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Mean or Funny????

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From today's NY Post.

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923 comments to “Mean or Funny????”

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  1. 101

    That is so mean! God she's not even fat…

  2. 102

    WOW that is horrible. SHe has obviously put on a few pounds but she isnt super fat or obese. This cartoon just crosses the line, its just plain mean.

  3. 103

    mean. She isn't fat, just not as thin as she was a few months ago. No wonder teenage girls worry when they are a size 6. She was wearing a bad outfit, that made her look bad…..make fun of the outfit, not her size. Shame on the Post for printing this…..I would sue if I were her. Seriously, for what I don't know. but make them issue an apology.

  4. 104

    Must admit I got a good chuckle out of it. Oh wait - wasn't that Simpson's line when she tried to humiliate Carrie Underwood for an outdated quote, taken out of contex?! Oh well. I guess karma's nearly as big a bitch as Jessica.

  5. 105

    Oh for gods sake! She probably used to be a sie 2 or 4 & now she is probably a 6 or 8 which is normal & healthy!! I wish people mainly the media would just back off normal sie women! This is why we have 10 year old girls with anorexia & bolemia!!

  6. 106

    Thats so mean, but so funny….LOL Oh I couldn't stop laughing!!

  7. 107

    I think Perez is THE fat ass of the yr!

  8. 108

    That is so mean. This is why we have the issues we do with women starving themselves, you gain 10 pounds and all of a sudden you are "fat", it's not right. Jessica Simpson is a beautiful girl and this is a horrible cartoon. They should be ashamed of themselves!!

  9. 109

    Im sure 10 lbs isnt worth all this media hype and insults to her…shit!
    I would be seriously pissed at whoever picked out her outfit that day tho cuz look what its got her.

  10. 110


    i wait for the day they make a cartoon with boy george instead of js.

  11. 111

    it's kind of mean, but she's a celebrity
    it's normal that people pick on her
    seriously…she's not fat…but it wasn't flatering!at all

  12. 112

    OMG…i cant believe the ny post would print that . thats horrific , i totally feel for jessica simpson she must be hurting since all the attention is on her weight… shes not even fat …shes the perfect representation for normal in hollywood bceause believe me i was born and raised all my life in L.A and it doesnt matter if youre at a healthy weight to everyone else youre always going to be too fat which is so sad … this is just plain mean. whoever drew this has major weight issues , and they know it.

  13. 113


  14. 114


  15. 115

    I thought you only did 'mean' P

  16. 116

    this is mean. It's disappointing that you felt that you had to publish it again in your column. She is after all, a lot smaller than you'll ever be.

  17. 117

    she is NOT FAT!!!!! just because she put on a little weight doesnt make her fat! I'M FAT! I'd give up lots of things to be as "fat" as her! Plus that outfit just made her look fatter…it was very unflattering! THATS JUST MEAN!

  18. 118

    fucking funny

  19. 119

    It's neither mean nor funny. It's just stupid.

  20. 120

    Where does the madness stop. The girl is not fat at all. She shot up a size or two but she is still well within normal range. Prez you shouldn't have even posted this. There's a fine line between celebrity gossip and downright cruelty.

  21. 121


  22. 122

    unbelievable!!!! i love jessica simpson! they should just leave her alone…
    so sad that someone gains 5 pounds and they blow it up like this!

  23. 123

    That's fucked up and in VERY BAD TASTE. Shame on them.

  24. 124





  25. SuzyP says – reply to this


    worse than it being mean….it's not even funny.

  26. 126

    Mean!!! I would think that as a former fat person you would be more sympathetic to someone who has weight issues. If the average american woman is a size 12 and she is a size 8 being depicted like that - what does that say to women that are average? I like looking at photos but you have some serious issues with women….someone must have done something to you. You hate Vanessa, Katie, Nicole, LaLohan, Jennifer, Courtney, the list goes on and on. There are no men that get that much shit from you. Maybe you need to rethink your values. One day you will want kids and who will give one to a women hating gay?

  27. 127

    I'm totally disgusted with that cartoon…we as a society need to get a fuckin' grip on reality. Jessica Simpson (though obviously not working out 6 hours a day to get into Daisy Dukes anymore) is NOT fat. To mock her is to mock billions of perfectly healthy women around the world for simply not being a size 2. Fuck you New York Times and Fuck you Hollywood - keep in mind who pays your salaries, media types - it's US, the normal "fatties" of the world who buy your magazines, movie tickets and watch your programming. Though not for long!!!

  28. 128

    Shamefully mean.

  29. 129

    That's COLD.

  30. 130

    what the hellll
    this is totally uncalled for.

  31. 131

    NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 132

    Absolutely ridiculous

  33. 133

    That is so fucking mean. SHES STILL TINY wtf is wrong with people this is why girls go anorexic! DO you really think making fun of someone for putting on what like 10 lbs is good? NO ONE is perfect.

    I bet if she looked like hawtie lohan right now society would be thrilled again for her. I love looking sickly ill its awesome and so attractive.

  34. 134

    " These boots are made for walkin', down to Mickey D's…."

  35. 135

    I can't believe that the NY Post actually put this cartoon in the newspaper. It is just utterly distasteful!!!

  36. 136

    irresponsibly mean…like to see the fatass who drew that….

  37. 137


  38. 138

    It's nice to see that the majority of readers feel the same - to portray someone who has gained a bit of weight on her FIVE FOOT THREE INCHES frame as severely obese… that's just insulting. This is precisely why healthy figures are unaccepted in Hollywood, why looks will always count over talent, why girls looking up to celebrities develop low self-esteem because a beautiful, curvaceous body is belittled in this manner, and this is EXACTLY why in a few months time we'll see a headline declaring, "Jessica Simpson: Disappearing Before Our Eyes!"
    It's honestly so sickening.

  39. 139

    Mean-leave her alone!!

  40. 140

    thats pretty dicked :(

  41. 141

    I really just think perez is just jealous … acting like a damn high schooler. No wonder why hollywood is the way it is… because of wanna be's like perez. You have to make fun of people just to make yourself feel better! c'mon. Get your OWN life

  42. 142

    I'm sorry but I think it's great. She can be the next Oprah with all of her yo yo dieting and going up and down all the time.

  43. 143

    mean but I'm still LOL my ass off

  44. 144

    mean……………….she is not even fat

    ps.i hate mario but love perez

  45. 145

    Not funny at all. And Perez by saying she looks fat yourself is just as bad - so she's put on a few pounds. She's far from clinically overweight. Shameful.

  46. 146

    Leave that fucking girl alone. Seriously, even fat jokes keep her relevant. And she's not that big.

  47. 147

    That's definitely mean. Sure she's gained some weight but she's not really fat.

  48. 148

    umm thats obviously not funny, and thats the stupidest newspaper joke i have ever seen. First of all, shes not fat. Second, i dont think jessica even eats mcdonalds on a regular basis

  49. 149

    I'm not a fan of Jessica Simpson, but really, it's a wonder why girls have body image issues.

  50. 150

    ummm, im going with mean! and not only that, are we that stupid New York Post? Did you really have to point out that that was J. Simpson?? I think we got it!!

  51. 151

    Awful and tasteless.

  52. 152

    That's horrible. She's not even fat at all! This is how young girls get eating disorders. How offensive to people who are not as thin as Jessica Simpson. Let's see what these NY Post losers look like!

  53. 153

    On one hand, I think it's nasty to put a spotlight on a woman just because her weight fluctuates, BUT on the other hand Jessica Simpson makes her career on appearing sexy and ditzy so she's kind of asking to be judged in that way. It's all fine when people are going to your movies not because of talent but for superficial reasons. The door is going to go both ways.

  54. Topsy says – reply to this


    That's so mean!!
    ….But Ronald McDonald made me lol….

  55. 155

    Stop defending Simpson, People! She may not be technically obese, but she is clearly overweight and unhealthy looking. Keep in mind she's wearing ridiculously high heels in those photos, the most FLATTERING of which Perez posted, which elongate and hide weight. She has no muscle tone in her arms and shoulders, and she has fat rolls on her belly and back. That is UNHEALTHY. NO ONE is promoting anorexia or being a size 2. This is clearly a girl who's gotten lazy and is spending too much time at Chilli's eating awesome blossoms. WHICH SHE ADMITS TO! It's unhealthy!!! Any doctor will tell you that being 20lbs or more overweight, which she CLEARLY is, is NOT good for your health. So quit your bitching!!! Besides, Jessica is a two-faced, skanky, lying, media-whoring bitch, who is probably doing this on purpose to have her moment on Tyra and make another lame ass US magainze cover to gain middle America country music fans. UGH.

  56. 156

    MEan…and i dont even like jessica simpson

  57. 157

    where my comments????????? Jessica is not fat!

  58. MP says – reply to this


    Mean. And people wonder why eating disorders are rising across the board?? Shame on the NY Post!!

  59. 159

    mean-ish. She is not fat. She def gained weight but by no means is she fat.

  60. 160

    MEAN MEAN MEAN SO MEAN I hate the New York Post now!!! so she gained a few pounds, she was already skinny to begin with, she is not fat at all. I bet there are tons of fatter people working at the NY Post, including you Perez!!! Leave her alone she is still gorgeous

  61. 161

    mean not funny she's not even fat …….i think if she wanted to b super skiny she would b

  62. 162

    That's disgusting! Then you wonder why there are little girls with eating disorders, throwing up everything they eat or eating nothing at all. The NY Post should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such crap to be published.

  63. 163

    People need to lighten the fuck up.

  64. 164

    totally out of line. she should sue the fuck out of them!

  65. 165

    mean! what, is she suppose to weigh 100 lbs. like every other famous person?! she looks good, she looks probably like a lot of other Texans so leave her alone!

  66. 166

    no publicity is bad publicity

  67. 167

    Awful. But what else are you going to expect from the Post?

  68. 168

    tacky and mean… Leave the girl alone, especially about her weight! She is beautiful

  69. 169

    That is so mean. She's not even that big. Yes she's gained a little weight, but what real woman hasn't at some point in our lives. This is so cruel and not funny at all! The NY Post should be ashamed of themselves.

  70. 170

    This is really fucking mean. Yeah she has gained a little weight but come on. Even though I can not stand her I feel bad!

  71. 171

    This is terrible!!!!!! I am NOT a fan of hers at all, but this is disgusting. She has gained weight, who cares! Its healthier to gain a little weight than to be skeletal!! But you dont see many people make fun of super-skinny girls who obviously have eating disorders! And I must say, what a relief it is to see that most people on here think its as awful as I do, some people can be way too mean on here.

  72. 172

    Thats disgusting. The girl is nowhere near fat, she just wore an unflattering outfit that day.

  73. 173

    SO FUCKING MEAN!!! They wonder why young girls are purging and being fucking anorexic! It's because of shit like this! Jessica is and will always be beautiful. SO what she gained a couple of pounds? She's nowhere near fat, and far from obese. She's probably still smaller than the average woman. This is detestable.

  74. 174

    SO mean…what the hell is wrong with society …she isn't even big..just cause she gains what 5 pounds…leave her the fuck alone

  75. 175

    the NY Post is just a bunch of jealous losers who have never amounted to anything.

  76. 176

    MEAN and completely ridiculous to be in a news paper

  77. 177

    it's funny AND mean but funny….

  78. 178

    that is so MEAN

  79. 179

    This is the problem I have with the media. One minute they say that Hollywood's standards of beauty are unrealistic and dangerous, then they contradict themselves with this type of garbage.

    I'm absolutely sure this cartoonist wouldn't draw something like this about someone he cared about, so why do it to a stranger?

    These people disgust me.

  80. 180

    Thats fucked up. I thought the NY times had more class than this.
    The funny thing is whoever made this joke up is probably a fat cow themselves.

  81. NM says – reply to this


    That just pisses me off!
    She is beautiful, and is what…a size 4!! Come on…no wonder why girls have body issues when people are saying she is fat…she is not even NEAR fat. I would like to see the dumbass who drew this cartoon so I can make fun of the way he looks.
    What an asshole.

  82. 182

    Ok, I am not and will never be a Jessica Simpson fan, I just think the girl is totally untalented, but the NY Post is totally out of line with that cartoon!

    Even if she has put on weight, so what, she is still at a good weight, it is not the job of the media or the NY Post to monitor her weight.

    It's disgusting and shows for freaking obsessed everyone is with weight. The NY Post should apologize for that horrible cartoon! I am definitely not going to be reading it if it doesn't.

  83. 183

    she's being made fun of because she's wearing clothes that she knows she can't wear. She knows she's gained weight but instead of finding things that are flattering she wears things that are too small.

  84. 184

    VERY MEAN!!!!!!! She isnt even fat…..

  85. 185

    that is so mean .

  86. 186


    funny shit ! ! !

    That's what you get for

    being a celeb and eating way

    too much ! ! !

    Funny pic with a double belt………….

  87. 187

    and yes, Perez. You know better than to make a rude comment. As much as you hate her, I'm glad you kept your opinion to yourself. But you didn't do it because you were a good person, you did it because you're a fatass yourself. Don't think you are Paris really cuz you lost 2 pounds, you're still fat.

  88. 188

    Thats bullshit. Beyond mean. I personally think she looks better now with some weight on her, then she did before.

  89. 189

    so mean
    to both of them

  90. 190

    Wow, I'm happy to know the NY Post is responsible for many more girls shoving their fingers down their throats today! They should be proud. WTF?!

  91. 191

    Mean! I know she's skinner than I am…so that makes me feel super fat! Which I know I'm not! I'm just average!!!

  92. 192

    Awful. I'm not a fan, but this is terrible. Leave the girl alone.

  93. 193

    Jeez, terribly, terribly MEAN

  94. 194

    OMG That's AMAZING! I'm so over, she needs to stop forreal! Like she was over after her and Nick broke up, then those movies? I mean Employee of the Month really?! Sorry Jess…you should just get knocked up and become a housewife! ….OMG Real Housewives of Hollywood: the has-beens!

  95. 195

    this is kinda funny, but more mean. do you know what is funny? the fact that hot ass jessica simpson thought it was a good idea to wear 2 leopard belts (tacky), high wasted jeans (never in style, unless you are a size 0 and its questionable even then) and black tank top (not enough coverage for her huge beautiful boobies!), all of which were three sizes too small. she brought this on herself, because she's NOT fat, not even close, but because she deluded herself into thinking it was a good idea to wear what she did, even though you can clearly see muffin top spill over. doi!!!

  96. 196


  97. 197

    Jessica Simpson is not fat at all. What do you want her to be a size zero skinny anorexic bitch like Victoria Beckam. They should have put Mario on the front of that shirt.

  98. 198

    That's absolutely horrible. I can't believe we have shows like Biggest Loser on TV and Jessica Simpson is the one being called fat. Thats disgusting.

  99. 199


  100. 200

    Lindsay is too skinny, Jessica is too fat, so what is right? What is beautiful?

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