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Mean or Funny????

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From today's NY Post.

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923 comments to “Mean or Funny????”

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  1. 301

    If people in this country think that Jessica Simpson is fat because of that one picture, they need to take a long hard look at their own fat asses. This is so mean and childish. Do they employ 9th grade douche bags to come up with this stuff?

  2. 302

    MEAN!!!! That's ridiculous… So what she's a lil chunky! Who the hell cares??? Would you rather her looking like a disgusting tweeker??? You go Jess…..

  3. 303

    Thats fucking mean!! Its thanks to assholes like these that so many girls have body issues. Jessica is beautiful!!!

  4. 304

    Awful, awful, awful! She is beautiful. I even showed my boyfriend the picture to ask him what he thought and he said 'Still hot.'

  5. 305

    It's absolutely hilarious! Jessica knows she's fat, it's no secret. Can't wait to hear what her asshole sister has to say about this. Musical genious that she is.

  6. 306

    Very mean! She is not obese for the love of GOD!

  7. 307

    I can't feel that sorry for her. She made a career of being a dumb blonde and that sends a horrible message to little girls. Now that stupidity is coming back to bite her on the ass. This is actually a good lesson for young girls…When you rely solely on looks and they start to fail, you don't have anything to fall back on and you will probably live a sad and lonely life. Have something solid in your life other than having to have other people validate you by saying "you're hot".

  8. 308

    this is awful. No wonder so many women have eating disorders and have such low self esteem.

    Support real women with CURVES!!!

  9. 309

    Are you fucking kidding me!?! This is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. Anyone who had anything to do with this should be ashamed of themselves. How un-american. Jessica is beautiful!

  10. 310

    Mean, uncool, not print-worthy. I hate to say it b/c I think she's somewhat annoying, but I agree with asslee that this is a ridiculous item to print and it's unfair to the body images of so many young women out there. Jessica Simpson might be a bit of an airhead, but she is a sweet girl and absolutely does not deserve this kind of carnivorous media coverage - nobody does. There's more important things going on out there!!!

  11. 311

    Holy Cow, hilarious!
    Never liked her anyway

  12. 312

    Ok..it's mean. But I still laughed.

  13. 313

    MEAN!! What the hell is wrong with everybody?!?! I'm not really a fan of Jessica Simpson, but this is so WRONG! The girl gains a few pounds and now she's fat???? This is so insulting to all women!! She's a normal healthy weight…LEAVE HER ALONE!!

  14. Lo says – reply to this


    thats mean! shes not fat. i hate the media and society.And who the fuck cares anyway, there are more important things in the world right now that need attention.

  15. 315

    SOO Mean!

  16. 316

    I am definitely not a fan of J.Simpson by any stretch but this is the meanest thing that I have seen in the tabloids in some time now. The NY Post should issue an apology to Jessica. Heaven forbid she is not a size 0 or 2 like every other starving Hollywood starlet.

  17. 317

    OMG that's so horrible, lol

  18. 318

    Re: furball
    LMAO Nice one! funny as hell!

  19. 319

    Wow, i am not a fan of Jessica, but that was completely unnecessary…

  20. 320

    oh, that's awful.

  21. 321

    This is terrible Jessica isnt even big. I don't get why she is getting so much shit. I agree with Ashlee

  22. 322

    Re: aaagmom – the only woman perez likes for some reason is anne hathaway…which makes no sense bc she's not even really attractive. maybe he is jealous that the women you mentioned are constantly getting the hot men and perez doesn't get any?? i mean i don't like a lot of them either, but it's ridiculous the way he rips on them. especially miley, ever since she told him she didn't give a shit about his blog.

  23. 323

    She´s not fat. Period.
    I´m almost 32 years old now and have to say I´ve gone from XS to M in the past 3 years. It really bothers me how people sometimes provoke unhappiness to people -especially women - who aren´t unhealthy. Women´s bodies just change with age and also the sedentary life brought by marriage/serious relationships.
    I eat right, walk, swim… my doctor says I´m perfect but I miss my tiny bod from my 20s! This makes me unhappy not for myself, but from the perception of those around me. Did they think I´d be 18 forever?
    Sorry about the rant, but this image just conjured how I feel about myself right now and it´s awful.

  24. 324

    that is horrible! why would anyone do that! they need to say sorry.

  25. 325

    Okay, I am a size 0 and I eat a TON of food all the time, I would love to be about 130 or so for my height(5'9") and I would KILL to have her body, looks like some stupid jealous bitch thought it was funny to bash Jessica… WRONG!

  26. 326

    yeah i agree with everyone else. terrible and incredibly mean. it's funny because then people criticize lindsay lohan and shit for being overly thin, but then someone gains a little weight, and is still thin, just not AS thin and they get criticized for that too. it's so extreme. but perez you are to blame too, you did that ALL THE TIME. it's not like when the gladiator dude gets a lot bigger, but when someone gains just a little weight, or doesn't have abs that stick out as much they used to (ie. michael phelps) you just make the biggest deal of it! and no one can tell if ur being sarcastic because you do it everytime more and more!

  27. 327

    this isn't even funny.
    i think shes beautiful.

  28. 328

    MEAN. Good for Jess-not buying into the anorexia of Hwood!! This is the first thing she's done that I respect.

  29. 329

    That's fucking stupid! She is not fat!!!

  30. 330

    terrible! why the heck would a newspaper have garbage in it like this.

  31. 331

    fucked up!

  32. 332

    Damn funny !!!!

  33. 333

    Wrong. Just wrong.

  34. 334

    Mean! I just have tO say this world is F***ing Stupid if all they have to talk about or draw is this poor girl and the fact that she isn't a size 0 anymore. Please, come on! She is not overweight by any means and back up off her! She is gorgeous and beauitful just the way she is. If Tony likes it and she is happy with herself, the world needs to move on to something that is actually newsworthy because this crap is ridiculous! What a sad world we live in that is kind of S*** is making Headlines! Grow up and worry about your own fat A**. Leave her alone!

  35. 335

    She's not fat. She's HEALTHY!

  36. 336

    I think it's mean… big deal, she just gained some pounds..

  37. 337

    Whoever thinks that this is funny is fucked in the head. I'm not a fan of Jessica Simpson however I do believe that she is beautiful, she has a great body as well- just because she has boobs doesn't mean she's FAT.

  38. 338

    What the FUCK? That is disgusting. She looks NORMAL now. What a bunch of assholes. And honestly, is this the hottest news that the Post can find to write about? That is quite pathetic.

  39. 339

    She need a shirt that says 'I Kicked Anorexia's Ass' & Tony needs one that says 'No Fat Chicks' Opps Sorry Jessica! NOT you fat whore!

  40. 340

    That is pretty damn mean!

  41. 341

    Typical crap male society puts out to negate beauty with weight. Jessica is hardly big and she is beautiful…idiots.

  42. 342

    NOT FUNNY, AND CRUEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 343

    Ahahahaha! too effin hilarious!!!!

  44. 344

    SO MEAN!!!! No wonder there are so many anorexic girls out there today. She's actually a healthy size! This is sad….

  45. 345

    Supersized MEAN!
    I can't believe this is coming from the NY Post.

  46. L.C. says – reply to this


    Mean. The New York Post is completely pathetic. And everyone wonders why young girls and women are obsessed with being thin. If all of the subscribers who weighed as much or more than Jessica Simpson stopped buying the NY Post they're asses would be out of business. Way to piss off your clients. Assholes.

  47. 347

    SO MEAN! she's not even fat!

  48. 348

    This is why there are soooo many eating disorder in this country. Even if Jessica has put on a couple of pounds, she is NO WHERE NEAR FAT!!!!! This is beyond mean and just plain disgusting!!!

  49. 349

    Beyond mean!

  50. 350

    whats funny is that all of you say mean…but how many times have you looked at an over weight person and thougth the same? i've got the stares and im dont think im that bad. Im considered obese but hey not every girls body reacts the same to having kids…I gained weight after my kids..so dont say mean unless you never give those looks to NORMAL people again!

  51. 351

    this is wayyy funny! love it.

  52. 352

    Wow. That's awful. Really awful.

  53. 353

    hahaha thats funny but it is mean too…..

  54. 354


  55. 355


  56. 356

    lol hahahaha I love Jessica and I believe she and Tony make a nice cute couple. But this is so funny!!!!!!!! (the cartoon) though I don't think she looks bad.

  57. MBM says – reply to this


    !!!JUMBO JESSICA!!!!

  58. 358

    Just mean. You can't win in Hollywood! People either think your too skinny and need help or too fat and made fun of.

    Does the NYPost have nothing better to do with their time and money?!

  59. 359

    im not a fan of jessican simpson and am also one who usually finds crude humor funny- but i think this is pretty mean- she isn't that big at all! if anyone this could be kirstie alley-whom i love!

  60. 360

    MEAN. God…Everybody criticized her for being to thin back when she did Dukes of Hazard and talked about how she was anorexic…and now they claim she's fat…when she is not fat AT ALL. And Perez you have no room to talk about Jessica when you're way bigger than she is.

  61. 361

    Sad day when people think a size 8 is fat, that is average, Jessica is gorgeous, I think most men would want her over some skinny fragile thing, I for one think we need to look beyond the outter part of a person and judge people for whom they are, sounds corny but, it is true, this is like making fun of a disabled person, we censor nudity and other stuff and yet allow this stuff to be printed which is really what is wrong!!!

  62. 362

    that's so mean.

    but you can't help but laugh.

  63. 363

    Either people are too fucking thin, or too fucking fat! Make up your fucking minds, you morons! And its just tacky. She's not fat.

  64. 364

    Absolutely horrible. No wonder girls have such a distorted view of what beauty is in our society. Even though she bugs the crap out of me because she seems needy she's clearly a gorgeous woman and has always been a little voluptuous. Personally I think she has one of the best bodies in Hollywood… it's nice to see a woman with curves. those pictures they keep showing of her are nice, there's nothing wrong with them. They were probably taken at an odd angle and even so she's very proportionate, has a slender face and looks great. Tony obviously likes the way she looks so why does it matter to anyone else. I hope she speaks out like Jennifer love Hewitt and tells everyone to fuck off. I would.

  65. 365



  66. 366

    This is PRECISELY how and why young girls have body image complexities. Its mean , childish and grossly inaccurate. SHe gained a few lbs, she's STILL Gorgeous!

  67. 367

    Mean but I can't deny, I smirked a little.

    but seriously, that shit fucks people up.

  68. 368

    This is just stupid, it's not even funny. I do not like Jessica Simpson at all, but this is such a gross over exaggeration. The New York Post should stick to news because comedy is obviously not their friend.
    Not to mention how offensive it is to women and women's rights. Girl is like maybe 10 pounds heavier, who fucking cares.

  69. 369


  70. 370

    Thank you New York Post for the new wave of young girls who shoved their fingers down their throats today for the first time because they aren't a size 0. Is that all a woman is worth to so many of you? If you want something pretty get some jewelry or a work of art. A woman is worth so much more than that. How many of you editors on that rag have to go home and explain that to your daughters who are now being given the example that they are not good enough?? This really pisses me off.

  71. 371

    NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 372

    Not mean or funny, but STUPID, jessica's dumb ass is not fat or fat like the cartoon so I 6think it's just stupid nad boring. NEXT!!

  73. 373

    That is disgusting. Seriously Jessica gains 10lbs and every one wants to talk shiz… In case no one has noticed AMERICA is overweight GET OVER IT!

  74. 374

    WTF! She's not even fat!?!

    Fat is like when your pushing 200 lbs!

    Grow Up!

  75. 375

    Shame on the NY Post…is this what they have become….sad!

  76. 376

    lol thats a bit much! but still hilarious

  77. 377

    are you sure that's jessica simpson? it kinda looks like you, perez!!

  78. 378

    Well, no one should be surprised. Ever since the internet boom and the advent of sites just like this one that I probably shouldn't be on, people have been slowly getting very desensitized to other's feelings. And now it has trickled into newspapers that are supposed to pride themselves in having integrity. People surf around on the computer and look at the most horrific crap that would have left me a babbling idiot when I was their age, but it doesn't phase them now because people's minds are so conditioned towards violence and hatred. You even have people on blogs like this telling someone to go kill themself. So no, I'm not shocked by this at all. Give it another 5 years and the Post will have a cartoon of the Pope having intercourse.

  79. 379

    what did she gain fucking 10 pounds WHO CARES… everyone is so used to seeing her starve herself, now she is HEALTHY and gets treated like this FUCK the ny post and the asshole cartoonist who thought this would be funny!

  80. 380

    This is definitely mean. I saw her at the concert on Sunday and though she does look like she maybe gained a few pounds, it was her unflattering clothes that made it look worse than it really was. Still gorgeous and still skinny by normal standards (maybe not by the sickening, unrealistic Hollywood standards.) NY Post is a horrible liberal rag anyway.

  81. fogee says – reply to this


    you criticize them when they're skinny, and you criticize them when they're a bit chubbier, she's not fat, just not celebrity thin, so you have to make fun of her? You made fun of her 4 being fat too perez, and you're a f£$%ing cow…
    you sick gossip columnists never get enough eh? she's either too fat or too thin… 4 shame… 4 shame on all of youz

  82. 382

    i love her.
    shes not fat
    i don't find this funny one bit.
    its way past mean.

  83. 383

    That is SO horrible. So she gained alittle bit of weight. She's still super pretty.

  84. 384

    and we wonder why young women are sticking their fingers down their throats?

  85. 385

    this is fucking ridiculous! since when is a size 2 fat??lol holywood is sooo fucked up ppl need to wake up & realize everyone is not a clone of barbie!

  86. 386

    Every time perez smiles a bulimic girl dies.

  87. 387

    ridiculously cruel and not funny at all.

  88. 388

    That is about as mean and childish as they come. Jessica is probably smaller than over 50% of the women in the united states. For a supposedly serious newspaper to go to this extent says more about them does it about Jessica. You'd think with the country in the position it is today that they'd have REAL news to talk about. They are shameless.

  89. 389

    Maybe if she was fat it would be funny. But she isnt fat. I would hate to see what they would do with us normal gals …. think about that!!!!!

  90. 390

    That's really horrible.

    There's poking fun and then there's just being all-out nasty.

  91. 391

    sooo funny!! like, i couldn't stop laughing funny!!

  92. 392

    God I hate this messed up world we live in sometimes - this is just plain offensive & mean!!!

  93. 393

    WOW! That is some fucked up shit!!! Thats just mean.

  94. dASH says – reply to this


    jesus GOD… she's NOT FAT. sure, she's not as super thin as she was before (what was she? a size 2?), but now she's like a size 8 and people are calling her fat??!!???!!? WTF!?!?!?!??!? i WISH i had her body– she's gorgeous at this weight and her previous weight… but i'm sure she's happy she's not eating bland chicken of the sea and eating some real food for once! poor girl.

  95. 395


  96. 396

    so mean!

  97. 397

    If anything, I think we should be making fun of terrible choice of fashion, not her minimal weight gain.
    Seriously, could she have worn pants that were more unflattering? Girl only gained like 10 pounds, she is far from fat, but those pants were not doing her any favours. They should be burned immediately.

  98. k-lee says – reply to this


    That is VERY MEAN. I am so disgusted beyond belief. Fucking assholes. So basically, a woman is considered fat if she's not size 0? Fuck this society.

  99. 399

    extremely mean and uncalled for. she's not fat! no wonder so many women today are bulimic/anorexic, seeing this shit in the papers. it's very sad, and i'm not even a jessica simpson fan.

  100. 400

    if jesicca simpson is fat i'm screwed MEAN MEAN MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

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