was stuck on a comment in a paper calling her chubby. and she is now dead.

    how is it possible for jessica to not take this personally.
    if she where to starve herself as a result, i wonder if the cartoonist and paper would feel somewhat responsible.


  19. 919

    What the Fuck!!!!! she is not funny at all people need to stop critizizing her because first of all she is not even fat and second proball 75 percent of the people callling her fat are way bigger then her

  20. 920

    Funny. =]

  21. 921

    Mean but still funny

  22. 922

    that's so fucked up.

  23. 923

    I don't really care for Jessica Simpson, but that is just plain cruel.

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