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Mean or Funny????

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From today's NY Post.

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923 comments to “Mean or Funny????”

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  1. 201

    That is just utterly mean! It's sad when people have this image that women are supposed to be sickly skinny like Keira Knightly, that is not what the average woman looks like. NY post should be ashamed, as well as all those people that say she looks fat. She's not fat at all. Fat, to me, is like 200+

  2. 202

    Re: shassy

    The NY Post is solidly conservative.

    Also, she's really not that fat. She put on some weight, but she still looks good.

  3. 203

    It's a cartoon!! get over it!! it's funny!

  4. 204

    I am shocked that a paper like the New York Post would post such shit!! I would KILL for Jessica's body & the world is truely a sick ass place sometimes!!!!!!!!! Jessica…you are GORGEOUS baby…fuck them!

  5. 205


  6. 206


  7. 207

    Jessica isn't even fat. She's at a healthy weight.

  8. ncat says – reply to this


    i hate JS…she's talentless and famous for no reason!

  9. 209

    hella fuct

  10. 210

    Mean. :(

  11. 211

    mean so mean…. outrageously horrible… what the hell is wrong with our world today that someone makes fun of a normal sized girl… hello people the average size in america is 12!

  12. 212

    MEAN MEAN MEAN. She is still thin! SOOOO much thinner than the American public. Probably thinner than the jackass that drew that sketch.

  13. 213

    ….watch her become anorexic…..

  14. zizi says – reply to this


    That's terrible!!

  15. 215

    that is so rude. and not true.

  16. 216


  17. 217

    Crazy and cruel.

  18. 218

    mean… because she's obviously not even close to being overweight.

  19. 219

    I want to compare the fat slob who wrote that to Jessica and see who is more attractive..Easy to sniper someone without putting a face behind it.

  20. 220


  21. 221

    NT pretty low and trashy get a life

  22. 222

    HAHAH I totally laughed when I saw Ronald in the back:D

  23. 223

    not funny, mean mean mean. way too exaggerated.

  24. 224

    the NY POST is a piece of SHIT!!! That sweet girl is so beautiful are you fucking kidding me?!?!? I don't think JS has done anything to harm anyone at all while she has been famous, she is a good person….and whoever drew that comic is probably a big actually fat mother fucker….FUCK OFF

  25. 225

    Seriously people - you do know women die from anorexia, right? Jessica is so far from fat - unbelievable.

  26. 226

    mean. what's the lip syncher have to say about this?

  27. 227

    absolutely mean.

  28. 228

    Just another reason why I don't read The NY Post. Scumbags.

  29. jule says – reply to this


    seriously infuriating!!!!!! wtf I cant believe what a big deal this has been… it pisses me off that no one makes a big deal if a male star gains 50 lbs when she MAYBE gained 10 its all over the news! She is a beautiful girl and people cant stop hating on her… SO JEALOUS! America has a serious problem with obesity and people should focus on that rather than slinging hate at a curvy starlet

  30. 230

    very mean! I'm her size and I cant belive people see THAT as being fat! but i guess if ur famous there is certain standards u have to live up too..but im sure she can easily loose that "weight" and if shes happy who the HELL CARES??

  31. 231

    horrible, and mean. I had a friend die from anorexia, and a lot more that nearly did, that started because someone called her fat. This is terrible. Shame on the NY Post for propagating this negative idea that a woman who maybe wears a size 4 could be fat.

  32. 232

    NOT FUNNY! No wonder we have so many anorexic and bulemic girls in the country! Just sick!

  33. 233

    This is terrible. Jessica Simpson isn't even fat at all. She has a normal, even slim body still. This has gotten a little bit ridiculous.

  34. 234

    Too funi… is that Ronald McDonald in thte background… go big McJessica!!!

  35. 235

    WOW…that's fucked up….

    Like Al Bundy once said…"Kelly, what you did was wrong…funny…but wrong…."

  36. 236

    Or how about McSimpson?

  37. 237


  38. 238

    that is soooo, mean and bitchy

  39. erinl says – reply to this


    That is SO mean! She didn't gain that much weight, good grief.

  40. 240

    Mean. Very mean.
    And there will be backlash against the NY Post for that one.

  41. 241

    The NY Post has always been a shitty paper, I am not surprised they posted this cartoon!

  42. 242

    TOTALLY MEAN!!! This is why Lyndsay Lohan is anorexic.

  43. 243

    mean. she's not even big! give me a freagin break.

  44. 244

    Ok guys and you all wonder why little girls and women everywhere suffer from eating disorders. Because of super jerks like this poking fun of someone that actually has a NORMAL FIGURE. How much you wanna bet the jerk off that drew this cartoon is a freakin LARD ASS!!!! Perez you didn't like it when you were heavier and made fun of DID YOU??? Jessica is not on my like list but this is just plain STUPID. She's not even close to fat or even HEAVY. Peace out HATERS!!!

  45. 245

    DISGUSTINGLY MEAN AND RUDE. That is SO dumb. Jessica did not even look one bit fat or overweight first of all (Except when you're comparing her to Paris Hilton, but Paris is not a healthy example of weight).

  46. 246

    Has anyone considered the fact that Jessica is more than likely pregnant????

  47. 247

    So mean! I realize in Hollywood, there are super-high standards, but Jessica is by no means fat. A non-celebrity would be considered normal or even thin at that size. However, she should steer clear of the Mom jeans from now on

  48. 248

    WOW THAT IS SOOOO MEAN!! This is very cruel, I would expect it out of tabloids, blogs and all the evil people out there but, a newspaper. This sends a really aweful message to the young women out there, how dare they!! I think that is the meanest thing! I am not overweight but, I find offense to this, Jessica is gorgeous, in my opinion one of the prettiest women around and this is so cruel, I bet whomever drew this has a mom that size, and perez for you to post it is mean knowing first hand how hard it is to be fat!!! You are gay, hispanic and not skin and bones you know about cruelty and yet you promote this tooo sad!!!!

  49. 249


  50. 250

    what would be funny is if ROMO was the one saying im sorry jessica ive met someone else!! HAHAHAHAHAH

  51. lick says – reply to this


    mean - she may have put on a few pounds - but the majority of americans would be in much better shape if they were that "fat".
    i know i'd pay to have that body. the NY Post must be getting desperate.

  52. 252

    Absolutely horrid.

  53. 253

    Definitely mean. Despite her lack of intellect, it would suck to have everyone repeatedly call you fat

  54. 254

    Re: bongo

    Which one? You think Ashlee is the only one to ever do it?

  55. 255

    I don't like Jessica Simpson, but still shes's not fat.

  56. 256

    Hey Perez does this mean that u are a fatty 2? cause she is way skinnier than u…

  57. 257

    That's just horrible and in very bad taste.

    It's no wonder that some girls/women have eating disorders and low self worth

  58. epic says – reply to this



  59. 259

    Horrible……..Jessica Simpson is not fat.

  60. 260

    now thats just mean…
    she isnt even fat..

  61. 261

    Sooooooo mean!!!!

  62. 262

    how fucking nasty and pathetic, im sure that does teenage girls' self esteem wonders

  63. 263

    Mean. She's not even fat.

    You complain about lindsay lohan being too skinny. you complain about Jessica simpson for being too fat. Where is the happy medium?

  64. 264

    This is so horribly mean and offensive that it can't even possibly be considered funny. This makes me so angry that it brings tears to my eyes. Jessica Simpson is a beautiful woman and is by no means fat. Not even CLOSE. No wonder our society has such a problem with weight if the media is making someone so beautiful out to be something she's clearly not. HANG IN THERE JESS — WE'RE ON YOUR SIDE!

  65. 265

    Re: Long Dong Connery
    Dingdong..Jessica is fukin shitfukking herself right about NOW>.
    (((((((( sloppy tongue kisses ))))))))))))))))))))))

  66. 266

    they should be ashamed of themselves for even printing this! so she gained a lil weight …who cares! that was just straight mean and cruel!

  67. 267

    You know what? That fucking sucks and you fucking suck for posting it here perez. The girl is no where in the stratosphere of fat, and seriously- wtf are the rest of us supposed to think who are maybe, an obese size 6 or something supposed to think about this? Seriously, fuck you.

  68. 268

    fucked up! and people wonder why girls in america are so pressured to be skinny. you can't ever win, you're either too skinny or too fat. well fuck that!

  69. katyb says – reply to this


    Perez, I think you of all people should be ashamed just by posting this comment. You yourself no what its like to be made fun of because of what you look like. Sure, she's gained a little bit of weight, but I would still kill to be her size. She may be talentless, but shes still beautiful. You used to be large as well perez, and just because you dropped a fair but of weight doesn't mean its now your turn to join the rest of the crowd and disable another human beings image of themselves. I'm horrified that you would even recognize that terrible comic as real 'news.' Societys fantasy of a perfect body is exactly that, a fantasy, and you should be ashamed.

  70. 270

    This is so fucking mean. Jeez gain 25 pounds and now you're made to look like you gained 250 in a cartoon. So cruel. How dare she weigh what a normal person weighs!!! Hrmph.

  71. 271

    This is so fucked up. People are saddened and shocked to see our generation of women with eating disorders and yet anyone who doesn't weigh 100 pounds is completely massacred in the media. Fuck this shit. Jessica Simpson looks healthy.
    America is fucking obese and projecting through self loathing.

  72. 272

    MEAN!!!!!! as if women and young girls dont have enough self image issues! The artist needs to be suspended- fined- all their imperfections pointed out…..

  73. 273

    Not funny in any way! She's nowhere near fat?????? or even overweight

  74. 274

    It's both!!

  75. 275

    and then it will be a huge deal in the media when she gets anorexic looking because of this. Freaking shit!!!!!!!! What is wrong with the media?

  76. 276

    that just mean….now when she starts snorting coke to get skinny, they will start calling her a stupid bitch for not wanting to set a good example for young girls.

  77. 277

    mean and pathetic

  78. 278

    seriously this is really mean. im not a fan of hers but i dont think she is fat at all. Hollywood needs to get over this obsession of being skinny…well really anorexic. I think it was just the pants that made her look like she gained weight anyways…sorry she cant be disgustingly skinny like Lindsay Lohan=/

  79. 279

    I don't care for Jessica Simpson, but that's REALLY mean. Bad form, kids.

  80. 280

    THIS is just plain ole' MEAN. . .

  81. 281

    i dont even like jessica simpson and i think this is incredibly mean. our country is going through an economic crisis with people suffering all over the country and the ny post is posting cartoons calling jessica simpson fat?? she's not even fat. unless normal is considered fat now. grow up!

  82. 282

    It's both funny and Mean. I definitely have to agree w/ the whole bad body image for young girls if stuff like this is put out there…

    BUT at the same time…it's Jessica Simpson's job to be thin/fit. If you're in that industry, it goes without being said…if you gain weight-everyone's gonna talk!

  83. 283

    Re: megacola
    LOL… you are absolutely right… I confused it with The New Yorker..dont particularly care for either… but regardless just poor taste coming from anyone

  84. 284

    Defo MEAN ,Jessica only gained a bit of weight she is not fat at all.She still looks good aswell can they not make fun of Madonna and her disgusting way too muscular Body( that I had to see once again in a Lous Vuitton advert in a magazine,will this old ugly hag never fuck off?) or Owen Wilsons nose or something?

  85. 285

    That is unbelievably awful! They took it way too far. I cannot believe that anyone would do that. She is not that overweight, just compared to how she was a couple of months ago. I hope they apologize.

  86. 286

    NY Post is a terrible publication and this proves it.

  87. 287

    mean and unnecessary

  88. 288

    I don't even like Jessica Simpson but that is going way too far. That is fucking awful.

  89. 289

    no its not mean its completely fucked UP… so what she has gain a pound get over it. gaining weight is healthy in Hollywood. All those women need a few pounds on them to look normal.

  90. 290

    Not a fan of JS, but that is MEAN!

    So what, she put on a few pounds…she'll shed them by next week…and even if she doesn't, who cares? Everyone rides the weight roller coaster at somepoint in their life…giver her a break!

    But agree, that outfit she was photographed in….NEXT!

  91. 291

    That is not funny. They should be ashamed of themselves. Everyone's weight fluctuates. That is just awful.

  92. 292

    Mean!! I don't like Jessica and think she puts herself out there for comments like that but that's just Mean!

  93. 293


  94. 294

    Mean. But she should learn how to dress better. That outfit does nothing for her figure!

  95. 295



  96. 296

    Mean. She isn't fat; in no way, shape, or form. If she is fat that I must be obese. Not right at all.

  97. 297

    Mean…this is the kind of thing that makes women become bulemic or anorexic

  98. 298

    Just went to NY post site and funny stuff they actually have a blog for weight loss/health and they would print this cartoon…. a serving of double standards coming rt up…

  99. 299

    whatever, guys. She DID get fat. Stop defending her fat ass

  100. 300

    thats disgusting. shes bigger than she was, but i wouldn't say she's actually FAT. this is why so many girls who idolize celebrities have eating disorders. the obsession with being stick-thin is unhealthy and dangerous, and really needs to stop.

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